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Robert Straw


Ancient mysteries and modern conspiracies


Roberto La Paglia (Robert Straw)

Robert Straw (Roberto La Paglia), born in Catania, June 2 1961, is a journalist freelance, writer and popularizer in the field of the thematic mysterious and of the sciences of frontier; author of numerous publishing publications and as many articles for various magazines of the sector, alternate to his prevailing activities the interest for the poetry, the literature and the alternative information.


Party since the adolescence to the thematic mysterious, particularly to the hidden sciences and the Esoterismo, it pours again those that will be subsequently the principal characteristics of his popular run in the poetry. Distinguishing himself very personal style, over that for the themes out of the common poetic sceneries, it publishes his/her first harvests and it makes him notice in numerous contests, both in Italy and in Europe.

The following footstep sees him/it how author of stories, always stamped on the image of an omnipresent mystery in our daily paper, almost anxious. It lands to the mysterious books with a study on the figure of the Count of Cagliostro, book in which is introduced the characteristics that will accompany all of his/her future publications and that they continue to also have an important role in his career of popularizer: simplicity of exposure, extreme opening to every opinion, search of a point of meeting between science and mystery.

In the last years, showing a notable eclectic push, he is often detained on the observation and the close examination of thematic burning, what the social uneasiness, the ideological conflicts and the hidden truths.

In the nineties it participates in the editing, to the graphics and the texts of MYSTERIA, the first international show of the mysteries that will be held in Rome.

This share will complete its run and will definitely mark its future choices.

It begins his/her collaboration with magazines and periodicals what Dna Magazine, Area 51, X Times, Area of Border, Hera, Mystero, The Mysteries of Hera, The initiation, Secreted, LuxTerrae; to these activities they are placed side by side numerous character lectures popular.

From 2000 to today his/her interest it moves him on the multimedia channels; it intervenes as experienced on the channel web tv Eclissia, collaborates with the heading online WikiNews and with the portal Sevenradio.it / Seven Network.

From 2010 to 2011 it conducts the transmission radio "Things of the other World" on Radio Universal.

Beginning from 2012, while it is continuing his/her publishing production, it is present online what inventor and publishing manager of the digital magazine SIGNS Magazine.

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Who defends today still the idea of a perfect system, coherent and in line with the needs of the citizens, hand before a resounding lie, or he/she doesn't succeed in accepting that feeling, by now shared in wide majority, that brings us to doubt on the real finalities of the same system.

The misinformation is mainly born, and it grows in exponential way, from the single action of "disinformation", to take to the light one all that signals that originate from the outside, to want him to all the costs to entrench behind a barrier of negazionism for fear to admit that not everything perhaps stirs for the correct verse, that is probably by now too late to return back.

To promote a search to identify as, when and because everything this is happened, it would be an enormous enterprise; we can hypothesize only, offering in such way a base of departure for possible further close examinations, that everything was born in the same moment in which we have decided to delegate to others the responsibility of our future and the possibility to ready and to put laws and decrees to the purpose of our daily paper to make simpler and less chaotic into effect.

This choice, dictated by an evident impossibility to imagine a collective management of the State, you/he/she has determined a deep breaking among who is entrusted to manage the power and the same citizens.

If at first sight the matter could appear of little account, in reality you/he/she has been really this tendency to begin a slow, unstoppable to fall some situation.

To delegate the power, if from a point of view it appears as the only possible solution for a fluid administration of the public thing, on the other side it determines a deep breaking over which those people who should guarantee the good operation of the institutions or an enormous number, that nobody exactly knows reign, of people that for work, and almost never for the attainment of an ideal, it administers more or less in way trasparante the public thing.

The committed error resides really in the fact that, together with our delegation, we have also surrendered the control, we have done so that it spread the idea of a state that stirs for account really, that seems almost not to belong to our daily paper an abstract entity of which we often fall victims.

In reality the state we should be us, we should have the last word, we should check operates him of those people to which we have delegated our present and the future of our children.

It deals with a matter of responsibility toward ourselves, towards our children, of the environment, of that idea of future to which all would want to enter, of a new world to be left to those people who will come after us.

The misinformation is broadly a modus operands diffused, in comparison to which the guilts must be divided in almost equal way between citizens and power; the first guilty to passively accept the state of the things, the guilty second to exploit, to exploit and to forage that of apathy what turns us into yielding victims.

Obviously, over every political discourse, philosophical or simply speculative, the misinformation is very more that a simple verification.

You treats, as you/he/she is often remembered to the students of sciences of the communication, of an activity aimed to spread, to furnish and to deliberately manage false information, or however not impartial, to the purpose to alter the reality of the facts and to modify the opinions, the habits and the choices of the people.

The art of disinformation, has been always a characteristic commune in the military environments, in the espionage (both it to serve in the military how commercial), in the politics, in the publicity.

The used methods are various, from the most sophisticated to those so simple and intuitable to almost be passed unnoticed; they are mixed without so many scruples lies and truth, the evidence it is denied making to rise the doubt, sources and tests are materially modified, situations and sceneries are created by the nothing, the informative spaces saturate him with banal news.

A state is really free, democrat and strong when it puts in the foreground its citizens, their demands, when it fights to their side to build a less oppressive daily paper, a best quality of the life and a promising future.

A state that keeps silent, that turns the look elsewhere, that spreads half truths, whose organs of power welcome characters completely distant from the life of every day, that the problems of the citizens don't live and that, in the greatest part of the cases, they ignore them completely, you/he/she cannot define him free and democrat if not in the mind and in the intentions of whom wants to all the costs that this idea is from all approved.

This as the others that you will discover more before, it is one of the so many techniques of the misinformation.


New World Order, CIA, and free Arab Finance: theories of conspiracy or reasonable doubt?

There was much talk about the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, CIA; organization financial and government in breast to which not the canons of transparency or the presumed humanitarian finalities are respected always. These realities proliferate in the world, in more transparent way, with varying resources in comparison to the geographical reality of affiliation, but always and constantly still mantled by a sharp pain fog of mysteries and questions without a serious answer.

It doesn't deal with a new occasion to do "conspiracy to all the costs"; when the silence is the only answer to the questions of whom wants to know, that silence probably hides more something, and when reservation and secretiveness are the key words of associations that as benefactresses of the humanity are introduced, of the science and to know, but they are careful not to make public theirs operated, it becomes rightful to wonder what he/she broods under the ash.

Everybody well or badly they know part of that that he conceals behind these organizations, the sources that attest who finances her and what the connections of the financiers themselves are I am partly of free dominion, yet it exists a field of search that is not sufficiently explored: is it possible to imagine a relationship type religious, of the unexpected bonds that can make to think about that that could define him one "Divine Alliance?"

Obviously the terms of the matter are enough heavy, many could surprise, to shout to the scandal, but of the times to investigate on the known door to the light so many truths that not even the unknown one would not be able of to preserve.

That that we are about to tell could be you one of these.

On the traces of the Reverend Moon

To someone of you certain relative will result the name of Sun Myung Moon, better known as the Reverend Moon; it deals with the founder of the Church of the unification, a devoted group to the mental manipulation and the harvest of funds, obviously destined to the head and mentor of the organization.

Among the so many declarations of Moon we remember that of Christ that its mission had failed, that Moon was the new messiah come on this earth to complete the mission of God, that its mission was that to unite the World through the unification of the religions.

That that more it surprises, I am not so much his affirmations.

The CNP, (Council for National Policy) has received a financing of 500.000 dollars from one of the first assistants of Moon, Bo Hi, besides agent of the Korean CIA; from that period the association of the Reverend has always had wide space among the members of the CNP, as they had CIA/it and the Council of Foreign Relations.

In practice more than halves the members of these organizations belong to the Evangelical Church, one is together a tall degree in the Freemasonry and everybody they make head to Moon because of the received subsidies.

Other organizations, inspire, you finance and maneuvered by Moon, but subsidized also with money of the state and that they gather many characters known in the American televisions for their educational programs: CRF, (Coalition for Religious Freedom, subsidized by Moon while in the jail was found for fiscal escape; American Freedom Coalition, subsidized with around 6 million dollars and with to his/her inside many names known of the community Evangelical Christian, Womens Federation for World Peace, founded by Moon in person, that offered numerous engagements for lectures to George Bush Senior, which received in the time the considerable figure of 13,5 million dollars, National Religious Broadcasters, other creature of Moon inside which Pat Robertson works, trafficker of weapons in Nicaragua and coordinator of the operation Blessing conceived for helping the Contrases.

To the operation Blessing, devoted also to homicides and violences in Vietnam, lieutenant was in partnership also Oliver North colonel of the Marines, decorated with the Purple Heart, political conservative and known television commentator.

As last sweet, the Reverend Moon the Washington Times also possesses, the conservative voice of the American nation, while in Central America the Tiempos of the Mundo possesses, other newspaper of conservative inspiration.

We conclude the account on the Reverend, recording the strange meetings that the same has had with George Bush Senior, ex manager of the CIA, ex deputy President, ex President USA.

Bush, in fact, was the principal orator to the Sheraton Hotel during an event sponsored from Moon with around 800/900 guests; always Bush, together his wife, it made quite a lot interventions in Asia during 1995, also effecting a lot of future joints in Latin America.

Which are the relationships that tie the CIA, Evangelic Moon Church, Korean, and the New World Order?

Council for National Policy: this organism, met already exposing her various associations and founded corporate body or supported by Moon, it deserves however great attention in comparison to the others because of a controversial net of financings that allows us to still hypothesize new relationships.

Founded in 1981 by Tim LaHaye, it not only used conspicuous donations from the Reverend but it tightly results also connected with Society, note John Birch not only for his job within the espionage, but also for his dependence from the controversial Church of Scientology.

