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Felix heard the bell ring and got up to go to his next class when he suddenly heard at the back of the class a girl say,

" Your so lame and so is your fantasy addiction, I just can't see why anyone would want to be friends with you. I can hardly stand here and  trash talk you." Felix realized that it was Iris and a couple of her friends cornering a girl with long blonde hair. Felix walked up behind Iris and tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around Felix narrowed his eyes and said,

" Leave her alone, it shouldn't concern you that she likes fantasy, and I can hardly see why your so called friends would want to hang out with you." Iris then said,

" Well, Felix, I can hardly imagine that you would even stand up for this kind of a girl. She doesn't even live in the real world." Felix narrowed his eyes and said,

" Well, guess what. In the real world not everyone is going to do everything for you, and at some point you are going to have to take care of yourself." With that he pushed through the crowd of girls and stood infront of the blonde haired girl saying,

" Are you okay?" The girl who had a couple of tears in her eyes nodded and Felix held his hand out to her. The girl took it and then before he pulled her out of the corner he looked at Iris one more time and said,

" If you are going to keep bullying people then we might aswell start bullying you, and I don't think your so called friends want to get bullied which is why they will leave your side and maybe, just maybe you will finally get the feeling of being bullied." With that Felix pushed passed Iris and walked down the steps and out of the classroom with the girl right behind him. When they were out of the classroom Felix looked behind him and asked,

" Are you sure your okay?" The girl smiled shyly and said,

" Yes, I just- I guess I wish I could stand up to her like that but, I just couldn't, I'm not that strong." Felix gave her a confident smile and said,

" Look, you don't need to be mean to her, you just need to say in a confident voice, Iris, stop bullying me right now. What I did back there was just my way of making her stop talking, but you can have your own way.... uh, remind me of your name?" The girl smiled and said,

" The names Arobess, and your Felix, right... I've heard your sister talk alot about how brave and confident you are. Your really the only one who stands up to Iris." Felix smiled and said,

" Uh... thanks." Just then Iris and her friends came out of the classroom and as they passed Felix heard Iris say,

" She's so stupid, I bet she gets her fantasy ideas from looking at trash." Felix narrowed his eyes and was about to turn back and say good bye to Arobess when suddenly he realized she was gone, he looked farther down the balcony walkway and saw she was headed for the bathroom. Felix ran after her saying,

" Wait! Arrobess!" But she was already gone by the time he got to the girls bathroom door. Felix sighed and started to walk to his next class. 


He sat down in his seat and thought, Poor Arobess she just wants to be herself and she can't even keep it to herself without getting made fun of. He continued to feel bad for Arobess all till he saw his friend, Lucus come in and sit next to him at the lab table. Felix smiled at Lucus and said,

" So, how was your weekend?" Lucus smiled and said,

" It was cool, by the way, I won the art project." Felix smiled and put his hand on Lucus'es shoulder saying,

" Good job dude. Hey, do you think you could draw something for a friend of mine?" Lucus smiled and said,

" Sure, what do you want me to draw?" Felix smiled and said,

" It's for a friend named Arobess, she got picked on by Iris today for liking Fantasy, I think she's still mad so I thought that maybe if she saw her fantasy come to life, in a way, that it might make her feel better." Lucus nodded and said,

" Sure, and I know just what to draw, I can do it during studyhall today." Just then a woman with dark black hair in a messy bunn came in. She had glasses on her long nose and wore a white lab coat with purple closed toed shoes. Felix looked to the front of the room as the woman said,

" Alright class, today we are going to be..." But Felix blocked out the entire rest of class as he thought of being Cat Stille again. He passed through the rest of class by day dreaming till suddenly the bell rang and he got up to go to his next class which was History.

