Through the Storm


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 An exresistance fighter turns against her own. She becomes the left hand of Kylo Ren doing what he asks and bowing to his every desire. 

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Chapter 1

The transporter landed, Kylo stood immediately and beckoned us with authority, we stood behind him blasters at the ready. "KA-4448 and KA-44465 do not leave my side." We both nodded, my helm a little somewhat too big for me. This wasn't my first battle but for some reason I sensed something was going to happen, as soon as we stepped out KA-44465 was shot down. 

"Get behind me sir!" I demanded and ran in front of him pushing him behind me, we advanced keeping low getting lost in a sea of Stormtroopers. A blaster was suddenly shot at us, it came from the woods, and there she was Rey. We both locked gazes and I went running after her. Kylo calling me to come back but she was the reason I was kicked out of the resistance, but it must have been a good choice because here I was. somewhere I belonged.

 I chased her so far into the woods I could no longer hear my commander. She tripped over a fallen tree and I was upon her, a lioness on its prey. I kicked her in the stomach with such force that she smacked her back on a tree behind her, she cried out. I pulled her up by the collar of her coat and repeatedly punched her till she bled. She then attempted to shoot me with her blaster but I knocked it from her hand and held her by the throat in my group. "I hope you're happy with yourself!" I snarled. 

"Who are you?" She asked. Before I could answer, I felt myself being picked up by the force and thrown out of the way. when my body hit the ground I grunted to myself, I looked up and saw it was Kylo. I pulled myself up off the ground and was about to go for her again but Kylo stopped me by putting his arm in my way.

 "Enough captain!" He snarled. Suddenly behind Rey stood the traitorous dog who abandoned us. I pushed his arm away and ran firing my blaster at him. I caught up to him and punched him knocking him to the ground.

 "You abandoned us! I will give you no mercy!" I exclaimed. 

"Captain please I did what was right, why can't you see that?" He asked crying under my boot as it was placed on his chest. "Because I know what's right!" I exclaimed. 

"No, you're blinded by your leader, you always were!" He said. "You utter lies!" I snarled. We suddenly heard a body drop, we both looked over and it was Kylo, I immediately stepped off the traitor. I pushed Rey out of the way, but she ran me through with a light sabre. "Sir we must go!" I wheezed pulling him off the ground and taking his light sabre as a warning to Rey, she didn't say a word, she ran to her friend. "We will be back!" I exclaimed hauling Kylo back to the transporter, as soon as we entered it, I collapsed down in the seat next to him. 

"Thank you." He said. "It's my duty sir." I said feeling myself falling forward, I fell on the floor with a thud and I don't remember much more till I wake up on the ship, The Starkiller in the medic wing. Medical staff rushed around me, a lady talking to me. "Let the Commander know she is awake." She said.

 "No. I don't want him to see me." I said quickly. 

"Why?" She asked. 

"Because I don't want him to see a soldier weak, no matter how important." I wheezed.

 "Okay, just get some rest, captain, you need it." She told me, I soon slipped off to sleep, next time I wake up the room is empty. I sit up and pulling all the wires out and fall from the bed, I crawl to the door and haul myself up before walking to my quarters and collapsing on the bed. I never liked the infirmary so many sick beings. I slept for a few more hours, before rising, pulling on my armour and made my way to the control room, where I stood at my rightful place: 

At Kylo Rens side.

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 "Kill them all!" I ordered.  A storm of blasters erupted and killed our prisoners in the hanger. I turned and saw Commander Ren nod to me. "Throw their bodies out the airlock!" I demanded. I watched as the rest of the stormtroopers began to drag the bodies away. I rested a hand on my blaster. 

"Captain I must commend you on your job, you are doing well. Perhaps I will think about making you my left hand man." He said. 

I smiled under my helm and did my best to not laugh. "That would be an honour sir." I said. 

"Meet me in my quarters tonight and we shall discuss your promotion." He said. 

"Yes sir." I said saluting him and retreating with my men. We went straight to the showers, our armour making us sweat and I suppose we needed to unwind after our killing spree. Being the captain I had my own shower in my quarters at the back of my room. I pulled off my armour and stood under the hot water, resting a hand on the wall allowing the water to wash over me. 

I'm so emotionless when I'm around Kylo, what does he do to me? My thoughts were soon interrupted by someone knocking on my door. I got out of my shower and wrap myself up in a robe and walk to my door, I open it and there stands one of my men. "We need you to help us with one last body, we believe you may know them." He told me. 

"O. . . Okay." I stutter and pull on my black and red flight suit and tie my long red hair back, I walk to one of the air locks and I see the boots of the body a few of my men crowded it. I then crouched down and I gasped. "No! That can't be her!" I exclaimed. 

"Captain?" One asked looking down at me. 

"That's my sister." I said covering my mouth with my hand. I fell back against one of the storage boxes. 

"It's okay captain." One of my men said and placed their hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it off and stormed out. I hear the airlock open and I didn't turn around I didn't want to see the fate of her corpse. I ran straight to my quarters and collapsed against the door and began to cry. A few hours later and there's another knock on my door. I drag myself up and walk to the door. 

"What?" I snarl. 

"Commander Ren wishes to see you now." He said. 

I pull my armour back on and pull my helmet on. I walk to his quarters and knock. "Enter." Kylo called.  I walked in and stood in the middle of his quarters that were very spacious. "Good evening captain." He said turning to me and taking his helmet off. 

"Sir." I said standing to attention and saluting him. 

 "Please don't be so formal with me KA-4448." He said. "Please sit." He said gesturing to the edge of his bed but I still stood.  "Now about that promotion." He began.

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