Three years ago, Maya's best friend disappeared under suspicious circumstances - and Maya was convinced it had to do with the kiss they'd shared the day before. Now, though, more Hazeltown residents are disappearing, and an organization called Maywitch sweeps in to tackle the case. Maya has to decide which secrets to keep and where her...

Maywitch [Complete]

When suspicious incidents begin rattling North America, it doesn't take long for the authorities to realize that something supernatural is happening. To solve the problem, though, they'll have to ask for help from Maywitch - the organization of mages tasked with keeping their peers in check. Kay Adamis, a young witch struggling...


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Smile for the Coup D'état

Broke, drunk, and caught up in the mayhem of a military coup d'état in Thailand, Peter and his dangerously charismatic friend, Joseph, double down on their pursuit of destructive obsessions. But the crimes that they have committed together are becoming increasingly hard to hide under the tumultuous new political order. Pressured...

Good, Clean Dirt

"His great aunt twice removed would be rolling around in her grave if she weren’t freshly dead and also completely fictional." Why is small-time crook Reuben Weller following a florist around a town of less than one-thousand people? Money, of course! But things are about to get weird when he discovers a big secret.

A Day of Faces

In Kay's world, weird is normal. Girls have tentacle dreads, there's a ruling class of flying angels and people can see heat signatures through walls. All of this made total sense to Kay until she met a guy who broke all the rules. This is the complete novel.


NANOWRIMO 2015 so please ignore all nonsense; Self-publishing is outlawed. Only approved books make it through the big publishers to the shelves. Aspiring authors meet in secret to get the latest and greatest novels, and anyone hoping to read them is constantly on the run. Don't get caught, or you suffer the same fate as the books that...

Behind the Mask

The Mazuri were nothing but a myth, a horror story used to frighten children into good behavior. Or so Kevran thought, until he stumbled across one of their dead on a lonely asteroid, and his life changed forever.

Ab So Far

Ab is a clone out of water. Literally. When Ab inadvertently lets a baby into the closed community, he's forced on an expedition into the desert to find the baby's people. He's got the help of Sira, another clone, but neither of them are prepared for life in the real world, much less survival when the baby's people try to kill them....

Necromancer's Curse

Necromancy is a cursed art of a cursed art. The blackest category under the already forbidden practice of magic. Necromancers seek out the weak and kill the innocent to help put a bloodlust backed by a demonic pact to sleep. The only way to catch one before they destroy everything you've ever loved and known is to pray they have an...