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This series of books will take you on a journey far beyond your own imagination,. As you read allow yourself  to be apart of the Adventure, and you will feel the excitement of the journey.  Four young males    steal a ancient book about hidden caverns,  and strange race of beings with ability's far beyond ours, living in the North Pole. The four males are Richard, Sam, Luke, John. And they have to travel to Canada  without being caught.They are hoping the Professor has not discovered the book missing. Once in Canada they have to find all the equipment they will need for there journey. This has to be done without letting anyone know where they are really going and why. they will need to get use to the freezing cold weather, and finding love,   and so much more,  happy reading.

I would like to say thank you to Caroline Lowe for the Drawings for these books as she is 75%  blind, 

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It all started a long time ago. There were four of us at that time, all with the dream of finding the lost Ancient caverns at the North Pole. We all knew it sounded crazy, but I had seen this ancient Book which told a story about these Caverns at the North Pole. I had only read a small part of the Book at that time. It told a Story about these Caverns and a Special Race of beings that lived there and there secret Technology that is far beyond your dreams.

First of all, we had to obtain that Book, which could be hard because it was at the Professor's House in his private collection. I had seen it when I had visited him to ask about our study and which Book's would we need for the research. That's when I found the Ancient Book,  I only had time to read a few pages, because I had to put it down quickly because I heard the Professor coming back to the room.

So now we have to plan a way of getting the book because I don't think the Professor will give it to us.

Well, after a lot of talking, we decided the only way was to break in and take it, we did not want to steal it, but it was the best way to get the Book. Because if we just asked him for it, there would be lots of questions, and most of them, we would not be able to answer at that time, and even if we could he still might not give us the Book. Now to plan the Big break-in ( well it was to us ) as we have not done anything like this before. 

We had planned to do it on a Friday, as we knew he would be teaching that day. Now we were ready for the break-in. And then the Adventure will begin.

Well, the day had come, yep we were all nervous as hell, we did not want to get caught doing this, but we had to do it and fast because he would be gone only for a short time. So off we go, we found the back door still open, that was lucky because we had been worried about making to much noise braking in.  To be on the safe side, I will call out just in case the Professor has not left. ( hello anyone there, Professor, are you home it's Richard, I wish to ask you something about the research) It sounds like no one is home, let's go but take our time just in case. John asked which way to the Professor's private room. It upstairs, but we will call out again only in case the Professor is up there, Good Idea Sam commented,( are you there Professor), still no answer. Okay, Guy's up we go, we need to find it fast as we don't want to stay in here too long. We got to the room only to find the Book was not where it was before. We will need to split up and search, but don't make a mess, we don't want the Professor to know someone has been in his home. We had been looking for the Book for almost thirty minutes now. Oh well it's not here anymore Luke commented and just as he said that, John cry's out got it. Let have a look, yes that's it, okay we have to get out fast, The Professor will be back soon before we leave check that's it all neat and tidy. All done Good let's get out of here, we will need to check and make sure no one sees us leave. When we get outside, we split up, and all meet back at the House, good Idea Luke, be careful everyone, it's all clear, let's go and fast. As Sam and I were heading back home we felt that someone was following us, we kept looking over our shoulders but could not see anyone behind us, my nerves are on edge mate how's yours, mine too Sam replied, and I am sure someone is following us, but I can't see anyone can you, no I replied. 

Well, we are back at the House, at last, five minutes later John and Luke came in. They started to tell us, they had to keep hiding. As there were two other persons in front of them, that kept turning around as if they were looking for someone, and no matter where we went, I could still see them. I thought we were going to be spotted soon. Which way did you go Because we had two people following us. John explained the direction they went, Sam commented hold on that's the same way we went. We just looked at each other and started laughing, all saying at the same time you mean that was you, and you thought we were, yes we did. Glad it was you, then someone else, ok now let's settle down and have a look at the Book. we will take some note's as well. Sam  made us all  some Coffee first, then into it, we will need to take a lot of notes, as we don't want to keep opening the book up, as we don't want to damage it. That sounds good Luke replied I'll get the pads and pens. It was getting exciting now. We have a lot of working out to do and planning the trip. We still had to be careful. We would need somewhere else to stay as it would be too dangerous for us to stay in the dorms on the school's grounds.

I mentioned to them that we should be safe for at least two days, then we will have to leave, or we could get found out, and we don't want that do we. John agreed with what I said. Luke asked, if I  had done this before? No mate just being careful.

We all stayed up very late that night, trying to understand what we could from the Book, some of it I wished I could have asked the Professor but we can't.  All of a sudden Sam yelled out, I've got it, we all looked at him thinking what the hell is he talking about. Well go on I said what have you got and I hope it's not catching. No guys not that, but my dad has an old Farm House in the Country, we could all stay there, as it's empty and no one goes there anymore, and it's got everything we need. We thought that sounded good, how far away is it mate it's about twenty miles out, well that sounds good any shops on the way as we will need to pick up some supplies, yep just down the road there's a store it's only two miles from the Farmhouse. Perfect, so that's it, we have a place. 

