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3 Reasons Killer App Store Descriptions Are a MUST!

 Time is of the essence when it comes to convincing mobile users to download your app so you will want a quality app store write up. In this article I will show you 3 keys to getting you well on your way.


As an app developer you have a very small window of time to convince mobile users to download your app, regardless if it is free or not.  Usually when promoting your app on the web via social media, your website or even in person, you most likely will direct them to your app’s page in the App Store.  Having a strong yet simple App Store write-up is key to the success of the app, here are three reasons why:


1. First Impressions Are Everything


Once you stir curiosity in a potential user to check out your app the app store write-up will be one of the first places they check to see what it is all about.  Here you have to remember that people have a short attention span and if they don’t find what they are looking for almost instantly they will go somewhere else.  The first thing you should do is avoid the fluff in the first few sentences and get straight to the point.  Tell the mobile user what your app does and why they need it.  Think like the user for a second:

Will this app make my life easier?

What is different features stand out from the 3 other apps like it?

Why should I continue to use this app?

The first sentence is the most important as it pulls your prospective user into the rest of the write-up where you can show them even more value and convince them to give your app a shot.  Your app store write-up is one of the most visual representations of your product as an app developer, and if your  write-up is careless and messy then that will be the impression that people may takeaway about your business in general.  It is worth it to invest into a quality app store write-up.


2. It Must Be Searchable


Search engines provide great potential for your app to get found, but only if your app store write-up contains the correct keywords and phrases.  These keywords not only provide search engines with the correct information about your app but it will also show the users who read it that the app is what they are looking for.  Think about your ideal user with a need for your app, think about the words or phrases that they might type into Google or iTunes Store to try to find an app that will meet their needs.  This is just the beginning, next you should structure you app page to not only contain these words but they must be arranged in a way that will make the user see the value as well as convince them to download it.  If SEO keyword research and copywriting is not your strong points, let us do it for you!  With a well optimized write-up you will attract more traffic and attention to your app leading to more downloads.  What are you waiting for?!


3. It Provides Users With A Way To Take Action


The ultimate goal of your app store page is to provide you prospective audience with a way to learn about your app, see why they should use it, and finally…DOWNLOAD IT! However, you can try another way – buy app downloads.  You want to use simple, clear calls to action in conjunction with the most valuable features that your app contains.  Think of catchy commands such as:

“Download today to begin __________ easier!”

“Make __________ simple!  Get (Your App Name) now!

This will take some trial and error to figure our which calls to action will make your viewers want to download your app.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.


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