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Two-Step verification

Why two-step verification is recommended?

If you do not know what two-step verification is, two-step verification is the free service provided by most of the websites where once enabled, you need to enter your email address, password, and a verification code that is sent to you to login to your account. In simple words, two-step verification is the account security service where it helps prevents the hacking of your account.

The verification can be done in many ways, some of them are

Via mobile number:

Verification by mobile is the most popular one and almost all the website has this feature. Here, you need to provide your personal active mobile number and the code will be sent to that number for the verification. For example, you need to enter your email address, your password, and also the code that is sent to your mobile number for verification.

Via alternative email address:

Few of the websites still have the method for two-step verification via alternative email addresses. Here, you need to provide your mobile number and as an alternative method, you need to provide another email address as well. So, if you cannot access your mobile, you can choose to send it to the email address as well. 

Via mobile app

Very few sites have this option. Here, you need to verify it by the authenticator app. You do not need to provide your mobile number nor your alternative email address. All you need to do is, download the official authenticator app, connect your email account in it and verify by that app. This app works offline mode too. Some of the examples are Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator. 

All these options are good on their own terms. But still, go for the mobile number as you do not need to go through many steps to just get the code. If you choose this option, you’ll receive a text in seconds. But if you want to go for the app option, you can. But make sure you read the instruction and how to's very well.


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