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Published in 2018 .

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Holding the charts closer to her chest, Angelina Holmes had been sashaying nonchalantly from the nurses’ station to the patients’ room to check their vital signs and gave the medicines prescribed by their attending physician.

“Hi, nurse. Is it okay to clean the patient’s body with water soaked in alcohol?” a family member asked, half-smiling.

“But of course. That’s hygienic.” Angelina replied. “As long as the cloth is clean and the alcohol isn’t expired, that’s completely okay.”

“Is he allowed to eat a chocolate?”

“As long as there’s no food restriction, that’s allowable. Based on the charts, the patient has no allergic reactions to food, so give him a bite.”


“You’re very much welcome.”

Gosh.Even if some questions required common sense, Angelina still answered them with utmost respect and ended the conversation with a smile.

That’s right, always bear in mind your Nightingale Pledge, dear—her inner goddess of wisdom—Athenamumbled. You deserve a promotion, Angel, right doc?

Angelina dressed in her all white uniform glided back to the nurses’ station. Along the way, a few colleagues and a doctor who moved like Flash to attend to the man who was by the way lying in a wheeled stretcher snagged her attention.

She arched her eyebrows practically to the ceiling of Peter John Hopkins Hospital of Baltimore, Maryland where she’d been working for three years—for she could see on the eyes of Eve’s lineage the excitement to attend to the patient. Her internal GPS directed her feet to the emergency room for a quick glance. She partly pulled off the curtain and peeped over gingerly. The man groaned in pain as he stared at his injured leg, his eyebrow bleeding. Nevertheless, the man still looked devilishly handsome on his white basketball attire.

In an indescribable phenomenon, Angelina’s heart skipped fast like there were tens of Mickey Mouse running on her chest, and the sweet ringing of the Liberty bell reverberated through her head. On the corner of the room, her Granny appeared like an apparition, winking at her and mouthing ‘he’s the one.’ She shook her head for her hilarious Granny died a year ago. She left the ER grinning.

It can’t be. It can’t be … him.She said to herself repeatedly. She expected to see her man, her prince charming in a black tuxedo with swag and sexiness while getting off his Ford Everest or Rolls Rhyce Maybach Exelero.

That’s what you call, raging testosterone, Ms. denial-virginal-no-boyfriend-since-birth queen—her inner sex goddess muttered.

Saintly hormones. Is he the one? Can this be real? Please tell me its statistical probability. Oh, boy, you come into my life, like lightning in the dark, strong, powerful, and abrupt. Bewildered, you’ve captured my heart. Emegesh (oh my God)!

The hospital staff prevented the media men to get a few footage of the injured man. He must be a distinguished man or a celebrity that his hospitalization needed some coverage, Angelina thought. Though she’d decided to snub him, her eyes couldn’t take off the man who was taken to the emergency room. As she was heading back to the nurses’ station, her mind wandered on who the man was. If her friend named Julia didn’t brush her elbow, her senses wouldn’t have brought back to Earth.

“What are you thinking, huh?” Julia’s eyebrow furrowed. She was a brunette woman in her late twenties, sexy, with gray eyes, turned-up nose, round face and had twice a usual amount of neck. Her prominent feature served her best for she used it to spy her neighbors who’d sexual intercourse on their swimming pool.

“Oh, the man in the stretcher,” Angelina quipped.

“Saintly snake. This is the first time you become interested in someone.”

“Duh.” Angelina rolled her eyes. “I don’t like him. He’s not my cup of tea.” She lied.

“Really?” Julia planted her hands on her hips. “I know that reaction. You. Like. Him. That’s not a question, it’s a statement.”

“Of course not.” Angelina shook her head to deny her attraction to the injured man or else Julia would be more inquisitive. “You’re so unbelievable, Juls. You read every reaction of mine with your nonsense interpretation.”

She knew she couldn’t reject the magnetic pull she’d for the man. But she had to make some white lies. It was too early to tell about her attraction for the man. Truly, Isaac Newton was right about the gravitational phenomenon. Gosh!She wastended to be pulled by the man through an unseen force and she wished he would be toward her if he was conscious. And oh not to mention the signs she heard and felt about true love with him, they were weird but surprisingly delighting. She’d have wanted to recite for him the punch line she read from a poetry book and it went this way: “Guy, do you know Isaac Newton? He was right about natural phenomenon. I am pulled by you and so you are by me. Isn’t it magical we’re brought to each other by gravity?”

“Oh? Or maybe someday you’ll come to me, telling me you’ve a romantic relationship with him that has never been consummated.” Julia said briskly.

“Only time can tell.” Angelina chortled.

“I’ve a strong feeling that you like him … you like the man who’s not your patient, dear.”

“He’s our patient, Juls. Everybody who enters in this building is our patient,” Angelina retorted.

“I mean someone who’s not under your care. I’m sorry, my bad. I don’t want to argue with the highest paid doctor’s future wife or the “injured man’s.” Julia crossed her hands over her chest as she kept on blinking. She didn’t sound sarcastic—it was more of evoking laughter from her.

Angelina chuckled on her gesture. “You really think that?”

“Yeah. Doctor Cruise has undying feelings for you. It had been a year since he courted you. He even asks me if it’s possible that you and he can have dinner tonight or sometime. The doctor really wants to have a closer and intimate glimpse on your glorious face and body.” Julia said the last sentence of her statement sensually.

“You’re gross, Juls.” Angelina simpered. “Well, he’s a persistent guy. I told him before the idea of having a boyfriend doesn’t sink me in yet.” Angelina couldn’t blame the doctor if he got attracted to her. She got the piercing hazel brown eyes, an apple-shape face, red lips, a Greek nose, with curvaceous body, supple breasts, bubble butt and standing five feet and seven inches tall, she looked like a dreamt goddess. Even her colleagues now and classmates during her college days advised her to join Miss USA for she got the looks and the brain.

“Wait a minute. Are you a lesbian?”

“Of course not, I’m straight. Well there’s nothing wrong being one, but I’m completely fine being a straight woman.”

“Okay, you said so. Well, going back to the man in the stretcher. How does he look like?”

“Well, he’s good-looking, a muscular guy I think.”

“Tall?” Julia kept on blinking, her eyelashes flickered.

“Towering.” Angelina grinned.

Julia pressed her lips and threw a kiss to the air. “The man perhaps got a huge cock.”


They were chuckling when the phone rang. Julia picked it up. It was the head nurse on the line informing her that Angelina must go to the Varburg Pavilion for a very important patient.

“VIP indeed,” Angelina half smiled. “Juls, let’s continue our talk later. I need to go.”

Angelina quickened her steps toward the pavilion. Located in the historic Varburg Building of the Peter Hopkins Hospital, the exclusive pavilion offered accommodations commensurate with the outstanding medical care for which the hospital is known. Rooms were fully equipped to deliver the most advance medical care for adults, yet the tasteful appointments and services are reminiscent of a five-star hotel. The amenities included a secluded unit with fine wood furnishings, special dining service with expanded menus, direct long distance telephone access, TVs and DVD players with premium cable channels and personalized newspaper collection, family and visitor lounge area with complimentary beverages, guest services support for patients and visitors, dining and overnight sleeping accommodations for family members or guests, luxurious bath products and the ultrasoft fleece blanket and oversized tote.