At last the day was here, and it was time to go, guy's, make sure we have everything we need to take, as we can't come back again for it, last quick look around and yep we are ready. We will have to be careful and make sure no one sees us leaving. Quickly load everything in the car, and let's get out of here before someone sees us. Okay baby startup for us, now come on, okay good girl, let go. Hope you know the way, Sam, I do mate keep going down this road, then I'll let you know when to turn, okay mate, we're on our way now.

It was getting dark when we left, so that means we will be driving in the Country at night so I hope Sam knows his way, Okay better fill the car up with fuel, we don't want to run out Luke, okay Richard will do and better get a drink, sounds good mate. Sam was doing well remembering the way there, seems he has not been there for about three years, it was starting to get a little colder out in the Country, and our heater did not work, Luke needed a cloth to keep whipping the windscreen, he asked us to stop all the heavy breathing, then laughs. Well, the Farmhouse is just down that track Luke, okay mate, better slow down as there are potholes everywhere will do, at one time my head almost went through the roof, ouch that was a deep one mate sure was hope you did not dent the roof hahaha. Look there's the Farmhouse pull up over there, okay will do mate.  Just as we pulled up it started to rain, just our luck John said, now I'll get wet, don't complain, mate, we will all get wet, the faster we get in there, the better it will be. Take what we need now and get the rest later, a quick dash to the House. Where are the Keys, should be over here yes got it, good it's getting colder now and we are wet, let get inside and warm up, look there's the fire I'll make it up now as it was getting very cold. John got some of the food out and started to cook us all a meal, fortunate for us he was an excellent cook, then time to get some sleep, we all knew it would be hard to sleep, but we had to as there's was No turning back now so goodnight all each one of us called out.

The Morning came very quickly, but we managed to get some sleep, so that was good as we needed clear heads to study the Book, lucky Sam had his Laptop because we needed to check up on a few things to help us understand some of the old words in the writing.

Fortunate for us we had been saving up for a trip, so we had quite a bit of Money behind us because we would need more Equipment and hopefully when we get there, we will be able to hire some as well. It took us about two weeks to understand most of the Ancient Book.there was a lot we need to understand. It was getting closer to the time to pack up and start the journey of a lifetime. We still had a few days to go, as we all know time goes fast, and that what it did, time to head off to the Airport, so we packed up only what we would need, making sure we have all our note's and the Book with us.

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At last, we are at the Airport. Now I said to the others. I hope all goes well and the Professor has not worked it out that it was us that stole his Book because if he has they will be waiting for us inside. Luke suggested we split into pairs. We won't be noticed as much, that way because, they will be looking for the four of us, good thinking I said, but be careful and see you on the plain. So we slowly went up to the check-in point, looking over our shoulders all the way, we had paid online for our tickets, so that was good and hopefully it will be quicker getting through. Well, John and I got through okay, and down the passage we go still looking over our shoulders for Luke and Sam, hoping they made it through as well. I said look John they got through, well we are all on the plain now, what a relief, it won't be long now before we are up in the air and these nothing stopping us then.

The waiting was agonising, as soon as we heard the engines start to roar we all had a big smile on our faces, and we could stop shaking now. The flight was excellent. We spent most of the time talking about the Adventure, and how we were going to get all the things we would need once we get there, I think this was one of the hardest things really, because none of us had been there before, and did not know what to expect. But that was apart of the Adventure going into the unknown in search of the lost Ancient caverns. The more we spoke about it, the more excited we became, our minds were racing with all crazy ideas, of what would be down there, but we had to stop the imagination working overtime, let's get down to the things we know we have to do, and where we need to go next. Then over the speaker, we heard, please finish what you are doing and return to your seats. And put your seat belts on for landing, please. We all smiled, but then the smiles went because we all started to think again, what if the cops are there waiting for us, the nerves began all over again, so I said we would do the same thing as before, split up and we will meet outside the Airport. When we got Inside the Airport port, we almost lost it as there was security everywhere, and we thought it was for us,we did not know what to do. Luke decided to go and ask one of the cops what was going on. apparently they were looking for someone else, and we got through easy this time.