In October of 1999, George W. Bush turned him to the CNP but you/he/she has never wanted to reveal the contents of his/her intervention; opposite it is known instead deputy Woody Jenkins's declaration, which declared in a note appeared on the Newsweek: ".foresee that one day, before the end of the century, the Council for National Policy will be so influential that any President, of any party or tendency, can ignore us or our problems, or to exclude gives us more high-level than the Government."

Which are the Royal affairs of the CNP?

Following the trace of Scientology, we will discover that also the association Concerned Women for America is indirectly tied you through the Citizens Council on Human Rights.

For which motive you/they proliferate in America so powerful groups but at the same time so extremely reserved?

For the one that feels like making a small idea of how much and what bonds unite all these organizations corporate body more crystalline, it will be enough to read the brief list of the members of the CNP and their connections.

Thomas R. Anderson (CNP Board of Governors) also sits in the direction of the Family Research Council of Moon.

Rep John Ashbrook (CNP Board of Governors) member group thread-Moon "Christian Voice."

Richard Bott (CNP Board of Governors) ex editorialist of Washington times, Moon property.

Arnaul D'Borchgrave (CNP Member) Editorialist of Washington times and member of Council of Foreign Relations(CFR).

George Gilder (CNP Board of Governors) manager of the programs of the foundation Rockerfeller Manhattan Institute, friend of David Rockerfeller and member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Ron Godwin (CNP Member) ex-vice-president of the Falwells Moral Majority, Vice-president of the Washington times, ownership of Moon.

Allan Gottleib (CNP Member) Member of the direction of the American Freedom Coalition of Moon. In 1983 the group of Moon Causa, founded by Bo Hi Pak, ex agent of the Korean CIA and connection of the CIA of USA and right arm of Moons, it gratified of all the expenses Gottleib, during his/her trip in Jamaica for a lecture of the Cause.

J. Peter Grace (CNP Member) Council of Foreign Relations, rider of Malta, has worked with tola CIA eliminate the information classified concerning the scientists ex-Nazis to be able to make them emigrate in USA, probably to make to effect their jobs (among which the project for the control of the mind) for USA.

Lt. General Daniel Graham (CNP Board of Governors) Manager of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Appointed Manager of the CIA, military adviser of the president Reagan, publicly the Washington Times of Moon supports. It belongs also to the World Anti-Communist League of the Rev. Moon and member of the direction of the Cause. Member of the American Freedom Coalition. Vice-president of the U.S. Council for World Freedom, a great deal near with the Cause. Member, also, of the Council of 56 Religious Roundtable.

Robert Grant (CNP Directory) Founder of the "Christian Voice", and of the American Freedom Coalition, both organizations sponsored by Moon.

For the one that still looked for other connections or sprouts on which to reflect, let's remember that George Bush Senior, the man that coined the term New World Order, was also him to head of the CFR!

United States of Arabia

Often terms what conspiracy, plot and coincidence tie him among them in a left symbiosis, the value of the single term doesn't count anymore, an only supposed truth remains, perhaps ever tried, but for logic the only possible solution.

Every conspiracy is born from a single plot and the coincidences they are often the only tests than is happened or is happening; thin threads forgotten for road that you/they wisely go picked and joined among them.

To take back the terrible date of September 11, still so sadly long live in the memoirs of so many people but, at the same time, so sadly absent from the great channels of information, it is not to want to be submitted to the free sensationalism; the popularization of facts, theories, suppositions and logics deductions, have at times to still dig in the open wounds with the purpose to shake the minds and to suggest a different evaluation of the facts; the search of the truth often brings to hurt even more but when pain reaches its peak, it will be the same truth to suggest us the care.

This history departs from very distant, more exactly in the1970 a Houston, Texas, or in the period during which the family Bush begins his/her relationships in the field of the politics and the oil with a family as many powerful, that of Bin Laden.

You established well soon a solid friendship, (the business often make miracles and they overcome every form of cultural incomprehension and politics) a solid relationship that continued for decades.

Capsizing the order of the terms, our history is born from a strange coincidence a fact that will bring back us in the time; it is the morning of September 11 when George Bush Senior brings him near the Ritz Carlton Hotel of Washington for a meeting of job; it doesn't concern however the usual routine, the person that waits in the hall is in fact one of the brothers of Osama Bin Laden!

A novelty I am not certain the relationships of job among the family Bush and that of the multimillionaire Bin Laden, but a coincidence of the kind is not able whether to bring us to reread the history of these relationships, reflecting with great attention on the fact that, among the smoke that still got up after days from Ground Zero, can still hide something that attends to be explained.

During 1968, not to risk to have called to serve in Vietnam, George W. Bush unites him to the Texas Air National Guard, assuming a position of relief that guarantees his immunity from Vietnam; during his/her permanence in the National Guard friend of Jim Bath becomes, an ex pilot of the Air Force and entrepreneur in grass.

Jim Bath will reveal him in the time an enough curious character but, above all it will be, really him the underground bond that will unite the family Bush to that of Bin Laden.

The years pass; in the 1976 Bush it becomes manager of the CIA and during his/her order it strives him to furnish courses of formation for the watches of building of the royal Saudi family.

The bond with Jim Bath is still strong, together they are found again in commercial operations in the field of the aeronautics and the same Bath it will confide following one friend of his to have been assumed in the industries Bush.

In the same period, in one of the so many accords stipulated by Bath, it enters to also make part one of the brothers of Bin Laden and from this accord they will have beginning all the investments in various entrepreneurial initiatives operated by the Saudi family.

As if this was not enough, Jim Bath the representative of the enterprises of Khalid also becomes bin Mahfouz, member of the Saudi banking fund and next to the National Commercial Bank, the principal bank on which operates the royal Saudi family.

In the 1978 Bath it interests him in the real estate market, (we remember that he/she always works for the enterprises Bush) it is born so the real estate society Bath's, through which, and with the funds of Khalid and Salem bin Laden, purchases an airport, offices and buildings, investments in Texan banks and an enormous building in Houston.

Always in the same year Bush is born 78, an oil society started by George W. Bush; in this society Jim Bath pours again around a million dollars, almost all Saudi money.

In 1979, under the Carter administration, six months before the Soviet invasion, they begin to the financings and the armaments to depart destined to the Afghan warriors, in the hope that Russia would become a new Vietnam.

The year later George H.W. Bush introduces him for the nomination to President but you/he/she is defeated by Ronald Reagan.

The situation in Afghan territory becomes difficult more and more; in the 1981 Osama bin Laden, child of the founder of the group bin Laden, the greatest enterprise of constructions in Saudi Arabia, brings him in Afghanistan to take sides beside the warriors.

Five years later Jim Bath fails but the real scandals still have to happen: in 1986 an oil society of ownership of the group Bushla Harken Energy, it receives a financing of twenty five millions dollars, the all managed by the International Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI). After two years the Soviets leave Afghanistan, but not after spends around the CIA million dollars to cover and to hide the whole connection USA / Russia / Afghanistan.

The Afghans are abandoned and Osama bin Laden returns in Saudi Arabia, furious toward the Americans and meditating revenge for their abandonment.

Between 1988 and the beginnings of 1992 he/she takes shape the scandal BCCI; to the institute of credit innumerable facts and attitudes are imputed non certain crystalline, what the financings to Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega, the terrorist Abu Nidal and the poster of the drug of Medellin.

The financial interlacements that tie to Iran also come BCCI out.

In the same period, 1991, Bush decides to slash the activity of Saddam Hussein from Kuwait; it is the period of the War of the Gulf; the relationships between Bin Laden and the Saudi royal family are alternated between quarrels and pacifications up to flow in an accord: Bin Laden won't touch Arabia, it will withdraw him in Sudan I free to discharge his/her anger against USA and in change it will receive financings for his/her organization from Arabic banks but with American share.

During 1996, the Clinton administration forces Bin Laden to leave Sudan to shelter him in Afghanistan; in that occasion the government sudanese tried an underground pact that would have brought to the arrest of Osama, but Saudi and Americans refused "oddly" that opportunity.

The attacks than To the Qaeda against the United States they intensify him, they become audacious and devastating more and more; picked information denote an increasing activity of the group, above all the documents reached to CIA, FBI and National Security Agency in the first months of 2001, documents that prove an imminent attack of serious entity against USA.

In the January of 2001, the names of al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar, members than To the already known Qaeda to CIA and FBI, affiliate don't result in the suspects' list distributed to the Department of State and the Federal Customs.

In April of the same year, al-Hazmi is stopped for excess of speed in Oklahoma, but its name doesn't result in the bank you date some police and you/he/she is released.

The following month is recorded on the American ground the presence of Shaykh Khalid Mohammed, member than To the Qaeda, architect of the 11 /9 and known by the secret services since the 1995. Despite the his/her whole presence it passes entirely unnoticed.

Between July and August, the two months that the attack precedes, two happen done worthy of note and perhaps a little known: in July an agent of the FBI of base in Phoenix, writes a long note in which, among the other things, it reveals as has been noticed an elevated number of Arabs that you/they take lessons of flight in some local schools. Subsequently, to August, Bush receives one note of the CIA in which you/he/she speaks of Osama bin Laden and of the high existing probabilities that are preparing a terrorist attack against the United States; Subsequently Bush will refuse to produce that informative note to the Congress during the investigation for the attack to the Twin Towers.

September 11 th 2001 the attack occurs; in the same morning, as already said in opening, Bush Senior meets him with one of the brothers of Bin Laden and two days after the members of his/her family you/they are authorized to leave the country.

Truth has a lot of faces, too shades and manifold bonds; perhaps one day some knots will be loosened and we can reflect on the history observing her/it with different eyes; until then the only possibility of salvation resides in our personnel discernment and in the conviction that not the winners have only something to tell but also the defeated ones!


