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What does that mean, Are we actually applying it right. Because when time Actually started, we would have to look in many different areas to find the answer into that because time doesn't really exist, it was only something that was put together for mankind to keep a record of things, So there for really theirs no such thing as time.

If we research this in many different areas we can come to understand that time does not exist at all and all things are actually happening Now.

Is that true or false, it is something that man has made up, is there really such thing as time. When we talk about time, is it really relevant to what we call time on Earth, or is it the time that the Creator was actually created. Well, I don't Know really Because we have to clarify things, we will start by looking at the Universe, Now we say well the Creator created the Universe, Well, where was the Creator before that? Now you can see how Different Questions can get Quite Confusing, so therefore we look and presume that when we talk about time or the beginning, we must relate it directly back to the Creator itself. Now, unfortunately, the Creator didn't have a Watch, so, therefore, he couldn't tell the time as we know it, so if we wanted to look a little bit further and start doing a little more research, They say in the Universe once we get past all the planets and stars we come to nothing. There"s nothing there I find that surprising because if theirs nothing there how are you there. How can a spaceship so satellite or probe adventure into the Universe and enter the area of nothing, because nothing cant exist just because we can't see something with our actual human eyes, it does not mean that there isn't anything there? So when we talk about the beginning and time, we need to actually clarify in which area we are actually relating that too. Now, most commonly, people refer to time as in the present or a little back into the past. In this book that we have put together, we have to go a little bit further back into that and place ourselves into the area of what we call the time slot of the Creator. We say, the Creator takes many Different forms, and if you look at today's Religions, we have many different kinds, we have many statues and figurines and called by many different names with beliefs.

Now we have to look at that little part, as we know if we have all these different forms of the Creator which one is true because you see my opinion there can only ever be one actual Creator, how do we come to that conclusion, something created the start. Now you've heard of people using the saying what came first the chicken or the egg that get many people to start thinking. It doesn't actually matter it's just something people say because they can't look beyond that particular point.

The Creator is a massive source of Energy, its as simple as that which can be proven if you actually go further, I will go into that area later on in the book.

The Creator itself is a huge source of Energy that created. Now we can say he created many different forms of images representing various Gods. That is why there are so many different Religions. That have different shapes and different forms of their God. There wasn't all of a sudden all these Gods in the Universe.  The beginning of time no one will ever honestly know or understand at this present point of time because it is only relevant to the limit of your imagination, or we could say to the ability of your spirit or true identity whichever words we wish to actually place to it, So we make a start we going to talk about the Creator now,

The Creator as I have said, is a massive amount of Energy that created, now we can check through different Bibles, and so forth. You know the Creator created Adam and Eve, and so on, for now, that might be 100% true, but what confuses me is they say Satin tempted them, and that's why they started to take notice of each others body, and from there they began to have children. Well if they weren't meant to have children, why did the Creator give them the parts to Reproduce. But it does not stop there. The Children also reproduced with there Brothers and Sisters. Which means the Creator allowed incest to happen. But later on, one went off somewhere to get himself a wife, Where did these others come from. See it's confusing even from the start> But this was OK back then because he wanted more of us so he could also learn from us. Therefore he must have created more than one Adam and Eve, and by the way, the names Adam, Eve, Satan are not real names, because, at that time they did not speak English or Latin or Hebrew, those names were given later by more so-called advanced mankind. Because if we look back, they say we were cavemen and only grunted.

And when each child is born, it has a part of the Creator in it, and it's called a Soul or Spirit. We all know that mankind themselves are not capable of actually creating a physical form,  that is a full physical form that means every atom and molecule. Don't think that Cloning is Creating because it's not, it's only making a copy. So consequently they were created, and that is where the beginning of man started from. We all know when we look back, the Human race as we know it has spent most of their time killing or thinking of ways to destroy, not only humankind but the plant life as well. Our history hasn't been that crash hot with all the things that man and woman have actually done throughout time.

I was  told a story once by a friend of mine who is a Native American,

The great spirit said I gave you the water to wash yourselves and to drink, but you poisoned it. I gave you the trees to keep your air clean, but you cut them down, I gave you the Animals to teach you how to live with Nature, but you killed them, I will always be here for you, but you must call for me from your pure heart.

