System Scan

System Scan is a poem about the inner workings of anxiety and the effects of a panic attack from alternating points of view, that of cold and mechanical computer programming vs. personal insight. Following are a few of my poems which I feel have a very heavy emotional link to, and fit well with System Scan as a whole.

My Dear Sacrifice

Forty-two. This was the number of lifetime sentences the Migawari clan had left to serve before they would be released from their terrible curse. But can a youth who's given up on his hope for a future find a reason to want to live his regime of a life?

Hand of Sorrow

The story revolves around the young boy Aileena has begun to describe, beginning after he is adopted into the ranks of a Royal Kingdom with no memories of his past. It is an adventure that follows the trials and companions of those he meets as he searches for answers in his life of missing memories. This is a work of fiction, bordering...


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Baby Steps [Ongoing]

Put together a wolf, fruit bat, bird, vampire, water nymph, fire nymph, and a wolf, and you get the morally confused sixteen-year-old demon, Kyle. As he betrays his clan in favor of giving his mother warning to save his half-brother's life, who's only an infant, he finds himself in the company of his baby brother's baby-sitter, a...