Just A Lady


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Chapter 1

Creione would never give a second look to a girl with a plain, bland, and ordinary face. But since he saw this lady when he was still in 2nd year in college he had changed his views. He was already two years fascinated with the face that the lady have , he had known her name from the people that he ask. She is Aithne. He smiled when he saw her. There’s nothing extraordinary about her standing in front of the vending machine in the library nearby except that her fashion sense is unique. He doesn’t dream to be a knight in shining armor to any damsel in distress but she is an exception, after he heard some girls bashing the poor lady’s fashion sense he felt a push to save her from distress.

                It seems that she doesn’t care about the bashing thing. She wasn’t showing any sign of being “emotionally” hurt or offended with the comments, to think they were too harsh. As if she heard nothing, she patiently waited for the vending machine to cater her order. But he guess it was her defense mechanism to pretend that she was hearing nothing in order to escape the bashful comments that she hear.

                He remembered his younger sister Crenith, though she was not gifted with a classic beauty but her wit was enough to let men and women fall on their knees and praise her. If Crenith is in the position of this lady, she would fight back and let those bashers hear and see how bitter sweet her tongue could be.

                But obviously, the lady wasn’t his sister. He already decided that he will make his name known to her, it was already two years since he saw this ordinary but angelic face.  He walked towards the lady. He slightly smiled when he heard the gasps of the student nearby. For sure, he would be the talk of the campus for at least a week or so. He was dubbed as the “silent heartbreaker”, he rarely smiles and interacts with people around him, but even so, it never stops the girls to have a crush on him and to vie his attention.

                There are people who raised their eyebrow and maybe thought that he was already insane to approach the lady. Maybe they won’t believe him if he would say that he was driven by a sudden ‘charitable impulse’. Maybe they wouldn’t for: he rarely makes friends with people who don’t belong on his circle and who doesn’t have any use to him, and he was just a plain snob. They just don’t know that behind the cover of being snob, he also fancy someone.

                There’s something on the lady that draw him near her. Like a magnet that attracts him to her. So he decides for once, he would let the lady borrow the influence of his presence and his attention.

                “I should have been to the canteen, if I want coffee” she said chastely. She was staring blankly in front of the vending machine, so he wasn’t sure if she’s talking to him and her voice seems like a whisper.

                “You should” he said

                “Huh?” she looked at him.

                “Don’t worry; I don’t intend to hurt you.”

                “Uhm…” she was still speechless

                “Your parents taught you not to talk to strangers, huh? That explains why you are quiet. I’ll introduce myself then, I’m---“


                “CREIONE Wade Galzo. I know you.” Aithne said after she recovered from the surprise of the day. Who wouldn’t be surprised? If you have been approached and spoke by one of the eminent guys in the university. She only wished to see him every day but she must done something good today, for she was been blessed. She had never expected to be approached and be speaking by him, as if they were friends.

                She had seen him from afar numerous times before, every time her brother would bring her to the university during her high school days. She always kept her distance whenever his near because his aura is too intimidating and states “you don’t belong in my circle, so back-off”. After she saw him two years ago, his existence makes a difference to her life.

                He has dark brown eyes framed with thick eyelids. They were so expressive that he could probably start and end a conversation just by looking at the person. His nose and cheekbones compliment his face. His lips alone could make every mortal woman beg to be enslaving ceaselessly. Beside his physical attributes, he was witty and knowledgeable. No question, for he always top the class ranking in Engineering. Every time he stood before the stage and starts to talk, he could easily catch the attention of the listeners.

                He was almost perfect from head to toe, that it covers up his being snobbish. Women would always adore his face and brain and men would always be the second best if compared to him. But he doesn’t care about them; he was too focused on his studies and responsibilities.

                On her case, she didn’t ask her brother to introduce to him; even he and her brother were acquaintance. Not that she wasn’t attracted to him, she was but she doesn’t want to break her perfect dream about him. She was contented to use his perfect persona being the center of her writings.

                “And you are?” he asked her.

                She looked away. She doesn’t want to be the talk of the campus. She liked her life as plain as she is.

                “I can ask someone else for your name, if you don’t want to tell me. One way or another, I could have it in a blink of an eye.” His look of interest was replaced by deep curiosity. Maybe, he wasn’t used to a girl who doesn’t fall unto her knees just to give her name, address and cellular number to him.

                “Aithne. Aithne Pix Muzon.” She said.

                He extended his hand to her not to have a hand shake but to kiss it. She was taken aback but not only her but also the students nearby.

                “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Aithne. What a unique name. Are you related to Anzore Drace Muzon?”

                She nodded and hurriedly gets her coffee from the vending machine. “Ah, excuse me.” She bid him farewell. Her heart was beating fast as she walked away from him.

                When Creione extended his hand to her, she heard gasps from the student around them. But when she walked away from Creione a glint of shock was evident to their faces.

                There’s a part of her that was sad for what she did. But it occupied a small part of heart compared to the relief that she felt now after she got away from him. For she was sure, she wouldn’t stand the excitement and nervous that she felt after their hands touched. He was a star to behold, they should not be acquainted. For she was out of his league.

                Her star will always be outshined by him. She was not envious of her brother instead she was proud of all the achievements that he had acquired but whenever he comes into the picture he will always be the Big Dipper. She will always remain the shadow of him. Dreams that seemed to becoming true was even painful than not dreaming at all.

