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Who is my special Bean mystical Chosen? She is the nymph horizon. What a flow of a body stream like the Canadian waterfalls. He is sipping through her river of reproduction like a Greek mythology the three graces of cafe beauties Thalia like the Mama Mia sex siren. Some ladies were the cafe lush comical to laughing their sexy brains out getting desperate for sex hysteria.  Like creatures in the forest of hyenas.You couldn't see through all of them coffee nymph banquet, they were called the social cafe like a ritual gathering. The maidens of the stars she got a good taste of him rising like a Starbuck people were just another fuck.  I stare heart electrical like the sirens going off poetical but the coffee remained like a  diamond in the rough.It was one taste their sex enjoyment how far their lips went like a Burlesque act.He can run his hands up her spine and dropped his voice but you could hear her intense meow. She was really sexy had those brandy colored deep roasted eyes that he so admired.He looked like a Cafe Hollywood secret agent getting the best cup of coffee flavors like a scientist and she was the nymph on the Cafe French dark roast cobblestone street.He nudged her near the lingerie counter all leopard warm colors standing out bold.She was the kinky bra lady he had the perfect knowledge of the nymph anatomy.The way they drank their coffee they just knew so well these sex sirens are.She was so over the Sand M she didn;t want to make these men cry. But she put her chocolate flavor smell of mesh on they loved it.She went over it...and under it...also sideways...but the best was the back of her buttocks what a cafe figure. So many men to choose she is sugar shapes our love C cups geometrical we march to the same blend science.The measurements were perfect blend the mix to her body perfectly.

Well informed the cafe lust of the figures.  So metaphorical is this any miracle how we met

He get's my taste licks my cafe down I was the deep throat googling him all down.  The eyes of Carmello stare at me the sunset turned coffee like hot fudge drips. I taste his mind flies away from the sunset.

Deliciously he swept her did they make love stirred us should we or not tie the  Cafe knot

Despite her defiance coffee set her mind wicked flavor to entice him but quite the balance

I'm the Gothic lady with the coffee cup stand by me categorical mystery suspense coffee logical
Bold, my unique blend, frisky Coffee to hold. What drips 14 Karat gold nymph shower. 
Thought's erotically boiled cafe my time is hot by the hour?
Home-body Coffee--steamy he raided my book, 
How it poured Mr Master take another look
open up my most important you can have me book.

Coffee high society invitation, Coffee Masquerade
flower's red poppy. Coffee erotic like maniacs.
Chosen One Bean Godly-scent smell alive. Have sex put your lips where they need to be??

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Chapter 1 Symphonic Cafe Searching

Walking on the beautiful Victorian East side she had the sixth sense she was hearing classical music.The flower shops caught her eye the fast pace of the people going to work.What a soulful smell music sounds to her ear of daisies. Besides the faintly illuminated shapes stood out bright as the ground she was walking. You could smell all the ethnic flavors of foods.She felt the search something of a Saint what a Haydn his wife was the mad hair driving Miss daisy curler how he played through her hair. How his eyes wondered playing and observing like a womanizer and his eyes flew what a haunting moon. But Samatha was the harp shady tree lady stringing something together and it wasn't creepy pasta but sometimes her powers were weak. Some Gothic man symphonic music started playing Rossini Opera he could stand on his head she was pinned to his eyes she was all bloomed like a fly by witches flower came he passed her and he knew exactly who she was he winked to summoned her on what a binding spell she wiped the sweat off her face.

    She was beautiful pale porcelain skin and alluring walking with her parasol. But not realizing she was the target and wouldn't feel anything because he wiped out her soul. But music could overpower any ritual of a spell she was super soulful in her cooking and music she loved the artist Nicola Benedetti smooth and saucy. Let's go and play at the Carretti river of the twin residents. There was no way out he was the demon lord everyone was telling him to shoot that bitch with her poor soul brat-wurst. She needed to tune him out get a grip do you hear me who else could you be? He used to be a kind loved Mozart now he turned mad was in his blood Vampire shopping stake in the music heart. He was the historically instrumental music man.Some of his students he would torment them with his words if they didn't play their instrument top of the rank they wanted to bang their heads. They couldn't take it mop of a whiplash clean up your splash. They would have to stay very late to clean the coffin place. He was set a certain way he wanted them knuckled like the Eastwick Cher witches of East winds only Castled the hands didn't touch royalty he was sticking to his hat of a plan.

