The General Made Me?


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Introduction Things get to General:

We need more vitamins when it comes to the top chief General he loves the certain quality of ladies with the sexual of minerals. And she is the aphrodisiac master of foods. He passes them around this royalty is a spanks for the thanks sound.This is quite the leadership its, not the Titanic no one actually was sinking. They were having a one on one talk The General made to order drink well there's a lot more where the General and his top-notch ladies are going are you hot and aboard the ride.

Oh! What I did to the General and what he did for me."[An} over the top but we were hot way under the sheets Rum Cum. And the happy General after there's no marriage material type.They chat with their ladies on skype The General went with his ladies to the Perfume shop more like General sun fuck Boulevard he worked them hard.Back home someone else got New Jersey Desperate what Housewives The General higher position gave him the vantage point to see all the I made your chaos.Her face registered a jolt of shock. She saw him his name is Gino her both knees hit He was taking in her other General gumdrop bedroom eyes.She was just trying to be hopeful that one more present was left for her under the General Hitler Tree what a hit me snow me all I did was blow him. How the General and I had poem my game.

Are you ready for the next Chapter Read like a General.

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Chapter 1 The General Sex Capitol

Shall we begin Oh! What the Fuck....Who made me do this? All sex streaming

Aren't we a team of players. I am steaming up emails pissed 

Freeloader fucking down the house stayers
All  Tom cruises first class food heights.

Another general secret flight
General heavy freight "Big Rock"

His  year of the Rocky Balboa
 He was the Made man she was wearing herself out with her feather boa. 

Where are the ranks did you get my blessing just play up your leadership and thanks.
No more followers just pranks
High-tech Generals no morals
How he  convinced me with

no principals wheres my ring with Opals
Adolf Hitler gadgets for Austin Power mini-me

midgets so far out babies
Zi Zhi Tong  minerals gave him more leads
General Tong downright outspoken

He thinks he's from the Navy Seals
Asian so amazing hair so shiny
 Took a plane to Hong Kong. The breakfast  bell

went ding dong.Those Hot Hollywood dogs and

Beverly those hills are alive with the sound of ping pong.

British Colony Tea for many  bloody rich followers

Duck your head cleaver, my three mad sons 

Too the best wing
She's no angel here's a better actor
What a powerful bodyguard protector
Orange you glad O.J  juiced sports Memorabilia 

OJ stands for General Oral justice.
You made me do it the devil in his command
The French mustard the colonel

What a leadership  Apple computer we got to freeze

 The colony lets meet Tony Robbins controlling fear
 Voulez-vous Concher
Avec Moi Soir
Have ? with me for dinner what a video game
The general made a sprinkled her face cake
Beijing what fireworks big announcement mistake
Olympic toxic Green such rejects
Cooking Peking duck his Bangkok Wok
She's busy around the clock Orient Moon 
It was the New Year he's the rat 
The bat of the year upside down
What about the Ox where's my Kosher lox
SO PUSHY paradox.

Vladimir, he put in all his Kim Jong-un cards

What a basket case President Snow hunger games
Going to Jail  Reign of Mad docks
Goldy locks those generals three bears
Her raised rank no thanks
Mighty potent minerals
Streaming her head is high up on a pedestal
Those guards are having sword-fish Knight restaurant
The tick-tock clock went Son of Sam Slick

take your pick this is the time

all lime in the coconut  Maui Rick mentally sick

does the crime whose the leader now 

The Dow Jones too busy no I O U  money phones

Underlying actors over living at the Hollywood marina
That moon man will get ya, Beatles Mania
The general made me hold your hand.

Hey, I want to hold your hand.

Who is the leader of the band?

The Talking heads burning down the house. The next song Psycho killer

Zoo lander What a General Ben Stiller the right fingers to goose her

How he fucked her like the sex capitol crazy protocol. The babes had the right boobs.

How he turned their love knobs.Good practice lollipop with


The General made me Plaza

What a saint Lucia  helping the hurricane Maria

             I just met a girl named Maria?

                       Sex Maniac

              The apple  touched my erotic eye  

          what a General of another color appaloosa

           you couldn't refuse her take the bet

Dating the General head strong set ended up in sing sing

It was seasonal the leaders were cannibals

Sexual deep in her rituals

What sexy red lace thongs

Killer deep fried hot wings
 General building his fort of a level 
Good rating A+ she got the snow new red shovel
She buried there mean faces
Ukraine all insane places like Bunnyhop
General top of the ranks took 
another Hugh Hefner first class plane.

Here's another one General meeting the sex swingers

Two I apple tree’s, swinging lanes

Hearts detailed boxer's Puppy eyes of Hane's

What about the General campaign for Heinz 

How we love the Colonel Kentucky fried

But inseparable not unforgettable,
Hot erotically delicious
Sex food nutritiously He's manly

He bakes her body measurable handly

Equally 2 planes, meeting someone's
Can be so insane 1/2 hour wait

Who's the racing heart's  fault

Equal love resistance she halts at a glance

 right ambiance

Bring on the seance

Twin-set Twisted sisters

twins at the Cafe

France He's Heartless sitting

with the mistress, she lost one side

Half-fighting dress, He swings to her

breaks her glass. The cafe was hot to pass

 She spilled his cup wet his lips 

So chilled 2 sides got caught

Love sucker paid her expensive Bill

Got her heart-shaped tied inside


The other side needs, cousin
Bruce, hot talker swinger
My poetic side can't stop erotically singing

Hearts so human with different meaning

We're two loves, heart divided?
Hearts come close up

 Lips like Ice or more clues getting hot

Being controlled minds confided

Underlined swings together United

We need to balance, 
Gone girl wild trio
Hollywood swingers

I swear with my heart fingers

Two hearts, infinite triple 1/2 flame.

