Becoming Willow


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Chapter 1


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Chapter One

 It’s not like I’m a sucker for the dramatic. I’m just a hopeless romantic. I believe that there is someone out there for everyone, and my guy is or hopefully will be just around the corner........

“I told Toby not to write that kind of shit on my Facebook status” I growled as I slammed my laptop shut. My only and worst fear would be death by total humiliation... I mean I know it can never actually happen like that. But still, you can never be to careful.

“Will, you need to settle your kettle, Toby Kinkle is just a pathetic excuse for a male, and his foul vulgar imagination is something that you’re just going to have to deal with” Luke replied as I rolled around to face him.. Luke fletcher was my best friend. We became really close in second grade when Dizzy Mikoda told everyone he had head lice and took it upon herself to slap a vegemite sandwich on his head during little lunch. And me being so sweet and caring, took it upon Myself to push her into a unflushed unsanitised girls toilet. Let’s just say she had a very shitty day..

Now back to Luke, we are both now 17, figured out we both like exactly the same stuff, including Guys, and he was there for me during tough times. Including when I lost my parents in a car crash when I was in the 7th grade. Now we are both in grade 12 and about to start our last year in high school. Nothing could be any more terrifying then that. 

“Hello??? Earth to Willow” I heard Luke almost practically yelling at me, my head snapped back to reality and I grinned widely, which was only done when I had suddenly gotten a really awesome idea.. 

“Sorry Lu, listen... how would you feel about finally giving me some eyeliner tips?” I asked, watching Luke’s face carefully, seeing his eyes brighten with glee. 

“For reals will?” He said as he got up onto his knees.. “like I can make you look more like a girl?, no offence”

“None taken, but yes” I laughed as I tore my long sleeved woolly jacket off of me. I sat up and untied my hair, taking it out of its normal bun that sat in place on top of my head. 

“But the rules are, if I look hideous, No photos and Absolutely NO Facebook posts!” I glared at him as he clapped his hands together happily. 

“Oh fuck yes, this is going to be Amazzzingballs “ he laughed and winked at me as he moved off of the bed and now onto his feet. 

“Miss Rose, would you mind taking a seat at my station, I’ll be with you in just a second” Luke referred to his dressing table as a ‘station’ but I honestly didn’t care, it almost practically was one. There was makeup neatly stacked on it, a hairbrush that sat right next to a perfectly conditioned emerald pink GHD straightener. I don’t even own a lipstick let alone a straightener. But that was just me. Good Old Willow Rose. A perfect chick name, in a horrible chick body. I mean, I had the curves, the boobs, the butt... I just never like anything girly. I don’t wear tight clothes I wear loose jumpers, and adidas runners... I suppose this is a good thing letting Luke transform me...

“Just don’t go overboard buddy” I warned him as I sat down on the chair, facing the mirror Luke had just covered with a large black sheet.. 

“Is this really necessary?” I asked as I nodded towards the sheet.

“Perfection my love... it’s a surprise” he sang back as he moved a brush through my brown curls. He wasn’t careful as he did it, it was rough and it did hurt but every time I made a noise he would hit the top of my head with it gently, which just made me giggle... my best friend, a master at perfection.

It took almost two hours, and it was already dark out. Luke had just finished straightening the last piece of hair on my head, I could feel the lipstick setting and my eyes were heavy from the mascara. 

“You done yet?” I almost yawned but held it back. I was not tired, not at all. Just bored.

“Uhh..” Luke said as he turned the straightener off and moved my chair to face him. “Holy shit” he whispered, but I couldn’t tell if it was a good shit or a bad shit..

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and I heard it swing open, Luke and I both looked towards it. 

“Hey Luke, Mum sent me up here to ask you if...” but the voice broke off. Obviously I could tell it was Luke’s twin brother Jason, who was much much more attractive then Luke. His eyes were blue, Luke’s were brown. Jason was more fit and had so many muscles. Oh the muscles... 

“Holy shit” he then said as he rubbed his eyes. I could see him blinking over and over again. “Is that Will?” He asked quietly and all I could hear was Luke clapping and laughing.

“Isn’t it good? I turned her from not... to HOT” he yelled as he moved his hands to my shoulders. “You may look now”

I looked at Jason one more time, he gave me a smile.. one that I had never seen him give anyone before, let alone me. I managed to move my eyes from him, my heart racing, not because of the new look. But because of Jason. I’d always had a crush on him, we kissed once. But that was a dare. And he told me he didn’t like me like that, and that I was gross. Mind you we were only twelve.

I heard the door shut, and I knew Jason was gone. I finally opened my eyes and looked into the mirror.

What was I seeing? I was so shocked. There sat a girl, no... a Woman. Long brown hair, straighter then I’ve ever seen. Gold brown eyes peering back at me. Her skin looked so soft and smooth, her lips red but not too red. Her eyes... almost hard to see the eyeliner, it was more natural then anything. I started to smile, and the woman in the mirror smiled back.

“So you like?” I heard Luke’s voice whisper.

Holy shit indeed. That was me.

I touched my cheek just to be sure and I giggled as I looked up to Luke. 

“I look beautiful.”

“Will, you’ve always looked beautiful, it’s just, well now you know” he replied as I touched his hand. I could feel the tears in my eyes and as I looked up to Luke, I could see the same in his.

“I love you” I smiled widely

“I love you more” he replied.

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