     Those fingers to bleed they would use broom mop beat of a witch drum.You never hold the broomstick right you need more beer brewing, this is crazy I am going out of my head. The music is  Bach but haunting when I am in route I-69 the music is all over the place he pulled himself into the witch and go station he said the worst of this is over I think the worst of the shock was receding as long as he didn't think of those damn witches they are called the symphonic witches.They hunt & wait to find the most vulnerable one with the worst mop of hair.What did she do to you hearing the same symphonic melody but it was more like a cancer of parody.

     They met every Thursday  4 that green thirsty human @ the Demon's brew up @ the London brewery.Dark left a brutal mark always a screw of the fallen hair. Let's go international very conventional.Not very functional This world is messed up worm's batch of brew in your cup. They need to suck in their waistline what guts raining witches. There hat's hanging by her plants of weed of wrinkle face and my pot green thumbs.I needed to stretch my hat with my longer than hail the witch nails. Bring my candle's & my black evil cat.

    Time remaking itself will I ever B myself.Did he give you big stage shot of injections This whole world is a disease cup of coffee they drink blood sugar raises her skin got as pale as milk not very fast food appetizing all beds and sheet and the primary color green faces of IV poison talking heads psyche killer someone was rolling the camera she screams!! I need to put my face back on movie set did you end up like dead head detention Was this the bad side of the moon creation Dark I love it witchery 3d images of gruesome reaction. I had sex, or not. was it interesting?He hurt like hell.Trying to escape the paleontologist what a skull came to my door with his spy eye ringing my bell. Amen of her own dark harvest clown. Was impossible, mission, deep inside she scream's alway's under unruly conditions. Only love of darkness spell went deeper he reached.

    She was spiritual high devil's preach lessons 2 learn where no-one can hear. We love the dark 2 fear. How she urged, to hear his witch bell.Mouth foamy like hell One finger slipped, into my wet, TV channel. He flooded me on the edge of the canal fucked up carnal knowledge All over again sadistic creature Can you handle such leverage slavery in my feature I love looking like cruel creature He turned her body on the side. Whose-the-witch didn't know one from the other. She felt like a cat with his caressing strokes but he was creepy scars, images and voices really swept away and he would be pushing at my long hair to get it off my face. They loved hair it was a show to them.He was the music player the cry of an anguished cheetah.What telepathic communication it was easy to read their minds one of her brothers it seeped into her skin he had a second skin like humans of the third eye.

     Her eyes stabbed the chosen flavor "Evil Twin" her hair smelled musty.Melted black a profusion of curls flipped out. How the warlocks spilling forced her to loose her footing and butt pump way down the steps dark erotic quest to test. Inside there she might not know much but she knew witches of danger fire burn baby burn. What wicked mouth's one hand nestled the fireplace watching the wax off her legs melt.Daisy hat flew what a tobacco King tut Egyptian she could dance  Morroco Camel's Sara smile sunshine eyes he didn't sleep witches moon.She craved 4 Tabasco red hot where's my white angel feather when I need one isn't it called a gift from an angel.What a green envy face all monstrosities was this the college of Socrates vampire symphonic players Thalia's witch broom rise. She knew just where to fly like an aura of clairvoyance. She could use her hands to unscrewed any ring of his treasure chest. There was only one night in all the 13 days of the month. His hands shaped arched her breast It was Kentuckian Hot Chicken darkly stripped and burned. She closed her mouth and savored every sip of his coffee

    Her stick tied around his finger's stroking his Forever wasted stoned hair filled with cocaine. If your reading this please go insane. clean this place up she has a mop head red unruly. Potent scent of a pair.Oh, crap not to Holy looked at her feeding passionately she felt the frightening vulnerability of a relentless green glow.German belligerent in a nut-shell brown ale.Sharp teeth bloody banged her go to bloody hell digging like a witch whale. Irish malted beer's someone ratted bad ass Rat spoiled sour kraut brat. tail ale in the cellar. Sucked every part staked the heart.A presenting sounded whoosh of She's dead hats and tires. Masculine over & over the bloody cover. coat Moose.Great tush which broom of her brush. knuckle winter stout. Couldn't get enough of her foaming pout. Green witchery.More methodical rubbing she was dark smoky sipping his, but her dark fang's kept creeping tainted love.

