2016/2017 Spring


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Getting It Off My Chest

  You can call me 123, mostly because if someone knew me and read this they would spread rumors. I use to like a boy, for some reason. I just felt attracted to humorous people. I learned that a girl named Jalissa liked him as well. Actually, I wasn't surprised. I had been suspecting it all year. I never noticed him much until 2 weeks of school, he started saying, "Hi, ------(123)" but he should've known I was shy. If someone I barely know suddenly starts calling out my name I wouldn't know what to do. As he kept doing this, I started to reply quietly. I don't know why he would greet me so much. When I found out about Jalissa, I tried as hard as I could to forget about him. Jalissa had such a annoying voice with a cheery always-so-freaking-happy sassy attitude, all the time. I got so tired of her skipping around him with her tail held high. I wrote a note saying, " JALISSA LIKES YOU!" with different handwriting and sneaked it in the boy's folder. I assume he found it because he was a little more quiet the next day. I talked less to Jalissa and the boy, hoping she would confess already. People around me started thinking I was avoiding him, and I just went with it. Instead of forgetting him, it had grown awkward between me and him. I avoided eye-contact, thinking my eyes would dialate. I watched a video, they said your eyes dialate when you see someone you like or love. It was quiet between us and then he started say hello again. I force myself to say hi to him in reply, but it is almost silent. It is the end of the year, hopefully I will forget about him.

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