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                 CHAPTER ONE:                 NEVER ENDING WAR

 Gorelgrad (southwestern point: winter solstice)

“They’ve breached the gate sir.” A young man around the age of thirty called.

“Hold the line! Do Not let them get further!” A large man responded. He was much older and covered in heavy armor. The iron studded armor bulked off his shoulders and chest. Each piece designed an shined to show seniority. His name was Rowan Corvolt the general of the Platinum Legion, the largest army in all of Polaria. He narrowed his Eyes, one a deep blue color, the other covered with a cataract and scarred. War was nothing new for Rowan, his life had revolved around fighting and war since he could remember. He was immortal along with every other being in the world and had seen many battles end in stalemates with thousands of men and woman mangled horribly but still living. He wiped a bead of sweat from his bald head and took a deep breath. He entered his tent and stood around the map table with the other higher ups in his military. They all saluted.

“Sir.” A man across from Rowan spoke up. His name was Gibrol Krakuv a formidable warrior who didn’t wear much armor but wielded a large axe. “They’ve broken through the eastern gate and are making their way through the swamp. The western gate has been breached as well.” Gibrol brushed a piece of his long black hair out of his face and traced a circle around the base they were currently in. “The swamp encircles the base once they make it through the swamp were done for.” He said grimly.

“Classic vice maneuver…” Rowan said quietly, rubbing his chin. “... Draw our fire to the strong points then push to the weak points…”

“Sir even knowing tha-” Gibrol started

“Then we’ll stop them.” A woman said stepping from the wall on Rowan’s right. Her name was Idrin Silva she was a fearsome warrior as well. She wore armor a little lighter than Rowan and fought with a halberd. “We’ll send reinforcements to the gates, set up an ambush…” she said nodding. Rowan thought for a quiet moment then he reached down and gripped two large metal weapons. They were heavy, iron and made to protect the whole side of the user. Iron Shield Gauntlets. They were one of the most versatile weapons available, and one of the heaviest. Rowan’s however, were modified. Next to the handle, on the back of each shield we’re sets of gears. When the shield was held normally, sword blades came out from the bottom of each shield. But when a mechanism on the handle was triggered, the gears turned, bringing the blade up into the shield, in a hidden position.

“Let’s give em Hell.” He said nodding…

Gorelgrad Swamp (Southwestern point, Eastern Gate: Winter Solstice)

“Gundr!” A soldier yelled, falling into the swamp water. “Gundr wake up!” The man he was yelling to had passed out from the pain. “Gundr!” His legs had both been severed off of his body, his blood ran through the water, swirling into red streaks. The soldier grabbed his comrade by the left thigh and right arm and lifted him over his shoulder. He turned back toward the temporary base. A series of tents and a small wooden fence surrounding it. The soldier stepped forward, trudging through feet of mossy, murky water to reach what he thought would be salvation. The walk wasn’t long in reality, but to the soldier it felt like a mile long hike. He wept as the soldier on his back poured blood down his shoulder. When he arrived at the camp the soldier froze. Smoke filled the air and filled his lungs with a choking, ashy thickness. He coughed and slid Gundr off of his shoulders. The tents were on fire, pillars of embers filled the night sky. He slumped to his knees, the water splashed upward, clinging to his clothing.

“No…” he muttered. Suddenly the smoke shifted as their enemy showed itself. A beast stomped his way through the snow. The monster was nine feet tall and was made completely of a grey rock. Turquoise colored gems protruded from the beast’s back. It must have weighed at least a ton. Its rocky feet and hands were connected by pieces of metal. Its eyes shone turquoise. It stomped toward the soldier. “H-how…”

“Goied goumanh….” the Golem growled. Golems were just one of many races that shared Polaria with the Humans. They were polar opposites and the two races that were constantly at war the most. As far as the humans knew the Golems only attacked them because of their violent tendencies. The humans couldn’t understand their language and few had any desire to actually learn. The golem rose its rocky arm as the human whimpered below it. The soldier wasn’t scared of dying, he couldn’t, but he could he mangled to the point where he couldn’t walk, like his friend, or see, or even think properly. The golems arm came down quickly and ended with a *THUD* But there was no pain… the soldier looked up.

“C-commander!?” He called. Rowan had blocked the attack with one of his shields he pushed against the enemies force with his own.

“What’s your name soldier?” Rowan asked.

“S-Sindri.” The man responded scrambling to his feet. Rowan smiled.

“Raise your weapon Sindri… we’ve got golems to fight.”

Sindri picked his one handed sword up and nodded. Rowan smirked. “But this ones mine.” He muttered. Rowan released the trigger in his shield and a sharp blade shot from it, cutting through the Golems rocky body. Turquoise liquid poured through the wound.

“Grooooohh Gouy goillw goied!” He roared grabbing for Rowan with his free hand. Rowan broke the sword off the shield and dipped beneath the rocky arm, he moved his shielded arm to his side and attached a new sword blade to the shield, he swiped at the golems side, creating a fresh turquoise wound. “Graaaahh!” The golem roared smashing the ground. Rowan smiled and leaped above the Golem as the ground shattered and rose beneath him. Rowan cocked his right arm back, the blade flicked out of the shield. He drove it down into true neck of the Golem and pushed. The Golem's head popped off and rolled to Sindri’s feet. Naturally the golem had lost consciousness. He wasn't dead but he wouldn't be standing up anytime soon. The headless golem fell to its knees. And Rowan leaped off of it. “More incoming…” he said quietly, turning. “That Rock type was nothing…” he said breathing heavily. Loud thundering rumbled from the misty forest.

“Sir with all due respect… I’m not sure how much longer the two of us can hold off the next wave.” Sindri cautioned as large figures made their way to the front of the base. At least a dozen golems lumbered forward. Some were dressed in light clothing, some had heavy armor on. Rowan narrowed his eyes and assessed the situation, then his sight closed in on one Golem.