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Chapter 2

For the life of him, it was the first time that someone left him behind and for the record it was the lady that he fancied. He was used to be the one who always walked away from the people whom he doesn’t in favor of or just plainly doesn’t amuse him. That was the first time he met a lady who has the guts to snob his existence. But it amazed him how unaffected she was by his charm. He smiled when he remembered how she blushed after he kissed her hand. It was one of the few times that he showed his playful side that most of the time he hid below the cover of his blanket.

                For sure, he wouldn’t forget about the lady Aithne Pix Muzon. While looking at her back, he recalled that she confirmed that she was related to Anzore, the Student Council President and a friend of his. Anzore was two years of his senior. Anzore haven’t told him that he has a sister and come to think of it, how on earth he doesn’t notice that Aithne and his friend both shared mysterious eyes. He remembered that for almost two years he always talk about Aithne to Anzore but he haven’t told him about him knowing her name. He smiled and went to the Student Council Office.

                Fortunately, Anzore was there having the annual meeting with his subordinates. He waited for the meeting to finish before him asking Anzore.

                As the meeting was dismissed, he entered the office. He smiled to the subordinates of Anzore.

                “What brought you here my friend? And you seem to be happy today?” Anzore asked him.

                “Nothing much.” He said plainly. “Just want someone to have a conversation. I got bored.”

                “That’s new. You rarely start a conversation. And you prefer to be in the library reading books, than having a chat with people. You only talk to them if it’s necessary or you’re in a party.”

                “Well, maybe it’s time for me to change a little bit. And that starts now. Are you ready for tonight? “He asked.

                “What’s the occasion?”

                “You such a forgetful kind of person, dude. It’s my parents anniversary remember?”

                “I forgot, dude. I was preoccupied.”

                “Girls? Or responsibility?”

                “Both.” Anzore laughed.

                “You could bring someone tonight. Mom would be thrilled to see you.”

                “I bet she would. And your father as well.”

                “They would. They even said that they hoped that you are my brother.”

                “Well, what can I do? If they much prefer me than you. Maybe they are sorry to have a grumpy son like you.” Anzore laughed at him.

                “Shut up, dude. You are hurting my ego and that’s not good to my reputation.” Anzore was one of the few people that he could joke around.”By the way, speaking of siblings. Do you have a sister? We have been friends for five years but you haven’t talk too much about your family.”

                “You didn’t ask. I’m not that vocal about the family that I’ve came from. But yeah, I have a sister. She’s studying here. She’s a second year B.S. Psychology student.”

                “What’s her name? I may have met her.”

                “I guess not. She’s aloof and she’s not that conversant like me. She’s Aithne. My unsociable sister.” A glint of sadness was unmistakable in Anzore’s eyes. “I somehow understand her why she’s like that. She was always compared to me by the people around us since we are small. We are proud of her for she was also an achiever and even if she’s not we are still proud of her. Mom and dad were very verbal about it. She was not that aloof and unsociable in the years passed but during her senior year when someone  she adored told her that she was ugly and plain, she had isolate herself. Gone the jolly girl that we knew. She had changed; she had put herself into the pedestal that she creates. I hope my sister would comeback.” He said.

                “That explains why she’s like that to me.” Creione said unknowingly.

                “What? You already meet her?”

                “Yeah. I approached her awhile ago in the vending machine. She was been said by some mean words by the girls that I passed by. But it seems, she wasn’t offended or hurt. She wore a blue shirt with a cartoon character, jeans, and white sneakers.”

                “That’s her. From the experience she had become numb and unfeeling. I’m worried about Aithne.”

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Chapter 3

Am I overdoing it?

                Aithne asked herself after she heard the last sentence that her brother said: I’m worried about Aithne.

                She was about to knock when she heard the conversation of her brother and his friend. She doesn’t know that he was worried about her being aloof and unfriendly. And he thought that is because of her first heartbreak during her last year in high school. Well. That’s part of the reason. She was still hurting. And the reason why she separate herself from the crowd. But it seems her brother has a different impression of her actions.

                She was not a conversant on the first place. Since she was a child, she’s a silent type of person. It wasn’t because she didn’t like to mingle with people. She wanted to, but she doesn’t know how to start a conversation. Her friends were few and most of them are like her, silent.

                After that incident during her senior year she tried to move on. She had a few crushes, she tried to be a normal lady. She even tried to attend parties to prove that she’s not anti-social, but in the end she would always be in the corner of the venue alone and worst sometimes she would go home after a few minutes because of boredom. The crowd doesn’t amuse her, it only suffocates her. A simple reason. It was heartbreaking., that her brother was worried about her. Maybe she needs to exert some efforts to be friendly with her classmates, they always saw her as a silent type, some really put forth an effort to reach out to her but she refused to. But she will try to change that. Now.

                As she entered her brother’s office, she already made up her mind. She’ll go with him in the party that her brother asked her to accompany him. She saw her brother sitting on his desk while talking to his friend that was sitting on the sofa.

                “Uhm…excuse me. Could I interrupt your conversation?” she said. She got their attention. She was about to tell her brother about her decision when his friend look on her way. She was taken by the wind out of  it sails. It was Creione. He smiled at her.

                “Hi!” he said to her.

                “Oh…hi!” she replied as if in a trance.

                “What can I do for you, Aithne?” her brother asked her.

                “About the…the party that you told me….I will go with you.” She said stammering. “That’s all. Please excuse me.” She went out hurriedly.

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