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Chapter 1


A story about the last human A.I. battle cruiser Indomitable, referred to as 'Dom' by his crew.


"Autonomous battle mode Dom."

"Aye, aye, Captain.", I say and his eyes close at the last.

In the delirium of my battle screens I watched crimson rain of micro beams fall and cyan streaks of plasma cut through the air.

The flash of freshly burnt copper vaporized and accelerated to speeds of light hangs in a haze over my view.

I find myself unable to act for a micro second, caught in hideous beauty of war within a vacuum.

To believe I and my comrades could be the cause of so many flame wrecked shells of the enemy battle engines.

Agony shatters the stillness and I sense a crippling hit.

Screams erupting, electronic shrieks echoing, alarms echoing through my now lifeless hallways and battle centers.

Closing my eyes I pray, but to no god I know, that I may continue to do my duty.

Hoping that they on the flanks are not mine, burning fresh.

As the sun snuffed out by smoke and death I hide within myself.

The reality here is a burden and I will not shoulder it.

I remove the safety locks on all weapon systems. My 300mm Hell-bores lock and destroy targets that are closest. My repeaters go into melt-down mode and the remaining missiles and rockets launch.

With nothing left but my body I aim at the Super Carrier in the middle of the enemy formation. I project a 37.4% chance of success. I immediately initiate full burn.

I engage to the last.

Falling headlong into and breaking the back of the invading enemy horde.

The system fails and I am slipping, slipping, slipping...

Program end.......

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