All we needed now was to find a cheap place to stay for two days, for our flight out again. We did it this way as it was a more affordable flight, as we needed to save as much as we could. Well, we were lucky it did not take us long, to find a room at a lovely older woman's house, she made us feel apart of her family, as Sam looked like her Son that had moved overseas. It was great being there and have someone look after us, but we needed to talk in private sometimes, and that was a hard thing to do, with her always bringing us food or drinks, so we just said thank you with a smile on our face. As we did not want to sound ungrateful, as we could see, she was lonely and enjoyed us being there. We managed to pick up some maps of where we are going so this would help us a bit, as our direction from the Book was more about being there, so we still need to get as much help as possible, to find our way, as it would be a long Journey without knowing some of it. Well, it time to pack up again as we have a flight to catch, bags in our hands. And to say thank you to the lady, When saying good-bye to her it was hard. We could see some tears in her eyes, and ours as well, as she had been good to us, just as we were leaving I turned and said if your room is empty, when we return can we have it again, she smiled and said of course, you all can, it was a pleasure having you stay. Off we went to the Airport, still hoping all will be Okay when we get there,  and yes there was no one to arrest us. Getting through the checkpoint took its time, but we were off again into the sky's. Well guys we will soon be there, how are you all feeling now, excited I hope, and I could see they were, because of the big smiles on their faces. We spent some of the time going over the things we still needed to do. And about the trip so far, we laughed a little about the way we reacted at the Airports, and all the security that was running around, and thinking they were looking for us. I had dozed off for a while because I had not been sleeping much. I think it was just too much going through my mind. Luke woke me up after a while, as he needed to talk about some other things. His girlfriend was killed in an accident a few years back, and he still had not got over it, she was pregnant as well which made it even harder to come to terms with, for he loved her so much.A few times he wanted to take his own life to be with her again, and even now he still feels like doing it but something keeps stopping him. He still thinks of her a lot, at night sometime he does not won't to go to sleep as he knows he will dream of being with  her again . Most times I would have just let him talk, but this time I said Luke she is with you, no matter where you go, and now you are taking her on a journey that others would only dream of, and you know she would love to do it with you. He went quiet for a while, then said your right Richard, your a good mate thanks for putting me back on track with things.

The Airport we were heading for was in Canada, and that's where we will pick up some of our Equipment, and hopefully get a bit of help from the people there. We are all starting to get excited now, But a little bit nervous at the same time, well there's just enough time to go over a few more things before we land.  We need to get it clear in our heads, what we have to do first. The main thing, we need to get hold of was, an Old Sextant, this will help us to read the stars, like in the Book, because that's all he had to help him find the Ancient Caverns. It will be John's Job to find Transport for us and our Equipment. Sam and Luke will need to get us all some warm clothing, and Camping Equipment, then finds us somewhere to stay for a few days, before we set off, well I have to find a Sextant, this could be a hard job as they are not used as much nowadays. 

The plane will be landing soon, so we have to put our paperwork away, and seat belts on, it will be early morning when we land, hope it's not too cold there, as it's nice and warm in the plane. The plane is having a lousy time landing as there seem to be crosswinds. Time to close our eyes and cross our fingers, I don't like this landing so far, it feels like we are sliding along sideways. At last, we have stopped my heart is still pounding, the others are just smiling at me as if they knew I was scared.

Off the plane and to the check-in point, hope this is quick as it's freezing. I think we will change our plans and find somewhere to stay first so we can get some warmer clothes on, then we can do the rest of the things. But we know we will need to get used to the cold and even cold weather later. 

The Customs took their time wanting to check everything and asking lots of questions. We had to be careful with what we told them, as we did not want them to know, the real reason we were there. So we just said a holiday and doing some sightseeing, well, at last, all done at the Airport, but the customs officer told us about a cheap and homely place we could stay at, so off we go as fast as we could as it was Cold.  When we got to the place we were told about, there was an open fire crackling away, just seeing it warmed us up. Well, we had to get two rooms, that was okay though, time to unpack and get something to eat, later we went out to see if we could find the things we were looking for, Luke and Sam did good, they found everything on their list. John found out many different things and ways of getting Transport but with all of the information decided to talk to us all first before obtaining any of it, well myself no luck so far. I still have a couple of second-hand shops to check out, and I found out about an Old sea captain that lived ten miles out of town.

Back to the House, and have a good meal, then we will have a look at what Sam and Luke got for us all, and hope they fit, all good, but what about some food rations. That's when John commented that it would depend on how we are going to get there. You see if we take a Helicopter trip, we won't need as much gear or food, and it will be quicker, the Helicopter will take us half the way, and it will be warmer. Hold on, I said, how much money do you think we have. We can't waste it on being comfortable, yes I know it will be quicker, but we need to do it the same way as the Book says,  or we could miss read it and get lost out there. And I don't want to Freeze to Death out there just with you guys, we all need to get back alive. Things went quiet for a while. Sam broke the silence by saying let's check it out on the Laptop. That way we can see how much it will cost, and if we agree, then we do it that way, and if we don't, then, we go by using the dogs. We all nodded, Okay Sam check it out, Sam found it quick. And when he told us how much it would cost, our mouths just dropped, and even John said, No way are we paying that much. I felt relieved, as I knew things would go wrong if we did it that way, so Dogs it is. The next day John and Sam went out to book the date and time we needed the dogs and sledges.  Luke and I went out to those second-hand shops to find the Sextant, No luck there, but if I were going back home, I would have bought some of the things there. 

By now, the day had almost gone, so back to the House for a good hot meal. We got there first, so we washed up and talked a bit until the others got back. John and Sam came in with big smiles on their faces, Okay I said what's going on with you two. Well, Sam said I'll let John tell you that Helicopter ride we talked about, well we bumped into the Pilot. And he said he could drop us all off about fifty miles out of Town for free as they are going that way, and the Dog man will be there waiting for us ready to go, so what do you think, I just smiled, John was pleased to see that because he had said yes to it . 

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THE MUSEUM ROOM, and a               BIG SURPRISE

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