Ember Shades


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Chapter 1

 The small lion before me leapt up the steps the door of the large house. He stretched his finger out and rang the door bell. 

“Trick or treat!” He screamed. 

The old woman smiled brightly and handed him a family sized snickers bar. When the door closed the lion pulled the candy bar out of the pillow case sake and held it up to me.

“Look Amy, another big one!”

I smiled at my seven year old brother and picked out a pack of skittles from the bag. 

“Mrs. Mathews lives here,” I told him, guiding him the next house. 

He hurried to the door and pushed the door bell. 

“Trick or treat!” He yelled to his teacher. 

“Why, if it isn’t Sammy Drake!” Exclaimed the older woman. “And aren’t you an adorable little lion.”

“Roar!” Bellowed Sammy in his deepest voice. “I’m not adorable!”

Mrs. Mathews jumped in exaggerated fright and held the orange bowl down to him. “Please to eat me Me. Lion! Take what ever you want.” 

With a satisfied grin, Sammy shuffled through the bowl for few seconds before taking a handful and dropping them into the bag. 

“Goodbye Mrs. Mathews!” He shouted as he ran back to me. 

“Goodbye Mr. Lion!” 

Halloween wasn’t till Saturday, but it was common knowledge that if you’re parents allowed you to stay up on a Thursday night, the teachers would be ready with candy. 

“Trick or treat!” Sammy yelled again. 

It was the Smith’s house. I stayed on the sidewalk and waited. Mr. Smith taught high school English, but 

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