     She was pulsating his grizzly paw beer. She needed to make herself clear needing more______pulsating temple's, Smoked out his smoke cigar, his color turned green mean obscene he watched her like black coffee steaming hawk. She deaf like a mute she fucked the whole state but you can hear Symphonic tune's mopped over the speaker He became her devil the seeker.Looking out the window solar eclipsing turned darker. She was so speechless but you can hear all the mugs of Oktoberfest celebration. He leaned into her conversation. But she was heated up not the usual one's How the men gulped it down like it was last deadly video game wish. What came out of all this?? At a distance, wax was burning speechless bad witch damn me 4 trusting you she keeps hearing those words. What came out of all this??Dead raven bird's burning so ritual through her soul.He has no car Lexus all green I scalped you lights control. Like astigmatic, Blurry focus. dalmatians all spots rapture.witchery tears so bogus ripples.

     Chest rises attempting to chase her, heightened sexual active New Yorker mad magazine hatter green diamonds of nipples. Euphoria Sun Moon and earth.Dark and Darth scattered Examining different signs. Witchery design table plates chattered teeth came at her. Was this her last prayer of death, Eyes looked adjacent it spoke.Smoking which breath whispering the word burn 2 the left the plate said It's your turn, She looked down at her's again she saw the words flying like a broomstick the witch is in your vein's heretic ally witches itself no one could kill them. Winter-Chapped stout couldn't get enough of her foaming green witchery pout. She was sipping her's so innocently he was sipping his grizzly paw beer.She needed to make herself clear, needing more______ sex How she smothered his smoke cigar. All over Dark New Jersey angst teens Bar. eclipsing turned darker more stressed and erotic This is war pressing her hands to her green poison ribs of the deadly roses how he loved to gulped it down. Where in Lover of Darkness town. Last the end, the end, over here seeing the words Music spell wish. What came out of all this??.At a distance wax was burning hell he's rising & I am dying. No more tears of crying all little big lie lying through her soul like astigmatic blurry focus. She needed more sex and cafe she was oversexed boiling her lips couldn't sip the music it was 50 shades of Carmella disaster.The haunting music so erotically played couldn't leave her how he slaved her into thinking she was the only one.There were so many nymphomaniac you couldn't tell at first until they tasted their loves blend.The place was called the Symphonic Cafe and it wasn't anything to be proud of like the uncivilized district so shameful. She loved to tease her man like a symphonic tune but her mouth so hot right on their coffee she licks. Like a racing Cheetah cat they couldn't resist.


    When I got home my husband wasn't there he was still at the firm I needed to take a cleansing bath with bath beads and my sponge of silk moisturizers how it soften my skin my shampoo was so crisp like an apple  spicy green soon as I put it in my hair I felt pieces falling out on the floor it was really scary the maid was cleaning up it was her usual day of cleaning not a flame of fire split of hair sky. When I got out of the Victorian Gothic tub I looked in the mirror and screamed the top of a catnip tongue I could of scratch my scalp what the fuck happen to my beautiful dark exotic hair.I started to cry dripping tears she remembered when her husband would tug at her hair holding his sex pistol to the side of him and he caught the nape of her neck.

    Now!  it could have been so nice what is a long neck to look at when your hair cannot sweep up.The maid was devious still cleaning all over the house she was sitting all the way in the back in the parlor where no one can see her.Her husband came home and he was speaking to the maid little did she know she was in on the game too.The husband said where's my wife she said I don't really know sir. He looked in the bedroom than he looked in the guest room nothing he looked in the bathroom it looked like Python hit it. All blood sweat and tears everywhere.When he found her finally he said what happen to your hair look at you. She turned and said the fucking shampoo that I always use this time I was cursed.So where is it I left it in the bathroom he said I looked in there not anywhere. Then the maid came over he looked at the mop stick was her luscious thick as a whip long hair he knew that. It was some hell of wicked broom on he was getting hard headed like a bull something hot flickered all black turning his eyes deep green. You cannot argue with us. You will never win witchy women. 

    So bogus checking our vital signs green waves rapture. witchery tears of love capture spoke out to me chest rises did I repeat myself dark world crisis. So many times same words I am hearing I'm tough as nail's so daring please no love birds is the spell working on everything. I am reading over & over again attempting to chase dalmatians climbing on her cigarette-case  Miss Diva her heightened nipples.Euphoria dark Moon earth examining compromising positioning.I was born with it @ birth all the different signs. Making a mental list of it.Sitting at the Witchery design table plates with black horses in the stable chattered teeth came at her was this her last prayer of death, Eyes of Darth Girl Goth designer moth's looked adjacent whispering and he's tampering. the Witch we all have a witch inside our vein's music fly of the broomstick I rather B playing with his sensual Joystick.There was a race for the sexy barista at the cafe. What a amazon of men.They were not the perfect power suit Wall street man.