After several minutes, she arrived at the pavilion. She knocked on the door and entered. As a nurse it had been her custom to knock before entering the room to give the patient and his/her family and guests a sign that someone from the nurses’ station came in. It would be awkward to see guests kissing or hugging or caught them off guard doing their sweet moments.

As she made her way inside, she saw the man in the stretcher half an hour ago lying down on the bed. Their eyes met and in a blink of an eye, Angelina felt only she and he were in the room. The man, wearing the hospital blue gown, had a well-chiseled-clean-shaven-face, a set of mesmerizing blue eyes, with Roman nose and a skin tone that glistened like gold. He’d broad shoulders and strong legs and arms enough to lift and sustain a woman for a long hot sex. Even lying on bed, his legs extended a few inches on the edge of it. To Angelina’s calculation, he’s six feet and four inches tall. She froze instantly as she fixed her eyes on him.

Saintly cow. Is he the male version of Medusa? If he is, so be it. Let me be frozen at his gaze.

If the other man standing beside the bed didn’t clear his throat, Angelina would’ve been motionless there forever. Gosh!Such an embarrassment! She’s a nurse and she’d maintain focus and high standards of decorum in dealing with her patients. But who could blame her? The man was simply alluring, devilishly handsome to be precise.

“I’ll just check the vital signs of the patient.” Angelina said to the man who watched the patient over. As she neared the patient, she saw him grin at her. She smiled back at her. “Hi, sir. I’m Angelina, your attending nurse.”

“Hi, Angelina. Just call me, Stephen. Please don’t call me sir, it makes me feel like I’m a teacher or a dirty old man.” Stephen chuckled.

“Okay, Stephen.” Angelina chortled. Emegesh. You can be a teacher if you teach me how to flip over like a dog. Saintly wolf.

“By the way, he’s Ricky, my friend and Johnny, my personal assistant.” Ricky was standing five feet and nine inches tall, having an apple-shaped face, with green eyes and turned-up nose. He got a flawless fair-complexioned skin and a well-toned body which made him stunner on his red polo shirt paired with dark jeans. His Rolex watch added him elegance. On the other hand, Johnny was a beefy man, nothing exceptional on his looks.

“Hi, Ricky,” Angelina shifted her gaze at the man. She saw him smile and nod.

Angelina checked Stephen’s body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and even if the blood pressure is not considered a vital sign to other medical practitioners, to her it is as vital as the air, so she got it too.

“How are the vital signs, Ms. Angelina?” Ricky asked.

“Perfectly normal, Mr. Ricky.” She smiled at him, then to Stephen, she uttered. “I’ll have to go Stephen, if there’s anything you would like to request, just press the button over your head and speak your concern, and I’ll be here in a couple of minutes.”

“Thank you.” Stephen and Ricky both said.

“You’re welcome.” Angelina hissed and left the room.

“You must be extra careful next time, Stephen.” Ricky’s voice had full of concern. He neared him and planted a long sweet kiss to his lips.

“It’s okay. This is a minor injury.” Stephen mumbled.

“Minor? You consider a dislocated bone a minor injury? What if it is worse or—”

“It’s not fractured anyway. Stop overreacting. Just give me another long kiss, then, I’ll be fine.” Stephen winked at him and they kissed passionately. “Can I be discharged tomorrow?” He asked as he parted his lips from Ricky.

“I don’t think so. You need some rest.” Ricky argued. “Why hurry to get out from here?”

“’Cause I miss fucking you.” Stephen drawled and bit his lower lip.

“We’ll have a plenty of time doing that if you’re completely healed and recovered.” Ricky gave Stephen some naughty winks. They laughed and suddenly he heard his phone ring. It was Evan. He signaled at Stephen that he would take the call and he hurried outside.

“What?” Ricky raised his voice.

“I need you now. Come to my apartment … immediately.

Ricky would’ve argued with Evan, but he knew it was useless. “Okay.” He said coldly and went back to the room.

“Who was it?” Stephen asked.

“My boss. A call for work.” Ricky lied. “I think I need to go. I’ll be back here tonight or tomorrow. Be a good boy.” He kissed Stephen again on his lips then headed his way to the door.


After half an hour of traveling, Ricky arrived at Evan’s place, at Crescent, Fells Point, Baltimore. After clambering out of his car, he strode to the two-bedroom luxurious apartment through an elevator for he knew his other man was already horny. When he opened the main door with his duplicate key, Italian-inspired furniture of the living room welcomed him. He headed straight to the sixty-square meter bedroom—its walls were painted of beige with gold trimmings. Hanging on the wall was a painting in charcoal of a naked man. He smiled for the nude man in the painting was the shirtless Evan—now leaning on the headboard of the king-size bed with its intricate designs, very designer, wearing nothing but his boxer briefs.

Evan grinned at him naughtily while Ricky seemed pissed off.

“Hi babe,” Evan said at him. He’d a strong jawed-clean-shaven-face, gray eyes, Greek nose and a swag that made him hot and irresistible. He stood six feet and three inches tall with broad shoulders and sturdy legs and thighs. “My cock is already aching for your mouth.” He took his cock out and wiggled it while Ricky was taking off his clothes except his white briefs. When Ricky neared him, he gleamed and put his cock back in his underwear.

Ricky’s kisses outlined Evan’s cock in his underwear and smiled at his greatness. No matter how pissed off he was, once he held Evan’s cock, his stony expression suddenly changed into a slutty fox. He put his hand inside Evan’s undies and grabbed the stud’s hot cock—his hands glided it, stroking every inch of it. He held it to get out from Evan’s boxer briefs in a three o’clock position and began sucking its head. His mouth bobbed in and out, making him suck Evan’s cock inches further to reach his base. He deep-throated him while Evan’s loud moans escaped his lips and his hands held Ricky’s head and began mouth-fucking him. Unlike other gay men who sucked him off before, Ricky didn’t gag—he was used to sucking him. He did it longer until Evan removed his boxer briefs, and his long and huge cock pointed skyward. Ricky’s mouth watered.

“You like that babe, right?” Evan asked him.

“Yes, babe.” When Ricky neared his mouth to wrap Evan’s cock, Evan slapped his cock into Ricky’s rosy cheeks.

“Ouch.” Ricky complained.

“Do I strike it hard, babe?” Evan flickered his tongue in and out.

Ricky licked the head and played the slit with his tongue. He sucked him off as if he was vacuuming Evan. Evan moaned as he grabbed Ricky’s head, pushing his mouth to go inches further on him while Ricky hardly breathed. Ricky glided his mouth in and out of Evan’s shaft, while he was caressing Evan’s large, pinkish balls. Evan enjoyed every moment that Ricky sucked him off—he kept on moaning.

He liked the way Evan moaned—it fueled him to milk him more. He licked Evan’s balls, his tongue thrusting on them. He sucked each and savored Evan’s manly scent until he sucked them both. Evan’s cock got fully erected. He was really a certified grower. When flaccid, his cock measured only four inches but grew into eleven inches when fully erected. Ricky sensed that Evan was really horny so he’d do everything to make him satisfied because once he did he would fuck him like a raging bull. He licked his base and his tongue flitted.

“That was great, babe. Suck me more.”

