Vampire Blood-Rush Details


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The red spelled a message on the wall.

Like a blood rush or maybe there was a job to bloody fix. How much pain can someone endure?

Yelling out like creatures of the bloody night Death to defilers!

There were three collegiate one was named Clarrisa, Victoria, and sweet Lorraine

How Clarrissa stared at her attacker but the lights were illuminating in her driveway she was praying and saying if there is a God please do not let them attack us again.This was a world so advanced with Blood technology all to the nook and cranny details.She was staring into the face of bloodsucker evil he loved everything in the medieval times his blood with body layers.

How he is coming out all on their passion fruit. The cops and the Vampire paramedics came to the rescue but no-one was aware that the paramedics were Vampires.What was the sense of the good and evil we all have a combination flowing trhough our veins.

Was it like the sex offenders everyone is coming forward these days of the sex blood assault.

Where is that kosher salt to be thrown over her shoulder? She wasn't feeling safe  The shapely hand was so drawn to her body like it crept up inside her but for some reason, she enjoyed the games of seduction.

She was paranoid will another killer be waiting for her she could see another man with a back knifes out of his backpack.They escaped and made it down this collection of BMW and vintage old cars one looked like customized Batmobile.But she could see a shimmer spark faintly and before deeply cut could be imagined it, his knife with someone's blood came toward her. And what a face to be desired her teeth and lips got anyone's curves excited he felt he came to first base.The blood of a home run.Her face was starting to change.He could eat her alive.Vampire got his blood rush and it wasn't the top story on Fox 5.

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Chapter 1 Vampire Blush Rose Details

She was lying there in the dead of night hurt this man came toward her if it was a man you didn't have any clue who was who these Rose in her hair days. The man yelled to her it will be alright my lady she said what is going on I am alright then she looked down at her body bathed in so much blood. That someone could of put a rose that bleeds on her illuminating body.But this redder color of the lover of darkness was shedding all around her.How they were haunting her wet pulsating dreams. Like she imagined their cocks flying like her bat wings of an eyelash flickered at her. They were closing in on her face. Also some of them where dead spreading their eroticism but in pool of blood sense.They were always rising like Van Helping Hell-sing.But she had a physiological disorder of real stress upon her.They had this invites to a party in this mansion house Clarissa and her friend it was at the old Vamp-off mansion.This was an Agency connected to the Vampires exclusively only VIP .V for Vamp I for blood Ink and P for Prize for all the juicy details. They also loved to read the poems that came with the parties that would tell them more about there heritage. So many pages like Vampire Diaries. How he controlled all his beauties he was the cleverly charmed beast.

Finally like a grey 50 shades mist they were so welcomed to resist with a cascade of hello's but never in a Vampire life would be goodbyes.They always had them like they were the most amazing Spanish flies.They were the fashionistas with the blood host most dressed.One was Mr Ban-Ray sunglasses through his eyes through those lenses it was a blood of a pool Hollywood party. They had a Vamp swimwear Affair calendar every month they had flocks of them flying and batting high rates of numbers coming in. Miss Clarissa was the leader of the blood pack. Vincent-tie that was his nickname how he gift wrapped them with red silk down to his last blood count tie.All lovely kick Nick with his lady knacks were all over the dining room. He couldn't help to recognize this one amazing beauty of tragic that he met into his other life.There was another lady named Lorie La Rue did she love to cook what French hot lip of roue' They were having a beach Key West party coming up some girls he needed to stay sober all doped up with his blood feed. One of the women were like a puppy sniffing like a dachshunds but there were so many Wolf Inn types not with chickens a better Blood stock of O blood. They were all hounding at the bar.And I wonder why what a bust

on her nothing will ever change those boobs. But he didn't know what he wanted from her yet she also had her rules. Like no sharp edges or daggers not in her bedroom she was selective. And he did know how much she loved his vampire poems comical and erotically edgy. 

