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The concept of Ikigai is a simple yet powerful one.

This is a Japanese word and concept that embodies a more diverse and holistic view of one’s purpose in life.

In a nutshell, it can be defined as, "Ikigai: the process of allowing the self's possibilities to blossom". (Kobayashi Tsukasa) 

You can go as deep and wide with it as you’re willing. This is a framework to flesh out that journey. Check in with it periodically to make sure you’re working on the things that matter most to you.

Thank you for buying this journal. If you believe in this process and dedicate some time over the coming months to the questions put forward, I am sure you will grow. You develop a deeper understanding of your unique value to the world and how to share it with others around you.


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The plan:

What you Love

What you’re Good At

What the World Needs

What you can/will be Paid For

Ikigai is the intersection of all four of these realms. This will require unearthing then dismantling the values and beliefs that don’t serve you along this journey. It’s not easy but it’s quite rewarding.

Over the next forty weeks you should set aside time to think about then write your reflections on each question that is posed to you. (One per day)

On the fifth day of the week there won’t be a question, challenge yourself to brainstorm the intersections between the answers from the previous days and what they might look like in action.

Finally by the end of the forty weeks, it’s time to unpack what you’re doing well that contributes to your Ikigai journey and what is incongruent. Flesh out a realistic plan to align your daily thoughts and actions towards your Ikigai centre.

While nobody else can tell you what you’ll need to do at the end of your exploration, we will set up a dedicated digital community to share and continue your journey connected with others if you’d like.

There will be parts of this process that are emotionally charged and unearth surprising things inside you. At any point if you are overwhelmed with your responses to these questions, be kind to yourself. Consider taking a day or a few off then revisit the journal when you’re ready.

You’ll get as much out of it as you put into it. Don’t expect any grand epiphanies. The most valuable outcomes come incrementally. Try to enjoy the process each day and you’ll be amazed what you learn about yourself by the end!


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This journal is broken down into four main sections for each week:

Day 1: What You Love

Day 2: What You’re Good At

Day 3: What the World Needs of You

Day 4: What You Can Get Paid For

Remember whenever possible to frame your answers in the positive and focus on active activities rather than passive ones.

For example, an active activity is painting whereas a passive activity is watching T.V. Another way to think about it is consuming versus producing. Even if you are doing an activity that does not result in a tangible outcome, it’s still better to prioritize activities that you have to actively engage with.

Try to work on each question for at least 10 minutes. The more time you can spend with each question, the more you will get out of it though.

With that, let’s get started!


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