Ricky moved to the shaft licking and sucking it. His kisses moved to its head, and he licked it too, twirling his tongue around it. He paid attention to Evan’s slit. He blew a warm air and slid his tongue in it while Evan moaned harder. He swallowed the head, and played with it, and then sucked almost an eight of it, his mouth bobbing Evan’s cock in and out, rocking him up and down, Evan’s pre-cum was dripping on Ricky’s tongue.

“Suck me hard, babe.”

“I will, babe.”

Ricky stood for a while, got something from the drawer and put it in his mouth. He sucked him off and the menthol candy glided on Evan’s cock while Evan cried out on the sensation it brought to him—Evan grappled Ricky’s head, burying it to his cock further down that made Ricky almost breathless but a few minutes passed by, Ricky deep-throated him while Evan kept on moaning.

“Do you like it, babe?” Ricky asked.

“Hell yeah.”

Ricky planned to do something bitchy so he beckoned Evan to lie on his back and put a pillow on his butt and his legs hung up. He started rimming the opening of it with his tongue in circular motions in a clockwise direction and alternately used his lips and teeth too to give him the best rim ever. He inserted his middle finger inside Evan’s asshole that drove the latter wild, his hands scratching on his pillow and screamed in sexual ecstasy. Ricky kept on eating Evan’s asshole until Evan halted him.

“My turn, bitchy babe.”

Evan positioned in between Ricky’s thighs. He put a pillow under Ricky’s buttocks and placed Ricky’s legs over his shoulders. He inserted his cock into him while Ricky felt the bulb head of Evan’s thick cock trying to get into him and felt his rectum stretch of his greatness.

“This is how to fuck you, Ricky. Your boyfriend Stephen must watch over and learn from me.” Evan grinned.

Evan started ramming Ricky, adjusting his pace from fast to faster, shoving his steel-hard cock in every direction inside him until he heard him groan while Ricky’s hands was clinging to the headboard. Evan kept on pounding him harder, jackhammering him deeper, and ramming him longer while Ricky’s eyes popped out on his doing. Then, he thought of grinding him, moving his cock in clockwise circular directions and in counterclockwise too and did it faster and harder while Ricky shouted.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me harder babe, fuck you!”

Evan lifted Ricky up, Ricky’s legs wrapped around him and Evan’s long, sinewy arms supported Ricky’s weight as his hands were on Evan’s shoulder. Evan began ramming him fast and hard, his cock pounding inside him, shoving and helicoptering every direction while Ricky cried out in pleasure.

Repetitiously, he did it with Ricky and thought of another position. He put him down to the floor and thought of the Clapper. He guided Ricky to be down on his knees and lean forward, stretching his arms over his head, making them in shape of a halo. Evan positioned himself behind him, his buttocks lying on his feet, legs were driven apart, and he jackhammered him over and over. He kept on ramming him until his asshole got reddened, alternately spanking his left and right butt check.

“You’re fucking great, babe.” Evan hissed.

Evan introduced the Boat. He instructed Ricky to lie down comfortably on his belly, legs opened and lifted his upper part of his body, leaning confidently on his elbows. Evan was on top of him, placing his legs between Ricky’s legs, leaning on his knees and hanging over him, leaning on his hands that were on the sides from his shoulder. He kissed Ricky devouring his lips and their hot breaths and groans mixed. He fucked him again, pumping him harder and faster while Ricky had nothing to do but to keep on groaning and shouting on the ecstasy he got from him.

Evan moved back, pulling Ricky to lie on his side, his right leg was slightly bent at the knee. He was behind him, his one arm was around Ricky’s waist, his legs were along with him, the left leg was straight and the right was across. He thrust him deeper and longer, pulling his cock slowly and entered him fast, alternately pulling out his cock fast and inserted it again slowly into his asshole. Repeatedly, he did while Ricky kept on shouting and moaning harder.

“Fuck me harder, babe.” Ricky said, his voice was undeniably seductive.

“Beg for it, my bitchy babe.” Evan said in a sexy voice.

“Yes, babe, fuck me harder. Please?”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Babe, oh yeah, fuck me hard, please?” Ricky begged with higher tone.


“Fuck me harder, babe. Oh, yeah, please fuck me.” Ricky said in a loud booming voice.

Evan grinned naughtily. “I will. Your request is my command.” He jackhammered him faster, harder and longer until Ricky cried out.

Evan whispered at Ricky and switched to Tornado, so he beckoned Ricky to lie on his back, arms and his legs were spread sideways and one leg was bent in his knee while Evan lay on top of him a little obliquely so that his open, straight legs were under the bent leg of Ricky. Evan held Ricky’s upper part body on the straight arm’s length and penetrated into Ricky’s sideward. They smiled at and fucked each other again as Ricky feeling slutty screamed Evan’s name.

“Oh, I like this position, babe.” Ricky mumbled. His breath was ragged.

Evan grabbed Ricky’s arms and placed it on his neck. Like a weightlifter, he took Ricky’s legs to wrap around him while his hands supported Ricky’s weight and fucked him hard. He kept on ramming him, trying to hit his male G-spot but he failed. Maybe another position would call for it. He kept on fucking him while they were standing. He’d so much energy since he used to be a basketball player just like Ricky’s boyfriend. He brought him to the small table and let him lie on his back. He worshipped every inch of Ricky’s body—his flawless fair skin, his smooth man-boobs and his sexy swimmer legs. He grinned as he pummeled him again, shoving his steel-hard cock in every direction inside him, thrusting him deeper with his cock until he heard Ricky groan and unloaded his first orgasm to his chest while he kept on jackhammering him—he was like a raging stallion, still fucking him longer and harder. He liked to fuck him over and over until his asshole got swollen.

Evan told Ricky he would lift him up. He got it for he remembered Stephen did it with him. Evan lifted him upside down placing his feet and legs on his shoulders, his body touched his—Ricky’s head on his cock and told him to relax so he could do his move.

When they were comfortable, Ricky sucked him off in an unlikely position, but the excitement of sucking him in a different manner intensified his urge to vacuum him more, twirling his tongue around Evan’s cock while it was inside his mouth. Evan mouth-fucked him, thrust him harder, deeper and longer and faster for he liked the way Ricky sucked him off.

Evan kept on thrusting Ricky’s mouth over and over again until his cock pulsated and the head grew bigger, and he moaned harder as he exploded in Ricky’s throat.

Ricky was exhausted when their hot sex ended. However, Evan seemed tireless. His energy drinks and his stamina as a basketball star paid off. He had a lot of strength and energy when it came to fucking Ricky.

“So, how do you rate my performance, huh babe?” Evan pinched his cheek.

“Well perfect ten. I don’t know where you get your information about the different sex positions, but I laud you for doing that.”

“Really. Thanks, babe.”

Ricky would’ve headed to the shower room, but Evan pulled him and kissed him torridly. Then, Evan parted his lips from him and together they went to the bathroom for a quick shower. When Ricky was done, he went outside first and dressed himself. He saw Evan near him sitting on the bed next to him—Evan’s lower torso was only covered by a white towel.

“So you will visit your best friend tomorrow?” Ricky asked Evan. He was referring to his boyfriend Stephen, Evan’s best friend and teammate.

“Maybe.” Evan licked his earlobe and bit Ricky’s ear.