From this small begging have we learned anything, well I say yes even with our dark history we have moved forward, but what do I mean by that, As I have said before everything is Energy, and that means everything. Energy grows, as we are apart of the Creator's Energy we develop as well, what do I mean, we grow yes real Energy which is your beginning, some call it spirit, soul, higher self whichever is best for you, from each life we have developed.


Look at it like this, your real self is like a seed when you plant it, and look after it right it will grow full of beautiful flowers or fruit, but if you don't do the right thing looking after it, it's growth is slow. And that is where the saying comes from, your an old soul or a young soul or you can tell he's been here before.

Don't understand yet well, you know when we plant something, it grows in seasons, some parts just grow and make more leaves. Buds, then flowers, then they die and drop off, and there is only a stick left, But next season it starts all over again, that is just like the life we live and grow then we die and go back to being just Energy, and later we come back again, got it now. Now we know we are apart of everything if we look back most of our Indigenous cultures talk about it, Talking trees, spirit Rocks, moon, sun, wind, water, stars, birds, Animals.

Some killed animals and cut their heart out to eat. Some would wipe its blood over there body or drink their blood so they could obtain the strength and spirit of the animal, which is their Energy. If we look at most of our past we have always believed in a higher being or God or things to give us strength, a Talisman was made with excellent care and placing all the right energies into it or a charm or prayer, which means calling on a higher power to help us. So now we should understand that we are all Energy and everything around us is Energy.                                                       And you can't destroy Energies, and it is everlasting. When the Creator created you, That means you are a part of his Energy, and every living thing is apart of the same Energy,           So when Jesus said who is my Mother, My brother that is what he meant, for he was saying we are all mothers, Fathers and Brothers to each other. And when the Jews asked him who is your God and he replied my God, and I  are one, they didn't understand what he was saying and thought he was saying he was God, Which would have been right  because Jesus was apart of God so there for a part of him is God, but he said we are one which meant I am a part of God,( so we are one  )             


If you have a cake and cut it into pieces and share it around, you all get a piece of cake, so you have cake because it has come from the larger cake, which means you have had cake and when you eat the cake it is apart of you now. 

What we have to remember is, we all need to allow our minds to open up and think freely about the beginning of time as we know it, But what if there are Parallel worlds because if there are, could they have their own Creator or God if they do it could explain why we have said things like I've seen this before or I've done this before or I am Shaw I know you from somewhere, Are you are starting to think now?     


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Most know the faster or slower the Atoms and Molecules move, will give us solid or Transparency. The easiest way of saying it is Human Atoms and Molecules Vibrate at a speed that makes us solid, We know by learning to Meditate you can calm your Vibrations down, By using a Biorhythm monitor, which you can still buy, It can help you to see how you are going in lowering or increase your Vibrations. Aura Photography is another thing that can help us to see the energies around us, even though the name Aura Photography is not actually Photographing your real Aura as that belongs to your spirit and the colours don't change in this life only when you go back to the spirit Realm, so it is just taking a picture of what is called your Body energies. But this can still be useful. The camera actually turns your Biorhythms into colour. Displaying Different areas around you as in colour, this can help you to learn more about the way you are using your energy. As most would know, lots of RED in you Aura means agitation, anger or just high energy. GREEN, peaceful, Tranquility and some would say healing. Light Yellow and Gold represent Spirituality. Soft Purple represents  Spirituality and Communication. Amber and murky colours mean you have problems in that area. If you have what is called little Volcanoes blowing outwards in some areas, it means something is wrong, and you should have a check-up at your Doctors.

Another way was Kirlin Photography which was Invented around 1939. It could take a photo of your body energies and show it as colour. But it also showed your etheric which is like static around your body, whitish in colour, There were some old photos, and claims that it did show a person's limb being there even though it was missing. That could explain why some who have had a leg removed say sometimes they can still feel an itch on that missing limb area.

By being able to see these colours, it can let you know what part of your body you need to work on by altering your Vibration, by putting yourself into a meditative state, or by learning how to disconnect from certain things around you, or by removing yourself from a specific situation and calming your down.

