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Dark Night

      This story is about a girl named Hazel Smiz. Remember the last name Smiz for the end of this story. You will see...Hazels mom, Carley Smiz, is also important... remember..."Wait!", Hazel called, "I have to tell you something!" The door shut silently leaving Hazel in the dark and in the shadows. She sighed quietly in the dark. Hazel was a light brown haired girl with a button nose. She had green eyes that shined in the dark. Her lips were small and round.Tap...tap...tap. Something was outside by the window. Hazel stood up while she trembled. It was winter and snow was pouring down onto the damp ground. Hazel took one of the curtains in her hand and pulled it to the side. She saw nothing but a white blanket of snow on the ground. "BOOM!" Thunder crackled, and the lightning shone through the darkness of the night. "Helloooo?" A voice whispered from the hallway. What was that!? Hazel thought. "Hellooooooo?" the voice responded. Hazel hopped in bed, frightened. Nothing was in her room so she got out of bed again to check out the hallway. The thought of a ghost excited her but also made her scared and frightened. She creaked her door open and peered out to only empty hallway. 

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Girl in the Room

    Hazel closed her door. She jumped into bed once again. Once she started to drift off to sleep, Hazel heard "hellooooo?" "Hello?" Hazel answer with her eyes shut tight. "Hi!" the girl answered. "Where are you?" asked Hazel in a curious voice. "Well if you would open your eyes you could see." responded the girl. "Oh sorry." Hazel said as she opened her eyes. As soon as Hazel opened her eyes, she could see the girl crouched down with her head resting on the bed. The girl had a doll with no eyes. Hazel could see that the girl had shoulder-length dark brown hair. Her eyes were a light blue.She had a gray and white lace dress that touched the floor perfectly. The girl had rosy cheeks and thin lips. Her nose was small. Hazel stared at the girl in amazement. "Who are you?! What is your name!? What are you doing in my house!? Why are you here!?" Hazel exclaimed.

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