Ricky gave him a stern look.

“Okay, if that’s what you want. I’ll visit him.”

“Why are you mean to your best friend? Stephen’s always nice about you. Even in our petty talks, he doesn’t say anything bad about you. Are you jealous?”

“Hell yes. I’m jealous of him. He’s always the best, and I’m just the second rate fucking guy after him. He got all the best things in life while I’m just a support to him. And most importantly, he has … you.”

“Oh, that explains everything. I think you need to work hard. Do your best in the hard court. Play your game fair and square so that good karma will bounce back to you.”

“Yes, babe. I’ll do that … when I have your heart.”

Ricky smirked. “I think I need to go.”

“Can you not sleep over here … just for tonight?”

“No, big no.”

Evan smacked his palm against his forehead. “How I wish I were Stephen. I can fuck you as long as I want, but I can never have your heart.”

Ricky narrowed his eyes at him.

“Why don’t you want to want me?” Evan asked him. His question came not from his mouth but from the core of his heart.

“You know the answer of that.”

““Why don’t you love to love me?”

“Enough of this nonsense conversation!” Ricky said with gritted teeth. He stood and made his way out of the door.

Evan looked at him with a bit of anguish in his heart. He punched the wall as soon as Ricky slammed the door. Candy apple red blood dripped from his right hand.


“How’s your patient?” Julia asked. She put her arms on the fortress-like counter as she visited Angelina to get news from her.

“He’s okay. Other than his bruised eyebrow and dislocated bone on a leg, everything is good. Vital signs are perfectly normal.” Angelina explained. Thank God, he’s totally good. I’d panic if he’s not. Concerned? Feeling girlfriend? Oh my G!

“Wait a minute. Are you talking about the man in the stretcher?” Julia widened her eyes.

Angelina nodded. Who else? I wouldn’t give my precious time talking about someone deemed insignificant in my life.Ganern (That’s it)!

“Saintly dog. Destiny has brought you together.” Julia pinched Angelina by her side.

“Gosh.I am not thinking about that. My concern right now is that he’s perfectly okay and normal ... no complications at all.”

“Do you say normal? Do I hear it right?” Julia saw Angelina nod. “You mean his penis size is regular, normal, nothing extraordinary?” She whispered.

“You’re gross. I didn’t check that. It’s not my job. Silly!” Angelina hissed. This lady has a bunch of naughtiness in her head. I wouldn’t wonder if I see her having sex in a basement or in a garage. Candy asses!

Julia chuckled. “Is he good-looking?”

“Yes, he is.”

“What’s his name?”


“Sounds familiar.”


“Stephen’s a basketball superstar.” A nurse named Jennifer interrupted their conversation. She was a beefy woman with hardly any neck. She just came in the counter.

Julia’s eyes sparkled while Angelina was raising her eyebrows as if asking “Really? Is that so?”

“That’s what I heard from the newscast.” Jennifer quipped.

Julia neared Angelina closer and whispered. “Well, looks your future boyfriend is rich and gifted.”

“Gifted?” Angelina asked.

Julia replied. “Basketball stars are hotter than lava and rich in stamina especially on the thing in between their thighs.”

Gosh. JULIA CULLEN’S NAUGHTINESS is in the house.

“On the bad side, rumors have it that he got a gay boyfriend.” Jennifer added nonchalantly— unmindful if some guests might hear her remark by the time they’d approach them for something at the counter. Good for her, there was none.

“What?” Julia exclaimed, her eyebrow practically rose to the ceiling. “He’s gay?”

Angelina pinched her colleague. “Don’t overreact. Lower your voice.” She felt a slight prick in her heart upon hearing the information that Stephen got a gay partner. She couldn’t fathom why a handsome man loved another good-looking man. Maybe that’s love. It knows no gender. On the other hand, her daydreaming about Stephen, his lips and infectious smile, ended right from the onset it sprouted.

Emegesh! I love those lips to be mine … in my dreams … in my wildest impossible dreams ‘cause someone has already owned him.

“I don’t think so. Rumor has it he has a fucking girlfriend or girls,” Jennifer furthered.

Holy parrot. You’re the best, Jen. I surmise you’ll have a new career. Want to replace Wendy Williams?

Yeah, you’re right, Angel—her inner goddess of wisdom smiled.

I agree. Can we just borrow Wendy’s crown as queen of information and put it on Jen? How about that?—her inner sex goddess asked.

“That means he’s a bisexual?” Julia further asked with her hands cross over her chest.

“Maybe.” Jennifer said it casually.

“Let’s stop this talk. It’s not good to gossip our patient. Remember, our Nightingale Pledge?” Angelina gave them a sharp look.

Julia and Jennifer both shrugged.

“I’ll go ahead. It’s my break. See you at the canteen guys.” Julia strode and disappeared easily from Angelina’s sight.

After half an hour, Angelina took her break for dinner. Before she left the nurse’s counter, she’d given instructions to her relief nurse about Stephen’s condition and handed his chart to her. She headed her way to the stairway. She didn’t use the elevator for she believed walking is still best for the heart.

She hummed as she strolled across the stairs. On her last step, she heard moans and sighs of sensual pleasure. Being a nurse, she knew exactly those soft sounds—a couple had been engaging in a sexual intercourse and it came from a basement. Gross!What a courage!She thought it might be some stray slutty guests. Curiosity kicked her in. She wasnot a voyeur. It wasn’t her nature to watch over people having sex, but her inner sex goddess told her to have a glance at them. She neared the basement and checked a hole to peep over it. Smiling, she eagle-eyed through the hole. She was right—a naked man and woman were fucking each other.

Angelina saw the African-American guy lift his woman, wrapping her legs around him, her hands were on the guy’s shoulders while the guy’s hand supported her weight. The guy inserted his huge and long cock into the girl’s pussy. Like a raging stallion, he rammed her faster, jackhammered her longer, pummeled her deeper and thrust her harder while she moaned harder. The woman‘s voice sounded familiar, Angelina thought. She gazed at the woman’s face, and the slender figure resembled Julia. She shook her head for her friend was consistently naughty and bitchy.

Saintly shit. JULIA CULLEN’S NAUGHTINESS is in action. Well, I see it coming.

The guy lay Julia down in a wooden table and started kissing her legs, biting them gently until he reached her pussy.He licked the sides of it as well as her clitoris, then thrust it with his tongue and sucked it longer. He kept on licking and eating her clitoris and alternately rubbing it with his fingers. He put his big index finger inside her and thrust it while his hand cupped her breast and squeezed it—his hand moved to her other breast cupping it as he kept on fingering her.

Devilishly smiling, he was turned on the splendid beauty he was pleasuring with while she was moaning. Then, he inserted his cock slowly into her for he sensed it was a bit tight even if he had already fucked her before. He could feel his cock pressed inside her, the sensation was great. He put her legs on his shoulders, his hands were on her hips, and so he rammed her fast and faster, shoving his steel-hard cock in every direction while she moaned harder.

“Oh, boy, fuck me more.”

He kept on pounding her until he thought of another position. He put her legs down and he flipped her over in a doggy style and gave her a hard pound as his hands were on her hips and alternately squeezing her right breast. He kept on jackhammering her, ramming her harder and longer as he spanked her butt while she cried louder.

