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These people smile and play in their sunlight. I stay in the corner and glare at them. The children playing in the waters, boys playing soccer, some girls playing along with the boys, the other girls doing their hair, moms playing with the kids, dads talking. 

I hate this.

The corners are my home. I've lived here forever. My smile is fake and they don't see it. I smile while my pain shows through. Only he know. He smiles, I really smile. He isn't the smartest, but I like him. 

His name is Alex King. 

And I am Clover Maximilian. 

I think I'm in love.

This is my first book on Tablo!!! I am a writer on Wattpad an I wrote on the account RikaNazy! I will be transferring books in between the apps. I hope you like this chapter!!! 

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