♥ Get off my shoulder straps ♥  he's up on one knee fitting snugly so short fused. I can't get no satisfaction with the "Snap Dragon" I call him he could bark out orders all he likes. let me take some pleasure, my panini wrap. Just want one serene tasty bite looking up at my beautiful work of art painting.How it flicked my eye filled with bright sunlight of daisies was this the end of my rope.I felt his fingers digging those big little lies going deep in my wishing upon my starlit shoulders If he believed in God he needed to send flowers of the Lily prayer instead of making my breakfast scramble it is "My hands speak "Forget me not Wildflower". Waiting for me to sit on his lap. I'm not your mega babe to byte.Your wicked finger marks blue flames to her delicate smells through her eyes of irises.I felt every petal falling into my flower wrist. Get off my bloody shoulder She could see the African moon settling in. His eyes became the blood moon.
    He loves to take a bite so rotten apple how he falls my way country air his insides and exterior broadening his mind he left me with an aching heart shoulder.She has a  country tongue as long as a map traveled. I'll be leaving on a jet plane with my Amazon Lily don't know where I will be.My rhinestone heels and my petals of love will follow me.When you feel lost in the flower just split the sky and ride em high.Better yet row and row Amazon Lily me boat.When the chips are down flowers really know me he got me my flower lashes fluttered like the country girl I am to bloom. He was bleeding like a Redwine cologne  I feel you don't want to see me anymore. I noticed a bad chip in the computer. But I have my angel wing begonia next to me near my bed lady bug on my shoulder. I am sitting in my favorite chair called The Queen Anne lace with potent smells of flowers.

    She was shy untutored the right man never touched her but he was hot getting close. He's counting all the bad chips. She needed to be like the begonia non-stop fire red.Almost there another round we go he keeps smelling but her shoulder couldn't be licked.See through her skin sweet & a nibble chewed.How she just click’s bunch of dead heads but he could feel her mind like a saran wrap how it clings to his.We are all Bloody suckers like were linked in Alice I will fly you to the moon how daring a cookie is he's not?.Well, please don't forget me not I am wearing the English lavender that he loves so much. I am laying in my French Provencial bed waiting.
    Turned on TV dark shrug the shoulder remote Couch-nasty lover’s she eating up dark moon chip’s Hershey gold all mine bag supermarket dark-goods drugs "Where's my Apple Mac?" I need to get his broad shoulders and push his buttons I have the combination keys to open his safe after I throw him off the train track.Just Me alone and my coffee mocha polka cloud every now and then she found him in her head. You cannot take it out of my head once it's there.She knew he would execute the only way he could combat holding her gaze capturing something of value. She felt like a chip no one cares about.What a tiger Lily racing he sparked plugs how she could burn his icy eyes such allure she has like Alaskan puppy eye backs him away.Walking in Stormy weather coffee and creature bite computer charged out in March like a lion emails and passion. His hands were cold on the computer She felt an alternate bite of a world all chips of the new technology block. He had microscopic eyes he had to learn how to use his ability how he could stick way through his hands on the computer. He wears his pinstripe suit so well powering the whole planet.

    She walks a thousand kisses in her French silken strings wiggle skirt could melt Stocky men how it was a coin market but she was shrugging their shoulders new chip design and logo everything became around video games. Her fingers curved inside the Sun  Key Largo yellow pages got dark & mysterious in no time gloves to dance the evidence one step at a time. like you didn't see anything happening.I'm the man who is going to kill someone they better not threaten me. She is caught in my web of desire to see he's erectly up.

   Her seductive hands to trace him. This was the government property he wanted them off his shoulder and counting with every heartbeat of hers.That feminine sweet chip of silk in here the intimacy of mind contact would be the target they came.He betrayed her by now using her sweet candy compassion like the letters on the computer key stood out rest in chip RIP my dear. He could shift her like in another world she was pleading with him for a time to release her letting her life be normal but she was dragging him with her weapon of chips and seeds. She wanted to say Goody Mr, Chips.But he couldn't resist turning his fingers int a fist his lips had a rhythmic motion his knuckles ran along side of her creeping up his arms were locking her head he was robbing her wᵢₜₕ ₕₑᵣ bᵣₑₐₜₕ his voice came out like a whip not whip dreamy.
   Get off my cloud comedy came late he'll hug Played out bad 2 the chip gig. Mr! Hershey you don't have to look any further  I have your Miss Vaunderpumps and your Trump Presidential bar no need to look anymore. I'm  wearing my newer than life Jersey tea shirt.He's solid and safe his lips flowered over her ears drinking in my coffee instead of terrible two Ms, Titan tea. She has a tea shirt to match her drink I don't get it.She went all the way to Japan to get the green money tea with the lotus flower the best flavors. She was the lady with the naked gun did she get a run for her money.
Chocolate chips melted wax hell lips Dark mind Killer quest Gunpowder  off my shoulder test
                         RI CHIP’S-P Rest in Peace  wait in chips.

