Here Comes Summer May


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Prologue - The Search for a Sister

      It's very odd how three ambassadors suddenly shows up to your doorstep as if they're the health inspectors from some fancy company. Dressing up in slick, expensive suits made them look more like cool-headed lawyers despite their golden-age looks. They sit at the dining table within the rose-colored wallpapers of an English terraced house.

    They look like any average men, with an average height, being around their early-40s. One is an Englishman who still hasn't noticed that his blonde wig is slanting to the left; another is an Italian whose long brown ponytail makes him look like a rock band leader; the final man is an Arabic man wearing a black peculiar oval hat that you're unable to tell whether or not his black hair is the real deal.

    They're on with their work where many papers are scattered across the dining table. A 10-year-old English boy, dressed like a train conductor, has been watching over on the paperwork these men are sorting out and typing out their laptop keyboards vigorously. Then, the boy asks the Arabic man on why he still hasn't put his hat on the coat hanger standing by the front door.

    "I prefer to wear my songkok for the rest of the day," the Arabic man replies much to the unnecessary conversation with the boy that his partners mustn't have any distractions, especially at a crucial time like this. "So your hat is called a songkok? It's a funny name for a hat though," the boy responds gleefully. "From where I come from," the man smiles as he replies. "We, Muslim men wear it for religious occasions mostly. But for my case, it's a bit chilly here to be honest."

"But it's spring now and a month later, it'll be the summer holidays," the boy exclaims as if the man has forgotten the most important event of the year. A tall, blonde woman in her 30s walks up to gently grip the boy's arms from behind. "Now, now, Ricky. Let these men work on their progress in their investigation."

"Is finding our sister being one of them, Lucy?" says the boy, putting on a concerned look as he thought of that missing sister of his. "Yes, it is about finding Summer."



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Capitolo 1 - An Awkward Inquisition

    At the Cortello mansion, it's like any other prominent rich house in Venaria Reale. The Mediterranean carpets cover most of the whole mahogany floor, the portraits of the previous Dons hang on the dark red wallpaper, and the colours Italian-custom made furniture connect for a peculiar theme; for instance, in the living room, it's black and white for a chessboard theme whilst in the dining room, it's green and red for a Christmas theme. Based on the detective and his assistant looking at those kind of colours, it spells distaste even its representation for a powerful Mafia family.

    Their observations of the colour themes have to be halted as the current Don glares at them as if they have entered the shower with him being half-naked with a towel. It's not that Don Cortello is a handsome fellow. His looks are average looking, but given his dark circles that are able to replace any eclipse of the sun. "So," says Don Cortello in the most gruffy voice he has ever spoken since he became head of the family. "What are the kidnappers' demands in return of my son back in one full piece?" Detective Zullo, whose brown moustache somehow move itself unconsciously by the sound of the Don's voice, eyes on the Don's bodyguard, Paolo sitting next to the Don's left side.

     "Paolo, please recap of the incident from when you arrived at the Allegro Palace?" requests the detective who still keep a straight face with the Don watching attentively on him. The opposite is said for his assistant, Russo whose cold sweat on his forehead begins to chill him that he puts back his beige coat that was on his lap. So begins the recap of Paolo's witness to the kidnapping or more likely his incompetence in keeping the Mafia Prince on his watch.


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