Her mom had promised. Mint should have known better than to believe her. A new town, new faces and a new danger will meet Mint Greene in Pinewood, North Carolina, the thirteenth place Mint will have lived in her sixteen years, the thirteenth time her mom will have broken her promise to stay put. A mysterious figure, a teenage...

The Kingdom of Imagination

When 28-year-old Alyss appears in a place called the Kingdom of Imagination, she's treated like she has been there before, but Alyss has no memory of the place. She lives in a green room in an apartment in Chicago, not in a magical kingdom. She doesn't know how she got there or how to return home. But that is something she will...


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This is my 2014 NaNoWriMo book. It isn't finished and is currently being edited but i would like feed back, so here it is.I will put the chapters as they are completed. When a car crash takes Mollys family she goes and lives with her young uncle. While healing Molly meets a mysterious boy and embarks on an adventure that spans time and...


Sam Leare knows nothing of the supernatural until she meets Callum Jacobi and Christian Johnson. Soon enough, she is thrown into their world, along with her siblings, Nico Leare and Maia Daniels.

Loving Brody

This short story is Book One in the Finding you series. Follow these sweet people as they struggle through emotions, drama, love. Learning to walk forward and embracing life. Meg has always done things for herself. Survived on her own, guarding her heart from anyone and everyone. But her new next door neighbour threatens to...

Kate Galbraith and Stone House

Kate Galbraith's parents are both dead. She alone is in charge of her two-year-old baby brother Jacob under the guardianship of their great uncle. But how will she protect her brother when she finds out her great uncle is their most dangerous enemy? After coming back from a walk on a dark, rainy day, Kate finds her great uncle and...


Thousands of years before man existed, Devil soldiers and Light Angels, fought a bloody battle over Earth and its freedom. Then, mankind was created and centuries later, the onslaught continued. Earth, was once again saved and humans weren't even aware of how close they came to the extinction of the entire race. Through the ages, the...