When he arrived he sat in his assighned seat which was next to a boy with black hair and glasses. He was reading a book. Just then Felix heard the familiar sound of Iris bragging about something as she came to sit across the isle from Felix. Felix narrowed his eyes at Iris as she had her back turned still talking to her friend. Felix suddenly saw the teacher walk in saying,

" Alright class, today we are going to continue talking about how-" Suddenly a large blast came at the wall behind Felix and the other classes. As the dust cleared a figure wearing a purple outfit and had a purple colored braide behind her. The girl also seemed to be hovering in the air with a sort of scepter in her hand with a large purple gem at the top. The girl narrowed her eyes and said,

" Iris! Where are you! I have a gift for you!" Felix watched as Iris stood up and asked,

" Ooh, what kind of a surpise." Felix looked and watched the girl rub the gem on her scepter as she said,

" A gift you won't get to see every day." Suddenly a large flash of light shined blinding everyone including Felix. When the light dimmed down he saw a creature flying in the air. The creature looked to be a leopard with large feathered eagle wings. But the spots and wings on the creature where different. The winged leopard suddenly flew right at Iris. Felix jumped making Iris fall down under the desk out of the creatures grasp. As Felix tried to get up, off Iris, he heard her say,

" Uh, hey! what do you think you were doing!" Felix watched as the creature flew around the room as he said,

" I was trying to save you, so a thank you would have been a nicer thing to say." Suddenly he heard his teacher say,

" Kids, get out of the classroom, and go straight home!" With that Felix followed the rest of his classmates out of the classroom. But instead of going out of the building he went straight to the boys room after grabbing his rather large backpack from his locker. Felix then went into a stall and opened his bag up letting Sky the clouded leopard get out. As Sky climbed out she said,

" Man, when was the last time you cleaned out your backpack because it stinks in there." Felix smiled and said,

" Maybe it's just you?" Sky narrowed her eyes and her fur started to stand up on her arched back. Felix immediatly held his hands infront of him saying,

" Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean it, now, we've got work to do. Sky! Lets get Sneaky!" With that Felix saw a grey light shine along his arm and the rest of his body changing his original clothes into a black outfit with lighter grey markings to look like spots. He also had a large yet lengthy tail and ears to match his suit, he also had a black mask around his eyes to hide his true identity, this made Felix, Cat Stille.

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Fantasy Of Flight

With that he and Sky ran out of the stall and out of Felix's locker area to find the new villain. He found her cornering a girl on the balcony. When they jumped up onto the railing Cat  Stille said,

" Attacking an unweaponized girl on the ground, how rude." The girl narrowed her eyes and said,

" You! Leave me be, I don't want anyone to interrupt me while I'm getting my revenge on a rather lucky girl." Cat Stille tapped his finger on his chin saying,

" Hmm... nah, not convinced that revenge is a good thing, so I'm going to have to stop you." The girl turned around to face Cat Stille saying,

" Ha, well lets see, whats your worst fear kitty? Snakes, spiders, no... I know, poachers." Cat Stille cocked his head in confusion till finally he realized that the girl wasn't talking about him she was talking about Sky. He looked down to see Sky trying to hold back the fealing of fear but he could still see that she was scared. Suddenly the girl touched the gem on her scepter and a large bright light shined blinding Cat Stille. Then once the light died down he saw in front of the girl were multiple poachers holding guns all pointed at Sky. Sky barred her teeth as she also arched her back. Suddenly one of them started to fire at Sky who dodged it. Cat Stille narrowed his eyes and jumped down from the railing, standing infront of Sky saying,

" Hey! No one attacks my Accompanier!" With that he tossed a couple of shurikans and it knocked a few guns out of the poacher's hands. Cat Stilled then leaped at the poachers and as he fought them off. Suddenly he saw the girl with the scepter pull Iris the girl she had corner out of the way and towards the library. Cat Stille glanced back at Sky who kept her distance and he said,

" Hey, Sky, think you can stop that girl from hurting Iris? I'll finish up here then meet you." Sky nodded and leapt passed Cat Stille who continued fighting the poachers. Suddenly he felt one grab his feet and dangled him in the air over the balcony. Cat Stille looked bellow and gave a worried look, then he looked back up at the poacher saying,

" You wouldn't harm a nice little kitty like me? Would you?" Suddenly the poacher let go of Cat Stille's ankle and Cat Stille started to fall through the air saying,

" I'll take that as a Noo!" Suddenly he felt someone grabb him and realized it was Foxtail swinging into his rescue. Foxtail landed with Cat Stille blocking the fastest way to the library. Cat Stille smiled saying,

" Thank you Foxtail, I would have been kitty kibble without you." 

