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The Hate

 “ The truth is usually discovered somewhere in the middle but never at the ending ,( seven explained while analyzing the body language of his two friends ) , and honestly the shit y’all speaking about shouldn’t even be discussed” seven concluded. He was really disappointed in these two girls because he explained to them on several occasions how vital it was for them to be at the drop off location a specific time. “ Bae it really wasn’t our fault, it was your so called homeboy showing up and doing all that talking,” misty explained... “ Forreal bae that nigga Cam held us up for like ten minutes trying to flex and show off his dope money and we missed the trick. I seen him at the gas station too daddy,” Kira added but surely not believing that seven was convinced that the two girls was telling the truth.. “ Well one of you will be tricking all night if I don’t have all this paper before in the morning when my peoples get in town,” seven finished. He really was pissed at these girls because his plug was on his way to Savannah with his wife to visit river street and to collect the rest of his money.

Seven had set up a nice robbery up with this  one cat he sold 9oz’s of crack too, his name was Pooch. Seven knew that Misty use to fuck the nigga and that he still wanted to kick it with her so everything was set in motion until his stupid ass little cousin Cam fucked everything up.

“ Kira call twin and tell him I’m on the way now to the shop and when Misty finish washing y’all see if you can put some eyes on that nigga Pouch.” Seven stated while walking out the door..

“ okay,” she responded while reaching for her phone. 

On the other side of town was Twin and Zoe. Twin was the owner of one of the most prestigious drug houses on the west side. It was creepy yet business was always a positive. Him and his twin brother averaged like 500 a hour selling different types of drugs. Seven and twin was best friends since they were in elementary. Seven was a pimp and a robber and twin was a drug dealer and a robber but twin only robbed if it was a brick or better. Seven on the other hand was breeder different. He did 7 years for some shit he could have got away with if his other childhood friends would have stayed quiet so ever since seven was released he’s been on a rampage for paper. 

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