“Look.” He said to Sindri. “All the way in the back. The nature type.” Sindri scanned the horde and closed in on the particular Golem Rowan had pointed out. It was constructed of tree bark and tufts of brush on its joint areas; the shoulders, thighs, knees, and elbows. Light war paint decorated its worn bark skin. It carried the upper, large part of a tree with bits of Runic language engraved in it. Small colorful beads and feathers hung from the beasts body. But on the creature’s shoulder was a furry, two foot tall creature. It had large front buck teeth, and a flat tail. Its fur was painted lightly as well and it held a log on its shoulder, bits of Runic language, also engraved in it.

“Castor’s?” Sindri muttered. Rowan nodded.

“Figures… the Golems themselves aren’t intelligent enough to pull of an attack as coordinated as this. Seems they had some help from their rodent friends…”  Rowan explained.

Rowan examined the weapon's

“That’s Runic engraved in their weapons… no human can read Runic.” Rowan said he gripped his weapons if the Castors were aiding the Golems that changed everything.

“Sir what now?” Sindri asked shaking.

“We stand and fight.” Rowan ordered as the others exited from the brush and stepped beside Rowan. “Gibrol get that soldier to safety.” Rowan said gesturing to the legless man on the ground. Gibrol grabbed his arm and hoisted him over his shoulder. “Ready?” Rowan asked loudly. The five others drew their weapons and nodded.

“Don’t let them take Gorelgrad!” Idrin roared as the two sides ran toward each other. Rowan narrowed in on the nature type in the back, housing the small rodent on its shoulder. But before anyone could reach their target there was a huge burst of blinding light. The brightness cut through the night and stopped everyone. As the light faded, Rowan made out a large figure, taller than him but shorter than the golems. It was a man, his barrel chest and broad shoulders rolled backward as he stretched. The light completely faded and he turned to the human’s. Rowan’s eyes widened and he quickly bowed to one knee. His followers did the same. The man was around seven foot and was built like an ox. He had long blonde hair and piercing light Blue eyes. He had fairly light skin. Scars covered his chest, face, and arms. He was dressed in medium weight, shining gold, decorated armor. He wore a type of thick leather skirt that lowered to his kneecaps.

“Commander Rowan…” the man bellowed in a deep thundering voice. Rowan looked up. “...what is the meaning of this?”

“We were seconds from defending against the gole-“

The man held a hand up, silencing Rowan. He turned to face the Golems now. A few looked nervously at each other and lowered to one knee. The large nature type golem made its way to the front of the group. The man stepped close to the creature, he was shorter than it but thousands of times more intimidating. The two stared at each other before the Golem bent to a knee. The small rodent on its shoulder did the same. The man examined the Titan of a golem before smiling. “One of my better works…” he said.

“Lord Orocaz.” Rowan muttered. “If I may-“

“You may not.” Orocaz spoke over top of Rowan. “I made a deal with the others to grant you each immortality… but… it seems my gift has been taken for granted… the other gods will be displeased if they discover this went unpunished…” Orocaz placed his hand on the Golem. His hand illuminated with a golden sheen. The Golem raised a brow for a second before the hand sent a golden pulse through its body.

“Garooooooooo!!!” The golem roared, its eyes illuminated and a yellow light exploded from its eyes. When Orocaz stepped back. He nodded and put a hand on his hip. He then stepped over to Rowan. Rowan clenched a fist, anticipating the same pain. Orocaz removed Rowan’s shield blade and flicked out the blade, examining the weapon. He returned to the golem, grunting on its knees. Orocaz cocked his arm back and made a quick arc with the blade across his body. There was a thud and the nature type golem’s head rolled into Rowan’s view. The body slumped to the ground, the rodent leaped off the Golems shoulder. A puddle of turquoise blood gathered at Orocaz’s feet. Orocaz then rose his golden hand, and a light pulsed across Polaria. Everyone huddled into a ball and roared in pain. When the pain stopped Rowan looked up panting. Orocaz looked down to him. “As of now. None of you, and no one is or will be immortal… ever again.” Rowan looked down at his wrist. A small rune of some kind was burned into the bottom of his wrist right below the heel of his left hand. The rune had a line running straight down for about an inch. At the bottom the line split into two half inch lines. At both points there were dots and on either side of the inch long line were two dots.

“Wh-what is this?” Rowan muttered. Others nodded, they each had one rune on their body, the Golems and the Castor also got runes.

“I’ve given everyone in the world a rune. The power of immortality was far too powerful to remove. Removing immortality from everyone would put an end to Polaria. So I transformed the power instead into these Runic seals. You each will command an element of some kind now. However, death is very real…” Orocaz muttered, his feet illuminated gold and the gold color moved up his leg, he disappeared from the feet up. When he faded Rowan looked over at the large golem. He wasn’t standing up. Rowan took a deep breath then stood up slowly. His followers did the same. The Golems looked up and scrambled to their feet. Rowan looked down slowly then back to the battlefield. He dropped his weapons. The Golems glanced nervously at each other.

“Sir-“ indrin said stepping forward Rowan rose his hand cutting her off. She looked down and dropped her halberd. The Golems looks formed to a confused expression.

“Anyone know Golish?” Rowan asked quietly. No one stepped forward. There was a silence then Sindri broke out from the group and stepped in front of Rowan.

“Goew god gon gantw gightf…” He said in a deep voice. The Golems seemed to settle down. One repeated what Sindri had said to the castor. The Castor nodded, hoisted it’s log onto its right shoulder and turned. The Golems followed it into the forest.

“A retreat?” Indrin muttered  Rowan nodded slowly and turned to the others.

