James Winter


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Chapter 1


Maverick, a tall, sporty boy, had just noticed a new student. This new student seemed to have glasses, complemented by long, wavy hair and a red dress. Maverick could tell that she was shy, based on her jumpy attitude. Maverick thought she seemed really cute.

Yes, he already a crush on this shy, new girl.

I gonna talk to her! Maverick said as he built up confidence.

After class, as the new girl was walking out of the classroom, Maverick sighed and ran after her.

“Hey!” he called “I’m Maverick! What’s your name”

Maverick wanted her to know him as soon as possible, she wanted her to like him.

“I’m Summer,” the new girl responded.

“That’s a really pretty name!” Maverick smiled.

“Oh, thank you!” Summer smiled.

As Maverick tried to get to know the girl, another girl showed up from behind the pair.It was Hope; Hope Carson.

Hope was the toughest, meanest, most ruthless girl there was. She would fight you if you even called her a simple name or told her to ‘shut up!’ while she’s talking. And there are only two kinds people; the ones that hate her and the ones that love her. Maverick hated her!

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Chapter two

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