By learning to control your Energies, it will also help you in your everyday life that means the  Energy that emanates from your physical form, which is also felt by others. This is not only your Physical movements or actions it is also by the way you think, not only of yourself but also situations around you, What you think about other people and events in your life. That means the things in what we call our past can affect you at this present point of time,  You have most probably said that a person makes me feel uncomfortable, my hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I'm around them even thinking about them it happens.

Have you ever been into a Haunted house and can feel someone or something is there watching you, or to a place which makes you feel uneasy, or you have gone to a friend's house. It's like you can just tell they have been arguing only by the energy that's in their room, Even into a place of prayer like a Church or a Temple even though some people have gone there with problems. But because of the power of what we call prayer, it has overridden the sadness and lifted the energies to peaceful, quiet and tranquil energy. And that's why you feel more at peace there. This is an example only of the way your energies can affect other people, no matter where anyone goes whatever they speak, touch they leave an amount of energy behind no matter how long ago it was it will still be there.

Some people can feel those energies and tell you all about it. It's called Psychometry, which is a person that can tune into the energy of things.

Going back in time when people made a Talisman, they would spend a lot of time on them, and would only do it when they were totally focused on what they were doing, making Shaw they put no negative energies into it.

In some cultures, they do not like to give you a cuddle or hug because they feel that they can actually take some of your energy on to themselves, So by now you are becoming aware of your energy and the effect it can have on all things around you. Most mother's know if you scream at a Child, you can make that Child more nervous or angry, But if you respond to a Child by being calm yourself, the Child will also calm down. If you are peaceful yourself and you cuddle a child, it would be soothing for them. This is because the sound that comes out of your mouth is energy as well. There have been many Experiments done in Hospitals and Correction centres, over time by using colours because we have become aware. That colour is important because each colour Vibrates at a different frequency, which is energy. And there have been some reports Hospitals have used less sleeping medication on their patients because they have changed the colour of the wards.

There have been some tests done on Bodybuilders when they have been lifting their Weights, by placing the colour red in front of them they have been able to lift more weights, but a soft colour like a light pink has been placed in front of them they have been unable to lift the weights they have just lifted.

You should never paint a wall in a young child's room Red as it can make them agitated or Hippo so, therefore, we know colour is important as it represents a frequency which is energy. A woman is generally more particular with colours of their clothing, most spend more time picking the colours they feel they need or look good in, But males generally go for basic things.

You have seen on movies where they use heat sensors in rooms or infrared cameras which pick up your energies.

The other day someone asked me if spirit have an Aura, Well as I have said before everything is energy so yes spirits do have an aura because they are energy as well, But now they are Vibrating at a different speed but can be seen by an energy sensor system but one that has been tuned to pick up these different energies.

I can remember going back, my wife had a terrible miscarriage, And she was losing a lot of blood. The Nurse contacted her Doctor, and he said to let her bleed that way, she will know that she has lost it. The Nurse told her if she could walk to the phone over there and get me to pick her up, she could go home. When I got there, I discovered she was having a bad problem breathing because of the lack of oxygen in her blood system, When I got her home she told me what happened, I managed to settle her down by holding both of her hands. By using my body energies, I was able to match her breathing pattern. By doing this, I could take control of her Breathing. At that point I was able to lower her Breathing speed down, so she wasn't gasping for air, This Technique is called Magnetic healing, by blending your own energies to there's you can draw their problem into yourself, then you need to neutralise it.

I started doing things like that when I was about 6 yrs old removing headaches and muscle pains, if we had taken an Aura photo, we would have seen both of our Auras joining together becoming one Aura. Lots of people do things like this without knowing it, Mothers gently stroking her Child's head, even Nurses in an aged care home, holding a person's hand it helps to calm them down it is Basically called a transfer of energy.

All through time we have been using body energies without understanding how it really works not just talking about your usual everyday energy, Referring to the unusual events in our life like an Athlete pushing themselves beyond their limits or a person that can lift a car off an injured person or like the way we push ourselves and keep ourselves going when really we should have been having a good rest. These type's of energies come from what we refer to the Kundalini or the Serpent. This is an energy that is basically at the base of the spine and flows right through our body. When it moves it places specific amounts of energy to each Chakra, this happens normally but in much softer amounts of energy, but at certain times this energy can rush through and help us to achieve things we would not usually be able to do. You will find the Kundalini is also connected to what is referred to as Chakras, There are seven main Chakras throughout the body all connecting themselves to certain parts of the body, First of all, we start at the base which is RED that connects us more to the Earthly things, Such as Physical work and activities, Next is Orange which is just above the groin bringing out creativity and sexuality, Yellow the solar plex area wisdom and understanding it is also the area that connects us to more of the earthly energy Vibrations, Green around the heart area love and healing, Aqua the throat area for communication, Blue Third eye bring through awareness, Purple the crown opening up Spirituality.

