Because of his extraordinary capability in the field of intelligence, he had become a notorious agent among the rivals. They keenly watch his moves. Therefore, his destination was different, when he was flying to Singapore.

नाकाम दुश्मन

अल्बर्ट, मौलाना से व्यक्तिगत रूप से पहले कभी नहीं मिला था, लेकिन वह काफी समय से ट्विटर पर उन्हें फ़ौलो कर रहा था। फिर ईमेल के माध्यम से भी संपर्क हुआ और उसने कई बार मौलाना के धर्मार्थ संगठन को , जो पाकिस्तान में कुछ मदरसे चलाता था, ऑनलाइन दान दिया था। मौलाना ने पाया अल्बर्ट उसकी योजना में फिट बैठता है ।


The moment Suresh entered the home his mother began to curse him without directly addressing him, "The whole world is busy doing something. This Nawab Zada does not like to work. Sitting and eating has become his habit. Not bothered about the marriages of his sisters. Oh, I would say that take up even a coolie’s job and contribute...

रामचरितमानस अंत्याक्षरी

इस पुस्तक की सारी सामग्री श्री गोस्वामी तुलसीदास द्वारा रचित श्री रामचरित मानस से ली गयी है । ये पुस्तक अन्त्याक्षरी खेल में सहायता करेगी और खेल खेल में हमें भारतीय साहित्य व संस्कृति के संपर्क में लाने व इसके प्रति हमारे अंदर जिज्ञासा और रुचि जागृत करने में सहायक होगी


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The Chimera Vector

Sophia is a deniable operative, recruited as a child and genetically enhanced. After a botched operation in Iran, Sophia becomes an instrument in a dangerous game of subversive warfare. When she goes rogue, the chase is on... High-speed chases, gun fights, helicopter battles, immortal psychopaths, super soldiers and mutant abilities...

Midnight Musings

Midnight Musings is a collection of random thoughts brought forth by a sleep-deprived mind during the witching hours of the darkening night; expressed through poems, verses, dialogues and quotes.