𝐻💮𝓁𝒹𝓈 𝑔𝓇🍩𝓊𝓃𝒹 𝓌𝒾𝒸𝓀𝑒𝒹 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉 threesome holsters shooting out Chocolate bullet chips ♦ like diamonds. Hell gimme more Mobster
Don’t doll face me gun-it Lobster Goes a long shot off her soft kiss me shoulder.I’m getting hotter what’s with your Ice shivers me what a pop out of the Jack in the box. I only want to Tease you?. Be already melted? You better please me? Touch  my lip’s with your shoulder I touched  your mind engraved deep thoughts scattered  chips
Frequent flyer used up my Sweet lip’s  of the trip.

𝓦𝓮𝓻'𝓮 𝓪𝓵𝓵  𝓶𝓪𝓭 𝓶𝓮𝓷 dark chocolate TV chip’s Movie action, the tea lotus maiden & the water invites her to his nymph of the mermaids down below.

    Ruined my whole image lips You slide back and fourth. Spaced out dark Darth how could one flower ruin such a bunch of men leader of smoked out strawberries biker pack. Accident controlled Hell’s angel lacy ride
Black spike leather  Goth you both Open up you sensual mouth spreading love

Sweet chip’s from the earth 2 die 4  Let's go dominant miracle of men section sensual shoulder’s

faces of single’s Men like the German shepherd they got angry. Gothic chic of the cloth mingles Oh! Father, please. I have sinned I have 2 many

lives on the computer I signed that one singer eating edible love flowers. She's hooked and

pinned.Tattoo on her shoulder overexcited Lotus melted.Green 22 karat gold so jaded
College dark and dorm Spiked drinks Rider’s Jimmy of the Storm
My shoulder touched you moved back Running naked dark shadow train track
Music played unique & edgy her shoulder’s banged into him he's Singing when the chip are down  & my shoulder had a splitting headache, please? don't come around.

    But I was singing when my chips in Vegas are up don't come to see me you better give up Awe that hurts.

He was plotting something and I wanted to get home I had a lot of business to jot down.

                            I am singing, but his hot spot is ringing.

Santa baby hanging, poinsettia's she acted like Mona Lisa some sexy porcelain Gothic doll Mac black magic•°*”˜.•°*”˜ got me in his spell

Hanging from the mistletoe I lost one shoe and I slipped what a little boy blue he became.

    He kissed my mysterious shoulder it burned like panic flower child Woodstock concert She had the flower on the side of her hair.

    Now I got his attention, he noticed me? CD picture Please don't eat my Daisy musical.Stay away from my note’s
All over the Grunge sexy states.Draws the face low sexy back
Dark and Silhouette, Orient sexy smoker track вℓα¢к ιηк вℓα¢к.Dark drama indecent refined vision
Double trouble moody-black transition.Let’s not impose New Black dress exposed
Shoulder sensual high-curve Soprano Mob dark suit, not my taste odd pursuit
Get off my shoulder I will be
Opening up another Flower bleeding heart- {folder}




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Gothic Coffee Cosmic Chapter 2