“We’ve got a lot to repair. Let’s go.” He said twirling his finger. They collected their weapons and moved back inside the walls of Gorelgrad…

Twenty years later

Westward Peninsula (westward Peninsula: Winter Solstice)


“Father pleas-“

“Again.” My father asserted. “If you hope to survive you must learn. And taking breaks is no way to learn… again Finnick.” He got back into a fighting stance. My father was around six three and weighed about two thirty. He was pure muscle, had short black hair and a bushy black beard. His eyes were a piercing blue. My name, well my full one at least is Finnick Havard. A twenty year old, who stood at around six foot. I weighed around two-hundred ten pounds. Of course I was less muscular than my father, but not weak. I had short, dark brown hair and blueish green eyes. I took a deep breath, wiped the sweat from my brow and threw a punch. As the punch came close to my father the world around me slowed, but my father moved a normal speed. My father grabbed my arm, pulled me in, and put me in a choke hold.

“N-no fair… you used your… rune.” I grunted through attempts to breathe.

“Others will not hold back because of your weakness.” My father said releasing me. “ in a life and death situation there will be no mercy. You must learn to compete in the world without a rune. Your pugilist skills seem weak. Tomorrow we will try a different weapon.” My father said, scratching his beard. “For now we return hom-“ before He could finish his sentence he looked up over My head. I cocked my head, now what? My father grabbed me in and pulled me back. Finn turned around.

“What?” I whispered.

“In the trees.” His father returned. Red lights illuminated from the darkness of the forest. The Westward Peninsula was known to be covered in a thick, dark forest. Due to this it was thought to be uninhabited. “Kamuki…” My father muttered. Three figures dropped to the ground. Two men and one woman. They all wore owl masks painted white and red. Each one wore a black poncho that covered their shoulders, down to their waists. The ponchos had feathered necks. The Kamuki wore baggy combat pants and had their calves and feet, arms and hands wrapped in a cloth. I rose a brow.

“Dad?” This was bad. We were outnumbered, and this could be their home turf.

“Stay back.” My father spoke loudly. The man in the middle of the three cocked his head as he stalked closer.

“A pugilist…” he muttered in a low raspy voice. “... awfully foolish to trespass on Kamuki land… human.” He said.

“You’re a human too.” My father spoke up.

“Not anymore… apparently.” The man returned raising a hand. Streaks of red electricity crackled across his fingertips. I had seen these guys in books before but... never in person. The Kamuki are human… however, years ago when the first runes were being exposed it was revealed that they possessed a rune that was deemed too powerful. Blood Thunder. Those who led the human race gave them the option to have their runes erased, or be banished from every Human civilization. Many chose to give up their runes, but those who kept their runes left, and formed nomadic civilizations all over Polaria. They called themselves the Kamuki. The first man stepped forward, the others stepped forward with him but he rose his hand, stopping them. “This will be quick.” He muttered. He placed his right hand on a sheathed katana at his left side, and quickly drew it, twirling it. My father rose his brow and rose his fists.

“Dad?” I whispered quietly

“Well… you wanted to try your hand with a new weapon? Here.” My dad said drawing a medium length sword from his back and tossing it to him. I caught it. It wasn’t too heavy, the least I could do was wield it. It was light enough to hold with one hand.

“Get the boy.” The Kamuki, who seemed to be this teams leader ordered. The other two moved behind My father and stood in front of Me.

“Fight!” My father called rushing the leader. The other two Kamuki attacked Me. I was able to get my guard up before the female could swing her small hatchet. I quickly blocked that attack and turned to the other. The male Kamuki stabbed forward with a rapier type weapon. I  swiped down blocking the attack and stepped back.

Meanwhile my father leaped into the air driving his right fist forward, the Leader stepped to the side, rose his katana, and swiped down, attempting to sever My father’s arm. Suddenly time slowed and finn’s father moved his arm back, cocked his other arm back and drove a fist into the leader’s face. The leader shot backward, smashing into a tree. The tree cracked and leaned forward. The Kamuki leader stood up from the blow and took a deep breath.

“What an… interesting rune.” He said running forward. 

I continued blocking a barrage of attacks from the other two.

“Come on show us your rune boy!” The male roared, jabbing with his rapier. That wasn’t gonna happen, even if I had a rune. I dipped beneath the attack. The female swiped down with her hatchet. I quickly drove my sword into the bottom of the rapier, pushing it up into the hatchet, blocking the attack.

“This isn’t working…” I muttered looking around for a way to win.

“Eyes over here pal!” The male yelled as a bolt of red lighting shot from his fingertips and shot Finn backward. The male smirked as steam flowed from his pointer finger. His thumb pointing upward.

“Gahk!!!” I groaned clutching my stomach, where the bolt had hit. This pain was more intense than any blade wound... it felt like dozens on swords were gauging me repeatedly. My muscles spasmed as lightning surged through them. Well... this wasn’t going to great... I had dropped my weapon on the ground near the male Kamuki I needed another weapon... I looked down at my fists, and smirked. I stood up slowly and rose my fists. The female laughed loudly, and charged Me. She swung horizontally from her left, the male ran forward as well, behind the female. I dodged the hatchet, and threw a punch into the female’s face, she stumbled back, hitting the male and stopping his attack. As the two recovered I scrambled over, grabbing the blade I had dropped, feeling it sent a wave of relief and protection through my body.  The two Kamuki glanced at each other. The male leaped to my right side, the female to the left. The two then bolted toward me. The female swung her axe downward. I swiftly  tossed my sword to my right hand hand, knelt down onto my right knee and caught the axe by the wood handle, right above the female Kamuki’s right hand, by now the male was swinging downward from My right. I flattened the blade blade and put it on top of the axe, pushing up with my hand, that was gripping the axe. blocking the rapier.

“We about ready to end this?” I asked smirking. I thrusted up from my legs, knocking the two off balance. I then spun in a circle, my fist punched the female, my sword sliced the neck of the male, killing him. As I spun my sword then sliced the female’s neck, and she fell to the ground, dead. I stood up slowly.