" Stop making jokes Cat Stille, we've got to stop these guys so we can go and save that poor girl." Cat Stille smiled and said,

" Don't worry I've got Sky keeping her busy." Suddenly the poachers came at them and started attacking. Cat Stille leapt over the first poacher and kicked him so he fell on his stomach before diving and using his leg to sweep the others off their feet. He stopped to watch Foxtail use her whip to gather up the last few poachers then release them spinning into the wall or railing, some even fell over the side. With that they ran into the library to see Sky being cornered by three more poachers with their guns pointed at her, while the weird dressed girl with the scepter pointed her scepter at Iris. Cat Stille narrowed his eyes and said,

" Hey! Cat killer, leave that girl and my accompanier alone!" The scepter girl turned and said,

" My name isn't Cat killer! It's Fantasia and your accompanier keeps getting in my way so I have to keep dealing with her." Foxtail then said,

" Cat Stille, get your accompanier I'll get Fantasia." With that Foxtail ran at Fantasia with her whip still in hand, as for Cat Stille he ran and did a jumping side kick to one of the poachers who's gun shot nearly hit Sky. The first paocher then fell into the other two and knocked into a book shelf. Cat Stille bent down to Sky asking,

" Are you okay, Sky?" Sky nodded and said,

" Yeah, I'm fine, just a close call." With that they stood up and saw Foxtail fighting Fantasia. Suddenly Foxtail got kicked into a book case and Cat Stille ran to help stand her up. But it gave enough time for Fantasia to create another creature. When they opened their eyes they saw that Fantasia had created multiple dragons. One was larger and had purple scales with a saddle for Fantasia to sit on. Fantasia climbed onto the dragon and said,

" I'll let my dragons finish you off!" With that she made her dragon lift off the ground and went through the roof of the library and into the air, away from the school with Iris in the claws of the purple dragon. Cat Stille looked up then down at the other dragons who surrounded and said,

" Great, so now we are surrounded by fire breathing dragons who have teath and claws as for us we have weapons which are nowhere near as powerfull as these dragons!" Suddenly a silver scaled dragon shot spikes at Cat Stille who ducked, as a green dragon created green vines and they tried to grab Foxtail but Cat Stille threw his shurikans and cut the vines. Thats when Foxtail said,

" Actually Cat Stille, I don't think these dragons are all the same, the green must be plants or nature, while these orange ones must be fire." Cat Stille looked around at the other dragons and asked,

" Well, what about these blue ones, they are all blue but they don't look the same." Foxtail soon replied after dodging a few more silver spikes by saying,

" look at their feet and necks, some have gills and webbing between their claws, those ones must be water or ocean dragons while the others look a lot like Electra, Swiftscale's accompanier." Just then in through the hole above them came Swiftscale and Bluewind. Swiftscale said,

" Looks like these lizards need a new lesson, Electra, do your stuff!" With that he dragon climbed off Swiftscale's back and came to sit infront of another lightning dragon and started giving roaring sounds that none of them could understand. Just then Electra turned to Swiftscale and said,

" They don't trust you, you need to use your powers to gain their trust, basically so they see you as a dragon." Swiftscale smiled and said,

" Alright Bluewind, you start us off!" With that Bluewind took a deep breath and created small ice spikes at the dragon's feet on his side. Next Swiftscale closed her eyes holding her palms open and from her hands she created sparks of energy that ran all along her body. She opened her eyes and they where a bright blue color. She started to lift off the ground and suddenly the electricity went out of the library. Thats when Foxtail created balls of fire in her hands which she started to juggle around. Just then Swiftscale used up her power and she fell back down exhausted and the lights turned back on. Cat Stille who had moved while the lights were off had ended up on the back of a three tailed black dragon. He then slide off the dragon and walked around him holding out his palm to him. The black dragon pressed his snout to his palm. Cat Stille smiled and the dragon then allowed Cat Stille to get on his back. Cat Stille watched as the Silver dragons and the blue Electric dragons stood by Swiftscale helping her up as she smiled brightly, next the orange fire dragon allowed Foxtail to get on his back, while the white wind dragon with partially feathered wings and the white crystilized horned ice dragon stood by Bluewind. Then Swiftscale said,

" Alright, heroe's and accompaniers get on a dragon and lets lead our army into battle!" With that she flew into the air with Electra who was now on her back again. The Silver and blue electric dragons followed her. Next the Wind and Ice dragons, then the fire dragon with Foxtail and Trix who had finally joined them and finally, the black three tailed dragon that Cat Stille and Sky where on. 