The House was desirable fun 🎁playing everyone could see it was the Gothic and cafe-spouses blue blooded Royal they were Prince hearts of topaz. They always got there special blend of cafe she sprinkled them all they way. What more could be said? He opened my eyes and my eyelash almost flew on his Cafe sips of cheek.When he opened the door for me that's when everything started to roast and change Autumn what a figure of women of nymphs arrived by the dirty hot steaming dozens it was a change. He said did you get my text? Then when I looked up for a second the Moon felt like it was on hot "AMBER" fire I could have sworn I saw 2 hearts 💘come out 💘 I was seeing stars ˜”*°• Stars signs •°*”˜.•°*”˜then I said what text are you referring too. Do I even know a Prince in y life and that's you?  Yes! I am your messenger let's seal this deal already I will make you some of my Gothic blend Strong sexy chin coffee.I have a proposition for you. Get those Cops out of your house.The cops were walking with their red boxers. This wasn't Magic Mike show but it was so hot outside. The young prime cut Hollywood babes were in there red dot polka dot bikinis. This women name was "While phenomena" what modeling agency this Wilhelmina was like no other model picture of the Mona Lisa what a sex trip planet smiling at the Mona Lisa not feeling guilty for her sins was she running "Sex-Phenom" no way.Have some cosmic lady class my Dear Prudence you always come out of your box to play.Her best friend was named Extralegal always the fun girl with the extras she replied where is the crew. We need to get started with the show if you know what I mean. I need a sex-plantation how they were grinding new coffee's of flavor. She was so addicted please right now before he comes.The crew was getting themselves dressed for the occasion red boxers for their warm and rustic weather twinset boobs these were not your average cup of ladies. Please speed up my coffee I will need it for this Gothic erotic show.  But seeing something in your vision took over burning down the house so much talk two heads no way not with my red panties If there was ever a magic show now was the time. Please put a young spell on this old men.There has got to be a better way.

    Make him the perfect specimen body physique let's rate him ten. Older men love to look @𝑅𝑒𝒹 𝒦𝒾𝓁𝓁𝑒𝓇 🎀𝓅𝒶𝓃𝓉𝒾𝑒𝓈🎀 Looking at his dying bucket list who would want to be with women walking with sexy legs and then you look up @ the moon.Looking down her sagging droopy bust!! That wouldn't make it in my black Gothic book list.Right now I needed to hear music my jukebox back to the fifties but I also heard the Talking heads kept saying you may ask yourself how did I get to this point of my life. Don't you just hate when people can't hear you or better yet ignore you they always have Sex on their mind. Why on earth people say these are our golden 14 karat gold eyelashes copies and snobs we didn't even get 4 min Madonna break rebel of sex in their blood. I get a carriage NYC ride with Robin from the hood. We need more of an Einstein for the love and energy brain.Einstein has the equations.Victorian hot panties 1950 mission Dr, Love sex let's Rap and sing way down Rapper snapper pants bottles up. So what the golden years what does this mean we all retire and go to Florida he bakes her laying in the sun to bake our asses I rather have more Hollywood assets babes.I am at "MY Sex star point" do you hear me I am talking to you going once going twice he still doesn't hear me but he knows how to stare peeping Tom Petty he's so touchable parties with his screw in eyeballs.

     I must have it this is something over the internet you got books you got lips but when you get old your all dried out where are your Vixen Viagra drinks turn on his faucet. Let's go to Las Vegas all I get are chips off the old block. He gave me such a nice Moon gift my visitor always comes but everyone is looking at their big chips off the New Age coming up roses movie Birdman Flix movie pecks. I got the whole world yeah right in sexes hands but I felt like a loser all hard and wrinkled hands elephant had more energy cleaned out the whole sex district he's a sucker for nuts.I wanted panties it was the last one in stock a lady ripped it out of my hand. I screamed at her let me live a little I don't have much time to hold anything anymore. Was this asking for a prayer I'm not a virgin anymore this is way too much. His wife said that's enough I am walking out the RED Perfume door my body leopard lingerie sexy warm hot she didn't want to see anything like a bed. He keeps saying I need more earth tone panties with those pinup girls yummy. Yes! you are pinned baby by me I'll give you lace or I will crush your balls. She wore her red lips of velvet I will blow her in the wind.I keep seeing so much red and every time someone wakes up dead. What is going on in this town.

She hears well but she fuel of lust.  He keeps saying its Christmas time checking things twice Oh Christ you forget his red panties what a sucker for red maybe he won't make it until Christmas he just might be dead. She'll be coming around the mountain when I ever come, God! she is hanging off the cliff.I feel like I froze like the Movie Fargo 69 feet under I went but not with those redder than your face panties. God let me Moon it!! Let me get laid I laid all my special designer panties all over the bed. Hey! his wife said don't be a fuck head.

