When the day met the night


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Chapter 1: William



"Evelyn!" a loud yell emitted through the dingy, dirty house that was my home. "What the fuck is it!?" I screamed back. "It's fucking time for you to go to school!" came the answer. I groaned and stepped out of bed. I heard the bedsprings squeak loudly as I removed my weight from the matress. I kicked aside a roach that was inching it's way across the floor and walked two steps before stubbing my toe on a loose floorboard. "Shit," I swore loudly as I made my way to the washroom. The mirror was so dirty I could barely see my reflexion, but I could still make out my black, straight hair and the unusual white splotches across my skin. I tried splashing my face with some water, but only brown liquid came out of the tap. Guess I would be doing eveything at school again. I didn't want senior year to end. No one would hire the freak girl with Vitiligo with no mother to work somewhere with a good salary. The only parental authority I had, in fact, was my shitty excuse for a father who came home with a different whore each night. I gave up on trying to find something to eat in the already almost empty cupboard and walked out the door with my bag slung over my shoulder. I couldn't wait to get out of this tiny city in the middle of no where and go somewher e where no one would know me, like New York. I sighed deeply and closed my eyes as I remembered that one time when my mother took me. The tall buildings, the loud people, with their strange accents. I had even met another person with Vitiligo! She had been the waitress that served us pizza bagels and compared how big our splotches of white were. She made me feel like I wasn't a freak, just for once.

Then Mother had become deathly sick, and everyone told me it was my fault when she died. That my sickness caused hers. Even my own father stopped caring what they said about me. He even joined in, after a while.

I pushed past some girls as I entered the schoolyard, and they screamed loudly.

"Oh my fucking god, she touched me, she touched me!" one of the bitches screamed. All of her friends crowded around her and checked her skin for spots of white. I was so tired of this. I put up my middle finger at them and stalked off.

I entered the math classroom and heard moaning from the back. I rolled my eyes and leaned against the door frame as I heard a female voice shriek; "Oh, William!"

Some more students joined me and stared at the corner, where slow thumping and more moaning was coming from. Some boy cleared his throat loudly and knocked as one of his friends flicked on the lights. "Um... Mr. Parker?" he called. A head popped up from behind the desk and the thumping stopped. "Oh, uh... Everyone please wait outside!" he called, his cheeks turning red. All the students barked with laughter and stepped outside, except for some perverts who hid behind the door, probably to get a look at Mr. Parkers whore. I groaned and sat down in the hall, annoyed. Eventually the girl left the classroom with her head hidden in her sweatshirt, running as fast as she could. I pushed past everone to get in first. I came up to his desk and crossed my arms while lifting an eyebrow. William cleared his throat and rubbed his neck in embarrasment. "You are so embarrassing, Will," I hissed at my brother. "That fucking scarred me for life!"

He groaned. "Yep, seeing your brother fuck someone would probably do that..." he trailed off. I sat down on his desk as everyone else poured into the classroom, talking amongst themselves. I turned back towards him. "The only thing that's holding me up right now is the fact that we've got different dads," I muttered. Now he looked concerned. "How's he treating you?"

"Like a piece of shit, as usual,"

"I wish you could move in with me,"

"It'll happen," I said with no real emotion. If it was going to happen, it would've already. But my father, for one reason or another, wouldn't let me move in with my older half-brother. Maybe it was because Will wasn't his son. 

I didn't know.

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Chapter 2: To get him fired



"Oh my god, Didi! Guess what I just heard!" my friend Jessica (Jesse) screamed as she ran into me. She was followed by Olivia (Liv) and Ellen Rose (Rosie). I cringed immidiatly at my chosen nickname. I liked being called by my full name so much more. The only nickname, in fact, that I ever liked was the one that my grandmother called me by. 'My little sunflower,'

I tried to look interested as Jesse told me what happened. Apparently Mr. Parker was caught fucking someone by his entire class. "-it's as if he wants to get fired!" Liv finished. Rosie smiled dimly. "Well, he is very handsome... I bet he has a huge dick..." she said. We all stared at her. "Are you hitting on Mr. Parker, Rosie? Because if you are..." Liv trailed off, exchanging evil looks with Jesse. "We have the perfect way to get him fired!" Jesse declared. "Wht do you guys have against him, anyways?" I protested. They gave me innocent looks. "Oh, we're just looking for some fun," Liv said with a wink. 


