Together In Magic


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I have to get away from here! 

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Chapter 1


"Stop it! I am trying to write!"


"Hold on!"

Sorry! Anyway, hi! I'm Ruby. Ruby Rose! I am an author, or... I want to be, so I am writing this first book about my journey. Though, before I can start, I will have to go down and see what my sister wants. So, down I go. I am probably going to write everything down, because, well. You never know when an adventure will begin.

"What do you want, Sophie!" I ask my annoying sister, she annoying flips her golden locks, which, in the sun shine like the sun! "What is so important that you have to interrupt me writing?"

"Have you seen my phone?" Now that I see her face, it looks as if she is truly worried, like I care about her phone!


"Yeah," my sister says calmly, like there is nothing wrong with this. "Why are you so mad?"

"You are so... ugh!" With this, I just turn around and go back up to my room. "I am not helping you find your stupid phone!"

So, now that I am back in my room, where was I. Oh yeah! So anyway, I am going to start writing a story...

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Chapter 2 - The Beginning

Before I start this... never mind. I don't need to imagine anything. There is a portal in my room and I think that this is the beginning of an adventure. So, I know you should probably not go into a random portal that appears in your room, but, here goes nothing!


Ok, so I have appeared in the middle of a flower field. Hopefully they are not evil flowers that put you to sleep like in The Wizard Of Oz. Anyway, I think I see someone, or something, running towards me... I can't see it clearly, but they are definitely coming towards me. Wait a minute, it's a girl... she has wings. I don't think I am on Earth, or if I am, this place has not been discovered.

She seems to be running from something, though I can't really see... Oh, never mind, I see what she is running from... OMG!!! I should probably start running too, but there is a portal behind me and the girl is super close, so I don't do anything but stand and stare in aw at the big, giant, furry monster that is chasing the girl.

Oh, I think that if I don't move, both me and the girl will go through the portal. Ok, here is what I will do. I will grab the girl and pull her quickly out of the way. Hopefully the monster doesn't have quick reflexes.

The next few seconds were a whirlwind of pulling, pushing, jumping and running with the girl.

Then, I think I faint...

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