The End of The Sea

Jax Darwood is eighteen when his uncle sends him out to sea, hoping to rid him of his fear of water. Jax isn't scared of water. He's scared of the beasts that swallow and crush ships that dare set out. He's scared of the dark deep that ate his parents alive. He's not scared of the water, he's scared of both what's in it, and what sails...

Of Ivory

Erin Welsh has lived isolated her whole life. Through the war, through the end of it, through the revolutions. When her father passes away and her mother sends her to live with her cousin in the capital, Erin soon learns that not only is the world of magic more than she expected, she's also more magic than the lot of them.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray is young, rich and jaw-droppingly handsome - what more could he want? Never-ending youth? That is what he desires, and by golly, does he get what he wants! When Dorian has a respectable painter paint his portrait, he wishes that he could stay youthful forever, and his wish is granted. Instead of Dorian becoming old, his...

From Above

Ardan Blaire's expectation has flipped upside down. Coming back after two years living in the other side of the country, he has to be faced by what's worse than just a bitter past of his ex-boyfriend he left behind. Not everything that's broken meant to be fixed. Except, Ardan feels like he will do anything to attach all the broken...