He sat on the side of the table, summoning her to sit on him, which she did—he stood, her legs wrapped around him, her hands around his neck while his hands supported her weight and started pummeling her hard again and again. He moved toward the wall, making her lean to it. He put her down and he turned her facing her back on him and he rammed her harder and faster, and she cried out in pleasure—she squirted her first orgasm. He turned her, facing him, and kissed her again. His kisses moved down to the hollow of her throat, to her collarbone, and to her breast. He cupped her left, squeezing it while his lips rubbed on her right nipple, licking and thrusting it with his tongue, circling it and biting it intermittently and sucked it off. He moved to her left breast and did the same thing. Julia was getting wild on the pleasure she received from him. He spiraled his kisses to her navel, twirling his tongue around it, and his kisses moved up to her breast, sucking it again while his three fingers were on her wet pussy—her cum was dripping from it.

He summoned Julia to suck him off. Julia knelt before him and took his cock into her hands and mouth.She licked the head and played the slit with her tongue. She blew some air to it and sucked him off. She planted soft kisses to its head, to the shaft, then licking and sucking it alternately. Her kisses moved to its head again and licked it too, twirling her tongue around it. She swallowed again the head, played with it, and then sucked almost an eight of it, her mouth gliding in and out, rocking him up and down, while his pre-cum was dripping on her tongue. She kept on sucking him until he told her to stop and stand.

“That’s great, honey,” the guy said.

He lifted her up and turned upside down while she screamed naughtily. Her feet and legs were on his right shoulder, her body touched his, her mouth on his cock and told her to relax and suck him hard to which she gladly did and her sucking intensified her urge to milk him more, twirling her tongue around his cock, and her teeth gently bit his shaft. He cried out on her doing while she continued bobbing his cock up and down. She got tired so she told him to put her down. When he did, he grabbed her legs again wrapping around him and carried her near the couch, and threw her there while she screamed again. He sat on the couch while she neared him.

Julia took his cock into her mouth again, inch by inch. The guy moaned as he grabbed her head, pushing her mouth to go inches further on him while she almost gagged and hardly breathed. She glided her mouth in and out of his shaft, while she was caressing his large, dark balls. He enjoyed it as he kept on moaning. She liked the way he groaned—it fueled her to vacuum him more. She licked his balls, her tongue thrusting on them. She sucked each and savored his manly scent until she sucked them both as his cock got fully erected, its head thickened like a bulb. She sensed he was really horny so she would do everything to make him satisfied because once she did he would fuck him again like a hungry beast. She licked his base and her tongue flickered in and out.

“Suck me hard.”

Julia moved to the shaft licking and sucking it. Her kisses moved to its head and she licked it too, twirling her tongue around it. She paid attention to his slit, blowing some warm air and slid her tongue in it while he moaned harder. She swallowed the head, and played with it, and then sucked him, her mouth bobbing in and out, until she devoured all of him, burying into her throat while he groaned louder, grappling her head and buried it there longer and mouth-fucked her harder, longer and deeper.

She drew her mouth away from his cock andsat on it and began riding on him while his hands snaked her waist. Both escaped raucous grunts as they kept on fucking each other. She pushed him to lie on his back and planned to do a shuttle position. She bent her knees slightly, pulling the sides of him. She faced him as her legs was on his one leg, her one hand was on his chest while her other hand was on the flat place near his head. She put his hands on her bubble butt and she rode on him again. She saw him grin. He liked the new position she taught him because he was in full control. He felt he recover his strength and so he jackhammered her harder and faster while she kept on moaning. He spanked her butt as he kept on thrusting her. It reddened as he kept on spanking her.

He let her lay down and sucked her pussy while she shouted and exploded again—her squirts landed on his face. He smiled as he licked some of it—it tasted like condensed milk. He pushed her backward and flipped her over again in a doggy style. He inserted his cock into her wet pussy and he pummeled her long and hard. She cried out in pleasure as he kept on pounding her with his hands on her breast, cupping and squeezing them for several minutes. Then, he rolled her over and saw her squirt again. She was a squirter, he thought, and he liked it that her secretions spilled on the table. He put her legs on his strong shoulders and inserted his cock inside her and he began ramming her over and over again.

He kept on thrusting her until her pussy got swollen. Her eyes seemed to pop out with the pleasure he gave her. He pulled his cock and turned his back on her. Using the Uranus position, he fucked her again. He felt his cock’s head pulsating and his shaft stiffened as he kept on fucking her. For a few strokes, he exploded inside her and she too—he could feel their warm secretions mix. He faced her and let her vacuum his cum as it glistened on his cock. She licked it and cleaned it with her tongue. She even sucked his circumcised cock’s head again and used her tongue to play with it that made him ticklish since it was a common knowledge the corona was sensitive by the time a man secreted his semen.

He begged her to stop, but she didn’t listen. Hard moans escaped his lips as she let her tongue ran along his shaft, sucking him off and deep-throating him. She didn’t gag as she tried to go to the last centimeter of his cock for she was used to it. She smiled seeing the delectable cock pointing skyward until it softened as the few minutes passed by. She felt she was a certified bitch as she kept on sucking him while staring at him.

The hot sex ended. Angelina felt the flames licking her skin as she saw her friend Julia, and the guy delighted on their sexcapade (sex and escapade). She left the basement hurriedly for the couple started dressing up themselves. She sashayed along the hallway heading to the canteen. Male doctors, nurses and other hospital staff had their mouths dropped open as she past them. Her delighted expression made the janitor advance his comment.

“Nice walk, Ms. Angelina.”

“Thank you.” Angelina felt uncomfortable for men were looking at her. She realized she walked in an ostentatious manner with exaggerated movements of her hips and shoulders. She entered the canteen and fell in line. She got her food and ate her dinner. When she was done, she stood and left the canteen with her floral misty perfume—guys were smiling at him, girls were smirking, for really, she was a head turner—her beauty was a scene stealer.

She headed her way to the elevator and it swung open when she pressed the button and lo, she saw Ricky kiss another man. Saintly horse!How dare him betray my Stephen? I overheard from Stephen and Ricky by the time I closed the door their sweet lovers’ talk and I concluded that they’d a romantic relationship, so I set aside my feelings for Stephen because he’d Ricky in his life. But now I’d be seeing him with another man. The nerves! I wanted to confront him. I wanted to spank his buttocks. Control me, control me girls or else I’m going to make his hair curly. Joke! As if I cared about them.

The two men were shocked on Angelina’s presence, but later on the tall, muscular guy smiled at her. She smiled back at him and positioned herself in front of them. She shook her head for it was really her night. In gays’ lingo, she’d her ‘quota’–seeing Julia having sex with a guy and Ricky, Stephen’s special friend kissing with another man.

The elevator went on, and Angelina heard Ricky’s complaint about why the guy followed him. She glanced at them over her shoulder and saw the guy snake Ricky’s waist as his response to Ricky’s litany. Ricky gave the guy and Angelina a tiger look. Angelina quickly shifted her attention to her front and in due time, the elevator sounded and it swung open, and she glided out fast.

She strode to reach the nurses’ station and sipped her bottled water. She saw Ricky and the guy pass by the counter. After fifteen minutes, she made rounds on her assigned patients and the last stop was Stephen.