The term "Government Shade" it often resorts in the debates and in the lectures to ufology theme; it doesn't always find full approval from all the researchers, but a datum of fact remains what something or someone, have shown for a long time enormous interest in to oppose, or the life of many ufologist to make at times impossible.

It results therefore important to specify what he intends in reality for Government Shade, from what done it derives this theory and what its implications are in the actual world situation.

The subject is obviously of so vast course that results necessary to operate a process of synthesis; the fundamental datum is that from over 50 years the Governments, that of the United States of America, hides above all systematically the truth on the UFOs. This attitude could be somehow comprehensible if it referred to a national safety sketch, a project that tries to mitigate the effects that these news, to a little upsetting dir, you/they could have on the masses; but he treats in reality of an alibi that hides an underground activity with more serious consequences of the to discover that you/he/she has been destination of alien beings for a long time and that such beings would live close to us straight. When then to these motives it is added that the activities of this center of power are him enormously you widen thin to reach the attempt to use for really profit technologies and alien knowledges and, through these, it increases his/her own power to maintain a suitable state of the things to his/her own affairs, it realizes us that we don't find us of forehead to an insane simple and isolated project, on the contrary to a threat that concerns us all from nearby, both that we believe in the conclusions of the Ufology both that we are sceptic. The formulated theories in relationship to the Government it Shades they are born in first analysis from the declassification of some government documents on the UFOs; a sort of parallel Government to the known one that would operate in full collaboration with the Alien ones, a structure not checked by some official organ, above the same Secret Services, with to the asset big and unexpected names of political, diplomats and scientists. Parallelly but in narrow sinergias would also operate other organizations whose only purpose would be that of sidetrack and to silt the whole news concerning the UFOs or those that could have a notable importance.

December 1984: the researcher and ufologist Jaime Shandera, receives for mail some documents and photographic rolls; to a first examination it seems to treat him of a memorandum compiled by the admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter for the mole-president Eisenhower in date November 18 th 1952, but the most important fact is given by the continuous references to the existence of a mysterious denominated organization MJ12. In the memorandum the president informs him that a group of twelve scientists and high officials of the government would have involved in the operations of recovery of an alien spaceship fallen with four occupants near the aeronautical base of Roswell, accident happened in July of 1947; they follow formal recommendations so that this group continues to operate to level of maximum secretiveness during the Eisenhower administration. One of the greatest champions of the authenticity of this papers are Stantom Fridman, physical nuclear and researcher in the field of the Ufology, but to speak of doubts dresses again a relative importance since already he knew for a long time of the manoeuvres related to the hiding of the phenomena UFO from the preexisting governments, it would be if permissible to set some doubt on the origin of the same document, or if it were in turn a further attempt of sidetrack through the diffusion of fit wrong news to create only confusion among the readers.

In every case, done of which he already suspected you/they are again confirmed but, as if this was not enough, to throw the bases for a reasonable doubt on the Government Shades, it is to remember well that the quoted document is only one among the so many that you/they openly report this strange situation; December 24 th 1959 is worded a relationship from the aeronautics military of the United States, it deals with a sheet on the type of those used for imparting orders, and it brought the following title: "OPERATIONS IT IS INSTRUCTIONS. THE UFOS SONO A SERIOUS BARGAIN"; the document was forwarded to all the commanders of the aerial bases of the USAF. In practice the authorities of the USAF were invited to consider the problem of the UFOs as worthy of the maximum importance but all the investigations developed by the Commanders of the bases you/they had to conform to the AIR FORCE REGULATION 200-2, published little time before. What did it recite this document? You treated in practice of a long recommendation with the purpose to hold to the dark both the press and the public from any news regarding possible sightings of flying objects not identified, this at least up to when the aeronautics had not been able to furnish a very more explanation "terrestrial."

Other document not less main point than that just brought is the famous JANAP 146, in which you/he/she is graphically brought straight the form of the sighted UFOs and I made never known, and in which are anticipated severe sentences for whoever makes of public dominion such news without the preventive authorization. To this point it rises spontaneous a question: why does all this happen? And' permissible to this point to wonder for what I motivate has been organized and maintained in the time a strategy of the silence of so vast course in comparison to a phenomenon of which all speak more openly!?

An appearance of answer to this question could be more officially that date from the authorities and that it concerns the fear of a traumatic impact from the population in comparison to the fact to come to knowledge that alien entities observe for a long time us; this explanation doesn't hold up however in comparison to a different datum emerged by the surveys effected on vast champions of people of every race, culture and social extraction.

The result has always been the same, people consider the UFOs as extraterrestrial veivoli coming from other worlds in visit to the earth; these results eliminate in definitive way the factor psico-sociological trauma and they leave rather space to the hypothesis that this type of fear from the authorities covers in reality well different motivations.

Who has begun this conspiracy of the silence? Who has interest to always hold long live and to the first place his/her own war power? Who is in run toward new technologies and able to manage information to world level? The answer to all these questions could be the United States of America, but it would be reductive and, even if not distant from truth, would exclude all those nations and those lobbies of power that are tightened in this pact weaving a sharp pain sweater inside which it becomes difficult to find the famous thread of the skein more and more.

And' obvious that the UFOs have a technology very more advance of ours, a superior knowledge and therefore transmissible. Both that the interest of the governments implicates the assumption of technologies to war purposes, both that such technologies have revolutionary implications instead in the field of the energy and an improvement of the life, in both cases the governments they have the absolute interest to maintain the narrowest reserve and the absolute silence. In the first case it is obvious that an extraterrestrial technology would give an enormous impulse to the production of unique war weapons in his/her own kind and therefore to the prestige of the country, in the second case they would go instead against the economic powers constituted that they would see of hit fade away his/her own profits finding himself/herself/itself in a world able to produce energy to cost zero, not to need the oil and with alternative systems without any risk of pollution.

We remember that the Pentagon, in the place under secret 774 applications of brevets; in well 506 cases dealt with realizations of private industries finalized to the construction of systematize alternative of energy to cost practically zero!1991, ha

Theories of plot

MJ. 12, Majestic Twelve, Maji - 12, Majority. 12, Majesty; all these appellatives in code identify in reality an only association, secret and still today to the center of polemics and debates among the same Ufologist and the simple impassioned of the whole world. He/she remains always the suspect that MJ - 12 both in reality one of the so many pretenses orchestrated by the American government for sidetrack the searches, but even if the counterfeit signature of the president Truman in a 1987 document seems to bring toward this footstep, in reality they are so many the people that see this organization as reality and existing.

And' however amazing to notice that the year birth of this organization is 1947, and he who wanted to build the whole system it was really the president Truman.

The organization will assume subsequently the name of MAJI (Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence), and with this same appellative it would operate today still in hold collaboration with the greatest government corporate body and of espionage.

Absolute priority of MJ - 12 would be that to maintain the relationships with the Grey ones, alien race with which it seems both is narrow a pact of alliance, pact that subsequently you/he/she would be twisted really against his/her inventors.

The birth of this sadly famous pact is referable to the famous 1947 Ufo Crash, over that to those of the first years 50, or to the order given by the Pentagon to some departments of the army to bring away anything you/he/she was found in the points of landing. The rests consisted in parts of spaceships gone almost destroyed and of alien alive or dead. The MJT 1947 facts it gave the push to Truman to create - 12.

The bodies recovered by the army were initially brought in the base of the military aviation Wright Patterson, near Dayton in Ohio, to this purpose the hangar was used 18; subsequently the whole material regarding the events and all the information they were on consignment takings from MJ the Majestic, while years after (when - 12 had assumed the total control) the rests, the tools and the bodies were brought, with a joined operation of the CIA and the AF (Air Force), in a new secret underground construction in the base Edward in California. The entrance of this place would be situated under a Hangar at the end of a rail used from the Nasa for the throwing of Space Shuttles. The agent of the CIA entrusted of to direct was William O. Copper that was sold off for a Colonel of the Air Force.

The pact in matter, known to the researchers of the sector as Villainous Pact, would consist in an exchange among human and alien, these last, in exchange for new technologies to be used to war purpose, they would have white paper in to withdraw the human ones that need for their genetic experiments.

This explanation, easily referable to the phenomenon of the Abduction, he/she would also explain the continuous one continue some abductions and the systematic action of cover up in their comparisons; he/she doesn't explain however the increase of the phenomena of "alien withdrawal", except that the situation is hypothesized is not escaped of hand the governments.

The first suspect is born from the examination of the initial phenomena of Abduction, very simple also in their drama, and without big posthumous complications except the natural sense of dismay and shock; the situation changes when surveys more deepened on the victims of abduction put in evidence small 3 mm probes of around inside the brain of some abducted people; the situation is escaped by now of hand and the Grey ones him you/they are not concerning to how much established, they seem in reality to conduct a systematic country of experimentation, classification and control.

Just to the beginnings of the years '80 slip out the first news on the secret activities of the Government, some members of MJ-12, probably taken by the panic they begin to defile him covertly making public declarations.

Once more the truth was started keeping silent with the use of the disrepute selling off her/it for simple hypotheses of plot from sick chins or looking for easy success.

The activities of search however they don't stop him, failed the purposes of MJ-12 a new alliance it outlines secretly him to the horizon, USA and USSR they unite their strengths in the intent not to let the occasion be escaped to dominate the world.

Do tests exist concrete than said up to this point? Obviously the answer is no but the sign that something strange coop happening for a long time is palpable and the obstinate silence behind which are barricaded all the government corporate body that a clean and definitive answer could give it doesn't do what a reasonable doubt to increase, the doubt that probably are not the alienates our first enemies but really those people who have sworn to protect us and to make our affairs.



What we don't know and what we must not know

How much you/he/she will be told in these two brief searches, it is in good part, known history at times whispered already, almost ever divulged in his/her tragedian and twisted evidence. We see us in practice that kind of matters on which it is better to speak little. This brief trip immediately begins after World War II; more exactly when a DC-3 of the US Army highly lands few away from Washington with a load top secret; it will conclude him in England, to the search of the plots that you/they conceal him behind a mysterious symbol, from many remembered as that in evidence on the flag of the famous ships pirate; also in this case we will meet some pirates, very more modern and dangerous than those that crowd our readings of escape.