Some groups actually teach people how to open these areas up. Personally, I do not believe they should be opened up unnaturally, The Kundalini rises up and down your body distributing energy to these Chakra areas in a usual manner, it is the right amount of energy for what each  Chakra needs at that particular time in your development, Those who teach people how to open up these Chakras are also putting people at risk, and this should not happen the Chakras are there for a reason, The opening and closing of a Chakras naturally is all a part of your life as your Spirituality grows then the different levels of energy required for that Chakra the Kundalini will do it automatically if we place too much energy into a specific Chakra when we are not developed enough on our pathway, it can cause unforeseen medical problems, So therefore I believe now one should learn how to open them up themselves even with a group teaching you how to do it. The teacher doesn't know how you are going along your pathway and what level of Spirituality you are at, so as I have said stay away from anyone teaching people to raise their Kundalini and opening up their Chakras,

The Interesting thing about body energy is that it changes all the time,  not only with the food we eat but with our thoughts as well. It's never the same every minute that goes by; it is different. The clothing you wear and the jewellery can change your body energies; later I will tell you more about this area. This is what makes it so hard for others from other Dimensions to communicate with us until we can learn how to control our energies, If we look at the Aura, it is a moving mass of different colours moving all around our body some blending into each other, and some stay the same all telling us about a person, if you are thinking erratic then you will have a lot of red moving fast, or if you are angry at someone the Red will be like a Volcano bursting out from you, You can tell if a couple are in love as their Aura will be touching each other or blending together. You have most probably seen an Aura around a street light. That Aura is coming from the heat of the light. Did you know that even the type's of food you eat will change parts of your Aura? As you are eating your Stomach area would have more red around it because of your digestive system is working harder, that is why if you are planning to do some Meditation you should only eat something light so you can keep your energies calmer. Your body energies are very important in every part of your life, even at work, playing with your children, or just at home, The Calmer you are, the better it is for your health, and yes I know some will say I keep myself-calm. However, I still have bad health. I did not say it gives you good health but helps you have better health.

Health conditions come from four main areas.

  1. You asked for them when you were in the spirit realm.
  2. Karmic.
  3. Past lives,
  4. the way you have been living and the things you are doing in it.




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ndThis area can be quite confusing, but it's also relevant to what we call the Axle Energies, or you can call it Dimensions, or Parallel Worlds. The best way to see this would be by cutting an Onion in halves and seeing all the different Rings from the centre working there way out to the outside, this gives us an image in our minds of all the different levels, this is what life is actually about, And  each Dimension has it's own space with Planets, stars,

But the confusing part is life even goes far beyond, to what we know as this planet, therefore the Rings must extend even beyond this planet where we find we might have multiple rings and intertwining with each other. So first of all, we will start with the core yes the Axle part of the onion, and we will say that is us at this present point of time, that little part in the middle. Each ring we will say is a different Vibration, or we can say Frequency around us, Now as I've mentioned before learning different techniques to control your Energy to harmonize with all that is around you, Now we have to learn how to lower or increase our energies this will help us to see into some of these different levels, Some nights I step into them it's called dreaming, some say astral Travel,

You've heard of people talking about what we call Angel's and Nature Spirits, and the Wii people are these really real, can we see them or is it something that was made up, I personally believe that they are real. Many years ago it was common to see them, But because of Fear of there Religious orders claiming these things are Demons this was around late 1600, And if you were caught talking to them you would be claimed to be a Witch in that time slot. The Church's ruled by creating Fear, so most people stopped talking to these Angels and Nature Spirits and made their children stop playing with them,

When this happened we Basically bread that part of vision out of our mind, and of course Vision just means Energy, and that why most people today can't really see them,