She was sometimes a spoiled brat but they all had a job to finish.They were born and bred a certain way. This was the Elite all for blood thicket hen any God agency. like the vampire "Blushed" her cheeks with a rose. he had to key in a specific code they had to open up the Rose what a hell of a  "Detail Gate" How everything was spreading like a scarlet fever Miss Scarlet not giving any blood to be damned Oh! Please your blush is bleeding. Another girl was also doing a shoot Lorelei her name was.She had the right type of blood in her count Irish American genes but the victim of a disturbing foul play. A lot of these girls were victimized.They all love the Key West and especially when they joined the Agency a special key would be given to them to open up their Vampire doorway. Their were more privately owned islands that were wanting women in high demand. For photo shoots and they would engage in more deeper blood id thicker then a vacation of water. But was this agency being a con or legitimate.And there were more vampire seekers so in need for more bloody swimwear with a touch of Vampire gear. So many birds and Raven Gothic beauties. Mr. Victor was in charge of the mermaid Vamp designs it was coming to the dark ages a little more ghostly with a tint of blush handing them a rose.There comes Vicente in the long neck hallway with the marbleized with red spats shined to the blood nines floor. Some cat eyes  the wider smile with her vamp up lips he could twist his Vampire tongue around her what a twist of a name she had  Schizophrenic Cult's-summer  they called her. She was as crazy as they would fly to her.But she had great breast that where really hers.

She was the purple of spikes and Oh! baby yikes she would sink into anyone that got on her purple wrong side.She was the arsenic and purple lace she cut her parents off because they didn't believe in her pursuing her dreams she was so in tune with Vampires and she was unique not the Rose bush type. But this club was about Blush blood types of Rose. And you did have that better chance if your name was Rose. People were abducted it was getting more dangerous like liaisons. These people that were showing up dead they knew more then they would bargain for. Never bargain with a Vampire the blood is a lot quicker then Mom's red sauce gravy cooking for hours. It didn't exactly have the same bite. There were more lessons to learn at night winged into a fright. She let her gaze all over his best attributes of course from his unshaven whiskers. She bought him this minty but lavender cream she loved to shave him down to his  "Polo" private quarters with a Gift of giving grin. This wasn't a horse of any color. Like the Wizardly of Rush high-Oz it was more passion red or not your other lover "Vampire's" love their women looking or playing dead. How his eyes darken to her colors she loved like dark violet blue "You have no clue how seductive you really are. But we need more red you would look amazingly better do you know that" when you went to your other lovers bed "What did he exactly teach you?"

I am the one that knows you. Her heart thumped like a Trump presidential  Happy Vampire fly Mr President. He wrapped one arm firmly around her bite appetizer waist.How he chucked near her ear "Blood pleasure good he tickled her way down on her engraved rose abdominal what crunches every-time she would go to the Rush Rose gym he send her roses in erotically gifted bunches. He loved there firm stomachs so he could stretch there mouth and pull his bite.They would play one another like a Rose quest bad-mitten and boy did he get to her he was bloody driven what a forbidden bite.They never found the killer to all those assaulted women it would just drag on more. But she loved to laugh that was the best medicine her innocent giggles she would be laughing at him_in such a way his mouth was so sexy but it was drooling and lusting for her hanging like a bat. She was forced to make her way alone smiles were free as a Raven bird and this life was costly.There was a lot of deceit and revenge going on in the Blush Rose clubs.The men were married but cheating like Vampire mad. One was name Sinclair and he was every embodiment of sin not to be specifically clear.These people were from two different countries fighting a Rose bloodied bed undressed war. They would all wager on one another it wasn't getting any red velvet cake easier. She had the 'Rose' cut like a stem key in her hand and she wanted to escape. She needed another diversion but she needed to wait when they were in their coffins. And nothing would stop her all the bloody details in the world in her mind would save her.

