Together In Magic: Finding The One


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"Why are we doing this again?" complained Hannah. "Why do we always have to go to that creepy, little pond, every year?"

"Because," sighed Hannah's mother. "We have to pay our respects, isn't that right, Jeff?"

"You are absolutely, positively, completely, 100% correct!" Jeffery, Hannah's father, replied with a huge grin plastered on his face. "We all want good luck, right? Not bad luck!"

"So," continued Hannah's mother. "Until we go, you will go to your room and get ready while thinking about what you did this morning!"
"But," started Hannah, wanting to argue with her parents so badly, though she was abruptly cut off by her father.

"No buts, Hannah!" yelled Jeff. "Your mother is right! You need to get ready and think about your actions! Go, now!"

"Fine!" sighed Hannah. She knew that, whenever her father got that angry, you were better off just agreeing with him.

"Daisy," Hannah heard her father sigh to her mother. "When will she ever learn?"
"I don't know," answered her mother.

Daisy, now going up to her room went and decided that it would be better to try to behave.

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"Honey, go!" yelled the Queen of Enchantier. "Quickly, run to the field of flowers and find the portal! Quick, run before the Groner comes back!"

"But, mum!" argued Honey. "Mum! I don't want to lose you, too!"

"I will be right behind you, just run!"

"O-okay! But mum, promise me you will be right behind me!"

"I promise, my sweet angel!" the Queen quickly hugged Honey, gave her a backpack and then started pushing Honey out of the door.

"I love you, mum!" yelled Honey, as she retreated to the safety of the field of flowers.

"I love you, too!" yelled the Queen, then came an ear piercing scream. Honey turned around and saw that her mother had just been squished by the huge foot of a Groner. With tears streaming down her tears, Honey turned around and ran for her life.

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"Wow!" exclaimed Hannah. "Wow! Wow! Wow!"

The reason why Hannah was saying wow so much, was simply because there was a portal in her room. Hannah was both confused and excited. She stepped closer to excamine the portal and suddenly, almost as if an invisible piece of thread were attached to her, she was being pulled into the portal.

Hannah started to scream but then... everything went black.

When Hannah woke, she realised that she was no longer in her bedroom. Looking around Hannah saw that on either side of her was lots and lots of flowers. Behind her was the portal and in front of her was a giant chasing a small girl.

Wait a minute! thought Hannah.

The girl and the monster were coming towards her. Hannah couldn't move, she was so scared or was she excited. She didn't know!

I should probably run, thought Hannah. But, I seem to be stuck to the spot...


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