Nice To Hate You


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I can promise that you won't like me when this is through. I'm selfish, arrogant, and naive whenever the mood strikes me. I won't pay attention to your needs, but I can guarantee I'll find a smartarse comment to make at each and every most inopportune moment. I'm generally a prat, self-proclaimed, but I'll charm the pants off of any of your acquaintances if it'll get me what I want.

Let me rephrase that in a way you can understand. You see, anyone you introduce me to will see me as a perfect gentleman, and none of them will know that I can play a dangerously deceptive game. You'll be pulling away at my sickening false sincerity and it'll be you that comes off as rude. I'll get the pity, and no one will ever believe a bad word you have to say about me. You'll never be able to prove to them how I really am.

Mind, you're not going to know any of this until it's too late. Watch me win you, and then despair for your innocence.

I offer my hand and a meek, charming smile. "Trevor. It's nice to meet you."


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