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Chapter 2 Vampire Rose Poet Blood shows it

Vampire loves Bloody Details

What’s fate

Most Expensive Blood type

in your dark shadow plate

So fancy boobs play up

hot fire set

Her lips wet divine

no crimes like the blood

should be dripping to her fancy

so ornate she looks in her coffin crate

Biting into all the details

Please don’t arrive late

Drac- Johnny Emails never fails

The bitch he transformed her into the

Gothic erotic witch her majesty

blood type she got way to  wild

so hype

He loves red hot wheels

Long winding fast and furious

The Quickies

neck what a hickey he’s wearing

a dickie her hair too extreme

way  to short  her name is “Pixie”

he’s longing for the bigger bite

Amazing scrollwork website

Bloods thicker then

grave-shift work

Another human jerk

Venetian style Italian

French Vampire Stallion

Gondola He’s dressed like,

Santa Claus wearing the cross

She’s in her bodice all details

red lace he pumping more than

“Ferrari” gas that Nightwing all

NightingGales he won’t pass

Blood O like a creamy Oreo

Blood pump Gas station Red sauce-y

Hot meatball meeting another bite below

B negative rarer selective

Let’s Zero in on the “O” Ho Ho Whoa

Christmas balls blood river Niagara

French high peak falls seducing

Vampires so compelling

Vulnerability thick community

Things were insatiable

Vampire pumping “Holiday”

blood at the table.

Those seductive bites went sky high in

their flying capes in doubles

Amazingly thick her red sauce takes too long

Vampire bite is quick and forever strong

That was one poem she loved how he worded every detail for fun and Poet blood of his danger

Count Dracula Red Tiki Bar

His eyes intense popped “Red”

Her heart almost made it

More pumps to bleed it

What’s really in the count?

 Whats the bloody point?
She counts even being dead
  her neck still drips

 he approached her with her Hot wheels

“Red Rogue” Damn hellish lips

Let’s make a deal Vampire trips

Being far from the “Fashion bloody Plate”

Like twilight changed to Vogue to hate

No blood on my dress on the web

But never invites. They always come.

By her Vamped wing clock sport

The first kiss dating blood mating

Like a color Diagnostic of any sort.

“She-Devil” airbrushing and he was

blood pumping the chosen star

Blood sisters got thirsty @

the Tiki bar

Tons of hot drinks they flew like Vampires.

Yelling fire

it takes a lot to scare me I know the desire

Was he ever violent or malevolent

She became isolated. Another drink blood mated

Please let’s be honest blood tolerant enemies

Holding the trophy. “The Rise of Blood Emmy”

How he went to her with his  V Viper drink

The darkest Vampire zooming out

Tiki Bar

Turned on”Bat” whip in a blink

The bleeding edge to condemn her or him?

likewise,  the stare like a blood rise.

The drinks were rising like a pool of blood

not Pennywise There will be blood on your

hand surprise

Her neckline long stirring

His blood countable long neck’s

feeling comfortable

Only the best blood count hot bite season

How it spoke to her meeting

Jack the Ripper

But Vampire was a lot quicker

Meeting another blonde bombshell

She was in her own blood shell

Oh! Yikes became Vampire Therapy

But still rising “Oh! Cemetary”

Send me my bloody Mary

Oh! Goth Mother Be Unfair

The Goth Odds

Warlocks Gothic Gods

All Odd Mom's

Unearthed Mummies

The humans became the


Heavy metal drums

Dark glitter metal gum

Where are we really from

Goth Google Zombies


love deceased hobbies

Dark beasted money frugal

She's breasted to starve

in her portal

To rebuild shield 

never to be yellow yield

What's to forget to believe

Death hand to hold

Believing is deceiving

Oh! Goth Mother be unfair 

 We don't care to be fair

We are Goth ghostly 

All posted heavy metal pair

Were not being tested

The dark heart of regrets?

All arrested world dominated

Artist Goth graphics

Earring in her nose muse

Christmas time Rudolf

the shock of a fuse

Another pill dose

Goth images on the billboard

Dark cabs of traffic dying rose

Dark fetishes of frets bruise

Protested ego inflated

Goth memory the scars

Hard rocker hells angel

Motorcycle handlebars

Vampire are the best by far







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