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The Bounty

Cat Stille let his dragon follow Swiftscale to the Tower of London where Fantasia stood on the top of a tower with more dragons and leopard with eagle wings, flying around her as if protecting her. Cat Stille yelled at Foxtail and asked,

" How are we going to get to her with the creatures flying around her?" Just then Bluewind stood up balancing on his wind dragon saying,

" I think I might have an idea. Stay close guys, okay?" He added, talking to his new dragon friends. With that Cat Still watched as Bluewind and his wolf accompanier jumped on the flying creatures including their new dragon friends and got through the maze of evil creatures. Cat Stille smiled and looked back at Sky saying,

" You ready to do some creature hop scotch?" Sky who was terrified of being way higher than she was used to fixed her eyes on him saying,

" No! if I don't like this what makes you think I'm going to want to jump on untrainable creatures!" Cat Stille rolled his eyes and allowed Sky to climb on his back. Then he Jumped off the black dragon who followed close behind them as they continued to jump on the other dragons and creatures. When Cat Stille managed to get to the tower he helped Bluewind fight Fantasia who used her scepter as a weapon. Suddenly as the two heroes where fighting Cat Stille suddenly heard Sky scream saying,

" I really don't like being this high!" Cat Stille turned and saw a leopard creature flying away with Sky in his long, eagle clawed paws. He then heard Fantasia say,

" Looks like one of my Eagleleo's seized the chance to capture your accompanier, little kitty." Cat Stille narrowed his eyes as he looked at Fantasia who continued saying,

" Well, if I can just find a way to steal her powers, I will be able to know who you are and you will be powerless against me." Just then both Swiftscale and Foxtail with both of their accompanier's landed on the tower saying,

" I don't think so." With that both Foxtail and Swiftscale started to run at Fantasia. But Fantasia used her scepter again and when the light vanished Cat Stille gasped as he saw bars around both Foxtail and Swiftscale. Thats when Bluewind and Cat Stille ran to help their teammates get free from the bars, but where quickly stopped by Fantasia who used her powers again. Cat Stille felt Bluewind push him out of the way and almost rolled off the edge of the tower but caught himself just intime to see the light vanish and a bared cage was around Bluewind and his accompanier too. Cat Stille narrowed his eyes as he watched Fantasia create more dragons, this time to carry the two cages away. 

" Cat Stille! A little help here would b nice!" Yelled Swiftscale as they were taken away. Cat Stille narrowed his eyes as he said,

" Hey, Fantasia! You release my friends and my accompanier right now!" Fantasia who had climbed onto her own purple dragon stopped to hover in the air, saying,

" Oh, I'm afraid I can't do that, you see, for anyone who gets in my way of completing my revenge and turning London into my own fantasy world, they become part of my revenge list too, which means that I'm going to take away your powers! But only when the powers of these three kids are gone will I come back for yours!" Cat Stille narrowed his eyes and said,

" Not today you won't!" With that he ran off the tower towards her, giving a loud whistle. Suddenly he saw his black dragon come flying up to catch him and Cat Stille flew over to Fantasia saying,

" You see I have a flying friend too, so stop this madness right now!" Fantasia laughed again and said,

" Look, kitty, the only person who can make me stop is the person who helped get me out of the corner at my school today, but unless know him and are really great friends I'm afraid your hero buddies are at my mercy!" As she started laughing again Cat Stille muttered to himself,

" Who helped me get out of the corner at school today?... Uh! Arobess!" Cat Stille looked up and saw Fantasia flying away in a different direction that the other dragons where taking his friends to. As Cat Stille tried to choose which way he should go he heard Fantasia say,

" Who's it going to be Kitty! You either rescue your friends or come and get me!" Cat Stille closed his eyes to try and think, What would Sky do, well obviously she wouldn't be this high up but if she were lower, what would she do? Finally, Cat Stille turned his dragon in the direction that his friends were being taken, and he was going to get them back... at any cost.

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A Nightmare

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