My Magical Friend


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"Darling, it is time for you to go find someone to love!" exclaimed the Queen of Mythical Beasts. "We will miss you, but you need to go!"

"Yes, mother..." I replied. "Where should I go?"

"To the human world! That is where all the hot... I mean that is where you shall go!"

"Yes mother, I will leave right away!"

"Goodbye, sweetheart!" exclaimed my mother and father waving farewell to me...

And with that, my adventure began...

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Chapter 1 - a New friend


"Ok, so this is the human world," I say to myself. "It is very nice..."

I look around trying to see if there is something I can do. I don't have anywhere to stay and I have no idea what I should do here. I continue to look around and then I see a boy. I quickly walk over to him.

"Hello?" I exclaim, stopping in front of the boy I saw. "Um, do you know where I am, I am new here!"

I say this with a smile but when I see the boy staring at me weirdly, I decide to try to act normal.

"Um..." replied the boy, looking at me weirdly. "This is Rose Town..."

"Oh, um ok thanks..." I quickly look around, realizing that I don't have anywhere to stay. "Do you know where I could find somewhere to stay...?"

"You're crazy!" exclaims the guy, looking at me like I have lost my mind.

"What did you say!?" I yell, suddenly I feel a surge of power and I transform into my Magical Form. My wolf ears and tail pops out, my fairy wings are now visible and my whole outfit changes. "The princess of Mythical Beasts is not crazy!"

"W-what!?" gasps the boy, looking at me in wonder. "Y-you are a wolf, or a fairy? What are you?"

"I am the Princess of Mythical Beasts..." I say, then I realize that I am not supposed to show my Magical Form. "Oh no... um!"

I quickly cast a fainting spell on the boy and he quickly goes unconscious. I then quickly change back to my human form and wonder to myself What am I gonna do know?

I look around to see if anyone else saw, luckily no one else was in the area. Good I think. Then I use my magic and teleport us. I read his mind so I know where to go. Once I teleported us to his house I make him wake up.

"You're awake!" I exclaim, I didn't know if that sort of magic would work on humans.


"I just made you faint, you were freaking out!" I explain to the boy. "I didn't want anyone else to see."

"I- I don't believe this!" says the boy.

"Of course you don't!" I reply to him, sighing. "It's because I used magic!"

"You have magic?"

"Um, yeah? Why?" I reply closing my eyes and taking deep breaths. Humans are so dumb.

"Can you do anything?" he asks looking at me. "I mean what can you do?"

"Lots of things," I reply, looking at him. "Why...?"

"No reason," he says looking away. "Anyway, do you know where the school is?"

"School?" I ask looking at him quizzically.

"It's the place where you go to study, stupid!" he replies looking at me with a silly face.

"Don't make me use my magic!" I threaten him. He suddenly stops laughing and apologizes quickly with a scared look on his face. "Anyway, where is this school?"

"I'll take you there! Follow me!" 


Then I follow the boy out of his house and we walk to the school. I realize that I haven't even asked his name yet. I will do that later.

We arrive at the school and I look around in awe. "Wow, this place is so pretty!"

"Yeah, well anyways," says the boy. "This is the school, and of course its pretty, the principal wants this place to look good so students will look forward to coming to school!"

"Wow, anyway, when do I study?"

"Tomorrow!" replies the boy looking at me with that look again. I look at him in surprise and say, "That soon?"

"Yeah, hey if you need help, I can help you!"


We walk back to his house and he says I can sleep in the spare room in his house. It isn't as big as my house back home but it is a reasonable size. I thank him and go to sleep.


"WAKE UP ALREADY!" yells the boy. He has been yelling at me for some time now but I don't want to get up.

"Shut up! I'm trying to sleep!"

"We're gonna be late if you don't get up now!" 

"Go Away!" I yell, trying to push him away, but instead of being pushed he takes my hand and pulls me up. I stumble up, trying not to fall.

