Improve Your English Writing Skills With 6 Simple Steps


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Improve Your English Writing Skills With 6 Simple Steps

Many people struggle when it comes to English writing skills. It is not something one can achieve overnight, however with hard work and practice one can gradually improve and master this skill. Learning writing skills isn’t as difficult as it may seem, since you already know how to write. No, seriously - you do. Even if you don’t realize you write a lot, be it your lecture notes, in examinations, emails, resumé or simply messaging your friends. So you’re already writing, you just have to put in a little more effort in giving your text a proper structure, free from grammatical errors, use of good vocabulary so that it can make your writing appealing to the reader. 

Here is a list of steps that we’ve gathered for you to follow to make drastic improvements to the quality of your writing.


1. Make A Habit Of Reading Daily: this is the number one tip to get started with the regime Of improving writing skills. Just as listening is related to speaking, reading tends to be related to writing. Regular reading will enable you to observe and understand how to form sentence structures, the use of good vocabulary, grammar, and different writing styles. Make a habit of reading newspapers, magazines, books, articles, and blogs so that you know how the difference between each and how writers use idioms, proverbs, and expressions while communicating ideas, emotions, or when narrating a story. Try to find content that interests you so that the whole practice of improving skills doesn’t become boring and cumbersome for you rather encourage you towards it. After reading, try to write something on the same topic on your own, it will be much easier than trying to write without no prior input. 


2. Keep A Personal Diary: many people are fond of writing diaries. They tend to write their secrets and important information that they don’t feel to share with anybody else. People also write their daily routine, how their day went by, how they felt, what do they need to do next, their goals and ambitions - almost anything and everything! This habit of writing daily enables them to put what’s going on in their mind into words and sentences making them a better communicator. When you’re able to define your emotions and how you feel, your writing skills can improve drastically and since you’re writing it to yourself, you don’t even have to elaborate everything, keep it simple and short. Do give it a try and see the difference for yourself! 


3. Learn How To Organise Paragraphs: a useful way to improve the structure and coherence of your content is by starting the piece of writing with a topic sentence. A topic sentence explains what you are going to write. You can continue the topic sentence with supporting sentences whereby you provide more relevant and related information about the topic. So for instance: if you’re writing about your ambitions of life, you may elaborate it in a way that what excites you to this course of life, why it interests you, what you need to do to accomplish your goals and live your passions - a whole lot of details can come under this that will make your writing seem consistent, linking every next paragraph with the previous one, thus, creating a fluent body of text, engaging the reader and building their interest in your extract. Finish with a conclusion that summarises your content. 


4. Expand Your Vocabulary: this is by far the most interesting and important aspect when it comes to writing or communicating in English. You can never express yourself, your thoughts, and feelings if you don’t find words for it. Try to google vocabulary and also it’s synonyms so that you can have a variety of words to choose from representing the same meaning. This will make your writing more conversational and descriptive and the reader will be able to feel and understand exactly what you’re trying to convey. Also, try to keep a list of documents containing various idioms and proverbs as they help in giving your writing a professional outclass look and also hooks the reader to your content. You can also seek the help of the best essay writing service Reddit


5. Improve Your Grammar: without proper grammar, even if your topic, idea, proposal, or report is outstanding in terms of the content but has grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, all your hard work is going to go down the drain. The reader will feel frustrated while reading incorrect tenses and inaccurate sentence structure where you’ve either used too many full-stops and commas or none. Putting the punctuation at the right place is as important as checking for correct spellings. Usually, when people write inflow, they tend to miss obvious errors and mistakes which is proofreading is always a good idea. Remember to proofread your content always and try to read it out loud so that you can point out errors more quickly. Good grammar is like a cherry on the top, makes your writing super impressive to the reader. 


6. Seek Help From Someone In Proofreading Your Writing: be it your teacher, your friends, your tutor, or a native speaker, anyone who masters the English language and has good writing skills to help you in revising and proofreading what you’ve written. Typically, when your skills are not strong, even if you proofread it multiple times you won’t be able to identify errors because of a lack of knowledge and expertise. This is where you need to have a professional help who can help you in identifying and correcting errors and further enhancing the body of your text. Having someone to help you will make the whole process of improving your skills a lot easier and faster. Even if you don’t have an external source, you can always rely on google, search for different websites that help people in improving their writing through their built-in program. 



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