A national safety matter.

Reinhard Gehlen is almost a legend of the Nazism; general of the German army, head of the services of Intelligence on the oriental front; it doesn't deal with an any spy and his/her continuous affirmation to never have been a true Nazi but to have addressed all of his/her efforts to the struggle against the Soviet union, contributed to feed the secret interest of the CIA in his/her comparisons.

The loaded top secret of that DC-3, in fact, it was really he, recruited by the strengths armed with the United States of America with the purpose to organize a net of espionage against the Russians.

Gehlen was to head, up to the end of the sixties, of the services of information of West Germany; its organization, called now Gehlen Org, you/he/she would be dealt with to canalize then the information concerning the nations adherent to the Pact in Warsaw to use of the Nato.

Other priority objective was that to develop assignments of infiltration in the countries of the Iron Curtain, with the purpose to foment and to sustain the movements of caught again that they opposed him to the Soviet regime.

These assignments would have been developed in hold collaboration with the CIA; Gehlen would have furnished the personnel and the Americans you/they would be dealt with the funds, of the means, of the endowments and of the machineries.

One of the most fortunate operations of the group were that call "Operation Sunrise", that introduced around 5000 agents in the Soviet block; to this they followed other successes, but what mostly interests us it is to understand who were in reality the components of the group of Gehlen, or at least part of them. The national safety, constantly threatened by the Soviets, it was not able certain to stop to observe better who was contributing in the attempt to stop the enemy and anybody in fact him taken intrigues of gets more attention in the past of the men of Gehlen.

Double game.

Assignment of this article is not certain to establish if the fear of the Soviets was founded or less, certain many ideological, political and strategic contrasts existed, certain the vision of the world was and is today still very different, but it was also true that to the necessity two nobody jams it made him great scruples in to collaborate, even though very diplomatically and under ample coverage.

Ended the war, the future of many Nazis was suspended to a thread; a very thin bond, to whose extremity, in the best of the cases, the jail was found to life.

A way to avoid everything this existed, it was not certain to the course of everybody, but for those people that belonged to the Nazi Intelligence a real manna it revealed him from the sky.

In practice the department of Gehlen, that he/she worked in America and in hold collaboration with the CIA, it became well soon a sure shelter for hundreds of ex criminal of war Nazis, maintaining a role of first floor in the escape of many other criminals to the time of the South America and throwing spins her some famous organization ODESSA.

But to reach these conclusions we owe an instant to return back, still before the end of the Second World war.

We forget therefore for an instant the DC-3 landed a little out Washington, we forget the same Gehlen and let's assemble us on two names and on their activity it turns around ten years the end of the conflict before.

Allen Welsh Dulles, is an important American diplomat and also a spy; perhaps its name is not very known, but that is known of his/her/their brother, John Foster Dulles, statesman, to which the airport of Washington is entitled.

From 1953 to 1961, Dulles was manager of the CIA but that that to us more it interests it is his/her bond with his/her/their brother, become subsequently Secretary of State.

John Foster Dulles was to the epoch an insider of Wall Street and together to Allen you/he/she created a spy financial apparatus to assist the Nazis; he treated once more safety national, to collaborate with the enemy to snatch its secrets and also his/her great scientists.

The progress of the Third Reich made throat many and few cared of thing its components you/they were stain; ended the war, Dulles organized the arrival of Gehler in America, it knew well his/her past, but more important reasons still existed for closing an eye on everything.

If the Soviets had succeeded in capturing the famous Nazi spy, these as criminal of war would immediately have been tried and hung; once put to the sure one in America, Dulles met him/it proposing him a pact: the america would have covered Gehler and how much you/they would have worked for him, in change these you/he/she would have created a vast apparatus of espionage and subversion to European level under the control of Washington.

On the escort of this pact, hundreds of Nazi criminals they had saves the life, rather they found a new of it, and with the maximum one of the coverage!

The denied pact

The essay of Yalta was very clear when it dealt him with the Nazi criminals; particularly, when it was mentioned to the oriental front, the essay imposed the delivery of all the German officers that you/they had been involved in actions against la Russia.

When the first skirmishes of the end of the conflict began to make himself/herself/themselves feel, Gehlen it foresaw a rapids breakup of the relationships USA. USSR; certainly the Americans would have needed a spy structure in Oriental Europe and this pushed Gehlen to surrender himself/herself/themselves offering in change his/her own services.

Himself painted as the man that would have organized a sharp pain net of fierce anticommunist, strong also of his/her experience; this was enough because you/he/she was entertained to Fort Hunt, where they began the negotiations for his/her involvement in the CIA.

Despite the accounts brings a deception operated by Gehlen, deception of which it was victim the same Dullen, in reality the Americans perfectly knew of his/her past and his/her intention to use asla CIA safe-conduct; on the other hand the occasion it was too much greedy to let him escape her/it.

Gehlen began to recruit the best veterans of the Gestapo and the "chins" that you/they had organized the central apparatus of the holocaust.

All found space in the Gehlen Org and among these: Alois Brunner, superior of Adolf Eichmann, the greatest of the SSs Emil Augsburg and the captain of the Gestapo Klaus Barbie, better known as the Butcher of Lione.

Disastrous consequences.

The infiltration of Nazi criminals in the CIA, if infiltration can be called, it didn't delay to provoke disastrous consequences to all the levels; executioners' hundreds they succeeded in running away to the foreign countries, men of the Third Reich assumed to the position of safety Advisers set solid bases in Middle East and Latin America, the same Barbie helped quite a lot Nazi soldiers and protected the commerce of cocaine between 1970 and the 1980.

The organization Gehlen remained to narrow service of the CIA up to first April 1956, period to which it entirely moved him in the BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst, Service Federal Information); this organism represents the German federal secret service today, with center near Monk and reference in the Federal office of the Chancellor.

The BND acts under the supervision of the parliamentary Committee of control for the secret services.

Operation Paperclip (also accredited as Progetto Paperclip) was the name in code under which the intelligence and the military services of the United States have extracted the German scientists from Nazi Germany, during and after the final phases of the second world war.

SKULL AND BONES: the roots of the power

The core of the matter

Before beginning to discuss of an extremely delicate matter as that of the Society of the Skull and crossbones and the Bones, it will be well, above all for those people that you/they meet this left appellative for the first time and for those people who begin now only to penetrate him in themes what the theories of conspiracy, to shortly expose to thing refers the appellative that titola this article.

La Skull and Bones (Skull and crossbones and Bones) is one of the most known American secret societies1832, ha; founded in the center near the prestigious University of Yale, and they were really two students of Yale (William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft) to constitute her/it, perhaps out of spite against theirs not admission to the Phi Beta Kappa, the equivalent in America of the order Italian goliardico.

The first official reunion of the Skull and Bones goes up again to 1833; since then you/he/she is always debated on the true goals of this society on the rituals and on the mysterious ramifications that connect her/it to the tallest vertexes of the political, economic and financial power of the United States.

What is it really andla Skull Bones? What does it tie this society to the American political environments? Why really among his/her line Presidents of the United States are counted, heads of the Cia, exponents of I detach in the various governments and men key of the finance and the American economy? Which secret pact has you/he/she forced George W. Bush to submit charges of primary importance to well eleven men coming from the Skull and Bones? To these questions we will try to give an answer, also knowing in advance that a lot of the solutions will be only in reality the start of new and well more complex questions.

The university of the mysteries

The general William Huntington Russell could boast among his/her relative an enough famous brother-in-law, even if in activity relationship not entirely permissible; it dealt with Samuel Russell, founder of the "Russell and Co.", he who established the world monopoly of the traffic of opium. Also Alphonso Taft would have had illustrious relatives, it was in fact the president's grandfather William Howard Taft.

These were the bases on which and Bonesla Skull was born, known also as Loggia 322 or simply with the mysterious appellative de "The order"; the company name, that officially used in the public actions, is Russell Trust Association, with a social patrimony that amounted in 1999 to 4.133.246 dollars and the ownership of a whole island (Deer Island), between Canada and United States.

The strong elitist image of the Skull and Bones reflects equally the same spirit of the place that entertains her/it, the university of Yale, founded in 1701, for a long time one of the most exclusive institutes of the world, in which a lot of illustrious personalities have graduated.

Yet this so exclusive place, destination of the world nobility, guards one of the most inaccessible secrets that the history has ever produced, made even more mysterious from the fact that it covers with its shade good part of the world political scenery.

Everything has beginning when Elihu Yale, been born near Boston and culturally formed him to London, he/she returns in country after having done fortune and acquired enormous wealths thanks also to his/her charge of Governor of Fort Saint George (Madras), had thanks to his/herla British East good relationships with India Company.

Reentered in England in 1699, Yale lavishes a conspicuous donation, still followed by a lot of others, all of such a consistence to make him/it become shortly time an appreciated philanthropist. In 1718 as sign of gratitude, the university of Yale assumes its name. The institute he affirms very soon as exclusive place and of great prestige, at least up to when its destiny doesn't weave him with that of some students of his that rather boast of friendships and affairs doubts.

In 1823, Samuel Russell deep andla Russell Company, society of façade that serves to cover the intention to smuggle opium imported from Turkey to be distributed on the Chinese market.

Beginning from this moment, a to follow him of events that you/they will hardly be tracked down in the historical accounts furnished by the official press, it will bring and to the birth of the Skull Bones.

In the period from 1831 to 1832, William Huntington Russell studies in Germany, contemporarily to the last period of teaching near the university in Berlin of Friedrich Hegel, that with his/her ideas on the State as end last would have to a large extent influenced the birth of the society of the Skull and crossbones.