“Hi, good evening. Just get the patient’s vital signs.”

“Hi, Angelina,” Stephen smiled widely at her.

Angelina smiled at him. She grinned at Ricky and the guy standing next to him. She neared Stephen, checked his vital signs and recorded it to the chart. When she was about to leave, Stephen called her name.

“Angelina, I’d like you to meet my teammate, Evan. He’s single.” He grinned.

“Hi, Evan. Nice to meet you.”

“Please to meet you, Angelina. I’m a basketball heartthrob, just like Stephen.” He sounded like a cocky asshole. “Yes, he is right. I’m single and very much available.” He flirted with her. “Unlike Stephen, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“You mean Stephen has a girlfriend?”

“Partly yes, partly no. Well, to be precise …” He placed his hands on his pockets. “He has a special gay friend.”

“Ah, okay. Sounds cool.”

“I think so. And that special gay friend … is standing next beside me.”

“That’s cool. I think I’ve heard much. I’ll go ahead, guys.” Angelina said and glided her way to the door. She heard a thud of footsteps follow her. By the time she closed the door, Ricky held it, and together they went out the room.

“Ms. Angelina, can I talk to you for a while?” Ricky asked.

“Yeah sure.” Angelina’s voice was unfazed. Oh yes,slut.

“I hope whatever you heard in the room and saw in the elevator remain confidential. I believe you’ve lived up to your Nightingale Pledge and your Code of Ethics.”

“Don’t worry, Ricky. I’m professional. I’ve always zippered my mouth on private matters.” Angelina said matter-of-factly. Honestly, she’d have retorted: You’re not only a double blade Rick,y but also you’re like a MC Donalds restaurant, always open for others to dine in with you or better yet, you’re like a ringworm Ricky, so itchy. Yuck!

“Thanks for that. I guess that’s all I can say. Good night.”

“Good night.” Angelina went back to her station, and her mind wandered on the love triangle that enveloped among the three men. Right from the moment she saw Stephen, she knew he was the guy for her. The signs of true love occurred when she saw him. However, she shouldn’t meddle on their affairs and forget about the superstitious belief her grandmother planted her mind when she was still a teenager. Stephen might be her future boyfriend or husband, but it is unbecoming of her as a person and as a professional nurse to steal a man whose heart had already been taken by someone. She sighed as she sat on her chair, forgetting what she saw and heard, and most importantly, setting aside her feelings for Stephen.

Don’t worry, Angel. If you’re meant to be with each other, kismet shall find a way—her inner goddess of wisdom whispered.

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Several weeks had passed since Angelina took good care of his patient named Stephen, an NBA basketball superstar with whom she heard and felt the signs of true love. Blame it to her grandmother who planted in her mind such belief during her teenage days and reverberated as the years had gone by—from her high school to college days to professional life. She was expecting to hear it from an attractive doctor who persistently courted her for more than a year, but the signs didn’t come out. It was only with Stephen. It was only with him whose heart had long been owned not by a woman but by a gay man.

She was in a bookstore of a largest mall to buy a few good novels to read. She was lacing her fingers on the books, pulling them out from the shelf one after the other, checking their covers, reading their book descriptions, and blurbs. She loved to read anything about romance be it fantasy or not. Her list of favorites included Twilight Saga, The Selection Series and The Fault in the Stars.She kept on checking the books until she saw the interesting ones. She picked the “The Pursuit of Hap-PENIS, I Heart You Wolf, Written in the Fucking Stars, and My Husband’s Boyfriend Series” all written by a promising writer named Rolly Ongco Pasilan. She put them in a basket and fell in line to the counter to pay her bill. As she took her credit card and handed it to the cashier, a familiar figure called her name whom by the way was standing next to her.

“Hi, Angelina,” the man in his baritone voice greeted her.

“Oh, hi, Stephen. It’s you.” Angelina grinned at him. Gosh! I’m wetting baby, I’m wetting.Holy Shit. He looks hotter than hot hotdog on his white tee-shirt and dark jeans.

“Small world, I didn’t expect to see you here. Are you shopping alone?”

“Yes.” Angelina shifted her attention to the cashier who gave back her card and handed the paper bag containing her books. Then, she turned back to Stephen. “Are you alone too?”

“Yes. Unless my nurse accompanies me.” He grinned, flashing his pearly white teeth. Angelina chortled and Stephen continued. “By the way, you look pretty.”

“Thanks.” Angelina was wearing a pink blouse and skirt, enough to show a glimpse of her glorious assets. “Where’s Ricky?”

“He has work. He’s a television reporter.”

“Wow, good for him.”

“I think so. By the way, can I invite you for snacks?”

“Yes sure. My pleasure.” She’d have even said: Even if you invite me for dinner, straight to breakfast in your apartment, I’ll go. Emegesh! I’m feeling slutty with this handsome stallion.

“Well, let’s go then.” Stephen assisted Angelina by taking her stuff, and they went to a nearby pizza house. They took the last table from the entrance and Stephen ordered the food. He and Angelina shared the same orders. While waiting for their orders to be served, Stephen broke the silence.

“Thanks again for taking good care of me when I was at the hospital.” Stephen fixed his eyes on her and smiled.

“It’s my duty to take care of my patient.” Angelina grinned at him. It’s my pleasure to take care of my future boyfriend. Haven’t you heard the ringing of the bells, baby? Am I the only one who heard about it? How about your heart, does it skip fast just like mine? Were the feelings not mutual? Poor me!

“How long have you been working in a hospital?”

“For almost three years.” Angelina flipped her hair over her shoulder.

“Okay. Are you happy about your job?”

“Very much. How about you? How long have you been playing in a national league?”

“More than five years as a professional player.”

“Sounds cool. It’s both my honor and pleasure to meet the basketball star. I’ve no idea you’re huge and popular. I’m not into sports.”

Stephen shrugged. “Thanks. So you haven’t watched basketball on television or back on your college days?” He cocked his head, eyes narrowed at her.

“A glance perhaps, but I’m not really spending much time on it. My bad.” Angelina flipped her hair over her shoulder.

“It’s okay. So what are your interests?”

You. You’re my interest, Stephen. You’re my interest, nothing more, I implore.

“Reading and writing.” Angelina quipped.

“Pretty obvious.” Stephen chuckled. “What else?”

“Well going to the day care and cancer patient centers, giving them support and motivation.” Can you come with me there sometime and offer your time and extra things for the less fortunate? Afterwards spend some time with me … not only spending your precious time with your itchy bitchy Ricky?

“Wow. You’re an amazing woman.”

You’re an amazing man, too. You simply are. You know what Stephen? You’re neither an animal nor a human being, you’re a matchstick and so am I. We’re a perfect match made in the sky. Gosh.

“Thanks.” Angelina blushed. She felt her scarlet blood rush into her cheeks. That wasn’t her first time of hearing the phrase “amazing woman” but he sounded it differently. Something in her inner core as a woman had been touched by his compliment.

Two points for you, Angel. Gosh. Kindly check your panties if they’re still on, maybe they’ve already fallen to your ankle— her inner sex goddess hissed.

