How to download AOL computer checkup


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How to download AOL computer checkup

With the accumulation of junk files in the computer, it gradually leads to slowing down of the system, by eating up all the Random Access Memory. When the system has been overloaded with data, it can surely lead to some basic difficulties which working on the device. Nowadays, people browse the web at a fast pace, thus collecting all the website junk in the form of cookies, caches, history etc. The mail folders also get filled with all the spam emails. To resolve this particular issue where the computer slows down and accept all the commands sluggishly, it is advised to Install AOL Desktop Gold.  By downloading this software you can maintain the speed and performance of the desktop computer and can also enhance it. It serves as the best tool when it comes to enhancing the overall performance of your computer, and it is a must-have application in your system. This blog will describe the process to download, irrespective of whether you are a new user or an existing user. You can read the steps and act accordingly.


Before you start with the installation process, you need to first check the system requirements. The appropriate requirements that are needed for this tool are:


Ñ       Net connection- Robust

Ñ       Operating system- Microsoft XPO or more

Ñ       RAM- 1 GB

Ñ       Free space- Minimum 300 MB


What are the steps to download AOL Computer Checkup?


The steps for the new user and the existing user are almost the same. For a new user, the person is required to create an AOL account by providing an email address and password and the existing user needs to login to the AOL mail with the appropriate login credentials. Now the users have to select the mode of payment.


·         Choose the mode of payment as Credit card/Debit Card

·         Once done, just enter the type of the card, card number, expiry date, and name on the card.

·         Then provide with personal details such as first and last name, billing address, state, pin code.

·         A link will be sent to your registered email address. You need to click on that to start the free trial. This is to be done after you review the billing information.

·         Click on the link, to begin with, the downloading process. The setup file will be downloaded in a few minutes. Make sure that the devices are connected to the internet.

·         Once the file has been downloaded, move to the File Explorer and then to download folder to look for the AOL computer cleaner setup file.

·         Start the installation process by selecting the file.

·         Now carefully read the terms and conditions, and put a checkmark on ‘ I accept’ and press enter

·         Enter the email address that you had used while signing up in AOL

·         Click on install and select the option between, AOL as browsers homepage or not and then install it.

·         Once the process is finished, restart the system and then run the application. 

Once you have completed the process to Download AOL Desktop Gold, you are all set to use this tool for enhancing the computer’s performance. This scanning tool will surely prove to be effective, and you can run it on the system after an interval of few days or whenever you find that the computer is slowing down.


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