The leader leaped into the air twirling his katana. Red electricity crackled into his blade and turned the blade a red color. The leader’s swing became progressively faster but My father dodged each one with ease, his composure unwavering. Finally my father, leaned back on his left foot, as he landed, cocked his right fist back at the waist. As the next swing approached his right shoulder, he sprung up, punching the blade. The blade shattered and twirled into the air, pieces landing behind the leader, sticking into the ground.

“Wh-what the hell??” The man exclaimed. My father stood up and rotated his arm, cracking his neck.

“My rune improves the strength of my fists bit by bit as I use it.” He muttered, gazing down at his fist. There was a tiny cut between the knuckles of his pointer and middle finger. It hadn’t broken the skin. “That wasn’t even near a fourth of the max protection I can gain from it. You should look into strengthening your blades.” My father glanced back at Me. “Good work boy. The sword suits you.” He said. I looked down, examining the blade. My father was never one to praise easily, if he did you really did something right. I chuckled to myself. The leader turned as took off into the leaves. I saw him and took off passed my father, before my father’s large hand gripped my shoulder bringing me to a halt. “Let him go.” His father said. “We’ll be late for dinner.” He said yawning. “And I’m starving now.” I let out a laugh before we turned and headed home in the opposite direction. The trek home was long to say the least. Between the peninsula, on the west side of of the world was a large mountain, Ulnrir Peak. My father and I had scaled this mountain routinely each day to reach that  training area in the westward peninsula. The mountain was one of the largest in the world, it’s peak couldn’t be seen from the ground, and had done well to illude Ancient cartographers for years. They reached the foot of the mountain. My father sighed. 

“Ready?” He asked taking a step onto the trail that would lead us up. I nodded and trudged on behind him. We would have to climb this mountain up for a few hours before reaching a plateau and heading back down for a few more hours. “One day We’ll Climb to the peak.” My  father called back. I raised a brow and gave an accidental chuckle out loud. 

“You can’t be serious.” I said after my father didn’t laugh back. 

“Sure. It’s no big deal.” father returned gripping the top of a ledge and pulling himself up. 

“No ones even attempted to do that since the Never Ending War.” I argued cautiously. “And especially now that we can die! I mean if we fall we’d be done for.” 

“Where’s your sense of adventure boy!”  father called back to me, 

“Not at the top of this mountain...” I grumbled under my breath. “Let’s just go home. We could’ve died today.” 

“I would never die to them.” My father spat. 

“Well...” Finn muttered. “... we sort of outcasted them.” 

“It’s not that.” father responded. “It’s not their fault they were given that rune, but to use it as maliciously as they have? They have such a gift I’m sure if they had pushed back against the humans elders they could have struck up some sort of deal, instead they fled like cowards and attempt to rob us every chance they get.” My father explained scaling yet another large drop off. I nodded slowly father couldn’t see me, but we, often, could read each other like a book. “You disagree.” He said quietly. 

“Ah-uh.... well” I scrambled for words as father helped me up the drop off and placed his hands on My shoulders. 

“It’s ok to disagree. You have ideas, thoughts. You’re a man, speak.” He said assertively. 

“Well, just from what I’ve heard... it didn’t seem like they were given a choice. It seemed as though they were outlawed immediately.” I said shrugging father smiled at me. Pfft... no, I didn’t need his approval. So what if it made me happy when I did something to make him smile, and so what if it made me feel like he accepted me...

“Let’s keep moving. We’re almost to the plateau.” He said taking another step forward. We reached the plateau as the sun was close to setting. 

“A little later than usual” I muttered. My father nodded and walked to the eastern edge of the plateau and shielded his eyes from the golden/orange sun rays. From this height I could see the entire region of Sylvest sprawled our beneath me, and it was beautiful. In the northwestern point of the region was Silis town, the smallest society in the region, and Finn’s home. The town sat right near the foot of Ulnrir peak. The land was for the most part flat, but smaller mountains, hills, and forests covered the landscape. Eagles flew over the sun kissed landscape slowly. 

“Let’s go.” father said hopping down to a ledge beneath us. I followed. This was the best part of my usual day, dinner time. Mother had no doubt already completed our meal and I was literally dying of starvation. As we reached the halfway point, heading down the mountain, lush bushes and green grasses became more prevalent. Sylvest was primarily a lush and green landscape, due to the flatness which provided ample sunlight and an even distribution of rain water. I gripped the edge of a drop off and lowered myself down, following father. The last hour or two of the hike was silent and by the end of the hike my father and I stood at the entrance of Silis. It wasn’t a large village by any stretch of the word. It was a small collection of two or three dozen cobblestone/wood buildings with wooden planks for the roof. The smart ones used pelts from the animals they hunted as insulator. In the center of the town was a town square, that’s where most of the trading posts and shops were located for our town. The square was made of wooden planks and painted in the center was the human race rune. No one could read runic, at least no humans, but the rune had been passed down from our ancestors to symbolize our unity and strength. The rune took the shape of a human hand. It was a turquoise color and the palm and thumb were connected, the other four fingers floated just above the palm of the rune, like a hand print. It flew on every flag the humans rose in their cities and towns. My father and I entered the western gate of Silis and walked through the cobblestone roads other village members waved to us and called greetings to them. 

“Good thing about living in a small town I guess.” father muttered. “Everyone’s friendly” he finished waving to another person sitting on the wooden chair of their porch. The Havard household was one road turn away from the town square, living close to the center of a town or city in Polaria signified wealth, prosperity, and high standards. This held true to any human civilization across the world. I reached the door of the house first and opened it.

“Ooooh yeah, that smells like beef!” I yelled tossing my sword onto the chair to my left. The house consisted of a main room with chairs around the whole room and forward from there was the kitchen. The top floor consisted of two bedrooms. 