But there are still some that can see them, I have seen nature spirits on a few occasions, they are just operating at a different frequency they can be lots of fun to have around, But that's why most can't see them anymore, also it's relevant to the way that you wish to think,

By the way, the first person to Draw an Angle or Nature Spirit must have seen one because you can't draw something  you have not seen if I asked you to Draw a tubeless spark you could not do it because you have not seen one before so try and draw one,

As we all know if you say I can't do something you end up not being able to do it, But if you say I can do something you generally end up doing it in one way or another, And the same applies to the way we think about the different Levels of Vibrations that are around us, and our planet energy which we are  actually working on, So we need to work with our energies to be able actually to understand and see these different levels,

These Vibrations operate in many different levels if we start to change our Energy it allows us to see or step into that vibration, there are many other levels which are known as what we call the Spirit realm even within that Realm itself they're actually many different levels, there are all Vibrating at a different speed, which makes many different shades of colours in each of these. Just because one might be Spirit, it does not mean they can see all these colours as it depends on their spiritual development. So as you can see the spirit realm is full of many shades of colour, most that haven't even been seen yet, So that's how we get the words levels within levels or rings within rings. Now we can look at some of our other dimensions. We can talk about  Angels, Heaven, Spirits, Guides, Helpers, Loved ones, past lives and of course, Beyond that we have Aliens, which are just other beings from another Dimension. And even in these realms or onion rings as I call them, we have other Dimensions all Vibrating at different speeds which also means different colours.

As I have already said the best way to look at this is By cutting an onion in halves that allows us to see all the different circles within the onion, This is precisely the way the different Dimensions are within what we know as planet Earth, even though we have all these different other Rings which I am calling Dimensions they are all connected to the one core it doesn't only settle with the actual planet Earth it actually goes far beyond that into our Galaxy and even beyond that because there are many things out there that we do not know about.

Let's start with Angels as we know there are many different Religions which claim there's no such thing as Spirit or Angels, and if we see these things it's because we are working with Satan, and he has sent the Demons to take us all to hell. And then they say there's no such thing as life after Death, But at the same time, they also claim that their own Religion has Angles and if all their followers do the right thing they will all meet up in Heaven. And this is the part that confuses me. How can this happen if there's no such thing as this other Dimension? How can we have a Heaven if they don't believe in it? And what is it that is going there, and if they believe that when they die the Body won't decay away, ( I got bad news for them because it will ) and I don't think God is going to restore all theses rotting Body's. So if it's not their Body going to Heaven what is it that is actually going to Heaven. 

Well, it must be the Spirit, but they might call it their Soul. So what is a soul, it's just another way of saying Spirit, and that just means Energy that continues to journey on, Now if it continues to journey on where is it going, they say it's going to Heaven, once again it's just another level or a realm and it"s also called another dimension this is relevant to one of the Rings of the onion.

And when they say the spirit Demons and they come from Satan, Well where do they actually come from where do they live where do they stay most can't tell you, But really it's just another Ring another level or Dimension.

Some people say it's all Parallel Worlds, that means everything is happening at the same time, which also means there is no past or future, is this possible, yes if we believe that time is not real, this can explain a lot of things, that is why I see it as the cut onion all different sizes all existing at the same time, all vibrating at different speeds, and each ring has its own planets, stars, sun, moon and Galaxies.

This way, the Center is the Axle, and all the other rings are just levels of life or dimensions all happening at the same time.

That could explain a lot of things that happen in our world or Dimension.

Now we have to look at this more closely.

We start with the Bermuda triangle, did you know that there were reports of Boats going missing as far back as late 1400. Around 1945 planes started going missing as well in the Bermuda Triangle, if we check this area out you see reports of giant waves crashing against each other, yes some ships were sunk because of that but not all of them. The plains only if they were skimming the water, yes the giant waves could have got some of them but not all.

You see man wants to prove everything, they have to have something they can see to say this is what happened or that made that happen, as we know many countries have been playing around with energies for a long time, trying to make things disappear and reappear, The main one that comes to mind is the Philadelphia experiment, they decided to make a Warship and all its crew disappear and reappear in a different location, and it Kinda worked, but they forgot that Atoms and Molecules are different, As each surface like Metal, Human, Glass, Clothing, and so on.

