Sacravant: A Tale Revisioned


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The First Light

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The First Light

Before the realm of man existed, God created a place for the very first creations in the realm. He created the heavens to serve as a place of rest and also a residence for the children who were borne first by him - Angels, he called them. They were the lights that brought illumination to God's once perfect and never-changing existence. Possessing traits and gifts given to them, they were to accompany God in all things that he did. The very first of God's Angels was he who was known as the First Light. He represented the Truth. He was the Light to illuminate all things that existed in the domain of God. He was named Lucifer, the Bringer of Light.

“Hey Dad?” A little boy asked while looking up at the figure sitting on a white chair that seemingly looked to be made out of clouds of marble. 

“Yes, Lucifer?” The figure asked in return without looking at the boy to his side. He was busy looking at the things placed on top of the table laid out in front of him.

“What is truth?” The boy posed the question that had been bugging him ever since he learned of it and that it was special to him. “I mean I know I’m your Angel of Truth but what good does that do if I don’t know what truth even means?”

“Hmm... truth?” the figure - God - placed on the table the thing that he was recently holding. It looked like a figurine of some sort finely crafted to look like him and his angels. He tore his gaze away from his little project and focused his eyes on the child to his side who was looking at him with eyes full of curiosity.

“Yeah.” The child urged.

“Truth is what is.”

“That’s it?”

“Well, what other explanation could there be for the truth?”

“Well...” the boy scratched his head not knowing how to reply to the seemingly simple answer God had provided him for his query.

“I see that that was too simple for you, my dear little angel.” God laughed at the dilemma the child was currently having. 

“My gift is telling me you’re not lying but...” the young boy pouted at God knowing he was being teased by his father. 

“That wasn’t exactly what you wanted to hear now, wasn’t it?” God completed the boy’s sentence with mirth in his eyes.


“Come here child” God beckoned for the young angel to come closer. He picked the angelboy up and placed him on his lap. The young lad had a head full of golden white hair with a braid of it framing the right side of his face and golden-hued eyes to match them. Three pairs of cloud-white wings were fluttering on his back which at first glance  behaved similarly to hands flitting about restlessly. The boy was wearing a white tunic and bottoms laced with golden patterns in tune with the pavilion’s white cloud marble make. 

“Lucifer, your gift makes it so that no one can tell you anything but the truth. Even I cannot.”

“Yeah but I can’t help it if people try to skirt around my questions just like you did.”

“Well then, what does that tell you?”

“My gift’s useless?”

“No little angel” God said laughingly. “Not at all. There are no strong or weak, useful or useless gifts. Just like your hand, it only ever works depending on how you use it. Truth is reality. It is what exists in this universe. We exist therefore we are. But that isn’t what you’re looking for is it? Lucifer, what is it you really want to know?”

The angelboy pondered for a little moment trying to take in what God had told him. And then finally he asked, “What is my truth?”

“Your truth? Your truth is found here...” God said and slowly moved his finger towards the boy’s chest.

“My heart?”

“Physically no.” God teasingly laughed at the young angel once again a little pleased with the dumb look he was given.


“Your truth is the heart of all things. To deny one’s heart in front of you and your gift is to deny themselves of their own identity. Hearts are the souls of those that exist and because that is so, they cannot tell you anything but the truth lest they forfeit their souls. The souls themselves already subcosciously know it and therefore they cannot lie. If I cannot lie but can still skirt around your gift, where does the problem lie?”

“Me?” The boy stupidly asked hesitantly, unsure whether his answer was correct or not.

“Yes, you. You need to ask your questions clearly. What is it you really want to know? Just like what you embody, be honest with your heart. Look inside yourself first before looking outside.”

The boy sat there thinking deeply. God looked at the boy’s serious pondering face and found it amusing. He placed the boy down and continued fiddling with his little project. It was a realm filled with his creations. 

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