Confessions of a Pizza Girl


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The following is a real story, with real feelings, and real people. The names have been changed to protect the some-what innocent. 

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Rant 1

I hate Brittany. I've worked at this place longer than she has, and yet she thinks she knows everything. She's a liar too, I can't stand her. It was obvious she slept with one of the guys and everyone knew, even I figured it out long before she had the nerve to tell me she thought I was the only person in the kitchen she could trust. Lie number 3257. 

Like, what the H Mario! Why would I even care? I don't even like you, or the guy. 

There was one time when a guy came up asking for his order, but he called the wrong store, and I was in the process of telling him we can get his order out in fifteen minutes, when Brittany stamped up next to me and said, "What's wrong?" 

So the guy told her what happened and she 'third partied' and told Bossman what was going on, and thinking she was helping him, asked what his order was. 

She came back and asked for his order at the same time I did, and while I took it down on the computer, she got receipt paper and wrote it down. 

When I finished I told him it would be fifteen minutes, then Brittany looked at me and was like, "you got in the computer?" 

I just kind of looked at her and said, "Yes, I got this." 

Then she, again third party, told Bossman I had put it in. 

And while she did that I told the guy that I would call the other store and have them cancel the order. So while I got on the phone and typed in the phone number, Bossman told Brittany to call them. Then he turned around and saw me leaning against the counter with the phone to my ear and asked me if I was calling them, I nodded. 

I don't know who answered, but I love him. He has amazing customer service and talked like he actually enjoyed his job, like he didn't hate the person he had to work next to. When I told him the problem, he wasn't like, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh". He said, "okay, da de da, ah. Here he is. And you said it was wrongly placed?"


"Alright, I'll get that voided out, thanks." 

"No problem,"

"Hey, good luck, and have a good night!"

Thank you random stranger! I love people like that, people who love their job. That used to be me, I remember telling one of our former employees that I loved my job, and he told me to "just wait, soon you'll understand." 

Well, now I do. His spirit was broken by the chaos and destruction of stupidly idiotic, and criminal human beings. 

Did I mention she drinks? She's a minor, and she gets her boyfriend to buy her whiskey from the liquor store down the street. She's even admitted that she "get's red wine from her mother and sits in the bathtub with a glass of the stuff every night in the summer." I don't know if that's illegal, but it's disgusting. She came in hung over once, and asked to be sent home after puking in the bathroom. Bossman told her no, and rightfully so. If you know you're going to be working the day after, why on Earth would you drink so much? 

She tried to convince one of our drivers to get her whiskey. I shared a glance with and laughed inside, it was obvious he wasn't going to, and actually started ignoring her. Finally she went to the make-line and helped top a pizza. The driver came close to me and said, "Like I would even consider helping her with her addiction." 

I laughed. 

"Besides," he said, "I don't even drink." 

Brittany, is in a category of stuck-up losers that I've reserved for only two other people, she who shall not be named, and the other Brittany that used to be a manager. Thank goodness she was fired, those days were dark and cheerless, as soon as she was gone a pressure just lifted off of everyone's shoulders. I heard she's working at Wendy's now, I feel sorry them. 

Earlier in the day a woman walked in asked for her order. She said her mother called it in and didn't know what name she would have put it under. I asked if she knew what it was, and told me. Then, just like clock work Brittany stamped in and said, "What's wrong?" 

She pushed me out of her way, I went to where all the orders were and looked at their tickets. I found her order easily enough, and brought it over. 

"It's under Studebaker." I told Brittany. 

"I can't find the ticket though, that's the problem." she said, as if the order didn't even exist. Then she asked the woman if she called the right store. 

Like, do you not see her order right in front of you?!

So I scanned the orders and found the name, "This one." I hit the name and the order pulled up. 

Brittany laughed a fake laugh and told the woman her total. I think Bossman heard me grumbling about it while I looked at the tickets, I don't think he was happy about her butting in, and had her help top for a while. 

I can't prove it, but I suspect she's not entering my tips. Either that, or she's switching the users so that she gets them. It's easier done than said, and no way to prove it without a manager code to look at the 'change server' data. I don't want to tell Bossman so I can look at it, I don't want to accuse her of something she's not doing, but I took the majority of orders today since Bossman made her top and cover ovens, and I only made $4.00 in tips. And it was Labor Day! Last Labor Day I remember making around $15.00 in tips and their were three other phones girls! 

Of course back then we had to save our receipts because the system wasn't as exact as this new one. 

Here's something, Brittany FINALLY got yelled at!

It started when she told me she was going to the bathroom. She came back half an hour later, texting. About an hour later she 'had to go again', and was gone for another thirty minutes. That's when we got busy. Three phone calls, four on hold, and five costumers later, she came back. Bossman told her that she needs to turn her phone off because it kept pinging every couple seconds. Brittany just kind of danced around it and said that she can't hear it if she turns it off. Three phone calls later and Bossman looked at her sternly and said quietly and slowly in his dad voice, "Brittany. Turn. It. Off." 

Everyone knows that voice, and let me tell you, I've never seen her doing anything so fast before. 

A little while later she went back into the dinning room to fold silverware. I answered the first phone call, by the second Bossman shouted, "Brittany!" 

She ran in, but by the time she actually made it to the phones a driver had picked it up. 

"If you're going to be folding silverware you need to be listening for the phones, not your phone. And if you can't do that then move everything in here so I can see you." Bossman told her. 

That was that. Apparently she couldn't put her phone down for what should have taken her at most half an hour, so I finished her twenty minutes of work, in under ten. 

That's something I've told myself since my first day. No phones. I'm being paid to do a job well done, not a job half asked. That's why I got the raise and the promotion, and Brittany got sent back to ovens. 

I'm a little glad Bossman yelled at her. She needed to be reminded that she's not in charge. 

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Rant 2

There is a certain type of people that I call 'Fakes'. 

You know the type. 

Whether it's the stuck up blonde, the cheerleader, or the attention seeker, we all have one or twelve of these in our lives. 

Mine are Brittany, Stacey, Kaylie and Kacie, but I'll just talk about the ones I having the most trouble with right now.

Kaylie used to drive me up the wall! She was such a fake! She thrived on attention, and she got it by pretending to be a friend, gossiping, and out right being a jerk while pretending to be oblivious to the fact. She had this face that she would make whenever someone questioned her, or brought up something that she didn't like. I wouldn't call it arrogance,  maybe a mixture of both arrogance and oblivious. Is was annoying as ever. Made me want to slap it off her face every once in a while so she would show some real emotion.

When she left I thought all my problems were gone. I was finally free to voice my opinion without her putting me down and making me feel small. 

That lasted about two weeks, then Bible Study started up again and I had to sit next to her younger sister, Kacie. 

Kacie was so sweet and kind before her Kaylie moved out, I actually liked spending time with her. But now, it's like she's a mini version of Kaylie, but worse.  

She back talks just about everything I say and she thinks she knows everything! 

The fact that she thinks she can disrespect me is just disturbing. You wouldn't treat an adult like that, so why does she think she can treat me like that? 


"Thou shalt not covet they neighbor."

I think for me this especially refers to her family. She's been through so much in the last year alone, forget how much she suffered before her parents got divorced, now, she must be devastated. 

I can understand her acting out this way, it's her only defense. In a family where she gets no attention and lives with her dad because her mother doesn't love her, she almost needs attention to thrive. 

It's going to be so hard for her in the real world. I don't know too many people who actually enjoy being around those people.

I see them all the time on social media, looking for praise and sympathy. It's sad. Especially in adults. 

My point is, don't be that kind of person. Please, they're annoying, disrespectful children who can't live in the real world of 


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