Burn Patterns

To her clients and colleagues, Iris Foster is a therapist in a city psychology practice. But to the police and fire services, she is the Fire Lady - a profiler of arsonists. When a bomb goes off at a local high school, Iris is called into help but is soon caught in a number of different investigations as a profiler and as a suspect...


David Donald is a twelve year old orphan who lives on a farm in Western Australia in the 1920s. He can spin a cricket ball sideways. His dodgy uncle Mike arrives from nowhere and takes David across Australia in an effort to get him into the Australian cricket team, and then to try to beat the poms. It's an audacious quest full of...

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Five novellas based on five film genres. A girl takes her boyfriend out to the desert to meet her father. A burnt out taxi driver has to save a girl from would be assassins. A lonely man can't sleep for the crazy people who live in his flats. A dopey chancer tries to smuggle diamonds onto an island off Scotland, followed by the...

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