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The Beginning, the Middle and the End.

High on the Hill


Woke up this morning about a quarter past noon
Drank a brew to rid myself from feeling used.
Not a smart decision, I know, but it worked
And I would do it again to rid myself from the pain.

I think I may be coming down to my senses.
Checked in with friends to find where my stuff is...
Located it and then made other plans.
Some advice: Ice cream is contagious, man.


Kind of World


What kind of world are we living in
Where a young woman can get shot,
Simply because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

What kind of a world are we living in 
Where a blind man is beaten and robbed and knocked out--
"Take his wallet"
"Take his watch"
--left unconscious on the sidewalk.
Does he wake to find his cane beside him?

What kind of world are we living in
Where a playground is burned and left mangled,
and destroyed.
When you steal the imagination of a child,
Does your inner child die a little inside?





I thought about eating, then I got nauseous and
I thought about how people are crazy.
I thought about learning.
I thought about my family a whole lot.
I thought about being.
I thought about being in direct positive influence.
I thought about indirect positive influence.
I thought about direct positive influence.
I thought about you.
I thought about you.
I thought tremendously about you.
I thought about how much I miss you.
I thought about moving on.
I thought about making it.
I thought about life.





When hazily lost in this daily life
You're my focus, mi sol, falling ray of light
Deep carved pumpkin's eyes from the carving knife,
Untie ghosts tightly trapped, gripped by time's plight.

Sidereal variances be slight!
Only, Our Sun is undone each evening,
With the brightness of day that comes each night!
From unfazed moon phases fully glowing.

Returning au pair, we're done, we've been circling,
Whilst laced in wick't throes of tunnel vision.
Your light is at end, furthest star twinkling.
And it's this polished shine which I'm certain:

I'll follow blindly, until we must part,
Your light ululating cries from my heart.



An Egret


And then it flew past
And then it flew closer
And then I was in tune with nature
And then I was scared
And then you found me
And then the children
And then the running
And then the jogging
And then the skating
And then the flying
And then it came back
And then it flew again
And then it flew closer
And then it ran again
But you listened, and you knew
And then: catharsis



Friend or Faux


I am not androgynous
I am (not) androgyny
I am not a poetess
I am a poet (if you please)

I am (not) misogynistic
And am not misandry
And misanthropic people
Miss (too) many things.

I am in touch with my emotion(s)
I am intact internally
I am externally assaulted
Yet inside remain clean



Everyone I Love


Sitting, holding onto a voice I love.
Thinking of the future we wanted not
Another still (He's still the same)
Pacing the floor, growing old.

This latest mistake I screamed it out loud,
Right to your face yet you still would not leave.
Another future lies with you,
Or being, destined to be.

Yet moving on, rising high, up above;
Looking deep enough to find sim'lar thought
From another Soul, lost in Game
Making it though, loving bold.

This latest mistake, this time I allowed--
A Loss of Love, I'll not longer bereave--
Another future's split in two,
My being, does right by me.



Death’s Final March


You are a carrier—

bringing your carrion

along in a shopping bag.

Leaving your carry-on

alone in a shopping mall.

Scaring all the others

with your impulse control

(or your lack thereof),

that’s how you scare them all.


You are a clear terror—

spreading fear.

on your canvas of hate,

fear is your paint.


(but it possibly ain’t)


Awake from the daydream

remove your trigger finger

from the muzzle of reality.

Keep marching, don’t linger.

For when the saints go marching in

how I long to be in that number.


Oh when the saints go marching in

Oh when the saints go marching in

How I long to be in that number!

When the saints go marching in!



Ethical Theism aka Wisdom


I’m not going to apologize for believing different than you.

You see—

            I have a personal relationship with reality—

Something no religion

Can ever hold true

You can keep your faith

I will keep my truth

Belief in the stars above

Is my universal proof

-of everyday realities

-of constellations—

-suns and moons—

-of grains of sand on the beach

-of alcohol in vermouth

-of the carbon in my body

and whitecaps atop the waves

I shall be here ever after

even surpass my dying days.

Understanding my spirit

in immeasurable ways.


            You see—

I’ll see outside myself

            And confer upon myself a Holy Gaze.



Virus Haiku


You live inside me

Eating away at my life

But I won't let you.





I got a monkey on my back and it's 10:36,

lots of people smoke lots of cigarettes.

I got an ass on my back and it's 10:36,

what a great way to wake up.


Sitting and Waiting but not listening,

lots of people smoke lots of cigarettes.

Lots of smoke in the people's faces,

And they wonder why they get old.



Stranger Prose


One day in 1998 I was at a bus stop when a complete stranger asked if I had fifty cents. He seemed a kindly old man and assuming the change was for bus fare I fished it out of my pocket and was about to hand it over when this stranger stopped me and said,

"Use it to buy a postcard and stamp."

"What?," I asked, dumbfounded.

"Mail it to your grandma.  She's still alive.  Right?"

Confused, "Yeah, but what do I write?"

"Tell her you are thinking about her and you love her, she'll show her friends for a week."


I did.


And she did.


Has never been written


Stupid Haiku

You are a dumb ass.

Do you know what day it is?

No, probably not.


Bus Ride With Toni


A Country of Strangers embedded on their cell phones,

“So, what do you do?”

“What don’t I do!”

She said to me, this.

Not the conversation, that belonged to them, the others; to me she said the other.

To elaborate, she says:

“And you didn’t believe me (and)

How have you been?”


We are not strangers but we are.

She shows me her work,

while I work on mine, this.

We draw the attention of another

But sadly (alas), we must part.


“I’ll see you in five days.”

She says this and smiles

Her bright eyes looking at me hopefully.


I hope so too.



Based on a true story



                I went on top of the tallest building I could find and folded paper airplanes marked “Read Me!”

When unfolded, inside each was a positive message,

                “You Are An Awesome Person!”

                “You Are A Beauty To Behold!”

                “You Are A Force To Be Reckoned!”

                “You Are Somebody!”

                One plane flew into a tree.

                A bird’s nest is where it landed.

                The bird already knew the message was true.




Star Crossed

Ophiucchus is here, ophiucchus is here!

To some that doesn't mean much,

to others, it's still the same.


He is the same as he always has been.


A charmer--

               --of snakes

               --of cads

               --of goods

                 --of bads


Ophiucchus is here.



The Peace

The subject is "training."

(This is funny because not all can be "trained.")


La Paz.

La Paz.

The peace is knowing.

Knowing that one can find inner peace.


If one looks.


If they look.


"So, look."








You do not own me.

I ignore you for the good of me.

You do not get to dictate what I can do.

This is a coup.


This is how my brain works

Write it out

Ride it out.

Construction area--

Danger: Keep out.


Another Reflection

Dude, Man,

You're a Hippy, Man,

If I've ever see a Hippy, Man

Man, that's you.


You Got the Look Man

And I bet, GodDamn

You smoke that Herbal shit too.


Walkin' Barefoot, Man

You got the look, Man.

Lookin' dippy

Man, no shoes.


Awareness of Other Persons, Man

As your feet dig in the Earth.

Consciousness of the Past,

The Present and the Truth.


A conservation

I was sitting in a church social hall.

I was waiting for a meeting to start.

There was no one around but myself.

Until a parishioner walked in there.

He was a volunteer for the church.

Unprovoked, he asked:

-What do you believe?-

"I don't." [My simple reply]

-You don't believe in a higher power?-

"No." [yet another]

[hesitation]-What do you think happens when we die?-

"We return to the stardust from whence we came,

After all, we're only carbon."

-Good Point.-

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