She texted me later that night. We're heading out, meet us at the bus stop if you want to join in ;)

I sighed as I read the message. Okay, fine... I texted back. I met them at the bus stop with Rosie only wearing a long coat, a bra and panties, from what I could see. I gave the rest of the group looks as we crept across the street to Mr. Parkers house. We hid in the bushes as Rosie rang the doorbell. I gasped as Liv got out a camera and prepared to take photos. "You wouldn't!" I hissed. "But I would," she whispered back with a malicious smile. I groaned.

Mr. Parker answered the door wearing only some boxers and a robe. We couldn't hear what they were saying, but suddenly Rosie leaned forward and kissed him. I didn't turn, but I heard the click! of the camera beside me. Rosie traced her fingers down his chest and slipped her hand into his boxers. Even from the bushes, we heard her giggle and him moan. She pushed him back into the house and they shut the door behind them. Liv and Jesse automatically moved to the bedroom window to see Rosie pushing Mr. Parker onto his bed and climbing on top of him. A few more clicks from beside me and we watched him hungrily rip off her panties and lick her wet pussy. I turned away in disgust but saw that Liv and Jesse we watching the scene unfold in front of them with interest. I peeked to see what was happening. Mr. Parker removed his boxers in a hurry and leaned down again to kiss Rosie's neck. Even through the glass, we heard Rosie moan loudly. She spread her legs wide and he sucked and pinched her erect nipples before moving south towards her pussy again. She moved her hands up and down his back as he thrust his dick into her over and over, making her shriek with satisfaction. I heard a soft unzip from beside me and saw Liv throw her head back with a quiet moan as she pushed her hand down her pants. I saw her finger moving as she fucked herself as her teacher fucked her friend. Then I realized, they hadn't come here to try to fire Mr. Parker; they came here just to watch him fuck another student. I felt a hand come around from behind me and cover my mouth, eyes and nose, pulling me into sudden darkness.

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Chapter 3: Sunflowers



I covered the blonde girls eyes, mouth and nose as I dragged her back into the bushes. It was his business, whatever my brother did, but that girl clearly didn't want to be there, watching it, so I pulled her away. Her friends on the other hand, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. I brushed my hand subconsoiusly across her cheek as I carried her accross the street to my house. My dad hadn't come home that night, so we would be fine. I lay her down on my bed and sat beside her. She had fainted, so I would have to wait until she woke up to ask her why she was even there. I wasn't too concerned about my brother. He could take of himself, and I didn't want any part of it. 

"H-hello?" came a voice from behind me. I turned to see the blonde sitting up and tying her hair into a braid. "Hi," I said back. She automatically shyed away from me, my skin. I rubbed my arm, wishing the ugly nuisances would go away...

"I-i'm sorry, I've just never seen someone like you," she said, putting her hand over mine on my arm. "I mean, look! One of the spots is even shaped like a heart!" she pointed at my right arm, just above the elbow. I felt her finger brush my skin and I jumped a little at her touch. I looked down at the shape. "Hm, I guess it is," I said. She smiled a little. "Uh, what were you doing at my brothers house...?" I asked her, swiftly steering her away from the other conversation. She cleared her throat and sighed. "Well, um, my friends seemed very interested in getting your brother fired..." 

There was an interesting way that she said the word 'friends'.

"Oh, you have sunflowers..." the blonde girl trailed off, looking at the yellow flowers that sat in a dirty vase on the windowsill. They were the only thing with colour in my bedroom, and the house, too. "Uh, yeah, they've always been my favourites," I answered. She gave me another small smile. "Mine, too,"

I felt the corners of my mouth lift a little. This stranger was making me smile, something I had rarely done since my mother died. "If you don't mind me asking, what's your name?" I asked. The blonde girl ducked her head. "Dani... ella," she said with hesitation. 

"Can I call you Dani?"

She shrugged. "I don't know, I mean, I've never really liked nicknames," she added hastily. I cocked my head. "Uh, alright, that's fine, well, my name's Evelyn," I stated. She smiled once more. "I like that name. It's pretty," she put her hand over mine. I looked down. No one had really touched me since my mother. Maybe an occasional back pat from my brother, maybe brushing shoulders with someone as we passed in the hallway. Even then, it usually ended with them screaming or shying away from me. I was used to it, but this girl, Daniella, she was popular, she probably got loads of attention from the bitches that screamed whenever I pushed past them at school. She probably read my facial expression, because she put her head on my shoulder, to say that she wasn't afraid.

I flinched again, but slowly relaxed. I didn't know this girl, anything about her, but I trusted her.

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