Blood On The Waves


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My ship just glided into the port of Nassau, I saw tents on the beach and small boats propped up on the shore. We tied the boat off, we were the only pirates brave enough to bring our ship this close. I was the only woman captain when I stepped foot on this island, but one that was feared, I even put Captain Vane in his place. As soon as our boat stopped I walked onto the wooden gangplank and headed straight to the nearest tavern, that was owned by a Miss Guthrie of course we didn't like each other but it was the best tavern with the best ale. 

I walked in many a male gaze turning towards me. "Unless you wanna keep those eyes you would do best to turn around." I said. I walked to the barkeep and grabbed an already poured rum and began to take little sips the last thing I needed was to be drunk, my ship perhaps, but didn't want to be like one of those whores in the brothel here.  "Captain Flint it's nice to see you arrived here so safely." I heard Guthrie say, I turned pulling my tricorn down a little more. 

"You were expecting me?" I asked. 

"Indeed, have you heard about captain Vane?" She inquired. I paused holding my rum in front of my face.   I lifted my head.  

"What about him?" I asked. My gaze landed to the door as my father wandered in, our eyes met and he quickly walked over to me, I turned back to the bar in no time I felt a hand on my shoulder pull me around to face him. 

"I'm glad you're still here, I thought would be going after Vane!" He exclaimed. I shrugged his hand off. 

"Now is the time you wish to seek me out?" I asked. 

"You don't know do you?" He quizzed me. 

"No." I answered looking at both of them. 

"He's been caught and is being tried for piracy in Port Royal." Guthrie answered. I dropped my rum I was very shocked. 

"Men return to the ship! We have a pirate who's in need!" I yelled, my men cheered and headed back to the ship immediately, I went to walk away when my father grabbed my arm very tightly. 

"You're not going anywhere!" He exclaimed. 

"I'm old enough to go where I wish!" I said and grabbed his pistol and pointed it at him. 

"You would turn on your own father?" He asked surprised. 

"You turned on me once, this you had coming." I snarled. He stood still with his hands in the air. 

"You will pay for this." He said. 

"Don't think I will, you will have to catch me first, I have the fastest ship on the sea." I reminded him, my dress got caught under my boots and I nearly tripped so I tore the bottom of the dress and I could manoeuvre easier, as soon as I was outside I dropped his pistol down the well and headed to my ship.

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“Get those sails up men we need to catch the wind as soon as we can!” I yelled, I was desperate to get to Port Royal I wasn't  going to allow Vane to die.

“Sails Starboard side been sighted!” One of my men yelled. I pulled my spy glass from my belt and looked through it, there was the Walrus coming towards us.  

“We need to outrun the Walrus; my father shall not stop me!” I cried. I gripped the side as the boat picked up and we glided away leaving my father in the surf. The boat rose and bowed into the waves as we picked up speed, the sails being whipped at violently by the wind, at this rate we would be there in a day, I just hope I was there in time. I walked the deck, bathing my sun-kissed skin in the bright rays of the fiery ball in the sky. I could hear the crew singing amongst themselves while my heart thudded in my chest; I was worried for my love.

That eve as I retired to my quarters and lay in my bed that had been bolted to the floor, I tossed and turned thinking of Vane, the last place he had been was here. I couldn’t forget that one night of passion and lust we shared, his rough callous fingers dancing over my naked flesh, his lips being roughly placed on mine, I could still taste them, the feeling never leaving them. His strong body dancing in perfect harmony with mine. Our grunts, groans and cries covered by the waves crashing on the window.

The rocking of the ship soon lulled me into a pleasant sleep, and morn couldn’t have come any quicker. “Captain!” A voice called banging on my door.

“Yes!” I called groggily, still in the dream world not departing as early as I’d wished.

“We’re near Port Royal.” He answered; I raced up throwing the sheets onto the floor. I ran a comb through my long black hair, and braided the left side, and pulled on my black clothes, and finally laying my black tricorn with the red feather sticking out of it on my head.

