High School Drama


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Chapter 1


"Dad, I need to go to school!" whines a young were wolf, with black hair that went down to her hips. "Can you stop worrying, I am going to be late!"

"Fine, fine!" sighes her father. "But, you need to be careful, remember, Violet!"

"I know, I know!" replies Violet. "Make sure no one is following, or you will be kidnapped like your best friend, Honey, was!"

"I just don't want to lose you, too.." 

"Dad.." Violet looks at her father sadly. They had lost Violet's mother and one of her older brothers in a car crash a few back. Ever since then, Violet's father has been overprotective. Violet sighs, "I will be careful, and I will pack the pepper spray. I don't know why you make me use pepper spray, my claws are sharp enough!"

"It's just a precaution, Violet!" replies Violet's father. "Anyway, go, go! You don't want to miss the bus!"

"That's what I have been trying to say!"

"And remember, I want you to join at least 1 club, ok?"

"Yes, dad!" replies Violet as she opens the door and walks out. "Bye dad!"

"Bye Violet, get home by 6 ok?"

"Yep, see ya!" Violet then charges off towards the bus stop, not noticing that her galaxy ears and tails had popped out.

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