Her blushing didn’t escape from Stephen’s eyes. He would’ve asked her further, but the waiter neared their table and served the foods. They ate the pizza, vegetable salad, and lasagna. Their mouths watered on the delectable foods. Alternately, they sipped their cucumber juices. Stephen was pointing his lips to Angelina cuing her she’d a red paste on the edge of her mouth but she mistakenly took it as if Stephen wanted to kiss her. Stephen took his white napkin and wiped it.

“Thank you.” Angelina felt awkward. Gosh! Girls, pinch me by my side or better yet, comb my hair that lengthened a few meters on the floor heading to the door of the restaurant. I can’t comb it all by myself now. Rapunzel would be envious of my long straight hair now stretching to John Kennedy Airport. I’m swooning. I really am. Promise, Oprah Winfrey, I’m telling the truth and nothing but the truth that my oh-so-damned-gorgeous body giggles.

“You’re welcome. Angelina?” Stephen rubbed his temple as he fixed his eyes on her. “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure. Go ahead.” Anything, baby. Anything.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” His tone was serious.

“Nope.” Hell No! As in uppercase “NO.” You’re the man I dreamed of and longed to be my boyfriend. I’m waiting for you. I’ve waited a thousand years for you to come into my life. Just flirt with me, baby. Just do it, and I’ll be your slave … in love… forever. Oh my Goddess!

“Why not?” Stephen’s eyes sparkled, a smile of relief flashed.

“The idea of having one doesn’t sink in me yet.” Unless you court me now, I’ll give my yes … immediately. Why am I thinking like this? Why am I behaving like the way I usually don’t? This isn’t me. This is all your doing, STEPHEN STALLION. Your strong kick to my inner being, your sudden entry to my heart has a great impact, now I don’t know the way out. I’m trapped. Are you sure you’re a human not a Spiderman? Gosh! I’m squirting.

“Really? If you don’t mind, how old are you?”

“Twenty four.” Angelina saw him nod. “Honestly, I have one special friend back in my college days but we parted before it got serious. A few guys courted me, but I haven’t found the one in them that my grandmother had described as my true love. And you?”

“I’m twenty seven. Sounds romantic and interesting. I’m curious.”

“According to my grandmother, I can find my true love when I hear the sweet ringing of the bells in my head, and when my heart beat fast.” She chuckled. “Do you believe in that?” You believe in that, baby? You’re the man my grandma had described. YOU ARE!

“Maybe yes, maybe no. I don’t know, I’m not into stuff like that. What I believe in is “I love at first sight.”

“Cool. You believe in love at first sight while I believe in the signs of true love. Two people share a thought about love but perceive it differently. Anyway, I’ve heard and felt the signs lately.”

“Really? So, have you advanced your feelings for him or has he courted you?”

“No. The guy’s already committed to someone else.” It’s you, Stephen. It’s you I meant all along. Can’t you feel it, baby? How insensitive you are!

Oh, you must roll your eyes, girl, with your last statement—her inner sex goddess said.

That’s inappropriate, dear—her inner goddess of wisdom chided her twin sister.

“Sorry to hear that.”

“It’s okay. I don’t take it seriously, not these days. How about you? How long have you been with Ricky?” Don’t say sorry to me, Stephen. Say sorry for yourself because your itchy partner had another boyfriend and worst, the guy is your best friend, and you’re completely unaware.

“For a year. He’s my lucky charm. Since he comes to my life, my basketball career has skyrocketed.”

“Cool. Good for you.What? Lucky charm? That itchy one? How did it happen? I owe an explanation. Just kidding! “Can I ask you a question? I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all.”

“Are you really gay?” Christ. I have the courage to ask him. Where did it come from? Ooopps, sorry if I’d offended you, babe. What? Babe?

In your nightmares—my inner goddess of wisdom retorted.

“I don’t consider myself as gay because a gay man fucks only another gay man. Aside from Ricky, I’m fucking girls too.” He grinned, wetting his lips.

Oh, don’t wet your lips or I’ll bite them.“Okay. Does Ricky know about it?”

“Yes he does. Right from the beginning, I told him I can give him my heart, but I can never give my … pardon me for using this term … my cock solely to him. And he’s completely okay about that. Speaking of Ricky, I think he’s home by fifteen minutes from now, so I better go. In case you need my help for your noble cause, don’t hesitate to give me a call.” He handed his calling card to her to which she gladly accepted.

“Yes. Thanks.” Angelina motioned to get her wallet from her bag to pay the bill, but Stephen mouthed he’d be the one to pay.

“Do you want some take-outs? Anything?”

Yes, please. Can you wrap yourself up for me so I can take you out or take you home? Emegesh! Here I go again. Feeling slutty but not sluttier than the itchy Ricky. By the way, I’m a one- man woman.

After paying, they went out of the pizza house, and before bidding goodbye to each other, Stephen said to her at the doorway of the mall.

“Angelina, it’s my pleasure meeting you.” He grinned.

“Same here.” Angelina smiled and turned her back, but Stephen called her.


“Yes, Steph?

“I just want you to know you’re the prettiest girl in pink I had ever seen in my entire life.” He gave her a seductive smile and winked afterward.

Angelina blushed scarlet, and her panties fell to her ankles.


Stephen arrived at his three-bedroom luxurious apartment at Downtown, Baltimore. With its black and white motif, his 300-square meter sanctuary was sleek and elegant. The living room had an L-large couch with two small couches fronting it, very designer. It had a glass center table with a statue of a golden bull on it.

Feeling horny, he took a shower so he was ready by the time Ricky arrived. While he was still in the bathroom, he heard the door slammed. He knew it was Ricky. He thought his special gay friend was not in the mood. He missed fucking him because he’d just recovered from an injury, so he would cope with him. He went out completely naked and Ricky saw his nakedness. Ricky’s eyes sparkled on Stephen’s delectable cock as he wiggled it to his right and left and his pinkish balls hung like pendulum.

“Smelling good, babe.” Ricky said.

Ricky neared Stephen and kissed him torridly. They were drawing their tongue like swords and enjoyed each other’s lips for they were inseparable for several minutes. They explored each other’s inside cheek and palate. They neared their king size-bed and Stephen lay down there. They kissed each other again like hungry beasts.

“I miss you so much,” Ricky whispered.

“I miss fucking you,” Stephen said.

Ricky’skisses moved to Stephen’s muscular hairy chest, licking his nipple as Ricky’s other hand pinched the other one. He bit Stephen’s nipple that made Stephen moan as Ricky’s hands snaked Stephen’s body and stopped on his cock. He rubbed it with his hot fingers, his hands glided up and down on it.

Ricky lowered his kisses to Stephen’s abdomen, to his navel and down to his long and thick cock. He was really hitting a jackpot for he always got a guy with a monster cock. Being a sex advocate to the LGBT community, his eyes sparkled on the most favorite food of a gay man—a delectable penis. His mouth watered for it was a luscious, firm cock even if it was still flaccid. He licked the head, circling his tongue on Stephen’s slit and sucked it gently. Then, he glided his tongue on the shaft, blowing some kisses on it while Stephen moaned. He cupped Stephen’s balls, licked them and sucked them off, alternately sucking each while Stephen’s hands were on Ricky’s head, caressing every fiber of his hair—Stephen was moaning hard on the sucking style of Ricky—the suction effect felt like his cock had been vacuumed.

