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 “Take your clothes off” he commands. “Come here”; but he doesn’t wait, he grabs hold of my upper arms and slides me firmly up his body. Now I’m pressed on top of his chest and our lips millimeters from eachother. But he wants me to want it more. There is cologne lingering on his skin mixed with his body scent driving me insane with desire. His energy is a tease. His eyes alive with charm. He is in his element. I wonder how many women he’s fucked like this and how many of them still crave to be devoured inch by inch. He sees me wander and immediately bites my pounding lips. He’s so rough and sinful. I feel my body heat rise and I’m overwhelmed with wanting to be penetrated now. Like right now. His kisses turn into nibbles and then he blows around my wet mouth flicking his tongue slowly and licking around the shape of my lips. “Say it!” He moans “Say it!”. I want to scream out the hottest dirtiest filthiest things. My body is moving and Pussy dripping with desire. My thighs are drenched and my breasts are slippery with the sweat from our extreme body heat. I say “I’m so hot for you”.... and he grabs my cheeks and looks me in the eyes. “Say it!” He yells. “Tell me you’re fucking Horny and you want to be fucked” oh my god! Could he be any hotter! Is that what I’m meant to say? I’m meant to be that forward and direct and explosive and that will turn him on? It feels so dirty when I succumb and do what I’m told. He controls my every move from that moment on. I turn into a Horny wild slut would wants only to be fucked hard and I want to come now. I want Cum over my Pussy and to drip and spray over every inch of my skin. “Say it” I find myself saying all these words. I tell him out loud what I want and how I want it and it’s deliciously erotic and bad and oh so naughty. As we get closer to cuming together we repeat back and forth “I’m horny fuck me” then I yell “I’m a Horny bitch and  need to be fucked”

Then he yells “well fuck me then. Fuck me like you mean it. Squeeze your pussy. Make it tight and I’ll fuck it. You squeeze and I’ll fuck” 

The more I squeeze the more I cum. I’m wild and out of all control. The scent of his body mixed with cologne is making me high. He kisses me so much intensity he blows my mind. I’m cumming over and over and over again. His whole Cock is lathered in cum. I stop and lick it clean as he closes his eyes and moans with pleasure. I look up at him occasionally and overwhelmed at the size of his muscles. His arms are bent up near his face like in a surrender position and his muscles pop up. He’s so hot. Fucken hot. Makes me suck that cock even hornier. I’m sucking him off but my body is moving like I’m fucking. The heat fills my pussy. My lips are swelling from the rough sucking. “Sit on it” he suggests... “don’t waste it” he prodes....

I turn the other way and ride while I face the mirror while we watches my ass slide up and down on that hard cock. His hands firmly pulling at my hips. Pushing his cock in deeper. Saddled. It’s doesnt take long for ride to end as the friction blows his mind and blow his load of hot cum deep inside. I feel it pulse 🔥 Usually he likes to throw me off at that stage but this time he keeps fucking more. He is hard as fuk! We’re horny and desperate for eachother. We crave. We want. We need.

Hours pass and we are utterly exhausted. We could do this all day. All night. But it’s time for work. 

“Turn the shower on” he wants to wash up, and then he’s gone. 

He’ll text me all day. He’ll tell me loves me and tell me he can still feel my Pussy. He’ll tell me how hot I am and how much he wants to feel me over and over. And I believe him. And I love him. 

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