Summer Days With Hope


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Chapter 1



“Time for your first day at your new school!”

A foot landed on a metal ladder. Summer climbed down from her top of the bunk bed. She had long, brown hair that landed beside her ribs. It was wavey and slick all at once. She opened her piercing blue eyes to a bright light filling the room. She grabbed her favorite pink dress and black tights. Before she left the room, she slipped on a pair of white dress shoes.

“What’s for breakfast?” summer asked, coming down the stairs and entering the kitchen.

“Bacon, eggs, and panaffles!” Her mom replied.

“YES!” Summer loved the mixture of pancakes and waffles.

With her breakfast finished, Summer grabbed her bag and ran outside. She happily strode onto the bus as the ‘new kid’. As she walked further, she fell down.


Someone had tripped her, some popular kid.

“Clair!” a voice scolded. “How could you?! She’s new, darn it!”

A hot looking girl stretched out her hand, offering help.

“Th-thanks…” Summer said.

“Yeah! No problem! I’m Hope! That was Clair, but you can just ignore her!” the girl replied, glaring at Clair, angrily.

Hope was decked out in a crop-top hoodie over a white tank top with ripped skinny jeans. She wore a black choker and her hair was tied back with a scrunchie.

Summer smiled, happy to see a friendly face.

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Chapter 2

“Sit with me! We can be friends if you want!” Hope offered.

“Sure!” Summer smiled as she followed Hope to her seat.

The girls took their seats. Summer fidgeted with her wavy hair, thinking about her new life in New York. She wondered what life would bring. As she thought, time went by faster. The bus started to pull into the Middle School.

“I can do this…” Summer said.

Hope grabbed Summer’s hands. “WE can do this!”

The girls smiled at each other for a moment before the bus was parked. Summer and Hope stood at the same time and walked off the bus.

“I’ll show you around! A personal guide!” Hope smiled.

“I’d like that!” Summer giggled a cute giggle.

The girls walked into the large middle school. Summer followed Hope to her class. It turns out that Summer had the same homeroom as Hope. Summer was having a really exciting day, despite the bullies and mean kids.

“I think we make the perfect pair of friends!” Hope smirked at Summer while walking through the halls to her next class.

“Agreed!” Summer said

“See you at lunch!” Hope said, smiling.

“See you there.” Summer smiled, shyly.

The girls walked off to their next classes, waiting until they see each other again.

The rest of the day was a normal school day… until lunch...

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Chapter 3

“Hey!” the voice said, from afar.

Summer turned around to see Clair.

“H-hello…” she said.

“Yo, sorry for what happened on the bus. Not used to someone being cooler than me, y’know,” Clair claimed with a smirk.

Hope walked near to Summer, grabbing her hand and whispering to her, “Let’s go, I’ll tell you why,”

Summer, confused, followed Hope. Once the girls were far enough from Clair, Hope began talking.

“You can’t trust her, she’s trying to play you.”

“How do you know?” Summer questioned.

“I know because she used that same trick on me in fifth grade. And I fell for it, TWICE”

They were quiet for a moment. The rest of the lunch room, however, was an ear piercing loudness. Summer sat down once reaching their table, Hope sitting across from her.

“If anything happens with you and her… just tell me. I’ll deal with it.” she stated.

“What if she’s actually trying to be nice,” Summer tried to be hopeful.

“Just trust me.”

“I do.” Summer nodded.

Hope smiled, happy that her plans to protect Summer had succeeded… for now.

“Do you ride the bus after school?” Hope asked Summer.

“Yeah! Do you?” Summer responded

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