Forever with My Father


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    I'd like to tell you that I actually lived up to the name that I had, but sadly, I never have because of this stupid curse. So here I am, yet again in the body of Jonathan Sykes just coming back down from the unfortunate loss of another great plan of destruction for this man. 

    "Aren't you supposed to be a demon?" Also, the fact that I could still hear the exasperating conscience of the man wasn't very good motivation. 

    "Yes I am," I say out loud to the apartment. 

    "Then why are you so bad at it?" I sigh and try to control the feelings of annoyance towards him and the overwhelming urge to kill him right then and there. I still needed him for my plan to work. 

    "I have a big mouth and that never works out well when Lucifer is in charge of everything." There's silence from Jonathan and I use this moment to gather up all his things and head out of his apartment. I needed to put my plan into action immediately if I wanted this to work. Maybe then I would finally be able to get my mind back into my own control. 

    "You're going the wrong way," Jonathan says worriedly. 

    "No, I'm going exactly where I need to go. We're not going into work today." A few people give a look of confusion as I speak aloud again. I pay them no attention and rush down the stairs, my idea still attached to my mind. Maybe because it's not necessarily being used to ruin some poor sap's life, I don't know, but I relish in the fact. I turn the next corner and look out onto the street to look for a cab. My eyes go wide when I find an incredibly tall, imposing figure in front of me, a long sword held tightly in his hand. 

    "That doesn't look good," sounds in my head. "That isn't - "

    "Lucifer," I say quietly. "What are you - "

    "I thought you'd try to do something like this. Too bad I can see everything that my children do. It's a shame you couldn't live up to the name of my dear friend."

    "J-Just wait, if you take away the curse I c-can assure you that I can do it!"

    "If I had any patience I might, but unfortunately for you I lost that eons ago." With that, Lucifer sheaths his sword and smirks as his hands give Jonathan's body a powerful shove into the street right as a garbage truck turns the corner. The truck seems to grin at us and I send a silent apology to Jonathan that I couldn't do it myself in a better way. 

    "At least I know I'll be going upstairs. You've got to suffer an eternity in the basement with your ever so forgiving father of all things evil. Good luck." There's a loud horn and then a flash of heat as I'm taken to Hell. God help me. 


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