Home Sweet Home


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On a sunny day the Leaf family and their pet Golding retriever, Shelly, and tabby cat, Autum went to the park. Shelly went to play with her dog friends. Autum went to chase a Barn Swallow but the bird flew away back on corse, by that time she was far from home and the park. She did not know where she was she never been by the high way of penten.

At the park everyone was looking for her. They looked till 8:04 which was Rayna's and Reena's bed time.Mrs Leaf had to go to work at The Kids  hospital but Rayna and Reena had to get a X-Ray because they might have a sprained foot. Autumn was cold and wet, while Reena and Rayna were warm,dry and as snug as a bug.

the cat found a box with two  holes in it she went inside the box she continued walking around for looking home with the box on her she could still see with the box on her.Rayna got her x-Ray first then Reena got hers.Rayna's foot was sprained Reena's foot was not it just hurt.Autum herd a river but she did not see it Because  it was too dark.As A car raced by she jumpt back and accidendtally fell in the river with the box on her.

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The river fall escape

 The box tipped over Autum went up side down but she got up side up.There was a waterfall coming up Autum going down she lost the box when she langed a a branch.she climed on the side ways tree brunch.The little cat was too fritend to move.When Rayna,Reena and Mrs home Shelly was waiting for them.When they got in Shelly waged her tail.when they got home they brushed their teeth,put on their pg's and went to bed whail there mom read them a story after that their mom said"good night little ones".In the middel of the night everyone woke up mr leaf was  on night shift Rayna and Reena went to their pairints room and told her about the noise Mrs leaf said "I heard the noise too.go back to bed now" Reena replaed back with since dad is away could we sleep with you? Mrs lead said "ok " in the moring they all woke up. After they ate breakfast Rayna went too put she beef flaved dog food in shellys bowl then she realized Shelly was not there by her bowl where she always was minis one time because once she left after a squirrel after that she never ran away but that was when she was a puppy.Eveyone looked for her and  Autum.shelly followed Autums sent.Then Shelly  sawAutum on the branch.Then a bird went toward her Autum chased it and she was on land but the bird flew away.shelly barked at a squirrel but she did not chase it and when she barked Autum quickly  looked at her.Autum wanted to get across the the lake down below and not get wet then she saw a brige and she went across the brige to Shelly.

A car going by stopped by A man walked out of the van Shelly barked as the man aproshed And the more he came closer the more Shelly barked and Autum got skared when he got more close Autum ran up A tree.When he took two more steps closer  Shelly bit his finger after Shelly bit him he looked at his finger their there where not teeth marks but nothing bad.then Shelly ran across the brige sudingly the brach that Autum was on snapped when it snapped.Autum landed on Shelly then Shelly ran down A path that went down to not a r river but a cristell clear pond with lily pads,flowers and tad poles in some flowers.

The water shimed in the sun in the clear sky with a few clouds in the sky making the sky look very beautiful.it was nice and shallow so Shelly went across the pond.the man walked across the bridge,path and pond.by then Shelly and Autum where by the end of the bridge the  man really he

Sighed.he ran up the hill to Shelly and Autum.shelly continued barking then Autum saw two mice and Shelly saw a squirrel Autum started chasing the mice at the same time when Shelly started going after the squirrel and they were going the same way.soon they were at the airport.the squirrel and mice went in the plane that went to Australia.As soon as the cat and dog were in it the mice and squirrel jumped out but Shelly and Autum could not get out.out they were trapped in the pet 


part of the plain.two hours later a man walked in with food for the pets the put some food in each cage.He also had special dog and cat food because a special person had a pet.

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Trip to Australia

 The owner of the pets was sick but he did not know that so he put the food on the floor then he put two bowls down with cristell clear water in it one had one name on it the the next one had a drifint name.on the first one the name was bella with dog food in in it so Shelly ate the food in it. The 2ed had Tilp with cat food in it so Autum ate the food in it.then the man came with big pillows and soft toys and he put then on the floor then he gave Shelly a brownish gold cookie stuffy.then he gave Autum a yellowish gold fish stuffy.Then the man left half an hour later the man came back with a little room with a big cat flap but for dogs then he put a small pool in it.then Shelly went in the pool then the man put some towels by the pool.then he came back with anther small room with a cat flap in the room there were some leafs and cat toys in the then Autum went in the room and started to play then the man left.one minute later the man cam back with some floatys and put then in the pool.soon Shelly was playing with the floatys in the pool.Later when it was night the man put a pillow in Autum's room then the put a night light in the room then he put the top of the room on the top the  room.Then Autum went on the pillow and fell asleep.When she fell asleep the man came a really big box then he put the box sideways.when the box was on the floor he put a really big pillow in the box.Then Shelly went in the box and went to bed.Rayna and Reena had to go to bed Mrs leaf had to go to  work.Mr leaf was home with Reena and Rayna so they would not get a babysitter.soon 10

hours later all the pets ate breakfast the plain had arrived at Australia but they were still up high in the sky

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