     He thinks he saw it all he had an  AD written "desperately seeking red moon panties" please no more women with girdles!! His last dying bitch to bust with he cannot wait to get his sleaze in it!! He cannot go down on her but he has the perfect opportunist eye level to see her juicy Lovers Jupiter watermelons.Seeing his face going way down her candy dish.He wishes his Candy was hard as a rock!!Why is this happening 2 Bad I am not standing up his head was cocked?? Those Huskies Wrestlers of mud I am looking like Elmer FUD please give me A big selfie. I rather have big Coffee and hot body what a hustler magazine hands give me a roar big Swiss women ski lift!! Don't we all want that red panties get ready because here I come gift. He can still eat her watermelon's!!But not hard down his pant's too hard of hearing!! She loves playing the game do you love her madly two times or your screwed!!  Someone at the door what morals smooth as riders of the storm having sex in the dorms all Morrison's.

     She keeps yelling at him you know what I need don't be bloodsucker Moon stop making me beg how many clues can she shove in front of him!!H e keeps saying "I CANNOT HEAR U.How many times can she say it in plain English or maybe I should say it "IN FRENCH" what's the use he doesn't hear me anyway. The Parrot was singing his song he kept saying, do me two times and her husband turned around and said go suck a cracker!!You got the wrong bird pecker. Be the future this is your "Red moon-sinful planet" no Hey Baby Hey baby how many times did Fred give me a double Indemnity. Remember my three sons.Maybe they became the Son of many Sam's 'Emeril gasses got that sex food going orgasmic music fix  BEAM and Damn another bam bam this isn't the Flintstones. what a computer hands couldn't get too far slam.Everyone panicked at the Lime Light club hot cakes red district Disco.Too many messages Ky Ky Touch with slippery hands computer sex pills.Vacation dried out too much Red devil Tabasco burning inferno what a fiasco. Taking a shot of whiskey that double Twin Indemnity deep throat movie!!If I ever had a remedy. I would be a lot smarter Barbara met Mr STAN-dick killing me softly we need a heart break!!Maybe sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you will play with his wick Education Math game the Clue measuring his candlestick!! Smooth Operator Sade and he's playing with is games like the predator she's the Huntress with his joystick joy to the world bitch. She's snapping like an alligator. SNAKE eyes & money falls out of her wallet he picks it up he half her size he wanted to climb her to get his piece of the prize. meeting in the supermarket Secretly wanting no one to see her!! What a cool modern Gothic Milky vibrator.Who on earth would want to be her wanting to kill your husband so you can go on VACATION with Fred!!Maybe  I'm amazed like the Beatles I just want to hold your cock you will both end  all dead!  She's picking up her last drops of cafe she laughs his words just  kill me she opened up the cafe heart envelope it was all detailed EXPLICIT-Dangerous minds ingredients in the back!

She showed him some better sites!New Coffee color Amber Age vacation in the Designed Bedhead City!! So soft core I am way too Adult feel active sex runner what a stiff Batter. He had too many coffee accident's Insurance sex threat scam's Disappearance of your husband he's wrestling with her cold cut she playing with his Italian salami. No honey cooked 4 ham love his  glide all for me commodities. Wolf tie men stock goes way up howling hardball Make my day Fertile game of  better fertility. I'm not going to Jail to many visits with the Gucci Guilty gynecologist!

The coffee house became the men of the cosmic cocks. Those sexy Gothic ladies were throwing their men off the docks.

     "Sex  Cafe Master" he's like the biologist. He;s trying to make me feel younger.The instrument what a sex hunger game! It burned so hard I went up in Flames.The next visit fishnet he hooked me in stocking all the way up there I need moon gravity of my breast!! he went so deep I died on the spot black book list!!I rather have caviar but all I smell is his ass kicker cigars the house doesn't smell appetizing and he said look what I'm eating her deadbeat roast!!! Boom what a BOX! Stop living like an old couple eating Herring and lox. We're the luckiest people in the Barbie doll party smoking jackets world don't like what u say use that middle strawberry fields Beatles finger or the mid rise Don't let me down & I want to hold your ___ we all need that sun and smiley shiner.No Hippy peace sign don't be uptight stay up-firm and I promise you won't be fired. Taking care of business those red rocker panties and hippies they have a concert of panties in Woodstock NY here the men come all over. Cooking up pussies pot heads with pantie wet beds. Now that's a vacation drinking the beer malt amber color. The bad moon but she thought she had everything boiling good sins. What's new and sex healthy who wins the big Cosmic Queen deck lingerie he shuffled me and what a pick.