During this same period and on the wake of the thought of Hegel, they bloomed in Germany a lot of secret societies, almost all tied up among them from an only ideal that was expressed in a supreme right of the State against the individual; even if officially tried not, the hypothesis of an entry is reasonable from Russell in one of these brotherhoods; from this experience the idea of the Skull and Bones would have been born, subsequently founded to Yale.

And' opportune to remember that the Bonesmen or the belonging ones to the society, exist onlyla Skull to Yale; and Bones is an unique center, it exists only within the university and it admits only fifteen members every year.

Been born under an evident shade of illegalityla Skull, and Bones keeps from his/her foundation on acting from reservoir from which to draw for occupying the most important places in the world political scenery.

Of the society, they make part many illustrious names, what: Whitney, Taft, Jay, Bundy, Harriman, Weyerhaeuser, Pinchot, Rockefeller, Goodyear, Sloane, Stimson, Phelps, Perkins, Pillsbury, Kellogg, Vanderbilt, Bush, Lovett and so street.

William Russell was promoted general and it became a legislator of the state of the Connecticut. Alphonso Taft was named Minister of the War, this place has been busy from many Bonesmens (Ambassador in Austria and ambassador in Russia, is other two places frequently occupied by the Bonesmen). His/her child, William Howard Taft, was the only man to occupy both the place of President of the United States, and that of Head of the Supreme court.

The secret dark of the Grave

With the appellative Grave is pointed out the center of the Skull and Bones near the university of Yale, a building from the aspect almost spartano, in which it is impossible to enter for those people who don't belong to the association and from which the most disparate news slips out on the activities that would develop him to its inside.

Despite the order you/he/she had been born under the best auspices, well supported financially and frequented by the more names in sight of the society, they almost immediately began the first protests; many teachers complained about the secretiveness and the exclusiveness of the Society and more than few students they declared him oppressed by his/her members.

An article appeared in 1893 on a newspaper of New Haven reported dark intrigues among the walls of the Grave, also reportingla Società to have by now taken the same management of Yale and to use the university for his/her purposes; that newspaper, immediately after having given voice to the protests you/he/she was not published anymore.

La Tomba you/he/she is built in 1856, a simple building of brown color, deprived of windows, destined to entertain the weekly reunions of the Bonesmen that develop him in the room number 322.

Some of the incisions that are found to the iterno of the building result to be particularly interesting, above all for the fact that I/youla Germania/they have been brought in languages German; in effects, as already said, it has a very particular importance in the history of the Skull and Bones. Recalling ourselves the theory that wantsla Società been born by a well more ancient German secret sect, it will be interesting to make to notice a plate, always inside the Grave, on which you/he/she is written: "From the German chapter. Introduced by D. C. Gilman."

This particular annotation introduces us once more in the secrets of the Grave: Daniel Coit Gilman, together to other two Bonesman, is in fact the founder of a sort of triumvirate that still today influence in conclusive way the American life.

Immediately after having been initiated to the Skull and Bones, Daniel Gilman, Timothy Dwight and Andrew Dickinson White they went him to study philosophy in Europe, more exactly near the university in Berlin. To his/her return in America, in 1856, Daniel Gilman recordedla Società as Russell Trust and contemporarily became of it both treasurer and librarian. Under the presidency of William H. Russell, devoted 14 years to the consolidation of the power of the Brotherhood. Through political manoeuvres, he/she succeeded in acquiring many funds; Daniel was also the first President of the university of California. Timothy Dwight, from simple teacher, in 1886 the President of the Yale University became; all the Presidents of the College, have been select since then among the Bonesmen.

Daniel Gilman, Timothy Dwight e Andrew Dickinson White, insieme, fondarono la American Economic Association, la American Chemical Society e la American Psychological Association. You treats, as many know, of the three institutions that today they influence still in dominant way the American education.

The roots of the power

One of the predominant activities of the Skull and Bones, is that to establish since his/her birth a real chain (horizontal and vertical) of influences that you/they reflect him especially in the tall spheres of the power; this characteristic assures the continuity of his/her own schemes of conspiracy to the same Society. The carrying out of such activity can be reassumed in enough simple way:

The members of the Skull and Boneses exclusively originate from extremely wealthy families, that you/they boast of noble relatives and that they are intimately connected with the vertexes of the politics.

The members of the Skull and Boneses come "inclined" and "recommended" to marry into among them; this serves to perpetuate the schemes of the Society without interrupting his/her constant presence in the places key of the Government, of the economy and of the finance.

For better clarifying the two points just brought it will be enough to flow one of the so many parallel histories that characterize the activity of the Skull and Bones, that of Averil Harriman.

Harriman, powerful man of is affiliate to the Society of the Bones, together with his/her/their brother Roland, was an exponent of I detach some Democratic Party; together to other four members ofla Brown Brothers the brotherhood he/she worked as manager near Harriman; one of the four were Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W. Bush. The funds to the Brown Brothers Harriman were guaranteed in the time by two important American banking institutes, to head of which you/they were once more two belonging to the Society.

Money came subsequently used for financing the Nazi regime and that Soviet.

Through various political manoeuvres he succeeded in favoring the ascent of the Bolshevism in Russia and the same Averil Harriman it became the person responsible for all the Anglo business. Russian.

The illustrious names that stopping by the Skull and Bones, they have landed to the world of the international business, they are not stopped certain here: F. Trubee Davison, Sloane Coffin, Jr., V. Van Di' of it, James Buckley, Bill Buckley, Hugh Cunnigham, Hugh Wilson, Reuben Holden, Charles R. Walker, Robert D. French (Minister of the War), Archibald MacLiesh, Dino Pionzio, William and McGeorge Bundy, Richard A. Moore, David Boren (Senator), John Kerry (the actual candidate to the American presidency) and, finally, George W. Bush.

Very numerous they are the men of the CIA coming from the Skull and Bones, as it is interesting to notice that many Bonesmen, inclusive Bush, was ambassadorial or employed to the public relationships in the Chinese Popular Republic.

This last curiosity must not surprise as; you/he/shela Cina has always been one of the greatest producers and consumers of opium and, as we have already had the opportunity to see, the origins of the Skull and Bones, is intimately tiedla Russell really to this traffic; and Company was the first commercial firm to operate in the I bring of Shanghai, and it is not a case that Reuben Holden (exponent of I detach some Intelligence American and promoter of the intrigues USA in China) was the cousin of George W. Bush.

Equally always the same George W. Bush was named by Nixon supervisor to the commerce withla Cina, nomination that allowed his/her family to assume a role of I detach in the economy of communist China; not by chance he perhaps rumors thatla Guerra in Vietnam was in reality a screen to cover the development and the consolidation of the traffic of spices among Thailand, Laos and Burma!

The shade of the Illuminated ones

You/he/she has often spoken of a relationship among the group of the Illuminated ones, privileged protagonist of almost all the hypothesesla Skull of plot and and Bones; also not having documented tests of a possible descent, some coincidences seem to leave space to searches that deserve an accurate close examination.

The accidental recovery of a manuscript happened in 1985 reopened the matter, in effects never definitely dam, of the ancient conceived plot and brought before thin to today from Illuminates him; Adam Weishaupt, founder of the secret Society inspired to the order of the Jesuits publicized a "New System of the Things", a plan to long expiration that would have delivered in the hands of the Illuminated ones the undisputed power on world staircase. Despite the proclamation sent forth by the Bavarian Government inla Società 1787, of the Illuminated ones it kept secretly on pursuing his/her own purposes, also through various alliances with divert Masonic Loggias and continuing his/her own work of proselytism.

To glimpse the shade of the Illuminated in America will be enough to analyze the modus operands of the Skull and Bones and of his/her illustrious ancestress, Kappala Phi Beta.

La Società of the Illuminated ones you/he/she was founded in 1776 inside the university of Ingolstadt and his/her founder it used to choose the proselytes among the most intelligent and wealthiest students in the school.

It concerns after all the same technique used by the Society of the Bones, technique that in both cases door to the same goal, to create a hidden net to easily be able gestibile through united elements among them.

What andla Skull Bones is a filiazione of the Illuminated ones it is by now common opinion, it stays in every case the mystery on what the true expressions of the Illuminated in America is materially, what both the assumed form and who the true heads are.

Ipotizzabile a continuous remains however I recycle of the Illuminated in breast to the various Brotherhoods been born after 1787; man I recycle him you/he/she can easily follow "reading" among the various simbologies released by orbitting Corporate body around the Freemasonry, or to the Society in which meets the majorities of the most lost Orders and from which are risen very often Society more or less you forget. The same symbol of the Skull and Bones, the Skull and crossbones and the Bones, are a Masonic reference.

And' reasonable to think that a going up again secret society to 1700 succeeds today still in managing in so preponderant way the fates of the greatest world governments?

Strange coincidences

1944: with a six month-old advance from the end of the war inla Marina Americana the Pacific, it grants to G. W. Bush to reenter to house. On January 6 1945 Bush gets married Barbaric Pierce and in the month of August of the same year both enroll him in the university of Yale.

Despite the period of study you are dispatched within four years, Bush finishes in alone two years and a half; in 1947 the future president George W is born. Bush and in 1948 his/her father is elected Phi Beta Kappa, a honorary position reserved to the best brains in the school.

For which excellent worths it happened this election? Was its scholastic curriculum so bright indeed? To these questions it will never come unfortunately date an answer; almost all the facts that characterize the scholastic life of Bush in that years have been listed Top Secret and by the FBI; they stay only the testimonies of his/her companions that they affirm pits a bright and prepared student but it is not understood for what motive so much cleverness should be kept secret and not publicized as note of visible worth to everybody.