"Fine, fine, I'm up! I will be there any minute..."

He just stands there with a wide eyed look on his face. It starts to annoy me so I yell, "Just get out already!"

"Sorry!" and with that he leaves.

I get out my wand and change my clothes to my school uniform and then I teleport to school. I don't know why humans can't use magic like I can. It makes life so much easier, though there are still more dangers than not having magic...

I get to school just in the nick of time. Just as the bell rings. I run into the school and go to find my classroom.

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Chapter 2 - Friends and enemies


"Okay everyone, today we have a new student!"

"Hi everyone!" I exclaim smiling. "My name is Amethyst!"

I hear everyone in the room say hi. I feel like I can make a lot of new friends.

"Okay class, today we are learning about history! Now can anyone tell me about..."

After having to listen to the teacher about human history for what seems like forever, a bell rings through out the school. The teacher says dismissed but everyone had already gotten up to leave.

I stand up to and start to make my way to the door, but before I can get far, a boy stops me and says, "I'm Jason, nice to meet you!"

"Hi Jason, it's nice to meet you, too!"

Suddenly, 2 girls come up behind Jason, one of them saying 'Jason' quietly, the other looking at me suspiciously. The girl who said Jason's name suddenly falls to the ground and starts crying and the other girl says, "It's ok, Jessica!" She then gets up and its seems like a shadow falls over her face, "I'll help you!"

Jessica, the girl who was crying then looks up at her friend with a quizzical look.

The girl comes over to me and says, "Hello Amethyst..."

"Hi!" I reply to her with a smile. "What's your name?"

She then looks at me with a wide grin and says with a smirk, "Everyone calls me Princess Claire!"

I look at her with a quizical look and reply slowly, "Umm... ok?"

Then suddenly, she looks at me with an evil look and says through her teeth, "So, don't you dare go near my friends crush, Jason!"

"Umm, I didn't even like him before!" I say. "He just came over to say hello to me!"

She walks away, muttering something like, "You'll probably like him one day..." she then goes to Jessica and they both walk out of the room.

I just stand there for a bit thinking, What a weird human!

Then I have an idea, I cast a spell and read Claire's mind...

"I hate that girl!" she growls. "I feel like I just want to kill her! Oh, I know what to do!"

Suddenly I fall and the spell stops working. Why do I have to be so clumsy? I ask myself. "I wonder what she will do to me..." I wonder...

"Hey!" I look over my shoulder and see the boy I first met. "Um, I completely forgot to introduce myself, by the way. I guess since all of this has been happening so fast... Anyway, my names Harry!"

"Oh, yeah, I completely forgot, too!" I smack my head with my hand. "I'm..."

"Amethyst, I know, we're in the same class, remember?"

"OMG!" I exclaim. "Why I am so forgetful!"

Harry laughs, then he asks me. "Hey anyway, how was your first day at school?"

"It was fine!" I reply, I better not tell him about Claire.

"Did Claire bully you?"

"No, why?"

"If she bullies you, tell me!" he says looking at me with concern. "I will help you!"

"Okay..." I say, now I just feel guilty about lying to him.

"Anyway, let's go, it's time for sport!"


We quickly run to the gym, arriving just before the teacher closes the door.


"Is everyone here, Jason?" asks the sport teacher.

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Ok, then, let's begin with some beach ball!"

We start to play beach ball, throwing the ball to one another. Harry starts with the ball and throws it to Jessica. Jessica then throws the ball to Jason, who catches it. I hear her thoughts, Jason caught my ball! Then Jason throws the ball to Claire.

I am a bit worried, because Claire is looking at me with an evil grin on her face. She lifts the ball and throws it, hard, at my face. It hits me square in the face and then everything goes black.

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Chapter 3 - A plan? And a Family Visit

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Chapter 4 - Bully Revealed

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Chapter 5 - Remembering my Childhood

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Chapter 6 - Parents visit and old friend discovered?

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