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    I'm writing this in excerpts to act as teasers; insights into the novel project I'm working on.  I've been creating the world in which I want my novel to be set for three and a half years, but I realize that unless a kind of "History of Aiunar" work is published long into the production life of the world (this is assuming the books even get published, read, liked, and there is demand for more material to consume), none of the work will ever be seen aside from notes I use to write the novel proper.  So, I thought I'd share, see what people thought, and hopefully inspire comment.


    All of the work presented here is original to the best of my ability, and my own creation, and as such is copyrighted to me, Rob Randall, starting 11 March 2015.  No similarities to other works are intended.

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Excerpt 1: Origin of the Elves

Sun Elves/Moon Elves - Countless millennia ago, a people who called themselves the Amundari (literally, "People of Amun") left their ancestral home—a barren, hostile place fraught with desert and volcano, geyser and tar—and discovered the lush world of Aiunar.  A mystical, mysterious people steeped in ancient tradition, in tune with the natural world as equally as with the powers of the mind, they found their new home entirely different but altogether richer and a more welcoming world.

        Some among them began to feel the power of the natural world around them, and learned to channel that power through themselves; they were called Muinthyl Droðyr, or "Chosen of the Wild" (also commonly called Wildkin by human scholars), for their ability to control nature and manifest the shapes of the native beasts around them.  Others sensed the might and flow of arcane energy washing over their new world, and reached out to it; they were called the Muinthyl Asarloðyr, or "Chosen of the Arcane" (also commonly called Weavers by human scholars), for they wove the arcane energy from which they drew into form, or into themselves.  For centuries, these groups lived more or less peacefully, accepting of each other’s differences.

        Over time, the Amundari people spread and multiplied, and a rift began to form between the two groups from differing views of which path was better:  more beneficial, more powerful.  The first Amundari Civil War erupted, a conflict between Wildkin and Weaver to prove themselves superior to the other in their arrogance.  The war raged bitterly for nearly a century, causing the Amundari people to vastly diminish in number in spite of the newfound longevity of their race after arriving on Aiunar.

        At last, the hostilities came to a standstill, and the war simply stalled; the Amundari had nearly annihilated themselves, but could not reconcile their difference.  The last of the Amundari gathered at a neutral location, and It was decided that those of the Amundari who practiced the ways of the Droðyr would depart north for the forested lands, that they might find isolation and protection within the woods and focus on their connection to nature, apart from the world and the petty wars of the other races.  Those of the Amundari who followed the way of the Asarloðyr went south, into the plains and grasslands, so that they would be apart from the forests and feel the sun on their faces to better touch the arcane powers they had come to know.

        During the fathomless time to heal the wounds of the civil war, the Amundari people grew apart from each other in unforeseen ways.  Those who were of the Asarloðyr gained slightly darker skin  bronzed from the sun, vibrant hair of red, blonde, black, or nearly white, and came to love the sun which shone on their peaceful new homelands.  They came to be known as Selendari, or "People of the Sun".  Those who were of the Droðyr saw that their skin become pale from their time hidden amongst the woods, and their hair took on the hues of twilight, and the vibrant forest life around them; purple, blue, green, brown, and black.  They came to be known as Qelundari, or "People of the Moon", for they cherished most the light of the moon to practice their ritual nature magic to restore balance to the world.  Though related by ancient ancestors, they were now two distinct peoples.

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Excerpt 2: Origin of Humans

Humans (Creation) - With the plague of the Onoth Gul spreading, the Exemplars met with the Aenarr to find a solution to the problem.  The Aenarr were themselves ashamed, and would not speak with the Exemplars, but instead bitterly referred the Exemplars to the Ezran.  The Ezran, "Shamed Ones" in the Aenarri tongue, felt it their duty to help the Exemplars.  They developed the Focusing Lens--a weapon to focus the intense Light of the universe into cohesion, and disperse the darkness that was the Onoth Gul.

A great campaign was undertaken to collect troops amongst the Exemplars and Ezran alike, to trek to the original site of the creation of the first Onoth Gul, now a stronghold of the foul beasts tainted by death, called Vorash Gul (which means "City of the Broken").  The Onoth Gul sensed the light within their corrupted bastion, and they descended upon the Aenarri and Exemplar forces.  It was then that the Exemplars channeled their light into the Focusing Lens, even as the Ezran fought desperately to keep the Onoth Gul from disrupting the ritual (some of Ezran falling themselves and becoming Onoth Gul).  At the last moment of the ritual, the Onoth Gul broke through the lines, and shattered the Focusing Lens, but the ritual had completed.  An immense blast of light erupted from the site, forever purifying the land of the taint of Vorash Gul.  In the ruins, and across the land, no longer tainted with death, something curious had happened.  The Onoth Gul had not been destroyed; instead, their forms had been purified.  No longer Ezran or Aenarr, no longer Onoth Gul, they were a new creature; what the Aenarri called "humans", or "empty husks".  To the Aenarri, the Humans appeared to be Aenarri with dull, pale skin; washed clean from the Onoth Gul taint, but not radiant and glowing as the Aenarri's skin.