Red heart cheating, adultery. 
She is hooked on his mastery.
Big swinger Inheritance

Uncertainty needs swinger reassurance.

Love 2 1/2 one hand holds the other

 How it could be your Mom 

holding on to your brother

Tommy can you hear me 1/2 heart

how it has torn me

Another good heart how it blessed me

Broken road of hearts like no other


 Our heart needs patience

Lips equally touch, halfway
swinger exposure Full play

Erotic Poems Hearts on the line

So Massive she's passive like

The full-bodied wine

 Swinging my way love composure.

2 hearts meet their better half erotically touched


So satisfied with leisure

That's¬†my pleasure¬†ūüĆ∑

Everything is so General those leadership Cops
Infinities such responsibilities 

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Chapter 2 General Kiss

They were Spanish sexy flies He was the Internship like the General.

Who is up first for his read of a kiss?

Flying Demons she needs a Intern fling. Fly by fast and furious

How I got Fucked work of art Deviant.All banned? Computer  slippery hands

got slammed fireflies lit me up Ladybug dorm wing.The General made me?

 I'm the  bookworm no alarm, Cassandra. He's the Mantra King  kiss

Babes Sandra another Cassandra and Miranda Bedroom eyes Cleopatra

 Fly by night lips made such Propaganda. Secretly by the Vixen Veranda

Generally perfect ManTrap¬†‚čÜ ūüć™ Spanish fly of a booty¬†slap

I need trio help Wow College fiction. Persuasion lust grew with passion

taught me a lesson that Phantom.Big  General wanton Video games

Sex Intern he fit inside her flame those video top of the line the kiss licks her satisfaction game.

He's not Sex pretender.How he feels her inside the breeding center "Sex Mania"

Phenomena Mama O sex Ophelia.He's keeping her curvy savor. Killer Arsenic and lace Flavor 

 Honed by night Orchidee breeding
She craves every lust of needing
Sex investing deep hot money
Not the Bee honey?
Flies deeply down dips nesting
Ultimate mate savagely
Doing JFK president S & M.
Till the horny hour's PM
hot stewed me Spanish fly herb.

 Open house Sex Hub
A pay Asta La Vista flying high Visa

Aphrodisiacs like flies Dicks and Dome 
All over the internet flies Chrome 
Sexy hot Exchange School girl in Rome
collecting all comment's erotica
Presidents water gates hell mates
beats Twitter tweets 
Spanish flies suck their feet

Plane killer flies candidate's
 Hot Barcelona
Craved her tried to save her that Diva
Spanish Tango ditto hot motto

Brenda flies killer bees done it
death he dies. So horny Green Hornet

Spanish fly Pulp pump me fiction

Soldier invades her crops
Drops libido Via Veneto

Rom-com bottle of rum Ghetto
Rock band Kiss and banging drum
Paradox French aphrodisiac roux
Via Veneto flies on his Bento Box
Marisa loved it sideways no
 prude ways
All rude ways how they fly by
wrong days sexual predators 

 Adolph Dictators, Mentors

 Google sex prospects Inventors
Naughty hot out of Buzz entice

Sex Intern doctor advice?

The light from her flames Indrawn
Breaths how she could be sucked
like a tarantula to death
Internship what was it worth?

Met Monica, she loved his ballpark
Muscles biceps Spanish Barcelona loan-shark

She bench marked him. Pressed her lips what a swell up

Intern got her tips He's firm and hard up. Eyes of the midnight raid
          She's the fly by night getting laid.

             Demure she had the erotica
            She's swelled succulent sore
            Consumption she climaxed
             Sex Intern redemption more
             Spanish Hacienda sex Mirage
               her fingers fly his text.

           "Spanish Fly" aphrodisiacs
             Sex Maniacs what's next?

        High and deeply in dividends 

              Never Ends...
     Bed me Spanish Fly just try me?
     Intern again what will remain? 
     Just fly the train...New territory's
    Sex Interns Spanish Flies over again

Hers whats next The general loves  the Mistress of Mistretta. You got her.

Like an opera to his mind sexual pleasurable cock made piece of erotica.


The light from her flame in-drawn his breath
his instinctive not basic all love toxic
Love Mistretta lustful thrust fires the Prose
She's the erotica loved Rose

He dives into her full force slim
She slaves into him sex light is dim
There is no miss print Sex Sells
Mistress tight compress

He hired her to exploits her to confess. Please God I have sinned? She's the Mistress traveler

he's sex gambler his play of cards the chief what a shuffle of cards but no hearts.

 She's breakfast his scrambler Mistretta  she sings at night what a maniac

On Tumblr How he thrusts inside her to slam her
Mistretta, he licks her inch by coupled crotch. He breathes her breath by breath
He body snatched her glitch Like the Literotica lunch that's my 
Mistretta Erotica clinch swinger bunch



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