The Incarcerated Queen

Amidst all the conflict, famine and people dying, Walked a young she-wolf down the aisle, To be crowned Queen, A very first of her kind. But there was a young Alpha lurking behind, Carefully planning her demise. For he believed that the monarchy should not be passed down the line. With the urge to be King, his rogue pack was on...


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The Marriage Contract

Mark's father forces his hand into proposing marriage to the one woman, who can make him happy. Sarah has been hurt in the past by men she should've been able to trust. Both are haunted by their pasts. Can they overcome them and find true love with one another or are they doomed from the start?


Grace Waters a 17 year old girl is forced to live with a mysterious family, but little does she know it's no normal family it's a house full of vampires, are they evil? That's not the only problem, things start getting dramatic when she falls in love with one of them, Aaron Cole Anderson, what will Grace face? A love with a vampire is...