Importance of Fire Safety Training at Workplace


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Importance of Fire Safety Training at Workplace

Fire is a health hazard that can occur anytime and usually causes extreme damage when it occurs. Both children and adults need the necessary training on what to do in case of a fire. Fire is very dangerous and can destroy property and take lives at the same time. Every environment is at risk of fire. However, the workplace is the most vulnerable area and endangers the lives of many people. This is because a building can carry over a thousand employees and when a fire starts and these individuals are not well trained on fire safety measures, most can lose their lives. Fire safety training is important in such an environment because of the following reasons. 

Increases the Prevention measures taken

This is the main reason why fire safety training is provided. People are taught on how to prevent fires from starting. This is very important especially since most fires start as a result of human error. When this training is offered, workers will be more aware of the ways of preventing fires from occurring in the first places. Fire safety measures are very important and can make your company recognized by being awarded the Annual Fire Safety Statements and Fire Safety Certificates. These certificates show that you have adhered to the set rules and you have the necessary fire equipment that complies with the relevant standards.

In addition to that, if the employees are more aware on how to prevent fires, they will strive to reduce the risk of fires from starting in the building. They will be more cautious and keen when it comes to taking the necessary preventive measures. Moreover, in case of a fire, the trained individuals will be able to take the necessary measures to prevent the fire from spreading and destroying everything in the building. The trained individuals will also recognize the importance of keeping their work surfaces clean and free from open cables, and lighters which can start a fire easily. 

Informs the employees on how to respond in case of a fire  

Knowing how to respond to a fire can be of a greater advantage in ensuring that the fire does not cause further harm. Fire safety training increases awareness on how one should respond to a fire in case it breaks out. If the training is being offered to a large number of people, it is important to ensure that everyone is participating, and that there is teamwork. Preventing a fire from occurring or stopping it from spreading not only requires an idea on how to prevent further damage, but also requires the affected individuals to work as a team in ensuring that they achieve the same goals. 

Moreover, to ensure that every one is on the same page, staff member should be allowed to practice the drill with their colleagues to ensure that they have it all figured out, and that they are ready to face whatever happens. Everyone needs to have all the relevant information on what to do to prevent a fire, in case it occurred. This is an advantage to the company as a whole because of the team effort to handle the situation at hand. 

Helps in recognizing hazards

Once an individual can recognize the basic properties of fire, he or she can effectively work towards preventing the fire from occurring. A fire can start when heat comes in contact with anything that is burning or fuel. For instance, if a candle is left near a bottle of kerosene, and the candle happens to tilt over to the kerosene bottle, a fire will definitely start. Once an individual has recognized that leaving a candle next to a source of fuel is dangerous, he or she will work to ensure that that never happens. 

Helps in keeping everyone safe

Although everyone may not be in a position to remember what was taught incase fire starts, the people who remember can help these other people out, in turn saving the lives of many. Since you are able to tell what can cause a fire to start, you will enlighten the other employees on what to do and what not to do in different scenarios. Furthermore, you may also create time and give the basics of fire safety tips to the other employees so that they can help each other in case a fire starts and you are not around. Having the safety tips at hand is very essential and can help save the lives of many people in the event of a fire. 

Teaches on how to use an extinguisher and different exit strategies

Most people may not know how to use a fire extinguisher in case a fire starts. A fire extinguisher is important because it helps in putting out fire accidents. Workplaces have portable fire extinguishers which can be easily carried by trained individuals when putting out a fire. However, people who have not received the adequate training on how to use an extinguisher should never attempt to put out fire using an extinguisher because one slight mistake can lead to more damage. Training gives employees tips on when to use a fire extinguisher. An extinguisher should not be used if the fire is spreading fast, the exit route is blocked, and the people in the building do not have an idea on how to use it. 

In summary, it is everyone’s responsibility to work towards preventing a fire from starting or spreading to various places. For employers, employees and other support staff to effectively prevent a fire, they need to have the necessary training and have various safety tips at their finger tip, to use when a fire starts. Usually, a fire causes damage to property, lives are lost and many people also lose their jobs in the process. However, when everyone is taught on the safety measures during training, they are in a better position to help stop fire from causing harm and destroying property. Therefore, it is important that everyone attends the fire safety training workshop. 

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