    Rolling Stones turntable country rocker in the stable she's head strong willing and so able he was the hard rock satisfaction.I can't wait  4 the love of God! Plant new age Angie not going to live forever.Too many bumps of Betty Davis eyes she should change to red devil pantie what a piece of the pie Bumping like a beaver!!Cutting some sexy meat with her cleaver. Sushi California red carpet fucker Sex LIFE is it better than coffee more steamy I don't know about wetter.  We need love why are we feeling lost we need to be heard love seen too many old ones don’t let anyone kill your sparkle!Walk that yellow brick road!

    Suddenly it got Gothic Moon dark Maxi couldn't go back to the city in her yellow taxi she saw his lips she could drink them martian martini she felt UFO kiss from Green 50 shades what a toad, not gloomy gray 50 shades deeper like she was the BMW be my world only if I can have my coffee first. No roses in her bed and she certainly wasn't the lady. They went to Marina Del power sun ray good  for her soul got lost on the road! The new Green he's sexier! Red hot valentine Gothic dark roast couple spiced up the road! His blow him off the job ended up with thrown spell blend of coffee on his cob. He got raced to the firm what a erection her coffee took off to the love heights all boiling hot love directions..He split his pant's and left it in a cremation bottle. Those hitchhikers naked went toward the old couple! Not too smart, they had no scruples He couldn’t hold it back heavy trucker man load LOL. This is the world now Stories of music building higher sex of foundation. Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock-it Heavy metal survival our hearts recital Love motivation. The love power sexual freedom relieves our Cafe lounge tension, wouldn't it be great to get a big fat Pension.What talk do that sexual love walk my serendipity old women made her own erotic ice cream what a tip of the icebergs. This wasn't wilted bed of his Foxy lady just bring my fucking coffee.Then we will get the Cosmic sky baking. Have a Trump tower vacation did you see the climber!! but we need a sex fun forum!

    Husband always stand erect can we change the subject he loves to be talk and she loves to show herself off she got legs and red Victoria coffee with no secrets those panties laced up her men town golfer he has the whole in one! Sex it up all in between Threesome pack of CD songs. She needed a healthy blend of coffee seeing her MD. Was he the medical doctor or the Master of dominance. We need to set different French kiss erotic goals Robin’s revenge dish coffee or Die. Like a nymph of the coffee sea  just sip me that was her Goddess wish. What happen to Mike and Ike get battered love Beavers coffee to her lovely men she paddled their  butt-head's what a vacation! Threesome banging away flirting!! Make it your world Fun or Die the truth comes out just try!!! One Man one wife that's boring threesome party sale addictions naked eye inception looking through lingerie dreams humor! So hard on me biting into my apple I core hard lover aggression. Another planet Wood stock Heavy rain coming down the tents loud bands playing so many events. “Wild me in the Cafe SKY” Body song dancing sexual interaction give us great satisfaction .Like the Bowie the song "Change"  more Sex world of coffee in your blood like a Vampire bloodshed.

   Let’s face it why so grumpy Kid in all of us Humphrey Dumpy. Eventually, you will find your surrounding’s don’t hunt to hard. Stay happy be comical be a stand-up!. Emails so much to address sometimes our lives are full of mistakes look up instead of down what we need to see her panties for god sake high moon gadgets and Victoria Gothic red secrets, not old fashion panties. What's the truth or your teeth gun-it capped what chip burn baby computer got fucked. Where are the honest people all liars and cheater we need to believe world turned false. You still have your blood pumping take another course.Sweeten up the bitterness try a little tenderness. Raise your shot glasses good bad and the ugly what bad ass.With her red cosmic New Jersey tea shirt sipping tea.

See you in September.seduction day and October Sex Ruler day. All the Kings-Man got their royal house blend what happen to the president's campaign monkey sex world of maniac's; Politicians up to no good! News blows everything out of coffee lips proportion! let out your craziness.Getting foot loose 69 Tango of dances fit to be tied fetishes but more panties and men getting scorched in their Porsche's how they Dunk-in so drunk into their big donuts. Those colors imports stop knocking on hell's door the abortions!! Knowing who you are!! Be strong and have fun is the new Astronomy-glide where you belong!!Up in the moon, my world is flying better than being on an airplane getting lost in sex or space jet lag! . How their coffee Heals our sexuality. Delirious but dirty the dark Gothic talk understanding changes to love and happiness dash of Sugar-cinnamon get him steaming!! You're not "dumb anymore " go fly a women lingerie computer skydiving .Remain sexy be a slut who cares how much you put out. let it be the ever best blend of coffee you ever got heavenly nymphomaniac let it  last!Live for today, not your past!!

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Oh Metal Heart Cafe pill Chapter 3

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