“Boy.” father called stopping at the door. I stopped and turned. Shit. “Do not disrespect your weapon. It saved your life earlier.” He said angrily. I rushed to the weapon and picked it up. 

“Saved your life??” A woman called from the kitchen. My mother rushed into the main room and grabbed either side of My face, checking for wounds. 

“He’s fine Alana.” father said turning to his right and hanging up his outer garments. 

“Must you be so intense Viktor?” mother asked frantically searching for signs of injury.

"I'm fine mom..." I muttered.

"why must you coddle the boy?" Father responded angrily, he grabbed My blade and hung it next to his garments. "It's no way to raise a man."

"Viktor he's di-"

"different? you don't think i know that? Thats why I am so hard on the kid. The world isn't going to wait for him to toughen up." Father argued. I don’t think they realized I was standing right between them...

"he doesn't need to be a warrior." Mother responded placing a hand on her hip. There was an awkward silence.

"We all have to be Alana..." Father growled quietly. My mother took a deep shaky breath and turned to the kitchen. 

"lets eat." she said. The meal was as silent as the walk home, naturally there was some turmoil between my parents, they both had different ideals of the world and how they should tread me. I knew that. I just kept quite while they worked it. But the situation didn't show signs of bettering itself. Finally I broke the silence.

"I'm going to be a warrior." I said quietly. My parents both looked up and exchanged glances.

"excellent son." My father said with a nod.

"Finn, it's too dangerous!" 

"I don't care... earlier father told me to speak my mind, so I'd like to now." I said assertively. Father laughed aloud. 

"see? he knows whats best for him!" he said between mouth fulls of food. I nodded this sense of confidence coupled with a newfound need for adventure overcame me... and I just kept talking!

“and... tomorrow... i'll head for the city." I said calmly. Father just about spit out his food. 

"Alright son, I'm all for you growing up, but i think the city is a bit too far of a leap." he said clearing his throat. I shook my head.

"I know what i want to do. My mind is made up." I said confidently, rising from my seat at the table. I took my dish to the dirty pile, looked at my parents, nodded, and made my way up the stairs.



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 Quietwood Inn  (Sylvest Capital: December 22nd) 

“Good evening sir. Room for two?” He asked. The large man who had entered looked over at the other man he had entered with and laughed aloud. 

“Hell no!” He called his heavy iron studded armor clanged as his shoulders bounced. 

“Ok, wow that was a quick answer.” The other man responded smiling. He was younger than the man in heavy armor. The younger man had medium length brown hair he seemed to be about thirty years of age. He wore a white t-shirt and long cargo pants, that were tucked into black leather boots. On top of his white shirt was a maroon, short sleeved jacked with a popped collar. Two one handed swords were sheathed at at his hips and fur bracers were strapped to his wrists. 

“Truthful one too.” The older man returned laughing. “Two rooms. On the platinum legion tab.” The older gentlemen said turning to the man at the counter. For humans, Various inns and shops gave warriors for the various militaries a tab. The military would pay for these luxuries via tax from citizens. 

“Names please?” The man asked pulling an ink feather from the right side of his desk. 

“Rowan Corvolt.” The older man said. The innkeeper wrote the name down and looked up. 

“Samuel Larott” the younger man said yawning and cracking his neck. His hair fell to the side a bit revealing a long scar running vertically down the length of his right eye. The inn keeper grew restless. 

“Do you have anyway to verify your relation with the platinum legion?” He asked nervously. “I-it’s only protocol!” He said waving his hands on defense. 

“Was it the scar?” Samuel asked 

“It was probably the scar.” Rowan said laughing. Samuel looked down slowly. 

“It’s always the scar.” Rowan rummaged around in a side pocket on his belt and retrieved a square card that acted as an ID. Samuel mimicked Rowan, presenting the ID. 

“O-ok...” The Innkeeper muttered writing something down. He checked two boxes on a paper and handed them two keys. “Room 03, and 04 are all yours.” He said with a cautious smile. 

“Much appreciated.” Rowan said. He nodded and headed up the staircase, Samuel followed. 

“Why is it the scar?” Samuel muttered behind Rowan. 

“Oh give it a rest already.” Rowan grumbled...

Havard house (Silis town: December 22nd) 

“I’m leaving!” I called stepping down the stairs. I knew neither of my parents were awake yet. I wantes to leave without them interfering. I swear of I had to hear their incessant bickering, and lecturing one more time I would personally make the journey to the top of Ulnrir just to throw myself off. I quickly grabbed my blade and shut the door quietly behind me. The sun had just begun to rise and it was still a bit dark out. No one in the whole town would be up at this hour. I shouldered my brown leather bag and examined my bronze compass at my hip. From Silis, Sylvest Capital was a few days trip due East. I took a long, heavy breath and headed down the cobblestone path. Thankfully there weren’t any forests or large ravines I could get turned around in on the way. It was a straight shot over relatively flat land. Unfortunately I didn’t have a sheath for my blade. The weapon was about twenty inches long and the hilt and handle were a brown leather. Walking into a major city with a weapon drawn would definitely raise suspicion. But there wasn’t anything  I could do now. I walked on through the town. I was right no one had woken up yet even a dog laid asleep on the side of the cobblestone path. In about a half hour I had reached the eastern gate of Silis. I took another deep breath and stepped passed the gate. I smiled to myself i didn’t know what I was going to do when I reached Sylvest Capital, but it didn’t matter I had finally left Silis. This thought kept me entertained for a bit, while I bounced it around in my mind, but eventually I let out a deep sigh. 

“Good gods this is gonna be longer than I thought.” I reached into my pack and gripped a leather book. It wasn’t a book one might find in a library, it was more of a book every human was expected to have. It was a beastiary, a book filled with the knowledge of every race and monster that existed in Polaria. I skimmed through pages of human history and eventually reached the next chapter. 