Because they all Vibrate at a different speed, and various parts of things got all mixed up together this was a real disaster, Some say only one survived,  But his mind had shut down because of what he saw and the Screams of his shipmates, But they did it, but I ask why, It was a warship so to me they wanted it as a weapon only, not for the good of humankind, No different when they worked on Sound Rays shooting sound at things, bursting their eardrums, melting their brain, sending them crazy and destroying buildings, all these things are energies they had used, and now the energy waves are still there, but we can't see them, they are roaming around in our world unseen causing destruction or helping other things to happen, even a scream is Energy, and they say we don't understand why this is happening to our world.

I feel we need to look into other areas such as the rings, dimensions, parallel world, As I have said it's all energies, each ring is a different Energy vibrating at a different speed. If we look at it like this, we know that all things have Energy and Energy also moves from one thing to another, not only on this land but in the air and space. Now if some energies clashed at the wrong time that could make a rip in the Dimension as we know it, and if this happened things from the other Dimensions could step into our Dimension, but also Items from ours could cross over to these's. As we know by using certain compounds we can make an explosion,  so it is possible that's what happens in these areas, but keep in mind it not only the Bermuda Triangle, there are many other areas the same thing is happening.

As you might know, already, the Russians and Americans have been working with Astral Travel and Astral Projection for a long time. And yes just for there spying. This is where your mind or as some say your Spirit travels to a place you want it to go to, but cant be picked up by any ordinary energy sensor devices this is mostly with Astral Projection as Astral Travel is different.

To be able to see into those different levels or dimensions, we need to be able to change our energies. But can we change our body energies to match these energies, Not yet sorry to say, only in the movies, This has to do with your mind and Spirit or Soul, why is this because we are working on a lower Vibration than the others, as I have said just look at the onion each ring is moving out from the centre. Each one is vibrating at a different speed, so we would need to match its speed, but because our physical Body has so many moving parts in it we would have to alter all of them, but by using the mind, we can enter some of these areas but not entirely.

Now we need them from the other ring to lower their vibration to help with that connection. Is this possible, Yes, There are many Mediums that do that when they connect to the spirit realm and bring through messages or guidance,

But the hardest thing about this is not everyone can do this and the ones that can are mostly put down for it, and they say that they are fakes. Unfortunately, some are, it is a hard journey when you enter this area, so the best way to start is by trusting yourself, being honest no matter what in a friendly way, a taking all feelings into consideration.

Learn how to Meditate, not only when you are sitting still, but as you are walking around as well, these things help you in your everyday life. Learning things is just the begging; putting them into practice is another thing.


You can have the most Spiritual Monk in a Monastery high in the Mountings, But if you took him out of there and put him into to the everyday life, he might fall flat on his face, Because it is easy being Spiritual when everything is perfect around you, But in everyday life, with all the challenges around you and the distractions it's a lot harder.

So don't think it's easy because it's not, It can be very lonely as well, You will lose friends because you no longer think like them, you stop going to places you use to like, and even movies you use to watch start to change your type's of conversation will change, and you just don't like doing the things that you use to do, and you drift away from some of your friends, even your food can change,

So now you know it's not easy. Things take time, You will find your feelings will come more to the surface, this all apart of the energies you need to apply to the new changes in your everyday life, you might find in some cases you will have some old friends trying to pull you back to your old ways, you could say it's a test, but it's not. There are no tests you either do it, or you don't, you have to want to change your ways of thinking, and you will get there, see it like this.


If you have a glass full of dirty water you can't put any more into it, so you have to pour some out then you can put some clean water in, and if you keep doing this, you will have a glass full of clean water.

Some say there are seven levels or Dimensions, and we live in the Third Dimension, this might be true, but how did they work that out. And how do they know there are only seven Dimensions. Unless they can travel through them all, it's impossible to know, yes I know some say my Spirit Guides told me, well that might be true, but your guides can only tell you to what he or she understands spiritually and what you are capable of understanding or what you should be able to understand. But with me, I like to say there are many Dimensions because I don't want to close my mind to other possibilities, As I have said before you must always keep an open mind this way all things are possible. As soon as you state a facet, it means you have closed your mind to other points of views, and if you do that you stop learning more things, remember what I have said before everything is possible until you say it's not.