He/she remains therefore a mystery his/her precocious election to Phi Beta Kappa, opposite it is not a mystery that his/her father (Prescott Bush) was a trustee of the institute and that a friend of family directed to the epoch the American secret services.

Bush's permanence to Yale alternates him among university and assiduous activity frequentazioni of some belonging veterans to the Skull and Bones; it finally comes select to be initiated to the Society; it is the fifteenth one of the list, a list that doesn't associate the importance of the candidate to his/her position on the list, to Bush in fact it touches the honor to be the fifteenth one, the position more aspired and reserved to the most deserving.

Hierarchical structure

The structure of the Skull and Bones is very simple a simplicity that makes the whole extremely functional apparatus; in few words the organigramma is composed of solos three segments: the External Circle, the Inside Circle and the Inside Nucleus.

The External Circle is in practice the façade of the Society, composed by men of I detach that they develop activity on behalf of the Brotherhood in clear and visible way, over that from financial and social organizations. The Inside Circle is composed instead from more tied up societies to the tie of the reservation and directly connected322. In to the Chapter reference to this number is opportune to bring a hypothesis that.it would put him/it to the date of the 322 d.C., year during which a secret society that recalled him the teachings of Demostene bloomed; just from these facts the use of the indication would have been born 322.

The Inside Nucleus is in practice a secret society that operates in breast to a secret society. It deals with a narrow number of members with decisional power that he/she remembers a lot from near the theory on Illuminates him. Of the Inside Nucleus they make part the Executive Committee and the Group of Action.

Intentionally this type of flexible and malleable structure has produced thin to today a meaningful presence of the Bonesmen in the neuralgic points of the Government Usa, a presence that can be esteemed as it follows:

Administration of the Justice: 18%

Economy and Commerce: 16%

Department of Internal Revenue: 16%

Industry: 15%

Government, Army and Intelligence: 70%

In practical the Skull Bones is present in all the key points of the State and doesn't deal with thin presences to if same in fact, really for the particular structure of the Society, every tags after it interacts with creating a depth process of sinergie that you/they extend to an only purpose: to check and to manage.


One old published article of mine many months ago you/he/she has aroused a notable applause, above all because of the treated matter: HAARP and Chemical Wakes.

In truth the comparison is due to the real lack of information on such matter, lack that surely assumes characteristics not to underestimate in how much the same matter deserves the maximum attention.

Just for these motives it will be to take back well the discourse deepening the most delicate themes of it and hoping that such decision involves how much more possible people, since the popularization is the only and best weapon to fight the ignorance wanted from who pretends to manage the planet and the information as personal thing.

The only way to fight the Cover Up, the misinformation and the concentration of the strong powers is the dialogue, the popularization, the constant attention on facts, things and people, in such sense it is sincerely thanked the magazine that this article entertains because of this conviction has done a flag of it, active and always tall on the heads of whom wants to arrogate the right to manage the future.

Made these due premises we take back the thread of our discourses; they are by now a number too raised the people that observe in our skies those dense wakes left by the airplanes, a too elevated number because can be pretended that there am not anything anomalous.

The diffused opinion that deals with simple wakes of condensation released by the airplanes doesn't find comparison in comparison to the numerous cases of indisposition recorded, but a good alibi has become for those people who want to all the costs and you/they must deny the evidence.

Which would it be the evidence of the facts then?

We could simply answer that we find us in presence of activity anomalous turns in our skies, but it would be too much a superficial solution, and the fact same that the authorities persist in their disinterest allows to suppose that there is some other.

The first recorded phenomena, surely imputable to this type of problem, they go up again a years '40, or to the period in which the airplanes began to stir to elevated quotas more and more; in few words it dealt with aqueous vapor that the warm unloadings of the motors introduced in the atmosphere; this vapor, to contact with the cold air, it arrived to a state of glut and it began to condense himself/herself/themselves turning himself/herself/itself into lower case letters drops of water.

The phenomenon happened and it happens departing from quotas that they go8000 metri to him in on but it is important to notice that the phenomenon lasts no more than one minute before this type of wakes dissipates him without leaving some type of trace.

Natural phenomenon therefore, nothing anomalous p of mysterious; the true problem resides in the confusion, often volute, between wakes of condensation and chemical wakes.

The first case is what we have just exposed, a normal and natural physical event, the second results to be very different, above all because we see us persistent and thick wakes to the point to form a blanket a real artificial cloudiness.

We try to help us with a chart for better understanding the differences:



They form to quotas that depart from in8000 metri on

They are often formed under him8000 metri and you/they are produced by airplanes not identified

I am a due natural phenomenon to the heat of the motors to contact with the cold air

I am not a natural phenomenon and you/they are probably released following a logical scheme

It deals with small crystals of ice or small drops of water that almost dissipate later him one minute

The released substances are: Salts of barium, aluminum sulfate, kick, titanium and other mixtures.

As we can notice the difference it exists, it is tangible but, above all, extremely dangerous; we observe from near the mixtures released by the chemical wakes.

Salts of Barium: it deals with a chemical element, present in nature with the name of Baritina. Skipping the fact of the consequences that could have on the human metabolism an element that should not wonder aimlessly for our skies, it is correct to know that many researchers have divulged on the subject a thesis: the Salts of barium would serve to improve the ricetrasmissione of the signals propagated through the electromagnetic waves. In few words deals with the first footstep for the management of the climate!

Aluminum sulfate: it deals with a mixed salt of aluminum and potassium of the sulphuric acid, used in medicine as hemostatic. Needless to say that the aluminum is another harmful element, above all if we think that it ties him to the human dna causing in the time you burden damages to the brain.

Kick: it is an earthy alkaline metal, in effects useful to the man but always if assumed in the due proportions.

Titanium: other chemical element whose composed more important it is the dioxide of titanium, excellent filtering for the electromagnetic radiations.

We don't exactly know when they began the experiments that brought to the phenomenon of the chemical wakes, we could probably report us to 1996 and to locate the zone in the United States and in Canada; subsequently the phenomenon showily widened and the first Italian testimony is of the 1999.

From that year the phenomena have widened to stain of oil, the signalings and the witnesses I am hundreds but opposite the interest of the press, of the masses middle and of the authorities results ephemeral, if not entirely nonexistent.

We have talked of numerous cases of indisposition and in effects the implications respect to the public health they are notable; also in this case it doesn't result both is done some official analysis on the dusts released by these mysterious airplanes, except analysis developed in really from independent researchers.

We have used the term mysterious volutamente in how much, also here, an enigma hides him; who releases the chemical wakes?

The observatories and the testimonies report of numerous airplanes not identified, a lot of times of white color, that follow non conventional routs and that they stir so that to form grates, intersections and other strange figures in quota; they are enough few times because the sky turns him into a mass lattiginosa that nothing has of disposition, an artificial cloudiness that perhaps hides inconfessabili experiments against who, impotent, you/he/she can observe only unarmed from earth.

From 1996 to today, the present aluminum levels in the air, on the whole Italian territory, I am notably increased and this growth has been constant in the time; it doesn't deal with an explainable datum in conventional way, yet it persists us not to give him the due relief.

The question remains still suspended: who releases the chemical wakes? Why?

Thanks to the patience of the researchers you/he/she is been able to ascertain that the large majority of the phenomena they are recorded following the observation of airplanes in flight in international aerial spaces; the release of the wakes has happened and it usually happens in you determine atmospheric situations, or in concomitance with the arrival of big perturbations or with the arrival of cold winds.

The analysis of these facts brings us to think that I/you/he/she am for a long time in action an attempt of global management of the climate and, in every case, the concomitance of the two events, chemical wakes and atmospheric phenomenon, it influences alone already the same climate.

Other element that comforts how much I dictate till now it concerns the thick resources employed in this phenomenon; to manage so many non identifiable airplanes and not identified in international aerial spaces, often at the same time and in distant places geographically among them, it allows to imply that I/you/he/she don't deal with imputable phenomena to organizations or local authority but something of very vast than it enjoys some unconditional support of many countries.

But do we also have a test eclatante in comparison to how much you/he/she is happening in various parts of the world? Enough simply to give a glance to the global climatic situation to make I count; the directly go countries parties to the phenomenon of the chemical wakes are recording periods of drought long more and more, the climate is changing and is not only a physiological problem, also in this field the man is trying to overturn the natural order of the things!

Do we hypothesize a drastic climatic change, would thing happen? They would surely change the habits but the aspect that more it interests us it is another: they would change the economic conditions. To check the climate can mean to create new regions toward which to export his/her own products, to create a new third world, new models of life and, above all, to hold the threat most powerful that has ever existed in case of war.

To use the expression war could almost seem a forcing but the reality of the things it is well different and an involvement of the military authorities is not to exclude rather, it results to be extreme probable mind.

The first signalings related to the phenomenon of the chemical wakes described strange veivoli of white color, without any distinctive sign, very similar to the models KC-135 and KC-10, both military aerocisternes with propulsion motors derived by707, in the Boeing degree to100.000 litri transport over of fuel; the new version, the KC 135R are produced in well 732 samples.

The fact that deals with means for the restocking in flight nothing doesn't change to the facts; the numerous testimonies, both visual and photographic, introduces and they bring the issue of thick and persistent wakes issue probably effected with various systems of aerosol and with different formality of diffusion according to the purpose of the mission.

Some photos show a change of the classical one straight "basket" used for the restocking in flight of airplanes hunting and bombardiers with a very similar device to a sprinkler.

If to all this we add the fact that recent sightings also confirm the presence of airplanes of line or very similar to them, the picture of the situation becomes very more anxious and dramatic; we find us in practice of forehead to an organization, private or government, in degree to economically manage a so vast and diffused net, an organization that cannot be passed unnoticed except that I/you/he/she am not somehow cover or silently recognized by the authorities, military, aeronautics or civil.