“Goblins...” I muttered to myself. The picture on the page was a green creature with a large nose. “Seems pretty weak.” I noted the page placed Goblins at around five feet tall and only around a hundred pounds. “... they usually carry small, one handed weapons, and travel in groups. Although stronger Goblins exist as well...” I read. “... Hobgoblin’s typically carry heavy weapons and cover themselves in heavy armor... wow.” I whispered examining the pictures. There was no picture for Hobgoblins but different images flew across My mind. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of hooves ahead. I glanced up, stowing my journal in my bag. I narrowed my eyes. 

“The hell?” I whispered, again, to myself, I was gonna to crazy on this journey. Up ahead was a cluster of five people on horseback. The horses were all black, a touch of white colored the front of their faces. They were dressed in black cloth, dark red colors outlined the cloths and saddles. Finally the group reached a range where I could make out details about the riders. My heart sank. On each of the horses was a figure in a dark cloak, owl masks covered their faces, their legs and arms were wrapped up, and each was armed with a weapon. The horses slowed as they approached Me. 

“Ahhh look Here!” The front rider called. His long black hair flowed out of the back of his mask and over his shoulders. He stopped in front of Me. The others moved their horses into a circle around Me. 

“A human...” a second one on my right spoke up. “... seems we got lucky for this ones first hunt.” He said. I turned my head to the rider, the second one had gestured toward. He was sliding off the back of his horse. He stood at about six two, weighed probably around two hundred pounds. Dirty blond hair poked out of the back of his mask. He put his right foot in the stirrup, and swung his left over the horse, contacting the ground. He rolled his shoulders back and quickly turned his head toward Me. 

“Son of a...” i had only just started! I couldn’t die here. “... listen we don’t have to...” I attempted to reason with the Kamuki. The dirty blonde one placed his right hand on the blade on his right hip. 

“Leone...” he spoke up. I cocked my head. “... that is my name... Honorable Kamuki take the time to learn something about the man they are about to kill.” Leone said emotionlessly. 

“Finn.” I said raising my blade. “We don’t have to do thi-“ I was cut off by the noise of Leone drawing his sword quickly. His weapon was a rapier. A one handed, light blade, popular among the Kamuki. Leone twirled his blade then pointed it to Me. Great... Suddenly his form disappeared into thin air. There was a light cracking noise behind Me. As quickly as i heard it, I ducked. As I did, Leone appeared behind me jabbing forward, missing. I Kicked my right foot backward, knocking Leone to one knee. I stood up and pointed my blade at Leone’s forehead as he looked up to meet My gaze. The Kamuki on horse back murmured amongst themselves. Leone stood up slowly, I followed the movement with my blade. “We don’t have to hurt each other.” I argued, then I noticed Leone’s left hand crackling with electricity. “We can both walk awa-“ Leone drove his palm quickly into my gut. “-GAK!!” Finn hunched over, gagging. Dammit! I’ve taken two Kamuki strikes to the same area in twenty four hours! Leone examined his left hand, opening and clenching it repeatedly. He clenched it into a tight fist, stepped toward Me and punched me downward. I slammed Into the ground, my sword clattered away from my reach. “Shit...” I muttered spitting blood out. I pushed my weight up, as I did Leone’s foot met my back, his blade met My neck. 

“You fought well...” Leone muttered, pressing the blade harder against My neck. 

“N-no...” I pled in a raspy voice. Finally Leone pushed hard and ripped the blade backward. There was a loud slicing noise and I slumped to the ground. Blood pooled around Leone’s feet. He stepped back, shot his blade to the side, cleaning it of blood, twirled it, and sheathed it. The other Kamuki erupted into laughter, applause, and appraisal. 

“He really did it!” One called. 

“Congratulations brother” another one laughed, raising his weapon. 

“... that...” my raspy voice came from behind Leone. He turned his head slightly. “... was intense...” I smirked, standing up. 

“Wh- What the hell?” One of the Kamuki on horseback muttered. I didn’t quite know myself. Honestly I was surprised I wasn’t dead. Leone now fully turned his attention to me. His hand slowly wandered to a bag on his left hip. His hand shot forward, and a needleflew toward me. Quickly I raised my hand catching the needle, mid flight inches from my face, a small burst of energy wafted past My face. I tossed the needle aside and raised my fists. Leone remained emotionless. 

“Leone?” One of the Kamuki asked. “What are you doing?”

“Is he awake?” Another called. “Hey!” 

“I wish to accompany you.” Leone said quietly. I rose a brow and dropped my fists. Sorry what? The man who had just attempted to kill me wants to travel with me? 

“Wh- What?” I asked.

“You are heading somewhere. No?” Leone responded. 

“Leone! What is the meaning of this?” A rider roared. I nodded. 

“I- I am but you were just... you were just trying to kill me!” I said stillconfused as to why that wasn’t obvious already. Leone nodded. 

“I’ve taken an interest in your abilities.” Leone said bluntly.

“You will be exiled Leone!” A rider called to him. 

“So Be it. I wish to examine further.” Leone responded, staring me up and down. 

“Traitor.”Another rider spat, steering his horse away. “Take the extra horse. Let’s go. Leave them. We won’t kill one of our own” He ordered. The four others headed off into the distance. 

“A- are you going to kill me?” I asked. 



“I’ve told you why.”

“Isn’t that... like against your guys’ whole thing?”

“That’s rude.” Leone turned and headed down the trail. Was it rude? I mean they had actually just stopped to kill me because I was human. “We are headed to Sylvest Capital?” He asked. I picked up speed to match Leone’s pace. 

“Uh yeah.” I answered glancing at my compass. We were still headed Eastward, the right way. 