I have an old saying I believe in this or I know this, If you believe in something then we might be able to come up with other different ways of looking at it. Then you might see it differently and then change the way you think or see it, But when you know something theirs nothing that can change your mind, So be careful don't close your mind down by using the wrong words, as words are Energy as well, which can stop you moving into different levels of understanding.

They say Seven Dimensions, each one is Vibrating at a Different speed, and we are in the Third Dimension. The way I see it is as we grow Spiritually we increase our Energy. If this happens, we can't say in the Third Dimension. We have to move to the next Dimension. This could explain why some people have just disappeared, and some Races have Vanished, some say when you are almost at that point, you can step in and out of the next Dimension, but you can't stay there too long. Now, this is an interesting point because this could mean what we call Ghosts just think about that for a while, and we will talk about that later.

I was told by a friend of mine who is an Elder from the Inuit Tribe that they believe as they grow Spiritually, they will be taken off this planet and go to the Blue star if this is true then he could be talking about Parallel worlds, which to me is one of the rings or Dimensions?

There have been many different reports of strange things happening, like warps, vortexes. Gateways, time ripples many names used to try and explain these strange happenings.   These things are true. I mainly call them time ripples.  Gray Wolf, a friend of mine, Told me when he was young his parents took him out into the Desert areas, Where there were two large rocks his parents set up camp there and then after a small ceremony told him to walk between the two Rocks and not to be scared as there would be someone on the other side that wanted to talk to him, so he did what they asked when he came back out his parents told him he was gone for days, but to him, it was only minutes, he told his parents that two other beings from another Dimension met him. And they told him of all the things he needs to do in this Dimension, he did not tell me what it was but said he had done most of them, and he has spoken to many elders and wise men in his travels, and was looking forward to going home but did not tell me which home.

Once again I say all things have Energy and hold Energy, and some can Manipulate these energies and use them, just like when we use Crystals for healing or balancing and can you remember the Crystal Radio and how it worked.                          So was it the Rocks that were letting out different Energy that made it possible for him to step into the other Dimension, yes it could be if we add it all up and bring in the stars and planet aliments,  Because when planets move, it's like running a stick across a puddle of water as we move it we stir up the dirt in the water, So as a planet moves it stirs up the Energies as well just like the ripples on a pond when we drop a stone into it, But as we are looking at this we must realize these are very big planets, so they really stir up the energies. And as we know, certain Rocks have high levels of Energy, so yes this could happen, because when minerals move they create a form of static energy discharge, which is like an Electric shock in our solar system.

Just because we can't see something does not mean there's nothing there, We can't see air, but we say it's there, and yes if we spray something into the air we can now see it, but we do not really see the air, some believe in a God but have not seen him or her, so we do believe in things we can't see.

So why do we find it so hard to believe in other things that we can't see, most times it is a form of Fear, or what we have been taught when growing up. You know when we told the Children, you see there's no one in the wardrobe I can't see anyone or thing in there, But was there really something from another dimension that you could not see but your child could because they haven't been taught not to see them yet.

Have you ever watched the Children play with all their invisible friends, and you have said to yourself sooner or later we will have to stop that because everyone will think he's mad, Maybe it's us who have to stop thinking there's nothing there and bring back the child in ourselves?

Now why do you think I said bring back the child in ourselves, You see when a Child is Born, their Spirit has just come back from the Spirit realm, So they have not been brainwashed by us yet, Which means they are still free in their way of seeing things, Have you ever noticed a baby often smiles when it looks at you. They are looking more around you then right at you, That's because they see the colours around you and all the other beings around you as well? And if you remember there was a saying, Jesus said, come to me as a child he did not mean that Literally because a child is Innocent in the way they think where grown-ups have been taught to believe the way they do.

So if you look at it all, your pathway is about letting go of things and filling yourself up with only good, But we know we can't do that ourselves, so we have to do it slowly and as time goes by our actions will touch others, and they will start to do the same thing just like the Ripples on a pond.

So what did that last part have to do with the levels of life, It because when we grow up, we become too serious about life which blocks us from seeing clearly, The only time the child comes out is when we have had too much to drink or when we are playing with our children and no one is around, so we let the inner child out, but we need to be more like a child more often that's doing silly things, but the innocent part of our selves needs to come out more.






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SPIRIT World and Heaven

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