To speak of plot would be too hazardous perhaps, even it would be too much simple and however it would end up making the same game of the misinformation; the fact stays that the consequences of the chemical wakes are a problem that concerns too much us from near to stay in silence to passively look at the sky.

An ample public debate would be desirable, a sensitization of mass, the taking of conscience that the future is built in the present and nobody can arrogate the right not to inform us on how much it happens around us. To do this is opportune to document, to try to understand what backstages stir behind the phenomenon; we have spoken of control of the climate, but we could also hypothesize biological (fall of anomalous filaments and biological material during the phenomenon) experimentations, electromagnetic applications, in few words the incumbent danger could have and it perhaps has a solo, terrible, name: global control of the planet.

If to someone also this affirmation resulted too much catastrophic, it will be enough for him to intimately document in worth to a connected project to the chemical wakes: HAARP, a powerful person armed system that exploits the electromagnetism and that you/he/she is proposed by his/her experimenters as simple scientific control on the tall layers of the atmosphere.

If there was still need of some reasonable doubt to take conscience of the case, will be enough to remember that the optimal operation of HAARP needs a vast diffusion of barium in the atmosphere, an element that, as have already had the opportunity to write, is constantly foresees in the issue of the chemical wakes!

The last anxious sign comes us really from those organizations that volutamentes ignore the problem; in August of 1996, the same period of the first sightings, edited by the Air American Force, a document is released of around 52 pages with a title to a little anxious dir: "Weather as to Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather2025” in (The climate as he/she forces moltiplicatrice: to possess the climate within the 2025). The document is compiled from: With the. Tamzy J. House, Lt Con the James B. Near, Jr., LTC William B. Shields (USA), Maj Ronald J. they Cement, Maj David M. Husband, Maj Ann And. Mercer, Maj James And. Pugh.

Among the so many affirmations, all referable ones to the facts that we have until here examined, he/she is read: "In 2025 the strengths aerospace USA can have the control of the climate if you/they will have capitalized the new technologies developing her in the key of the applications of war. [...] From the improvement of the operations of the allies and from the annulment of those of the hostile one through climatic sceneries "custom", to the complete global domination of the communications and the space, the climatic modification offers to whom fights a war an ample range of possible ways to defeat or to subdue the adversary."

The document is consultabile in English language on Internet but the results they are under the eyes of everybody, the reports continue to crowd on the desks of the authorities, the whole rest is in our hands and in our wish to act now, to know and to complain our right to choose, because the future that we will give to our children and those people that surround us doesn't derive from colds political and military calculations but of good feelings and desire to grow in the respect of the environment that surrounds us.



They are in many, still today, to remember the famous Experiment in Philadelphia; some remember him/it because of a series of cinema productions that you/they drew I sprout of it, others because even you/they have read something on the journalistic headings.

The information that was given in that period was predominantly sceptic and well soon the event fell in a sort of limbo; he treated in every case of a very brief sleep, considering that the basic idea of the experiment has been taken back in big secret, becoming the phase of departure of the mysterious project Montauk.

For better penetrating us in this dissertation and to try to understand as, once more, misinformation and power have jointly operated, it will be to shortly remember well thing the 28 October of the it happened 1943.

That day, the ship of the American military harbor USS Eldridge served as guinea-pig to experiment, under the guide of doctor Franklin Reno (or Rinehart), a new system able to create a field of invisibility around the same ship.

The theory that served as support to this test founded him on the studies of the unified field effected by Einstein, or on assumes him of a mutual relationship of the strengths that you/they understand electromagnetic radiation and gravity.

I sweep final some experiment was that to make the ship invisible through the generation of an electromagnetic ray that the light would have bent reflected by the object making her/it pass over and making him/it, of fact, invisible.

Six days before you/he/she was performed a test of test that a partial success resulted however and caused different physical problems to the crew; he passed therefore to prepare the ship with three electromagnetic generators of power. The 28 October of 1943 the ship would have disappeared some fraction of second later turned on him of the generators and reappeared to Norfolk, that600 chilometri is to around from the place of the experiment.

To this point everything becomes confused, so much that I/you/they have been in many to wonder if what we have told just happened really; and if everything this happened, was thing of it of the crew? Were you/they gathered, as is it said, from mental illnesses? Were they fused with the metal of the bridge? Or did they fade away in the nothing simply?

To these questions satisfactory answers are not been given rather never, the whole case has been classified as an urban legend and you/he/she has been assigned him the plate of imagination from cospirazionisti; yet...someone has lately thought about taking back this "legend."..


Montauk, Long Island; the government of the United States is ready to launch a project child, somehow, of the experiment in Philadelphia, a powerful person weapon thought and projected for the psychological war.

The greatest part of the people interviewed respect to the Montauk Project they are of the idea that deals with a forgery, of it tantomeno some underground plant has ever been located but it concerns after all the ancient and persistent problem of the misinformation or, quantomeno, of a form of well known Cover Up from who deals with this kind of events.

They exist in practice two opposite poles: the common people that are recipient of the information and the organs of power, are them military or other or those people who should give the information. Many will wonder that end you/they have made the masses middle in this reasoning; simply I/you/they have not been included, and this has happened volutamente considering that almost the totality of the American journalistic sources is in groups hand of power. The mechanism that baits this thin type of information is very simple: attended that the knowledge, to the actual state, it is simply the fruit of a wild generalization, the trial is inherent for which, who will have access to the information, it won't keep in mind of the goodness or it will find less as writing but only and exclusively of the source. In such sense ifla Nasa, the Pentagon orla Marina Militare whoever other holds a remarkable place he/she affirms that the Montauk Project has never existed, this will be the truth accepted by the majority of the readers and against which must fight those people who you/they affirm the contrary one.

It exists however a logical presupposition that, for mental idleness or simply for diffused indifference, nobody puts into effect: if the Montauk Project has never existed because he/she speaks around? Which are I/you/they the tests that has never been put into effect?

These reasonings are obviously applicable to all the matters of the misinformation; to affirm that something has never existed of which all speak, to which have given a name, and not to produce tests of this affirmation is only an arrogant way to attest a power on the same truth, a power that nobody holds and that to anybody you/he/she has ever been submitted.

In few words the concept would be this: the eminent egittologo declares thatla Piramide of Cheope was simply a gravestone because he believes that I/you/he/she am this way; to the egittologo I could answer very well the contrary one for the fact that I think both otherwise gone; at the end of the debate it will be him to have the best however, not because you/he/she has brought tests but simply whether to be egittologo, in the commune to feel, is heralding of champion of truth.

But we return on our footsteps; immediately after 1950 some researchers that had participated in the project Rainbow (the experiment in Philadelphia), decide to continue on that road, continuing the search on the electromagnetic fields, in particolar way on their applicable psychological effects in military field.

A project is introduced to the Congress but it almost immediately comes rejected, not so much for the waste of money but for his inherent and potential dangerousness; the promoters of the Project Montauk however they don't surrender him, they directly propose their ideas to the Department of the Defense, promising a weapon that will produce symptoms of schizophrenia to the enemy with the simple touch of a button.

The project, obviously, not having the approval of the Congress, you/he/she must have conducted with the maximum reservation and secretiveness, over whether to secretly be financed.

The financings came from the gold recovered by the American soldiers in a train, in French territory, belonging to the Nazis; the remaining part was recovered by an additional financing gotten from the steelworks Krupp, it also looks at case them directly involved with the Third Reich.

The first jobs had beginning near the Brookhaven National Laboratory of Long Island and the name that it initially was given to the project it was Phoenix; from there to few they began to rise the first problems: to go on with the jobs needed to install a radar of enough evident proportions, such installation would have however can jeopardize the safety of the project. Fortunately Forcela US Air had from little dismesso a base to Montauk, not very away from Brookhaven and as many fortunately the base was still endowed with a plant radar of notable dimensions.

At the end of 1960 the jobs of move of the equipments are completed and you/he/she are also completed the construction of an underground bunker near the base; in 1969, always because of the tied up problems to the secretiveness (in the meantime Montauk had become a tourist place), the site is closed and given as I shelter for the wild fauna. In the action of donation it is underlined however that the undergrounds remain in every case of ownership of the Air Force and many think that in this place activities are continued at least1980. In up to the every case, oddly, the park has not been never open to the public because, it is said, problems of environmental contamination exist. Which should the contaminating agent be? Nobody has ever given an answer to this question.


What did it happen to Montauk up to 1980? We can found only on indiscretions news slipped out by workers and stories of people of the place.

The list that follows contains hypothetical activity, possible activity and activity that for logic, on the escort of the preceding and actual experiences derived by the study of the Cover Up operated from USA, they have an elevated possibility to correspond to the truth. A lot of the news also derive from the analysis and from the study than it tells him on the place and they are in too many to report situations that, also not excluding can be simple personnels deductions, they oddly appear very similar to all the military projects brought ahead in America.

The structure has been widened up to twelve levels and different hundred workers you/they have taken part to the project.

To Montauk in that period a strong presence of workers is recorded coming from numerous states, people that remained only few months and then divided, and he didn't treat certain of tourists.

Some topographical relationships make to notice underground excavations that extend him until under the commune of Montauk from the site of the Project.

And' is in relief a notable increase of attributable pathologies to the category of the mental troubles among the population.

Equally an increase of individuals has been recorded that scientifically introduced psychic ability over the approved norm.

Stewart Swerdlow, one of the characters that it sustains to have taken part to the Project Montauk, introduced strengthen mental faculty; in base to his/her testimonies this would be the effect of the details exposure you radiate, effect that would have however discounted with a strong emotional instability, stress traumatic post and mental disorder.

Has the site finally been opened the 18 September of 2002 to the public, the environmental dangers you/they were passed or had the project finally realized its purpose? What was it really the Montauk Project? An enormous stargates as many affirm or the material possibility to influence and to command other people's mind creating perfect war cars and colds killer to use to the need and command?