“Ready my steed!” I yelled as I ran up onto the top deck watching the port come closer as we flew towards it. It wasn’t long till we reached the gangplanks, I walked to my horse slid my boots into the stirrups, the leather creaking under my weight. I gave him a good kick in the ribs; he reared up and jumped over the side before the ship was even tied down we galloped through the town never stopping, I knew where the pirates were hung and that was gallows point! “Faster boy, faster!” I exclaimed nudging him, we came up the hill we saw a pirate already hung, I pulled on the reins and my horse stopped in the dust flicking it up with his hooves. I saw Vane awaiting his turn, his hands bound.

He looked up at me as my horse announced my presence, the crowd all cried out when I rode forward and my horse almost trampled them. Our eyes met and he knew exactly what I was thinking, I kicked the horse in the ribs and he jumped on, I now sat just before the horses neck while he sat on the saddle gripping the pommel. “I knew you would come back.” He whispered in my ear with his deep gravelly voice.

He quickly turned back being my eyes. “You may want to move a bit faster there’s soldiers on our tail.” He told me nibbling my ear. I could feel my horse slowing down, the poor beast was exhausted.

“We’re going to have to run!” I told him, we both dismounted the still moving beast and began to run, keeping our heads low. We ran to the port where they began to open fire on us, I took my pistol from my waist and began to fire back, I killed a few men but I was shot in the shoulder I cried out and dropped my pistol, I tried to pick it up, “leave it!” Vane cried and pulled me to the port. I pressed a hand against it to stop the bleeding.

As soon as our crew members saw us they got the ship ready, we ran across the gangplank and threw ourselves over the side narrowly missing a few shots that were close to us. Vane landed on top of me, our faces inches apart.

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 Charles left me on the deck, blood flooding the planks. "While your captain is down, I am the one in charge you do everything I say, and if you do you won't die." He yelled. I saw a lot of men  had grimaces on their faces. My quarter master was looking down at me. He crouched down quietly and rested his hand on my shoulder, I squealed in discomfort. I stared up at Charles anger displayed on my features my father was right.

"You take her to her chambers and you take care of her." He said pointing his pistol at my quarter master. He nodded immediately and carefully helped me off the deck and half dragged me to my quarters where he lay me down on the bed. His blue eyes glittered with concern, his long blonde hair fell into his eyes as he looked down at me. "I'll get some water captain." He said as he walked out and soon came back with a bowl of water and cloth. 

I unlaced my black corset and slid it off before unbuttoning my shirt, he swallowed uneasily and blushed.  "It's okay." I reassured him, I removed my shirt and allowed him to clean the wound, I fidgeted in discomfort but didn't cry out. He had called for the ships physician since the bullet needed to be removed. I turned my head away as he put the utensil into my shoulder. "Sorry captain this will hurt." He told me. 

"Do it!" I demanded. I felt the utensil go in, he wriggled it around before pulling out the bullet. I cried out loudly, grabbing the sheets. 

"Sorry captain!" He exclaimed. I felt my consciousness slipping. 

"Captain!" My quarter master called shaking me gently but I didn't respond, crimson was leaking rapidly from my wound.   

I heard muffle shouts from the deck, it seemed my father had caught up with us everyone was in a panic, my head fell back and I passed out, darkness consuming me.

A few hours later. . . 

I wake up and look around I'm still in my chambers, I look around and see John sitting in I read side, he smiles at me. On the other side is my father his head in his hands, his head slowly lifts with forehead creased with concern. "Now you see why I tried to stop you, Acheron he only wanted your ship, not you." He told me. "John was the one who found you and alerted me." He said.  I turned my head and glared  at him. 

"Would you have rather died?" He asked me. I shook my head causing my unnatural red hair to fall into my face. John walked around the other side if the bed he walked in front of my father and knelt before the bed, he rested his hands on either side if my face and brushed my hair away with his thumb. 

"All we ask us for you to be careful when we reach port, because we gave Vane on our ship as punishment for what we did and I know thistle he will look for revenge so. . . " he was cut off by my father. 

"Stay with us." He said.

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