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Scientific and technological advancements and continuous social development are three major changes that can be observed in this world as years go by. Unlike music and fashion though, these changes are always directed forward and not in a cyclical manner. Therefore, man, being the most important component of society, is solely expected to cope up with this quick and complex world growth. Man, however, is just as limited as all his creations. He even depreciates and eventually loses functions, then dies. This is why you, as part of the human race, must keep yourself from being totally overworked and severely stressed-out. You should not just be aware of your own capacity; you also ought to effectively apply stress anxiety management Best CBD Oil 2019 .


Now that you know how important it is to have stress anxiety management, you should be at least practically knowledgeable in order to apply it. Thus, you must first understand what stress and anxiety really means. Stress and anxiety are two terms both concerned with physiological and emotional response from either or both external and/or internal stimuli, otherwise referred to as stressors. The main difference between the two is their basic descriptions. Anxiety is simply described as fear of the unknown, whereas stress is the physiological reaction of the body both to anxiety and to any other known stressors. Therefore, in order for you to start stress anxiety management, you just have to neutralize your anxiety and stress. How? There are three main aspects of man that contribute to anxiety: physical, social, and mental. For a clearer illustration, the main suggestions for stress anxiety management are as follows:




- Deep muscle relaxation - includes therapeutic massages and stretching of muscles to promote circulation;  

- Deep breathing exercises - done by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through pursed-lip; enhances body oxygenation for a clearer state of mind;  

- Relaxation of eyes and hands - since eyes and hands are the mostly used organs when working; to prevent dizziness and numbness of hands; done by closing eyes for at least 30 seconds and performing wrist-circling motion at least 5 clockwise and 5 counter clockwise for each hand;  

- General body relaxation - done by leaning against your back on a chair or lying down for at least 15 minutes; regenerates more energy




- Family interaction  

- Playing with younger relatives (e.g. babies and toddlers) - play brings out the fun in you, making you take things in a lighter weight  

- Primary support from parents and older relatives - sets of advise and re-empowerment can be a good motivation  

talking to friends




- Diversional activities  

- Music therapy - mellow rhythms help in soothing stressed mind; singing the songs may help in diverting attention from current work  

- Meditation  

- Spiritual reflection - adds faith which is a very powerful driving force of man  

- Daydreaming - uplifts mood and gives relaxing motivation


Given this comprehensive guide makes it more possible for you to effectively perform stress anxiety management. Make use of it to effectively preserve and use your energy wisely for you to be more productive in any workplace.


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