Or was it perhaps an experiment of bioenergia with strong connections numerologiche? After all (40 number of redemption and espiazione,4 number of the time, of the beginning and of the end) you/he/she has been created, departing from the facts in Philadelphia following a 40 year-old cycle; from the experiment in Philadelphia (1943) at the end of the first period of the Montauk (1983) they spend 40 years, departing from this last datum would reach 2013, that is at the end of 2012, famous year of the prophecy Maya!


The Project Philadelphia is born as it conceives in 1930, am takes shape as real matter of study in the1933 a Princeton, near the institute of Advanced Studies.

From this same Institute Albert Einstein has passed to his/her return from Germany and in this same Institute John Erich Von Neumann he/she works, mathematical, chemist and scientist.

But they are not these the only excellent names that orbit around Princeton; Nikola Tesla is assiduous frequenter of the institute but also, to said of many, one of the inventors of the experiment; he has been besides, before his/her arrival in the United States, intimate friend of Robert Oppenheimer, that worked subsequently for the development of the atomic bomb, and of David Hilbert, he who mathematically explained the reality and the space.

Too people, all intrinsically tied up among them from very useful knowledges to the Project and all oddly orbitting really where the bases of the experiment in Philadelphia are discussed.

Too coincidences or too hidden truths?


1966 was not some one poor year of events, and not only in field ufologico: on January 13 was elected the Prime Minister of color in the United States, on April 21 happens the first plant of an artificial heart in a human organism, on September 8 is transmitted in America the first episode of Star Trek and the month of November you/he/she is sadly remembered for the tragic flood in Florence.

Also in the field of the ufologia they there was room for the events: to Montevideo a local astronomer takes back in the foreground twelve slides of the sun with a well visible Ufo, on November 12 to Strong Ontario a thick witnesses' number, among which an employee to the radars of the Marina Militare, tells to have observed a disk furnished of dome and with a line of portholes in the lowest portion, while in Italy you/he/she begins his/her own activity News-bulletin Ufo, the organ of the CUN, Center Ufologico Nazionale, activity still today in continuous expansion.

One year therefore dense of events, at times tragic, others mysterious, but also the year in which it has beginning one of the most controversial mysteries that today it withstands still to every attempt of deciphering: Mothman, the man Moth.

The beginning of a mystery

November 12 th 1966, Clendenin, one of the workers of the local cemetery, Kenneth Duncan, together to others his/her colleagues, suddenly saw to dart above his/her head a strange brown form, that described subsequently as a human being or from the very similar features.

The strange creature planed among the trees and was visible for some minutes, therefore you/he/she suddenly disappeared as you/he/she had appeared.

Accomplice also her "fantastic" description of the witnesses, which you/they confirmed more times that it dealt with a man with the wings and not of a bird, the whole story fell soon in the forgetfulness; it seemed to perhaps treat him of the imagination of some tired work colleagues of the grisly weariness of his/her own charge, but the events were decidedly taking a different fold.

A few days later, in fact, two couples of young consorts that were found in trip on board of their Chevrolet, along the road that conducts to Point Pleasant, they sight near an electric station in disuse, a firm figure on the eyelash of the road; the strange apparition seems to observe them but that that it mostly strikes the witnesses they are its unnatural features: it dealt with a figure of big ransom, tall more than two meters, with those that seemed a pair of wings refolded on the back and from the eyes turned on red color, almost luminescent.

The man to the guide for observing better the creature, therefore you/he/she again accelerated suffered a crisis of panic; but the adventure didn't conclude him in that way, the creature in fact it was set to the pursuit of the auto, rasente flying to the vehicle with the explained wings. The speed of escape was esteemed subsequently by the same witnesses in around schedules160 chilometri, despite this the mysterious winged creature succeeded in being without difficulty behind the automobile; joints near the suburbs of Point Pleasant, the mysterious pursuer desisted and all concluded him with a big fear and long minutes of terror.

The local press immediately gave ample space to the news, also remembering how much reported days before from Kenneth Duncan, but for the more sceptics the final test would have arrived, once more, a few days later.

On November 27, around the 10,30, an eighteen year-old girl, Connie Carpenter, was found on his/her own auto of return by a religious function; almost reaches the height of the small center of New Haven, flowed a firm grey outline on the border of the road; it didn't even have the time to reflect that the figure explained an enormous pair of wings and got up in flight in direction of the car.

Reaches few meters from the vehicle, the apparition it revealed a face on which you/they detached two enormous red eyes; the being avoided the auto discarding from a side, while the girl pushed at the most the accelerator reaching prey house to a hysterical attack.

Particular remarkable of this third meeting they are the symptoms found on the witness or swollen eyes, irritated and perpetually in lacrimazione.

The mysterious creature

Immediately after these events, the Mothman entered the imaginary collective, especially in the nightmares of a lot of people, even if in reality this mysterious creature already had some precedents, as we will see subsequently.

Known under different names, (Spring Heeled Jack, Owlman, Mothman) the man Moth is also cut out a place in the myth, becoming the protagonist of the film "The Mothman Prophecies" of Mark Pellington, drawn by the homonym novel of John A. Keel, ufologo American author of different books that you/they treat of mysterious creatures.

Despite the sightings of the Mothman officially has beginning in the sixties in West Virginia, in reality creatures from the similar aspect were partly already known, and other cases you/they were always verified in the different place in the same period; between 18371904, a and the London, about ten people reported of you are been attacked by a mysterious very similar man to a bat, while in 1966, always in England, the seventeen year-old John Flaxton sighted together to other three friends, a tall and dark figure with a pair of wings refolded on the back.

In the following days this last sighting, was verified in the zone numerous bright phenomena.

Among the last testimonies in different places from the facts happened in the sixties, a sighting is recorded happened to New Delhi, in India, in 2001; in this case a physical aggression is also verified.

The places of the Mothman

In every case, the region that seems to have been select from the Mothman as natural habitat, Point Pleasant he/she remains, and really on this place it will be to assemble well our attention, departing from the presupposition that every investigation cannot be extrapolated by the history of the territory that has been theater of the phenomena.

To the beginnings of the '900, a near zone to Point Pleasant, became natural reserve for volatile; the same reserve was dismantledla Seconda Guerra during World to make place to a deposit of ammunitions. The explosives were crowded in one hundred small buildings of cement and steel, called Igloo by the inhabitants of the place; these same constructions came subsequently undersold to various chemical and biochemical societies.

And' interesting to notice that the three more cases eclatantis of sighting of the Mothman, have happened really near the area just described, even if in this case the coincidence could appear of obligation, geographically sees also the numerous following sightings in the distant zones, as that related to the two pilots that sighted the Mothman while they were being in flight initially exchanging him/it for another veivolo. Also in this case, to enter the world of the casuistry, is rilevabile a detail already told by the couple of consorts; the Mothman flew to elevated speed but it gave the impression to stir without need to beat the wings.

Terrible prophecies

The sightings, at least officially they finished in December of 1967, really in concomitance of a terrible misfortune that struck the zone of Point Pleasant; on December 15, the Silver Bridge suddenly collapsed causing the death of 46 people. It dealt with a cold evening in winter, the normal traffic of the vacations was mixed to that some commuters coming from the industrial area; just before the collapse some witnesses told to have heard a deaf scrunch, it immediately followed after a violent oscillation and one of the steel joints of the chain of suspension he broke.

The bridge began to fearfully ripple from a side to the other, the anchorage on the versed ones of Ohio broke away and the asphalt began to jump making to fall people and a halves in the icy waters of the river.

The everything lasted only 45 seconds, and despite the timely intervention of the paramedics, tragedy was inevitable.

The initial hypothesis underlined as cause of the disaster the numerous barges that had broken the moorings striking the shoulders of the bridge; after four years of investigation he reached the conclusion that the disaster was to debit to the strain of the structure of metal instead; contemporarily they were not few the testimonies that underlined the presence than at least twelve flashing red lights in the sky, in direction of the area occupied by the ex deposits of ammunitions.

After these tragic facts, the following apparitions of the Mothman were connected to a sort of terrible prophecies, as in the case of the earthquake that struck City of Mexico in 1985 or of the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl of the 1986.

The hypothesis "energetic"

If John Keel has had the worth to project the Mothman in the myth, his/her is also a particular formulated hypothesis in the attempt to give an explanation to the phenomenon; in base to the searches conducted by the American ufologo, the winged creature sighted to Point Pleasant would not be of extraterrestrial origin, he would treat in reality of an entity, an energetic form coming from near alternative dimensions to that in which we reside.

This theory would explain a lot of contradictions: it would eliminate the problem of the distances that you/they separate the alien ones from our world, he/she would explain the strange pathologies found on the witnesses and it would give a sense to the various supernatural demonstrations found in some cases, what Poltergeist and raising of the senses of sight and hearing.

You would treat in practice of the same entities that you/they commonly come known as Elves, Elves and Fairies, all beings to which Keel attributes an ability mimetic able to evolve of equal footstep with the progress of the humanity. In such sense the spirits of the antiquity would be the modern extraterrestrials, also being unknown the motivations of such strategy.


Taking back her various testimonies and the existing documentations on the Mothman, we try to trace a summary identikit of this creature, also trying to trace a map of the sightings:

Height: from one meter and fifty to two meters and fifty.

Body: slightly tapered, very greater than a normal human being.

You mark particular: probable presence of a fur of dark grey color; in some cases the witnesses have reported not to have succeeded in distinguishing the head.

Eyes: red incandescent; between the five and the eight centimeters of diameter, type human.

Wings: similar to those of a bat, don't beat in flight and introduce a varying opening from three to three meters and a half.

Further characteristics: some witnesses report to have felt to squeak him/it as a mouse, others they still tell to have heard a sound similar to that produced by the straps of a fan.

We pass to the map of the relative sightings for the greatest part to the West Virginia now:




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