How to Recover Deleted AOL Mail Emails


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How to Recover Deleted AOL Mail Emails 


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How would you feel when while deleting the spam emails from your AOL account, you accidentally deleted the important emails too? Don’t worry, there is a very easy method to recover back your emails and that too within no time. The deleted emails usually go into the trash can and you can very easily bring it back to your inbox folder. This type of situation can arise anytime and is quite common. The users sometimes unknowingly and unconsciously put a checkmark near the boxes of those emails too which they do not wish to delete. You don’t need to feel anxious as this blog will help you provide a guaranteed solution to restore AOL deleted emails. The emails can be deleted from any email account and almost all of the email accounts follow the same procedure. You can take a look at the guidelines to recover back the emails given in this blog. Just follow the procedure step by step and get the emails back.

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One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you can only recover the emails if they are dated back to the past 7 days.


How to recover emails that were accidentally deleted from the AOL Email account?


1.      Start your device and open your default browser

2.      In the search bar, type the valid address of the AOL email account

3.      Once the tab opens, sign in using your username and password

4.      Locate the trash folder in the left-hand corner and double click on its icon

5.      You will be able to see the deleted emails

6.      Select the emails that you wish to recover by putting a checkmark in front of them.

7.      Select the option of Restore.

The emails will automatically land in the inbox folder.

You can restore the emails easily by taking a look in the trash can. But if you wish to restore the emails that are more than 7 days old, then you need to follow a different procedure. The emails will be automatically deleted from the trash can after 7 days and to recover them back, you need to take help from AOL email recovery software. It is a recovery tool by which you can restore the emails prior to 7 days too. To use the tool and to understand the steps you will be required to contact the AOL Email Customer Care The technical executives will help you to understand that how you can use this recovery software and get back your deleted AOL emails.

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