“What is your full name?” Leone asked.

“Whaddya mean?” I asked. 

“Your name. Your full name isn’t Finn is it?”

“Oh. No. Finnick, Havard.” I said with a smile, holding out my hand. 

“Leone Hayes.” Leone said. “I like you Finn. You seem like a good person...” Leone observed.

“Oh thanks. You too? I mean you didn’t kill me so that was good.” I said still confused at the situation. I had been taught to fight Kamuki my whole life, hell I’d  even killed a few. I turned to look at Leone, and smiled. Even if he might attempt to kill me, it was still nice to be traveling with someone else. “I like you too.” I complimented cheerfully. “How do you feel about Leo?” 


“Leo, as a sort of nickname, like how I shortened Finnick to Finn.” Leone brought his hand to his chin for a second, then nodded. 

“I like it.” He said confidently. “Thank you.” I laughed. 

“You don’t have to thank me! It’s what friends do.” I responded smiling. Leo nodded slowly. My mind raced with questions I had for my new friend. 

“So... where do you guys live? Is there like a town oooor.” I felt the awkwardness set in. Of course I hadn’t done anything against the Kamuki, but years ago others like me had... “sorry it might be a touchy subject I wa shuts curious and if you’re no-“

“You talk too much.” Leo spoke over Me. I let out a laugh. 

“Sorry I didn’t mean to annoy you...”

“You didn’t annoy me.” Leo responded. “Why do you feel awkward from something that happened year ago, that doesn’t even involve us?” Leo asked. 

“Well... I mean I just feel sort of responsible...”

“We’re not responsible for what our ancestors do. We’re our own men. Things are the way they are now, and these things sort themselves out.” Leo said. I took a deep breath. He was right there wasn’t anything we could do about it. The walk went back to an awkward, quiet walk. “What do you know about the gods?” I probed.

“The Kamuki are a self reliant people. I would much rather put my life in my own hands, then in a selfish diety’s.” Leo commented. “Quite honestly I think we’d do better without the gods.” Leo said quietly. I scoffed. 

“That’s impossible.” He said smiling to himself. 

“Eh. Could be.” Leo responded. “Or not.” 

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve never heard of the god slaying weapons?” Leo asked. I shook my head. “They’re regarded as the most powerful weapons in Polaria. See, on top of their excellent craftsmanship, paired with the ability to stay concealed from the gods’ vision, they’re the only tool that can kill a god.” Leo explained. 

“Concealed?” I asked inquisitively. 

“The thing about gods is... they’re technicall not fully immortal. Their born with a certain fortune telling magic. This magic can foresee any weapon or attack in the world. Then subconsciously the body protects itself from death. The only weapons they can’t see... the god slaying weapons.” Leo said. I let out a sharp breath. 

“There’s a lot to unpack there...” I muttered. Leo laughed. “So what are these weapons?” 

“Well I don’t know what all of them are, I only know of one, The Storm Bringer. It’s owned by the Kamuki.” Leo explained. 

“What makes it so special?” Finn asked. 

“Well, many god slaying weapons have a unique ability, the storm bringer can emit a thick cloud of smoke and shield the user from sight. It’s known as the storm bringer because it is paired with our races most powerful blood thunder user.” Leo spoke. 

“Wow. Now who’s talking too much?”  I joked, elbowing Leo. Leo laughed and smiled. “You seem pretty interested in this.” I commented. Leo shrugged and nodded. 

“It’s cool to think about.” He defended. I nodded and smiled. “How much longer until we reach Sylvest?” Leo asked me. 

“It’s a few days trip until we can see it, so we’ll probably be like this for a while.” I said examining my blade. 

“Why do you hold your weapon?” Leo asked. I laughed to myself before responding. 

“I don’t... I don’t have a sheath for it.” I said scratching the back of my neck. 

“I doubt the guards will allow you to walk around holding the blade.” Leo commented. I nodded. 

“And what about you? Will they let you in?” I asked. Leo stopped in place, as if he hadn’t thought about it yet. He let out a sigh and I clipped his poncho. He rolled it up handed it to me. I stored it in my bag. Leo then unwrapped his legs and arms and tied the wraps in bundles, setting them on his neck like a scarf. He then removed his mask, and tied it to the back of his belt. I nodded, and finally got a good look at his face. His skin was tan, but not dark. And his eyes were a dark, deep blue. “You clean up nicely.” I laughed. 

“Don’t lose that poncho.” Leo responded, continuing forward. We wandered along for a while before I removed my book again. I flipped through the pages to where I had left off. 

“Goblins?” Leo asked turning his head to the right. I nodded. “Vile creatures.” He spat. 

“Wow deep seeded hatred for Goblins? What’s that about?” I joked. 

“They are filthy, greedy little scavenging cowards.” Leo returned. “We share many areas with them and they consistently rob and attempt to kill us.” Leo explained. 

“Woah.” I responded. 

“That is a creature I will have no mercy on.” Leo said. Leo examined the page further then pointed at writing beneath the word Goblin “is that runic?” leo asked. I cocked my head. 

“Just English I think.” I returned closely analyzing the book. Leo stopped and raised a brow. 

“You an read runic?” He asked. I looked down at the book then back at him. Runic? I thought no one knew runic anymore. 

“This?” I asked pointing at the words. They were just english! 

“Yes.” Leo responded. 

“This is English!” 

“You are reading runic.” Leo argued. I rose a brow. 

“That’s impossible.” I responded. 

“Under other circumstances, yes but... you didn’t die when I killed you...” Leo muttered. “What’s your family like?” 

“Uuuuum... normal I guess? We don’t live in any fancy cities or anything.” I said quietly. 

“And your rune?”

“I... I don’t have one.” I replied. Leo nodded. 

“Finn... you are a God.”