“Oh, that’s great, babe. Suck me hard.”

Ricky spiraled his kisses again from the shaft to the corona and then, swallowed Stephen’s cock, but only nine-inches of him he did—Stephen’s shaft was larger down to the base. He tried to reach its base, but he couldn’t make it. He let his mouth move in and out of Stephen’s cock, rocking him up and down vacuuming him while Stephen enjoyed what he was receiving from him. Stephen thrust Ricky’s mouth slowly and faster, burying his cock to Ricky’s throat.

“I love fucking your mouth, babe. It’s warm.”

Ricky kept on licking Stephen’s cock head, twirling his tongue around it. He paid attention to Stephen’s slit. He blew a warm air and slid his tongue in it while Stephen moaned harder. He swallowed the head, and played with it, and then sucked almost an eight of it—his mouth gliding in and out, Stephen’s pre-cum was dripping on his tongue.

“Babe, your candy, please.”

Ricky stood for a while, got something from the drawer and put it in his mouth. He sucked him off, and the menthol candy glided on Stephen’s cock while Stephen cried out on the sensation it brought to him and grappled Ricky’s head, burying it to his cock further down that made Ricky gag.

Ricky deep-throated him while Stephen kept on moaning, playing Stephen’s cock with his tongue, as he bobbed in and out. He planned to do something bitchy so he beckoned Stephen to lie on his back and put a pillow on his buttocks, and his legs hung up. He started rimming the opening of it with his tongue in circular motions in a clockwise direction and alternately used his lips and teeth too to give him the best rim ever. Stephen’s hands were scratching on his pillow and screamed in sexual ecstasy as Ricky rimmed him.

“Holy shit, babe. Only you can deep-throat my eleven-inch cock and give me the best rim ever.”

Ricky smiled. “It’s my pleasure to worship my god.”

Stephen halted Ricky and he flipped him over in a doggy style and inserted his cock into his asshole. He pounded him faster as his hands were on Ricky’s hips. He alternately spanked Ricky’s buttocks as he kept on pummeling him harder. He lifted him up on the bed, Ricky’s legs wrapped around him and his long arms supported Ricky’s weight while Ricky’s hands were on his shoulders. He began ramming him fast and hard, his cock jackhammering inside him, shoving and helicoptering every direction while Ricky cried out for Stephen hit his G-spot and didn’t wonder for Stephen’s cock was beyond compare.

“I really love you, babe. Only you can hit my G-spot. Fuck me more.”

“Yes, babe.”

Repetitiously, Stephen fucked Ricky over and over again and thought of another position. He put him down to the floor and thought of the Clapper position. He guided Ricky to be down on his knees and lean forward, stretching his arms over his head, making them in shape of a halo. He positioned himself behind him, his buttocks lying on Ricky’s feet, legs were driven apart, and he jackhammered him over and over again. He kept on ramming him until his asshole got reddened, alternately spanking his left and right butt check.

“Fuck me harder, babe.”

“Hell, yes, babe.”

He continued fucking him as his eyes wandered into his room for a steel pole where he could hang Ricky’s hands. He smiled when he remembered the bathroom. He put him down and carried him in a bridal manner as they went inside it. He beckoned Ricky to hang his hands on the horizontal pole where wet towels were placed, and he grabbed Ricky’s legs to wrap him around and began pumping him—his cock glided in and out of Ricky’s asshole and rammed him harder, and he moaned as he hit Ricky’s innermost again. He kept on pounding him until he got tired. He put Ricky’s legs down, and he lay down on the bathtub. He saw him sit on his cock and began riding on him while his hands held Ricky’s waist. Both escaped raucous grunts as they kept on fucking each other.

“Oh, that’s great, babe. Fuck me more. Oh, yeah.”

Stephen whispered at him to try another position, this time an Aquarius, the position his teammate shown him through a graphic image. He let Ricky lie down opening his legs, as he stood between them on his knees to lift Ricky up by his waist that only his head forearm could be his support. He took Ricky’s legs to throw into his thighs, bending them at the knees while he supported Ricky’s buttocks with his arms, helping him maintain the rhythm of the sex, and their hands had the time to snake and watch each other’s body. He jackhammered him again, grinding his cock in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Ricky kept on screaming Stephen’s name while Stephen smiled for he thought Ricky was satisfied of his performance.

Stephen beckoned Ricky to move up to him, and he carried him in a bridal style as he stood. He thought of having an Indian style position. He positioned his feet wider than his shoulders width. He grabbed Ricky’s hand and wrapped it on his upper body like Ricky embraced him, Ricky’s other hand was put on Stephen’s shoulder, leaning back, exposing Ricky’s man-boob for him to kiss. He took Ricky’s leg on his thigh, and the second one he put between his legs as his hand was on Ricky’s waist with the other one he fondled Ricky’s man-boob and neck, with his hand and mouth. He inserted his cock inside him and helicoptered him harder, deeper, faster, and longer—fucking him like there’s no tomorrow as his hand squeezed Ricky’s nipple while Ricky screamed in sexual ecstasy.

Truly, sex was the best stress reliever. They stayed in the position for several minutes until they switched to Butterfly.

Standing straight, Stephen’s feet were shoulder width apart, while Ricky turned back to him. He picked Ricky up by the hips so that he was completely open. Ricky took Stephen’s shoulder over his head on the elbow. The position was a sight to behold as they saw themselves in a mirror fucking each other. He inserted his cock into his asshole again and thrust him, shoving and helicoptering inside him while Ricky escaped sighs of sensual bliss, and he liked the new position Stephen had taught him. He felt he was Stephen’s wife, pampered with lustful desires. He thought that would be the last position, but he was taken aback when he was put down and his boyfriend had another sex position in mind.

“Another one?” Ricky asked.

“Yes, babe.” Stephen brought him to lean on the wall to perform the Ballerina. He leaned Ricky forward, with Ricky’s arms bent in elbows as he put them on the wall and made support on them. Ricky’ legs were straight, one leg stood firmly on the floor, the second one he raised maximum upward. Stephen was behind him between Ricky’s legs and the one which was raised up, he threw on Ricky’s arm and which he bent and put on his buttocks and the second one on his back. The position gave him enough way to pound him. He kept on pummeling Ricky as his hard cock got reddened. He came longer and that gave him an advantage over other guys—he would make any man or woman he fucked satisfied and craved for more. He thrust him again, hitting his G-spot while he heard him moan harder as he kept on hammering him. He heard him shout his name, a sign that Ricky hit his orgasm—Ricky ejaculated for the second time. He fucked him harder and faster and for several thrusts, he felt he was coming so he pounded him even more until his hot semen was unloaded. He sighed as he pulled out his cock from him, his cum glistened on its shaft while he heard Ricky moan from his cock pulling and saw his overflowing milk drip from his asshole.

“That was great, babe,” Ricky appreciated him.

Stephen chuckled. “Thanks babe, I research the different positions for you. I will not give you any reason to look for other man. You’re mine and mine alone. I believe you don’t have other man aside from me, right?”

“I’ve no other man, babe. I am always yours,” Ricky lied. They kissed again and sealed their special relationship with another long torrid kiss.

“That’s great to hear, babe. Don’t ever break my trust and choose to break my heart, for I won’t hesitate to dump you like a waste paper.”

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