At first, the Humans lay lifeless, their life force undone by the terrible burst of light canceling out the horrible darkness that had twisted their original forms.  The Aenarri felt it would be best to dispose of the Humans, thinking them dead and lifeless.  But at the last moment, Alaerion, the leader of the Exemplars, stayed the Aenarri's hands, sensing another fate awaited the Humans.

At that moment, The Light, thought previously to be merely a symbol of utter goodness and hope, appeared.  Its form was nothing but light; brilliant, nearly blinding light surrounded the survivors of the fateful battle.  Music filled the ears of those who were present, though no instrument was strummed or plucked, blown or played.  Within the minds of all in attendance, the following words were heard, each within the listener's native language simultaneously:


"Those whom you call Humans must not be on this day destroyed; For this event is a work of The Light, its happenstance foretold since the beginning of Time.  Much to do remains for the Humans; they are a species bought with blood, forged in Darkness, but bathed in Light.  They are under the protection of The Light, but so too are they already under attack by The Darkness.  Behold."

As amazing and wondrous was the appearance of The Light, so terrifying and horrific was the manifestation of The Darkness.  A cloud of utter absence of light—Darkness in its purest form—coalesced and swirled, its coldness and malevolence, hatred and death emanating outward and afflicting those nearby with racking pain.


"The Darkness too foretells of the birth of the Humans, for they shall be the greatest tool of The Darkness; The Darkness shall mold them, corrupt them, and draw them into The Darkness, forever separating them from The Light.  Thus it was prophesied, and thus it shall be.  Behold."

The Darkness began to approach the Humans, to forever twist them to its will, but The Light intervened, placing itself between The Darkness and the Humans.


"Begone, The Darkness is commanded, for this is a holy site; it was in this place that those of noble heart forever sacrificed themselves that others may not face the fear and terror and death of those corrupted by The Darkness.  No power shall The Darkness bring to bear directly over the Humans, nor shall The Light; for it is foretold that the Humans shall be granted life and free will, that they might choose between The Light and The Darkness as to which they will serve.  Thus is the purpose of each Human:  To make the ultimate decision."

The Darkness recoiled at this rebuke.


"The Darkness retreats, but those present this remember:  The Darkness will not stop in attempting to secure the Humans, for they are a valuable tool to the Darkness, and greatly desired."

The Light pulsed with even more intensity, and with a host of voices within the minds of those present; men, women, and children of the purest hearts.


"Begone!  So too shall The Light battle to protect the Humans, and guard them their ultimate choice, that it be made freely and not stripped of them by the Darkness.  Begone from this place!"

The Light flashed more brightly still, and none present could hold their eyes open, even Alaerion himself cast his arm before his eyes.  When The Light subsided, The Darkness was gone.


"And so it is that this place, purified of The Darkness, shall be the birthplace of Humans and a holy site, protected from The Darkness and a bastion against its will.  As The Light must now depart, so too must the hollowness of the Humans.  Rise, men!  Rise, women!  Arise and be counted amongst the living."

Once more The Light flashed so brightly that all present had to cover their eyes.  A warm, golden light penetrated the bodies of the Humans, Exemplars, and Aenarri present, and healed them of their wounds.  And the Humans, who previously had lay still, now awoke, and rose to their feet.  They looked around, naked, confused, and new in the world.


"Teach the Humans, O Aenarri, how to live in the world.  Show them how to feed and clothe themselves, how to form families, how to grow food, how to show love.  Teach the Humans, O Exemplars, Chosen of The Light, how to fight and protect themselves, how to craft arms and armor with which to protect themselves against The Darkness, and how NOT to use those weapons out of malice or aggression, but instead protection and conviction.  Help them, O Aenarri, O Exemplar, to build a temple city on this site, that they may have a community so that they may flourish and multiply, that they may have a culture; hope and a future."

As The Light placed the last words within the minds of those in attendance, the words echoed, as though a light dimmed from their minds, and The Light departed.  Silence fell over the host assembled there, as the wonder and majesty of The Light remained on the faces as they stared in awe.  At last, Alaerion of the Exemplars, swelling with pride, removed from his body the sacred armor forged to do battle with countless Demons and cast it aside, and began to teach the Humans to speak.  Thus began the first step of the construction of the sacred Temple City of the Humans.  So great were Alaerion's works and deeds as a sacrifice to himself and to aid the Humans, that the Humans named the city Alaeris, built upon the ruins of the corrupted city of Vorash Gul; and so it is to this day that an oath of Humans is to utter, "By the Might of Alaerion".

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