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Rj Byer

ATTENTION: Chapter 3 is unfinished, in the future I will NOT do this to avoid confusion, apologies.


 Sylvest plains (Sylvest region, December 22nd) 

“We’re off course.” Leo said to me quietly. 

“What?” I returned looking up from my book. Leo pointed. I traced the direction he pointed in. 

“Those trees have moved.” He said flatly. He was right the trees had moved positions. I glanced down at my compass. South. I looked up at Leo. 

“Are there any other towns in this direction? I don’t have the rations for another day or two, much less for two people!” I yelled frantically. Leo laughed

“There’s a city a few hours, if we continue south.”


“Weelllll” Leo muttered. “It’s a Golem City...” He finishesd, scratching the back of his neck. “I will Be allowed in, the Kamuki just signed a treaty with them... I’m not sure about you though.”

“Well...” I started. We didn’t have much of a choice at this point... Leo nodded. We continued forward for a while in silence me thinking about the possibility of being a god and what that meant later, Leo thinking of, Well who knows what. Leo glanced over at me. 

“You’re definitely not gonna want that blade out when we get there. He said putting his mask on. I nodded I took my bag off of my back and removed the items that could break, my canteen, my beastiary, and the rations that needed to be sealed to stay fresh, stowing those in my pockets I sheathed the blade intonmy bag and tied the top around the handle, and slung it over my shoulder...

Sylesc City (Sylvest region, December 22nd)

“Next.” A large figure ordered from a large silver throne, he was shaded by the cavern ceiling and many ornamental drapes that unraveled above the head of large figure. His name was Goro Indrisil he had been known in the Golem race legend as one of the most feared Golem rulers in all of Polaria. He was known for his sacrificial rituals he would hold once a year to control Sylesc population, and appease Forgaun, the Dragon god. A smaller golem scuttled in front of the large throne and carefully set down a glass structure he’d made. 

“What is this?” Indrisil growled sitting forward in his chair. “It’s no larger than my finger.” 

“I-I’m a glass worker sir... I create many of the glass ornaments around the city...” he finished in a low voice. Indrisil was quiet. He then stood up slowly. He stepped forward, the light revealing his more hidden features. His head and torso mirrored that of a dragon. His skin, like many golems was made from a dark grey stone. It had been chipped away over the years from Idrisil’s countless battles. Around his neck was a loose fitting rope and around his large, powerful arms were more taught fitting ropes. His arms were larger than his legs but he had the fortunate ability to stand on just his legs. On his shoulders he had light leather armor and red crystallized gems protruded from his back. Indrisil stepped forward each step shaking the ground a little. As Indrisil approached the smaller golem he knelt down to hie height and spoke low stomach churning words. 

“Do better.” He grumbled, narrowing his blood red eyes. The small golem let out a tiny whimper before responding

“I-I don’t have anything better I-I made this for the ceremony-“

“Enough!” Indrisil roared. “I will not stand for these pathetic gifts. This...” he growled lifting the glass into his palm. “... will appease no one!” He roared crushing the glass in his hand. “That’s one strike...” Indrisil grunted to the small golem before returning to the seat of his throne. 

“Yes sir... thank you sir.” The small golem muttered rushing out of the cavern. 

“Next.” Indrisil called. 

“Sir!” A loud voice called from the mouth of the cavern. 

“What is it messenger?” Indrisil asked standing up. The messenger wasn’t large, but he was covered in heavy, maroon tinted rocks. Heavy iron plated armor, covered his joints, the weakest areas on golems. 

“Around the outskirts of the city. Scouts found two... humans.” The messenger yelled. The crowd of golems muttered and gasped amongst themselves. 

“Enough.” Indrisil ordered, silencing the crowd. “We will not wait here for them to kill us. We will march out to them.” Indrisil said sternly. 

“A-all of us?” The messenger asked. 

“For two? No... send two front line warriors from our lowest rank.” Indrisil muttered waving away the messenger. “Report back when they’re dealt with.” 

Sylvest plains (Sylvest region, December 22nd)

“We’re there.” Leo said brushing back some of his blonde hair streaks. “You’ll want to let me do the talking.” I nodded, I wouldn’t say I feared the golems so much as I just didn’t need word of my invincibility spreading all throughout Polaria. “Look.” Leo said pointing forward I squinted to see two large humanoid’s walking our way. 

“Golems?” I asked, Leo nodded. They were a few minutes Way from us. As we approached them they called to us. 

“Do not come any closer!” They yelled. Leo stopped, pressing his arm against my chest. We stood still as the golems approached us. The one on my left spoke first he was a large creature made of a dull grey, cracked stone he wore light, wooden armor and carried a large blade on his back. The one to my right was a bit thinner. He was made of a pitch black, obsidian like stone. He wore thin leather amor and large stone blades protruded from his forearms. They both examined its with their turquoise eyes. And the one to my left spoke first. 

“Turn back now humans...” he spoke. Leo stepped forward slowly. 

“We’re not here to fight, we simply seek refuge within your city.” He said calmly. The golems gave each other a suspicious look. Leo slowly reached behind him and removed his mask from his belt showing it to the golems. “Your people signed a treaty with mine a few moons ago...” Leo said. The thin one spoke up. 

“What about him?” He asked loudly. Leo glanced at me then looked back at the golems. 

“I am traveling with him to the capital and we took a wrong turn. We need rations if we are to make it.” Leo explained. 

“But why should we help the human...” the thin one hissed. 

“If he dies... I die and that violates our treaty.” Leo said. The golems looked at each other then turned. 

“We will go see Lord Indrisil.” The large one said, motioning for us to follow. We both moved forward following a few feet away from the golems. As we approached the city the stone gate came into view. It had a few cracked, mossy bricks but otherwise the gate seemed fairly new. A shining metal gate rose as we approached it. Large walls extended outward in either direction, enveloping the large city. The gates

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